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Hello, and welcome to my log!  A place where I will post all the different character, both OCs and Cannon characters.

I will provide some details about them, as well as relationships that had gone trough the RPs they are involved, as well as descriptions of them, and the link to their apps.


If you are ever interested in RPing with any of them. feel free to contact me via PMs!

I will be updating this log every time I can when I get a new character approved.

Some of my OCs have images I had drawn for them, but not all of them have.





List of characters:


Cast Characters:


Original Characters:



Free For All Original Characters

A small list of the characters I play in FFA. Only a link to the app of that section will be provided. There are differences between some of them in WoE and the ones on FFA, but some others are the same ones.


Darkness Knight

Golden Lightning

Midnight Lullaby

Soft Cloth


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Darkness Knight





Image made by myself




Night Guard




A knight in service of the Royal Equestrian army, Night guards division. He is still a recruit in there, but hopes to achieve great things in there, and help all the ponies he can.

He is physically strong, even for a Pegasus, and can be often seen with heavy plate armor, as well as his sword and shield, which he is rather skilled with.

He also has some... feelings towards Princess Luna.




Golden Beryl: The two are just friends, one of the first he had when he arrived to Canterlot.


Shinning Star: One of his friends, who lives in Ponyville.


Dawnguard: A friend of Darkness, and a fellow guard of the REA. The two first met during the shift of guards, he was quite surpised and curios of how the stallion acted. What started as curiosity ended up as friendship, when the two when to the city to eat, the two got to know each other better and became friends.

Even though he hadn't seen him again since that time, he knows their paths will cross again one day.


RPs involved:



 A Blaze of Righteous Meetings - (Skype): The day that Dawnguard and Darkness first met. The two met and ended in a rather awkward dinner date before they parted ways, but the two became friends.      Completed


The Changing of Guards: A meeting of several figures of the REA to discuss the future of how they will handle things. He was allowed to come, but had been rather sleepy that day...         Ongoing


Princess Luna's Night Court: As a member of the Night guards, he was assigned to assist the princess during the time of the event. He takes care of assisting her in what she needs, call the ponies that want to speak with her, and protect her if needed.      Completed (sorta)


Only Hope: One of the Sombra war RPs. Darkness is tasked to help secure a cargo transport towards one of the cities, which is surrounded and the only access is by sea, but he is not prepared completely for what might happen. ?????


The Ball Room - The Grand Galoping Gala: Princess Luna took the young guard as her escort during the night of the Grand Galoping Gala, honoring him with he being her second dance parter that night. Completed

A Rotal Scandal! - Luna found something interesting. Aparently, she is involved in some sort of romantic scadal with his guard! Ongoing


Chaotic Guard shift

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Princess Luna



Princess of the Night


None other than the Princess of the Night. She takes care of Equestria during the nights, as well as organize the night guard division of the Night guards. She is the only known pony that can go into the dream scape and interact with it in may ways a normal pony can't when sleeping.



Princess Celestia: Her sister and co-ruler of Equestria. She and Luna are the most ancient ponies of Equestria.

Princess Mi Amore Cadenca: Adoptive Nice and Ruler of the Crystal Empire.

Prince Shinning Armor: Nephew-in-law and husband of Princess Cadence.

Prince Blueblood: Distant nephew.

Princess Twilight Sparkle: Niece-in-law and Princess of Friendship.

Darkness Knight: One of the Guards of her Night guards. He is in love with the princess, but Luna hadn't noticed it, just that he acts... odd when he is with her. He had help her in several times.


RPs Involved:


The Ball Room - The Grand Galopping Gala: Princess Luna decided to go and finally attend to the great event for the first time, where she met a few known faces as well as new ones.  Completed

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