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Make a wish only to have it horribly corrupted

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-Your sister becomes a celebrity and you are known as the creepy sibling everyone wishes to have never exist, and paparazzi's camp out side your door trying to dig up more dirt on you-

I wish to transcend humanity!

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(O0O) "how could you that game look's cool"

granted: Kibbles society for puppy's is now dead..........I thought fluttershy loved animals you meanie

i wish for bacon....lots of bacon

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~You are able to play games again, but you now suck. Like, very. Also, you can only play on an Atari. With the game E.T.~

I wish to have the ability to turn into different kinds of animals!

(Kinda like Beast Boy's! :3)

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((Aww poo. Dont be a bad sport! That ls what this is about! :3))

~Your wish will not be corrupted. You can play every game you want. Only, no one will hang out with you anymore for being a bad sport. Also, your gaming skills will be as awesome as a hadicapped ant. Which means it sucks. :D~

I wish to turn into cute, adorable animals whenever I want to, and turn back into human after.

(So that I can cuddle with *ACHOO!* what was I talking about? XD)

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Granted, though when you use it you become a different person and have intense ammensia

I wish for a big pizza, im starving

They gave you a big pizza, but ignored your request for no pepperonis. So you have to either return the pizza, or remove the pepperonis one by one, without being able to sleep at night knowing that they put the blood of dead, tortured and abused animals on a pizza that you specifically asked for no pepperonis.

My wish is that Fluttershy (CanvasMayHogany) knew what transcend means, and that I knew what KSP stood for. Does that count as one wish?

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