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Only Hope PvE OOC (Update 1/30: Sign-ups closed!)


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By Endurance we conquer!





With the Dark King's seemingly endless forces pushing ever harder toward Canterlot, it is all the Northern lands can do to not be engulfed in tyranny and slavery. With cities like Stalliongrad and Seaddle cut off from the mainland due to Sombra's conquests, they must rely on more daring means to get their citizens and soldiers food, water and medicine. Luckily, Equestria has something that Sombra does not: Allies. While he may call vagabonds and scoundrels to his side, they do not command the loyalty of nations. Whitescar is one such nation that answers Equestria's call for aid, and the HMS Endurance has been charged with the delivery to Seaddle, carrying the city's only hope of holding out in its cargo...







This is the second Sombra War AU thread, which will operate much the same way as the first! Up to six players will be chosen to assist Captain Wildflower with her supply run from Barn to Seaddle, attempting to bypass contested waters and give the city desperately needed supplies. But, to quote Woody Allen, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans". Things may not go so smoothly in this icy region where an enemy ship may be the least of the crew's concern. I will be assuming the role of Gamemaster for this RP, with Bellosh101 as my Deputy Gamemaster.


The Specialized crew:

  • PrinceoftheNight - Darkness Knight
  • Icestorm - Ice Storm
  • DerpRavener - Slim Chance
For those of you I select, be sure to brush up on the Sombra War Lore & Rules thread. Here's to fair sailing!
The sign-up sheet is the same as the first! 
  • Link to character app
  • Rank/Position
  • Approx. length of time served in combat
  • Summary of how character's changed in the Sombra War timeline


Sign-ups closed! OP date to follow!

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Link: Ice Storm


Rank: E-4 Specialist, Specialty: Ice Mage


Combat Experience:


Ice Storm is a relatively new recruit with potent Ice Magic. Her highly specific Specialization has earned her the E4-Specialist rank, although she has never actually seen front-line combat as she only just now joined the Military after hearing about the collapse of the Crystal Empire in the effort to keep other ponies in Equestria safe, and doing so through any means necessary.




Ice Storm was living her normal life in Ponyville for the most part with her shop Frozen Delights that she ran using her magic. She had been in a few tussles in her time in Canterlot and some of her time in between Fillydelphia and Canterlot so violence was no stranger to her. She'd seen many things come through ponyville that have caused many problems, enough to where there were some issues with keeping the shop open for longer than a few weeks at a time due to the constant Chaos.


Her first encounter with using her magic as offensive and defensive spells came during the Canterlot Wedding during the Changeling invasion where she used walls of Ice to protect ponies that couldn't fight, while using beams and shards of ice to take care of changelings that were continuing to attack until ultimately being overwhelmed herself by sheer numbers and making a dome of Ice over herself and the ponies she was trying to protect until the assault was over.


Once that was over everything went back to normal for a few weeks until an inescapable feeling of dread came over the land, and it didn't take long for Ice to find out why. When Princess Celestia announced that the Crystal Empire had been over run by a dark magic that was now threatening Equestria, Ice Storm knew what she needed to do, and immediately following that announcement, she went to the nearest recruiter and told them that she was joining the resistance against the Crystal Empire threat, she wasn't taking no for an answer and that she to put her where she would best fit in and be able to help the rest of whatever squad she was in. She has impenetrable will to protect those she's sworn to protect and is one hundred percent dedicated to the motto, "No pony left behind". She will do everything within her power to make sure everypony in her squad will go home to their families once the mission is complete.

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Link to Character App: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/20824-darkness-knight-ready/

Rank/Position: Recruit.

Approx. Length of Time Served in Combat: He joined the army a few days after the war started, but had previous experiences in combat and armed training.

Summary of How Character’s Changed in the Sombra War Timeline: His town was one of the first places to be attacked, and barely managed to escape intacto, heading south. In order to avenge the capture of his family, he joined the REA to be able to fight for them and free them when they win the war.

He is more relentless than he could had been if the war never started, and it is hard for him to get attached with somepony. He saw great prize on the princess as she lead Equestria, becoming a small fan of her and becoming loyal only to her.

He knows friends are important to keep, but he usually fears loosing them, so he refrains from making them at all, for fear to be hurt if he could never see them again.

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I know I'm already in one of these, but this one looks like it could use a few more people.  If a bunch of people sign up right at the end, I'll gladly step aside so someone who didn't get into the other thread has a chance.


Link to app: Slim Chance


Rank/Position: Free Agent


Approximate time in combat: She spent a number of years as an adventurer, though arguably she didn't truly gain any combat experience until the start of the war.  If asked, she would say she has lots.


How the character's changed in the Sombra War timeline:  Slim Chance has in some ways changed very little.  Her belief in defending those who cannot defend themselves hasn't decreased, and the war has done nothing to diminish her thrill-seeking nature.  It's mostly just her circumstances that have changed: previously she had to find a safe outlet for her own nature, now she has an attitude that's in high demand.

Though determined to help Equestria, Slim Chance knew military life wasn't for her.  If you wanted someone who could fall in line, and practice a counterspell until they could cast it in their sleep, Slim Chances wasn't your mare.  However, if you needed something smuggled to or from a forward unit behind enemy lines, or some artifact of power pilfered before or maybe even after it fell into Sombra's hooves, or any other odd and potentially dangerous task, she'd be right there ready to volunteer.

She's since set herself up as an adventurer for hire of sorts, though all she ever asks for is enough to cover room, board and any equipment she might need, and has developed something of a reputation for being a useful troublemaker.


Over the course of combat she's had a lot more practice with her spells and encouragement for using their destructive aspects, and as such her power and control have both improved, although she still prefers to use her wits first and her brute-force magic second.  She's also picked up some light training with a variety of weapons, though only to ensure she doesn't accidentally stab herself when she gets creative.


Slim Chance is perhaps one of the ponies least mentally affected by the war.  While she recognizes that it's a terrible thing and that Sombra must be stopped, she is proud of her own contributions to that end and genuinely enjoys what she does.

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Sign-ups are closed! I will not be taking any more applications!


A small group is okay in this instance! Gives each player a bit more to do and makes the RP as a whole easier to manage for me!


As per class rules, I nominate Ice Storm for Elite status. A high familiarity will ice magic will go a long way, as well as her protective attitude on a mission where keeping the cargo intact will be an absolute must.


Once I have the yay or nay of the other two players, I can get to work on the OP!

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