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Dubby's AMA

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Helloooooo fillies and gentlecolts! [silence Intensifies] Ahem. Have you ever been curious about me or one of my characters?! No? Well now you can find out anyway! Feel absolutely free to ask me or one of my too many OCs a question! -Points- Over here is a link to my character log, where you can find all my dudes and dudettes (Sans Hodgepodge, who I've not got a fancy logo for JUST yet, but you can ask him things too)! Just label who you're askin and we'll let the good times roll!


So please! Don't be shy! Step right up! Ask away!...-cricket chirp-

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DC? Why are you so adorable?

DC: "What?! I am NOT adorable! I am evil incarnate! I am the greatest evil mastermind to ever live! How dare you call ME adorable! Rugged, handsome, charming, all fine and extremely accurate, but adorable?! I am no little foal! Hmph."

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Tell that to everyone else. They may fear you, but they also think you're so adorable.

DC: "Lies! Slander! I am NOT adorable! I am the definition of terror! I streak fear into the hearts of everypony! Sombra would wet his crystals at the mere thought of having to deal with me! Chrysalis would rather fly straight into a bugzapper! Discord would rather do something nice and organized like accounting! I am pure unadulterated eeeeeevil!" he hmphs, crosses his forehooves and turns his back on everyone.

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But isn't evil adulterated?

DC: He clears his throat and pulls a book out of his cape. "Adulterate. Verb. Render something poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one." he snaps the book closed and tosses it over his shoulder. "So no! My evil is unadulterated! One hundred and twenty percent grade SSS pure evil! The evilest of evils!"

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Glitz: Where do you see your shop in 10 years' time?

GG: He taps his chin in thought. "Hmm, well. Someday I would love to have a second salon, perhaps in Manehattan. But in ten years time? It would be wonderful to have a whole chain! Of course I would continue to run the Ponyville branch~"

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What are your thoughts on the duck tigers and other catbirbs?

I love catbirbs and duck tigers of all kinds! Griffons are rather unrepresented, as are their hippogriff offspring. I worked/am working on some lore for the Goldplume family, but idk if it'll ever make it on site X3

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DC, whats your next big evil plan?

DC: He clears his throat and grins. "Finally! Someone without a stupid question. Well! I'm glad you asked. While I still am working on plans to set fire to the moon, that's a long term goal. Certainly not something that will happen within the next few days. No, right now I'm focusing on a thing I like to call 'Operation Big Bang'. I've been trying to collect as many snap-pops as I can to make one GIANT snap-pop, and then LAUNCH it at the Friendship Castle!"

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Thats cute. How do you plan to light the moon on fire with no atmosphere?

DC: "That's for me to know and YOU to find out once the moon is on fire!"




Because you love us and you love loving us. <3 Anyway, you seem like you might know how to do this, How do you get Tomato stains out of a cape?

DC: "If by love you mean want to launch into the sun, then yes. Love. As for how to get stains out of a cape, it's really simple. Even a monkey like you shouldn't be able to screw it up but I won't be holding my breath. Flush the stain from behind with water, pretreat with detergent and tamp it, let it set for a while, rinse it, sponge it with some vinegar, rinse, then repeat from step two to five, then pretreat it with prewash stain remover, then put it in with the wash. If it's still there afterwards, rub it with some detergent and let it soak in some warm water for about half an hour. See? Simple."

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