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The day was bright and early, Celestia's beloved sun an early bird in the quiet sky.  

It was all but silent, save for a few ponies' cry.

For today was the day, that all might change;

that perhaps after today, all enemies would be held at bay.

To protect Equestria, 

Luna and Celestia.

To aid in it's citizens and ranks,

to keep in peace from every sea, to each river bank,

This was the duty that lay ahead,

the job forever and eternally

-of the Royal Guards.


By duty and by service,

I summon thee here today.

To discuss and to debate,

each enemy hailed away.

To mingle with Changeling minds;

to delve into Chaos' soul.

To fight against Tirek,

To battle against each and every villain,

that has dared to seek his eyes upon Equestrian.

Today is the day, that all victories shall lie nigh,

For today is the day, that the Royal Guard shall pay,

its homage-to their liege Equestria. 


*As events unfold themselves in the summit, more verses shall be added.

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Agile Speeds


Agile Speeds pranced back and forth in the empty meeting room, as always-timely.  Others would have called him early, but he preferred all guards in his legions to arrive early.  The meeting was something he had sought to organize, something that could aid in defense for their beloved home nation.  Equestria was large, and their enemies were fitfully so.  Many times he had seen the Royal Guards try to defend their home, and many times he had seen them fail-resorting to her Royal Highness Princess Twilight and the Most Honorable Bearers of the Elements of Harmony.  It had started to tire him, weighed by the guilt of defeat and the facts of relying on such priceless and important members of Equestrian society.  The purpose of this summit was to discuss defense in Equestria against future and prospect enemies, and to analyse previous enemies.  Especially since the events that has devastated Equestria several times, he had come to see the vulnerability among his fellow Guards.


The meeting room was spacious, but not large.  It carried with it a sense of coziness and diplomatic finesse.  Something he was not quite used to for formal meetings.  He had conversed greatly with the Most Majestic Royalty Princess Celestia on the summit, and she had agreed to preside over it as the Chair.  He remembered thanking her Majesty most profusely to her generous offerings of her time.  


His attire was simple enough, his Royal Guard uniform as the Chief Master Sergeant of the Wonderbolts.  He prided himself in his favorable relationship with Captain Spitfire, and he was carefully hoof-picked from the batch to reside in his position.  His wings were carefully groomed and well-kept, while his mane was tidily tamed.  He held his helmet with his right foreleg, and each one of his badges and medals were pinned to his uniform.  This was his day-his chance to finally prove to Equestria that he was not just "another Guard".  That he could make a difference.  That all of the Royal Guards could, too.

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Celestia was usually the one to arrange meetings, but she had received a strange correspondence from one of the ponies in her REA, specifically of a Wonderbolt. It requested her presence at a REA summit to discuss the REAs past with the threats that had recently attacked Equestria with fairly high success. She really had no issue, and it was good that the officers of the Equestrian Guard were growing concerned of their own accord. Still the passion of Agile Speeds was clear and Celestia was never one to stand in the way of ambition, especially if it would lead to growth and improvement of the ponies around her. The request was then made that she act as Chair for the summit, a moderator of sorts, controlling the discussion and directing it and the ponies as she see fit. As the princess and overall leader of Equestria along with her sister, she saw no reason to deny such a request and made it clear to her staff that this summit was of the utmost importance, and she had them clear time in her schedule to attend.

Celestia requested that her normal guards stay put at the castle, after all, she would be attending a meeting OF guards, it seemed superfluous to her to bring her personal guards when she would already be surrounded by them. She arrived slightly ahead of schedule, hoping to get there before most of the attendees. Upon entering the meeting hall which was not overly spacious but probably properly suited for the summit that was planned, she saw the organizer of the event in clearly high spirits. The blue maned Wonderbolt seemed in high spirits ready for the day. He seemed to be busy making preparations for the meeting.

She cantered up to him and smiled "Greetings Chief Master Sergeant Agile Speeds. I do not believe we have formally met  yet, it is a pleasure to finally meet you after such extended correspondence. And I look forward to what you and the other guards have to discuss. The ambition you and many other of the Guards have shown in recent times makes me proud." The princess graciously greeted the Wonderbolt. "Now do you have anything to discuss with me before the other guards arrive?" Usually the Princess would make a joke or something, but this was something of a professional meeting of ponies whom look up to her as a leader. She could not do such things unless they were especially close in an informal setting, and the Wonderbolt's attire made it rather clear that this was no informal meeting, but one designed to be formal and trendsetting for the Guards involved.

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Naj, in her 'not-disguise' form of a black pegasus with bright blue eyes and a pale mane, hesitantly stepped inside the room, though she did her best to hide it.  She knew that she should have no reason to fear.  She had been specifically allowed here, and her motives were nothing but genuine.  She did think protecting Equestria was of vital importance, and had a few ideas about how it could be improved.

But old habits died hard she supposed, and a room full of royal guards of various rank and station made changeling a little anxious.  At least Princess Celestia was here, and after their previous meeting Naj was comforted by the fact.


Apparently it wasn't a room full of guardsponies yet, as Naj could only see one pony in the room besides herself and the princess.  She nodded politely in their direction, bowing seemed a little much in these circumstances.

Much as she didn't want to eavesdrop, but the room was small enough that she couldn't help overhearing a little.  From the snippet Naj heard It sounded like a conversation that did not pertain to her, and she didn't think it would be right to interrupt the princess anyhow.  So she did the only thing she could think of at the moment, take a position next to what she thought was to be her chair, and wait for more to arrive.

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Bubblebath moved slowly through the hall, studying several pieces of parchment, papers, and books, suspended inside small floating bubbles, trying to grasp everything that needed to be addressed. Sure, it had started with just the format of the summit, but then she started reading reports on Equestria's enemies, and then on the different branches, and then she found the news archives. There just wasn't enough time to be prepared!

"...escaped Tartarus. Awful lot of escapes involved. I hope nopony else is locked up and waiting." she mumbled to herself. It seemed like a lot of stuff happening came from inside Equestria. Not a lot in the way of naval threats, but then again, maybe there was something locked up down there and waiting for it's proper time? Either way, if she stuck by her friends, they could beat anything. Well, at least that's what it sounded like. Of course, she only had a few friends, but she was always friendly. Maybe she could make friends with everyone here today? Then they could all work together and overcome even the most stubborn badguy! Unless the magic was only with the elements of harmony in which case, it really seemed as if there wasn't quite as much they could do...

Bubble Bath was lost in thought as she walked into the room, still reading her reports, and oblivious to her surroundings, her many texts blocking her vision.

"...had infiltrated Canterlot fully... above all else, there is a need for greater awareness of threats, for everywhere and anywhere, the changeling threat may be at hoof- " she said, when one of her bubbles popped as it bumped into the table, and Bubble Bath could suddenly see Princess Celestia, a Wonderbolt, and an unknown black pegasi

Oh fishsticks, she was already there!?! She gasped, losing concentration, the rest of her bubbles popping, spilling her supplemental texts to the ground- pop-pop-pop-thud! Right in the middle of the room... quick protocol! She saluted with her hoof and puffed out her chest.

"Recruit Bubblebath reporting for the summit Sir-Mam-Princ-yer highness, majesty!... sorry about the books!" Bubble Bath babbled lamely, tripping over several honorifics as she began to scramble to get them all out of the way and neatly stacked before any other pony arrived.

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There was a long and lazy yawn comming from the hallway. "Why does it has to be so early...?" Then a voice came from it. It was Darkness Knight, one of the recruits of the Night Guard division of the REA. He would usually be alseep in his bed with all the other guards, but no, he wanted to come to this, but there was on thing he didn't expected. The hour. Even though he was a pegasus, unlick the vast majority of the other night guards who are bat ponies, he was now used to sleep during the day and wake up in the night, as it was part of his daily routine, and had been a while since he had to go out during the day.

He heard about this meeting a few days ago before it was held, and managed to convince his superiors to let him go to it, as they could also use one pony or two representing them, and according to them, there would go another night guard to it, but didn't knew who it was, so he had to wait. He was eager to see who would go, but at the same time tired.

​Once he arrived to the room where the meeting would be held, he looked around with another yawn. Alright, there is what it looked to be a pony from the navy, a black pegasus he didn't knew, a wonderbolt official, and Princess Celestia... wait, the princess was here?!
​He looked at the princess, but seeing she was busy with somepony else and the other navy pony adressed her, he decided to look for a seat for himself, then sat down on it, yawning again and closing his eyes to rest for a bit.

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I assume the Summit is being held in Canterlot. If not, please let me know, and I'll adjust.


It was only a short jaunt from the Lunar Guard barracks to where the summit was being held, and despite her spending the night on patrol Staff Sergeant Night Watcher felt energized. While she was used to meetings among her patrol squad and other officers of the Lunar Guard, a summit meeting was indeed special. So she approached the room, wearing her typical Lunar Guard Armor. While it was heavy, the Pegasus was used to it and felt it was a second skin.


She entered the room to see that there were already some ponies gathered there. One particularly caught her attention, a pony named Naj. She met Naj in Manehattan during what started out as a strange occurrence and ended with a mystery fraught with danger and illusion. This pony had her own share of secrets, and while Night decided to keep them as such she was still wary of her true form. But there was another matter to attend to, besides greeting the Princess of course. A Lunar Guard recruit was in attendance as well, and was he sleeping? This would not do. She didn't want to embarrass the stallion, but he needed to be at attention.


"On your hooves soldier" she said to the guard sternly but not loudly for others to hear, "I know it's early, but there is no dozing off at this summit."

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Spitfire trotted through Canterlot at a lively clip. She wanted to get to the summit as quickly as she could. Being the Captain of the famed flying team often attracted the attention of others. Of course she liked her fans, but she didn't always have time to stop and sigh autographs and pat fillies on the head. She had arrived in town a couple hours ago and enjoyed a nice breakfast at a cafe she often visited in secret. 


"This should be interesting," She muttered softly to herself as she neared the meeting room. 


The Captain found herself wishing Soarin' was with her. She new Agile would be there, but it was always nice to have Soarin' aorund. The stallion always seemed to know the right thing to say. He thought through things. Though Spitfire could hold her own in a debate she often spoke too soon. This had lead to mishaps in the past. But, Soarin' couldn't be here today, he had other duties to attend to. 


Soon she entered the room. She glanced around noting many ponies of interest. Guards ponies from the armies of Celestia and Luna, Agile Speeds, and there was Celestia herself! Spitfire trotted up to the Princess and bowed her head low in greeting.


"It's an honor to see you Princess."


She then turned to her Chief Master Sargent. "Master Sargent Speeds. Glad you could make it." 


"I hope both of you are well."

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In all the stories, peace heralded doom.

In all times of peace and tranquility, there rose upon the horizon looming threats, forces of evil that design to swallow all who were good and pure into its darkened abyss. Only a chosen few could sense these threats, see them rearing their darkened heads, and stood vigilant against the coming storm, shining beacons of righteousness ready to break upon evil tides like the tumulus waves of a stormy sea.

And he was one of those chosen. He stared up at the entranceway, armor shining brightly in the sunlight as the light wind pulled at his golden locks, a few scant seconds of reverence - before his right hoof suddenly shot upwards into the air in a trademarked victory pose.

"Down, spear hoof," Dawnguard exclaimed, and wrestled his wayward hoof with his other one until it was contained back onto the ground. Crisis averted! Just the thought of all the righteous justice that would undoubtedly be taking place behind these closed doors...it was enough to move a stallion. Enough to spread his wings to shelter all from the darkened pools of evil. Almost enough to break forth the riptide fury of his Righteous Avenging!

Righteous...Avenging? Avenger...Avengingness. Yes, that.

It was too much! With a sudden burst of speed that was almost accompanied by a fillyish squeal of delight, Dawngaurd galloped into the meeting room, and oh! Princess Celestia was right there, an icon of leadership and Goodness if there ever was one! The white Pegasus stomped his spear hoof hard against the floor again, twice, in an effort to contain his glee, before he began to see what other Paragons of Light were being assembled. Ah, a fiery-maned Pegasus he recognized as the established leader of the Wonderbolts was speaking with another, while a light blue Unicorn with a myriad of...bubbles?...was stammering something towards another group. No one he recognized quite yet...until his eyes alighted on a dark grey Pegasus slumped in his seat.

Almost instinctively, Dawnguard felt his back straighten, spine stiffening until his neck was held at a perfect ninety degree angle. But...wait, no, that wasn't right, the posture was all wrong. His father never slumped. With narrowed eyes, the white Pegasus moved forward a bit before - ah, ahah! It was his fellow Avenger of Riptide Justice, Darkness Knight! Of course. Pose relaxing a bit, Dawnguard began to move forward, but stopped as another darkly colored Pegasus began speaking to the warrior, looking rather stern. She was wearing the coating of a Lunar Guard...a fellow recruit maybe? Or commanding officer?

Whatever the case, he didn't want to interrupt whatever top-secret and sensitive topic they were currently engaged in. Dawnguard settled on picking a chair to sit down in, blue eyes casting wildly about the meeting room as he struggled not to bounce in his seat.

Plenty of time for that later, when all the righteous discussions began!
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Lunar Relic or better known as Lunar arrived in Canterlot and looks around. Memories of when he once lived in this great town came back to him as he walked to the location of the summit. When he saw all of the guardspony inside he instantly knew what this was about, But why summon him? He left the Royal Guard in the pursuit of a researcher's life long ago. While he still was an inactive member he would on occasion go to Canterlot to help with some of the paperwork that the ERA had to do. For him to be invited either the ERA needed a new strategist of some kind which he noted to himself would be his preferred role. They needed more guards and he was being asked to join active again. Or they got his letters about increasing the military intelligence and the strategic fields to help prevent things like Tirek fro happening again.The thought of Tirek gave the unicorn shivers as he remembered the large beast stealing his magic from him. Trying to shake the thoughts he looks through the vast gathering of ponies none of which seemed familiar to him but then one caught his eye. Princess Celestia herself was there!


First of all Lunar hoped that the Princess had been too busy to notice some of his work had recently been approved for the Canterlot Archives and she wouldn't recognize him. He knew his work was his favorite thing and that having it in the Canterlot Archives was amazing for it was his goal as a researcher. Suddenly a thought came to mind. "Surely Celestia herself doesn't approve that. Some big important pony in the Canterlot Archives or Canterlot Library approves that. I am worrying over nothing!" He accidentally states softly. Putting the fear behind him he walks inside.

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Pummel, commanding general of Task Force Suntrot, was of two minds about this Summit. Privately, he couldn’t deny that the Royal Equestrian Guard as a whole remained largely inadequate in dealing with the realm’s gravest threats. Continued reliance on the same band of six Ponyville mares to “save the day” was not helping to raise morale in the slightest. Yet on the other hoof, General Pummel’s long service record in the Army granted him the insight that every change comes with a price. If Change is instituted recklessly without thought of consequence, the REG risked transforming into a form fundamentally unrecognizable to the Equestrian citizen, which wouldn’t necessarily be for the better.

In all frankness, Gen. Pummel doubted that CMSgt. Speeds understood this fact. Agile Speeds struck Pummel as something of a hothead; what other sort of mere NCO would possess the audacity to request Princess Celestia to convene a REG Summit? Other than Speeds’ rank however, Pummel knew next to nothing about the Wonderbolt. The general could only hope that Speeds was of sound-enough mind to not propose any ludicrous reforms.

A heavy load weighed on Gen. Pummel’s mind as he trotted inside Canterlot Castle, with an unlucky unicorn attendant trailing behind tasked with levitating stacks of documents. Pummel understood that as the highest-ranked summit attendee, one of the precious few who reported directly to the Princesses, the grizzled stallion would bear much of the burden of addressing the REG’s perceived flaws. Since his commander-in-chief would have her hooves full moderating the formal discussion, Pummel prepared himself for a long day of grueling debates.

Eventually, the general found his way inside the Meeting Hall. Clutching his brimmed officer’s headgear, the visibly emotionless Pummel stayed almost entirely silent as he headed for his seat... almost. The aging pegasus addressed his fidgeting son with a curt “Dawnguard” as he walked right past by. Truly, the boy meant well; Dawnguard wanted nothing more than to make his father proud, and Pummel was internally glad that he chose the most honorable path in life as a result. But showing outward affection was not something that easily came to the implacable Pummel these days; it will take far more than boasts of righteous avenging for Dawnguard to break through his old stallion’s emotional armor.

Being a stallion of few words, Gen. Pummel wasted no time in taking his seat by Celestia’s side and placing his headgear on the table. Pummel’s uniformed attendant stood at attention behind the general, awaiting instructions to hoof out documents to the Summit attendees as required.....

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An expected, but fine place for the summit. The fact that it was being organized by a member of the Wonderbolts was a breath of fresh air indeed! She felt they didn't serve enough of a military role and most citizens thought of them as strictly entertainment. Of course, that isn't the Wonderbolt's fault in the slightest. As a whole, the military seemed largely underused. She hoped she could get these thoughts into the open and have that changed. It seemed more national threats were only revealing themselves faster after another. While the Army had been conducting their patrols in the Badlands and the Navy having their campaigns in the Sparkling Sea, she felt Equestria could still do more to safeguard itself. Perhaps the solution would fall into training, perhaps it would fall into retrofitting older units, perhaps it would fall into bolstering town guard numbers. It wasn't for her to say, as the decision on what to do after this would fall on ponies with much more brass than she had. 


Having left The Endurance in the very capable hooves of her Watch Commander, her Executive Officer trailed behind her with the necessary documents she might need. Statistics, skirmish reports, supply manifests, armorer inventories... She could only provide what she had for The Endurance, as she could hardly speak for the entire Navy. But, as it's most active vessel she hoped it would be enough. Of course the preparation to come here was a bit more than getting some papers together. She had to make sure the watch was prepared to look after the ship for a few days, she had to make sure the crew had enough supplies coming in, and she had to make sure her uniform didn't smell like low-tide. And nice as the blue frock of an officer was, it tended to carry the sea with it. But, she surprised herself with how quickly she could get hers and her attendant's clean. No fishy smells would befoul this meeting!


Of course, she also made certain everypony understood their leave restrictions. She knew her group was rambunctious, but she liked them that way. Made things less monotonous at sea. But, they were a good group, and she trusted they wouldn't get into too much trouble on their much-needed shore leave. The last thing she needed was to bail somepony out and have to discipline them.


Now, to the summit!


Not a regular to the palace, it took her a moment, albeit a short one, to find the summit itself. Was she the last to arrive? "We may be late..." the stallion shadowing her noted quietly. "Fashionably" she corrected, smiling as she took her seat next to Pummel. She hadn't seen the grump in some time, though she remembered their encounter left her with nothing but respect for him. "Congratulations on your recent promotion, General" she greeted, knowing she wasn't going to get much of a response back, but that was fine with her.


An interesting gathering, this was! She was proud to be part of it. She was also very happy to see some junior enlisted personnel in the room! Very progressive! She felt the opinion of a pony at the bottom of the ladder, who would be more directly affected by whatever revelations are made here today, would be far more valuable than anything she could provide.

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A meeting? Another one? Tomorrow?

Oh, a summit. Well...

Actually, wait. That just meant extra-long, extra-tedious meeting, didn't it?

Arcus certainly thought so, causing him to land his face on his desk, and let out a groan.

Ugh, meetings.


It was bright and early on the next day, but Arcus was already awake, the summit being of priority in his mind. It surprised him quite a bit, actually. He'd heard that the summit was actually organized by an NCO from the Wonderbolts, which was honestly a refreshing change of pace! It made him happy to see that the different sectors of Equestrian military were working together.

Another fact that surprised him, was that Princess Celestia herself would be present. Sure, he knew that this would he a high-profile meeting, with plenty of ranking officers and enlisted members present, but it looked like the summit's organizer seriously wanted to go all-out on the discussions.

Actually, speaking of discussions, Arcus thought he should probably get ready for quite a few. He wasn't oblivious to the fact that during these recent times, the REA has been performing...

Well, quite far from expectation, and not really in a good way. For a force who's main goal was to protect and serve the inhabitants of Equestria, it was pretty scary to see how often they failed.

Honestly, when plants manage to kidnap your princesses, you just know something's up.


Arcus had high hopes for this summit.

He really hoped that everypony present would be able to contribute their ideas to help improve their forces, and not just in the army, but in the military as a whole. And not just the officers too, but the enlisted members as well! They were the ones who knew what went on in the lives of their comrades, down in the various barracks. It takes one to know one, after all, and he would make sure to note their ideas to be as important as the ones from his fellow officers...

Actually, if he had such high hopes, he should probably get going, and arrive there.

... Huh.

Moving on!


Soon enough, after a quick flight from his stationed barracks, Arcus arrived in the area of the summit itself.

Canterlot Castle.

It'd been quite a long time since he'd been here, he thought. Not that it was a bad thing, of course, as he was actually stationed a little ways away from here.

As such , he often forgot how beautiful the place was, on the inside as well as the outside. As he trotted through the impossibly silent and clean hallways that led towards the summit itself, he chuckled to himself.

He could see why they chose to hold the summit here.

And so, arriving at the meeting hall itself, Arcus took a deep breath, adjusted the officer's headgear on his head, checked his uniform, and trotted in...

... Straight into a meeting hall already jam-packed with guards. Oh, well.

So much for arriving early.

Using his height to his advantage, Arcus took a moment to check out the room, and the ponies within it. He saw and recognized General Pummel immediately, and let out a sigh of relief. He wouldn't be the only REA officer here, after all. The rest of the ponies here...

Well, he didn't really recognize. Or maybe he just wasn't looking hard enough? It looked like a representative of every single branch was here, which was great! Today...

They'd accomplish something today, Arcus thought, as he trotted towards what he assumed to be his seat.

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Grumpy was something that was mercilessly written on Captain Star Breezer's face. The REA captain and Fet Lochian duchess already had enough to deal with on her plate. She'd gladly skip going to such an event if she could... but such a luxury wasn't really an option for most commissioned officers.

No… by position alone, CO of a CALVARY company, she was pretty much required to stop everything that she was doing. Throw away the few hours of her day that she’d probably have to herself and then some, and come to a meeting that might not even be all that productive in the first place! If anyone really wanted to delve a bit deeper into what she was really feeling behind that grumpy face, they’d find a mare that is practically a volatile landmine that could easily level a mountain side. She was LIVID.


The fuming mare was marching her way down the hall, with a murderous look in her eye. She was dressed in the REA’s Captain armor. Possibly her sixth set in her entire career, with her last one being reduced to scrap in a duel against one of the Caribou Jarls, a very close fight that she somehow won.


The moment she shoved that door open and stepped into the meeting room, her gaze slowly drug it’s self across the room. Her only eye scanned each pony in attendance. She easily recognized General Pommel, and of course… the one pony that had the GAL to call this meeting.


“CHIEF MASTER SERGENT AGILE SPEEDS,” The mare barked out. If she was a dragon, you could be sure that there would be a roaring tongue of flames spewing out of her jaws as she marched right up to the pony. Nose to nose.

“Ye sonova biscuit munching diamond dog heifer! Do ye ‘ave any idea how much ye shafted me schedule!? Ye backlogged me to the ides of the month after the next, ye air headed ding bat! I don’t care how much  yeh planed or felt about this meeting, but ye head must be shoved deep in yer arse if you thought having this on such short notice was a ‘Good Idea!’”

She poked a hoof into the bucks chest now as she continued on.

“I oughta jump up, hang-then break off all four hooves in yer arse for this asinine garbage! I’m not gonna pen this on the doof who forgot you some basic common courtesy when arranging meetings, because that is something a brick already knows. So let me say this. You do this again, and I will personally tear my way down to Cloudsdale, rip you out of the garrison, hitch you to a boulder, and mush your tiny arse down Macintosh Hills AND BACK! And that’s no threat son!”

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Was Punk late? Not technically and officially but he knew that by the standards of those attending he was probably out of it by at least a quarter. He was casually flying and wing-rowing towards the meeting before he disbanded his little tuft of cloud. Punk grinned widely. He knew that he must be the last one who hasn't arrived at the meeting yet. All the high-ups wouldn't be able to miss him. No one could truly stop him from being a part in this important meeting without forcing themselves to censor him just because he's the one who has the 'wrong opinion'. Punk would make sure to make himself known throughout all of Equestria's Military. He would be a legend! Punk would be the pony who pranked and gave authority the slip! Through all the ranks they will talk about him with mixed admiration and disgust! It was the ultimate chance to let his existence be known!


Wearing the dirtiest and most dent armour he was yet allowed to wear he prepared himself to enter the room. His usually white fur had some faint marks of dirt and his red mane was violently tousled beneath his helmet. It sure looked like he was a hoofs on kind of pony. It would seem that he had just returned from some important yet violently dangerous mission or practise. Perhaps one would think that he was actually an experienced soldier. Though that was not at all true. Punk simply wished to show up in front of his superiors in his worst condition. And get away with it. Isn't that great!


Punk entered the room slowly, heavy and made sure to make a lot of noise in the progress of doing so. He put on his best broken-warrior stone face as he steadily put one hoof in front of the other. With a gaze throughout the room he soon locked his eyes with Gen. Pummel at which point a faint mischievous smile glistened in his eyes. Punk gently bowed his head towards his General, very well aware that they both knew what it meant where Pummel sat next to the princess. Then he proceeded to properly bow down before the Princess. "Celestia, your highness."


Punk then turned towards one rather loud Captain who was busy giving a piece of her mind. "Captain! Please!" He exclaimed with a booming voice similar to the ones of his instructors. In fact, one would be truthful to say that Punk really really disliked mean Captains. They were just adult bullies in his eyes. "Most of us are here on a tight schedule. Many had to make sacrifices. Would I respectfully recommend that mam keeps her tongue well locked up inside her mouth unless she has anything constructive to say. I understand that you are under pressure mam but we need to forget our ranks and authority during this meeting if we are to swiftly come to a conclusion. So please leave Agile Speeds be for now and feel free to punish both of us when this is officially over. This is an important matter and Chief Master Sergeant Agile Speeds was right to assemble us. Now excuse me, Captain."  Punk slowly walked up to his seat and sat down, ready to start. The things he had said wasn't all what he actually wanted to say but he knew that he needed to sound serious if he were to not be thrown out. The defying had to be subtle. He discretely glanced up at Celesta and Gen. Pummel to see how they were reacting. Punk doubted that Celestia whom he respected so much was going to allow any punishment toward him for standing up for somepony. He picked up a paper and started to scribble on it for a bit as if he began taking notes. (though he wasn't)

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The most Honourable Matriarch of Equestria, Princess Celestia, was the first to arrive.  He greeted her with a silent salute, before shaking his head to her question, "Not at the moment, Your Highness,"  He gave her a bow, before gesturing for her to take a seat at the chair.  He laughed innertly at the pun...the Chair, sitting in a chair.


The second pony that entered was not a Royal Guard, but rather an invitee from EPIC.  The black Pegasus was mysterious and suspicious, clearly with plenty of thoughts on this meeting, "Welcome, delegate," He gave the customary welcome with the salute, not sure what else to say to the non-Royal Guard.  Something about the Pegasus put him off...like she was hiding something.  He shrugged the feeling off, reassuring himself that all delegates were highly trained to protect beloved Equestria.


The third pony was a Navy Unicorn recruit.  Bubblebath.  He smiled at the name, remembering how his marefriend loved using bubblebaths.  He gave a kindly face to the Guard, "Welcome, please-the books are fine to stay," He was quite a fan of books himself!


The fourth pony was...sleepy?  The guard yawned his way into the room, then settled into his chair to sleep.  He froze, before giving a gasp.  How rude!  He kept his gaze steady and his eyes level, but a little bit of anger bubbled onto the surface of his cool mask.  Through gritted teeth, he said, "Good morning, delegate,".


The Staff Sergeant was next, and he was pleased to see her poke the sleeping Guard.  "Welcome-and, thank you-Staff Sergeant.  I was wondering what to do about him," He almost let a chuckle escape.  Almost.


Spitfire was next.  Captain Spitfire was next.  He instantly felt calmer and more "at home", knowing someone he knew was present.  Still, he did not let his manners or training escape his relief, and he stilled himself for his salute, "Captain," He gave a stern nod in her direction, but gave the smallest hint of a smile in her direction,


A not-so-familiar Pegasus was next...Dawngourd?  Dawnguard?  Dawnguard.  He turned to the delegate, and saw his excitement barely held by his training.  He frowned a little bit...he did not consider himself too high up the ranks, but he was righteously esteemed among the Wonderbolts, and he was known for his rigid training and observational skills.  This Pegasus disappointed him a little bit, "Delegate...welcome.  Please calm yourself," 


The fabled writer of the Royal Canterlot Library was next to arrive.  He seemed nervous, not quite used to this setting.  ​"Welcome, honored author," He remembered his renowned works, and how much he had enjoyed reading them.


General Pummel...how was he to greet the infamous General?  With the usual salute and manners, of course, "General-it's a pleasure to have you attend," He gave a sideways look towards the sleeping Pegasus, wondering how he could still be sleeping when so many ponies were in the room.


Yet another Captain arrived, this one from the Navy unit, "Welcome, Captain," He remembered The Endurance as her ship, but the details were bungled up in his brain.  He was, afterall, renowned for his knowledge on Wonderbolt battle information, not Navy information.


Finally.  He was finally here.  Lieutenant Arcus, the one that had first helped him set up this meeting and sort out the 'step one' basics.  "Glad to see you could make it, Arcus," He abandoned the usual salute, opting to pat a hoof onto the Guard's back.


The next arrival was...much more eventful.  He grimaced, and resisted the urge to call for his Captain Spitfire's aid.  Captain Star Breezer was no smiling face, much less a neutral one.  The first thing Agile found was the mare yelling into his face, her spittle landing everywhere on his mane.  He grimaced even harder, as if that could be done, "It's a pleasure to welcome you here as well," He kept his cool and calm, one of the reasons why he had been hoofpicked for this position in the first place.  He shook his head and gave a silent chuckle, he didn't get paid enough to deal with these types of ponies.         


He almost didn't bother saluting the next arrival, very much bothered by the entrance of Breezer.  But he did, because the arriving Guard defended him against the rampaging Captain, "Thank you, and welcome-delegate,"


That proved the arrival of every guest, and he turned to address the group, "Welcome, all.  I'll leave the opening statements to our very Honoured Princess, but I'd like to begin a round of introductions after each delegation has taken a seat on their designated spots,"  He paused for a moment, waiting for those who had not yet seated themselves to do so, "I am Chief Master Sergeant Agile Speeds, your host of this Summit.  I've been in the Wonderbolts for as long as I can remember, working under Captain Spitfire's loyal Regime for many years.  I was present during all the attacks on Equestria, and I have seen how miserably we took them.  We are strong, when united, and we need to take advantage of this summit to strengthen our strongest bonds,"

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As was to be expected by ponies of all sort of ranks and divisions entering the hall, there was some tension. However such tension would not do, especially since this was not a required meeting. This was not called by Celestia, she, like everypony else, just agreed that these things needed discussing at all levels. Had Celestia called this meeting there would likely be only be commissioned officers, which would be ideal for most uses, but this would be interesting. Seeing NCOs and privates wishing their voices be heard and being able to speak in open forum would be beneficial, which is why Celestia agreed to this. However this would not be effective if ponies were intimidated by their company. Celestia greeted all who came up to her.

Captain Star Breezer was another matter. "At ease captain! This was a no obligation summit. It was not called for by myself or any other princess, or even by a commissioned officer, so you could have declined the invitation. You chose to not and arrive as per your invitation. As such, you have no right to chew out the organizer, and I will not have a summit where lower ranked officers and members of the REA are intimidated by the higher ranked officers present. This will not be conducive to the productivity of this summit. Do I make myself clear Captain?"

Celestia's attention then turned to Punk. While she appreciated the defense of the Wonderbolt, it would have been better left to a higher ranking officer. "Private, while the intent is appreciated, you are out of line. However, for the sake of this summit we will hold off on doing anything until after. I would like to remind you that while the rule of this summit is that everyone is on the same level in terms of ability to speak and impact on the summit, the utmost respect is to be maintained. Do we have an understanding?"

With the matter settled in her mind, she moved to start the summit as everyone appeared to be present.

"Welcome officers and soldiers to the first ever open summit of the Equestrian Military. Master Sergeant Agile Speeds had the idea for this summit and I agreed with his intent and his force of heart, and as such allowed him to hold this summit and agreed to the position of summit chair." Celestia paused as she looked around the room. "I see all sections of the military represented and ranks from private to general present. This is the most ideal conditions of this summit. We are of course gathered because of the changing climate in Equestria. We are expanding like never before, and because of that threats are appearing like never before. It is these threats and how to better prepare ourselves and Equestria. For this reason I hope that everyone follows the main rule of this summit which is respect. Rank does not matter here, if there is a dispute we shall settle it with respect and dignity, as I know everypony here is capable of. I look forward to this being the most enlightening summit I have presided over. Now we will start with the introductions then move to the main topics at hoof."

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Finally, things were getting underway!  Between the arguments between delegates and the suspicious look she'd gotten from the organizer, Naj was a little relieved when Princess Celestia took control of the room and introductions could begin.


It took Naj a moment to realize she was the first one up.  There was an awkward moment of silence, before Naj realized several ponies were looking at her expectantly, at which point she snapped to attention.  “I'm Naj,” she began once she recovered, “and I am a member of the Equestrian Protection and Investigation Command, which confers no strict rank.”  She paused, considering just what to say next.  She was hesitant to fully explain.  While a number of them might have known she was changeling and that she was a legal resident, she couldn't be certain, and the last thing she wanted was more disruption to the summit while that was explained.  She settled on explaining the immediately relevant elements.  “I was a soldier of a foreign military prior to joining EPIC, and I came to the summit in the hope that I could provide an outside perspective.”

“From what I've seen, the Equestrian Guard has no shortage of capable and motivated ponies.  The problem is that they consistently do not know who or what is a threat until the attack is well under way.  What's needed is to strengthen intelligence gathering, so that the Guard can prepare accordingly.”

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Having gathered up and collected all the books and quietly taken her seat, Bubblebath had an excited smile on her face as she'd listened to Agile Speeds, then the Princess, and finally Naj, the smile growing wider and wider, leaning in closer, her eyes closing a moment, trotting in place silently- this was so exciting! History was being made!


“...strengthen intelligence gathering, so that the Guard can prepare accordingly.”


Wait, they were done already? What had they said? Was it her turn? Was her face doing that thing where her eyes and expression seemed to narrate her every thought making it obvious to every pony in the room that she was monologuing internally? Quick! Protocol!

Bubblebath snapped to sudden attention and saluted.


"Recruit Bubblebath, reporting for... meeting. Navy! Er, I mean, Navy Recruit, Naval! Naval Recruit! I think that the Equestrian Guard needs to develop stronger bonds of friendship and loyalty both internally and externally in order to meet the various magical threats popping up throughout Equestria!" Bubblebath stated, ending with what she hoped was a serious face.

And then stood there. Saluting. Like a statue.

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"On your hooves soldier" she said to the guard sternly but not loudly for others to hear, "I know it's early, but there is no dozing off at this summit."



"aaahhh!" Darkness said as he heard a somewhat familiar voice from beside him. It was one of the sergeants of the Night Guards! Oh dear.

He quickly stood up and saluted her quickly. "Yes ma'am. Sorry!" He said a bit hastily but low enough so only she could hear him talk and not make a show... like some other ponies were doing around.


He sighed and once he calmed down, he looked at her. "Sorry, I didn't had that much sleep before coming, as I had patrol last night." He said. "I went to bed early, but still..." he added as he let out a small yawn before covering his mouth with his hoof.


"In any case... i good to know I am not the only night guard in here." he added with a small sleepy grin to her. "But I am ready for anything that might come up during the meeting."


D​arkness soon enough turned and sat down, before looking at the others and standing up after the navy pony made... quite the show.


Recruit Darkness Knight, of the night guards division. A pleasure to meet you all." he said, before he let out another really small yawn.

"Sorry. In my opinion we really need to reform and have better training so we can be prepared for what might come next, and I am honored to be part of the discussions for it." he finally said before he sat down in the chair he was and leaned back.

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Try as she could to wake the sleeping soldier without causing a scene, Darkness let out a yelp in surprise as he awoke. 


"Sorry, I didn't had that much sleep before coming, as I had patrol last night." He said. "I went to bed early, but still..."


"In any case... i good to know I am not the only night guard in here." he added with a small sleepy grin to her. "But I am ready for anything that might come up during the meeting."


"At ease Recruit Darkness," she said as her tone softened, "I too had difficulty adjusting to patrols at night. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. But now we must be attentive to the proceedings." 


"Welcome-and, thank you-Staff Sergeant.  I was wondering what to do about him," 


"You are welcome Command Chief Master Sergeant Agile Speeds," she said giving a bow of respect, "Though I may be a Staff Sergeant of the Lunar Guard, I remember my time when I was a young mare on her first patrol." 


Her ears perked up hearing Captain Starbreeze giving a very dark introduction. She was used to the way she spoke, much like a drill sergeant speaking to new recruits during the first week of boot camp. But to her surprise Punk Walker overstepped her bounds and confronted the Captain! Even with this meeting, there was a clear chain of command that must be followed. But it was Celestia who quelled the issue and Night watcher was certain that there would be a stern lecturing from the Commander-in-Chief of the Army. 


It was time for the events to start as she rose from her seat with a nod,  "Staff Sergeant Night Watcher of the Lunar Guard reporting for the summit. It is a honor to participate in the discussion and to meet with you all." 

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Spitfire had listened intently to other before her make introductions. She knew most of them, if not by formal introduction then at least by name. There were at least a couple she hadn't heard of but that was to be expected. The forces of Equestria had swelled in numbers over the years, though the swell had mostly been into separate divisions. They were strong, but as others had said being disunited made them much less strong. The Captain was about to stand and make her introductions when the door creaked open.

Skyhaven knew she was late. There weren't any other ponies coming in through the door. She swallowed nervously. It wasn't like her to be nervous, not at all. She was Skyhaven. Strong and sure of herself. She glanced down at the turquoise zebra stripe tattoos that covered her front legs. Her eyes narrowed in determination. It didn't matter that she was late. What mattered was that she had been chosen among the ranks to assist Captain Spitfire herself. The Captain had come by the infirmary tents for inspection and for some reason she had taken a shine to Skyhaven.  The white pegasus was only more than willing to assist Spitfire in this most recent venture. She would be serving as the attendant and scribe for Spitfire. Her job was to take down notes on anything of interest that Spitfire might want to review at a later time. 

She poked her head through the door and quickly trotted over to stand behind Spitfire. "Sorry..."

The Captain glanced at her new friend for a moment. She would question this tardiness later. For now introductions were to be made. She was a celebrity and so it often felt odd to introduce herself. Not that she didn't want to. In fact Spitfire often wished ponies didn't know who she was. As it was, they would know. And still she would state who she was, it was formality after all. She stood from her seat and pushed her flight goggles up a little further over her forelocks. 

"Captain Spitfire of the Wonderbolts. I'm here to offer my hoof in service to Equestria the same as the Wonderbolts have always offered to our great lands. As other have said it is also my desire to see the forces of defense for Equestria unite to form an unstoppable unit. My Wonderbolts will offer their wing in any way necessary to help this cause."

After this she sat back down. 

Skyhaven readied herself to take notes. She had not been introduced by the Captain but she was just the scribe. She was honored to be present for this day.


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'He's there he's there he's right there.'


Alright alright, settle down. Yes, first order of business, settle down. Right after subtly soothe the throbbing pain at the back of his skull.


For the single uttered word from his father had been enough to careen Dawnguard's neck, and subsequently head, up to a perfectly non-slouched angle, thank you very much - expect he'd overshot it, and been rewarded with the backrest of the chair he was sitting in. The white Pegasus was, at least, able to wait until his father was seated and suitably distracted by the Celestial Princess of Dawn, and what looked like a  member of the Royal Equestrian Navy, before he had to give in with a grittily muttered "Criping Calamari of Celeste, tsst!" The furious rubs of his hoof to soothe the blistering pain at the back of his head proved helpful however, even encased in shining golden armor as they were, and Dawnguard was finally able to relax one more.


Relatively speaking.


Thankfully, what had seemed to be a potential brewing of exceedingly unrighteous proportions due to an equally unrighteous tongue-lashing in the midst of a companionable summit meant to work together for ideas, was quickly put down by the One of Pure Light, with hardly a raised word from herself. Ah, such was the mark of a Chosen Leader, Dawnguard thought happily, unconsciously nodding his head along with the Princesses' words. To be able to call to order with a single word - nay, a glance! - proved her worth and valor as one of Equestria's chosen rulers. And while he, too, was already a Chosen One, marked with the bloodline of heroes baying for the darkened blood of his enemies - well.


There was always room to add a title or two to his growing epic.


Yes...'The Vanguard Upon Whom the Link of Night and Day Rests Upon' had a nice ring to it. 


And, quite suddenly, it was his turn to introduce himself. The monologue he'd prepared the night before didn't really work so well in a brightly lit room, already sitting in position. He'd imagined a much more dramatic entrance, mmm...something akin to a heated debate over which pony could possibly take on the mantle of the Elements of Harmony, with verbal attacks aimed at his father to come up with a solution, before - SCWING! Lights suddenly blinding all in a glorious wash of Righteousness, and in the middle of shining light, there he would stand. Courageous, humble, but oh so righteous, as only one of the hero's bloodline could be when carrying the hopes of dreams of en entire nation to their future.


Also, there would have been a dramatic wind flowing his mane quite nicely, but Dawnguard had never quite figured out that part. 


Without a darkened atmosphere however, all his planning was for naught. Still, an introduction had to be made, and he had lingered just long enough for a dramatic pause between Captain Spitfire, the previous speaker, and himself. 


It was time.


"I," the white Pegasus said lowly, head bowed towards the table as he slowly pressed his upper hooves against its surface, using the pressure to rise upwards from his seat, "am of the bloodline of heroes. Dispenser of Justice in an Unjust world, Righter of Wrongs - a Chosen One." The phrase was long enough to have turned his head upwards enough to show his face, and he curled his right hoof in front of his body, staunch determination writ in his face as clearly as the sun blazed across the sky. "With the uncontrollable might of my righteous spear hoof, I Avenge all that is Transgressed against with Righteous Fury. I, am!" 


Pause for effect...


"Private First Class Dawnguard." 


Aaaand, let it sink in, as Dawngaurd slowly sat back down in his seat, his expression one of unending trials and tribulations, the continued and cataclysmic power of his heroic bloodline threatening to overwhelm him. So great was his uncontrolled power, that the Pegasus sincerely doubted anyone would even notice the small smirk playing at the sides of his lips.


Flawless delivery. Ah...if only the epic saga chronicling his heroic adventures could write as well as his speeches did.

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Lunar had lost himself for a second taking notes on who was who at the gathering. All while in the side of his mind he was thinking about his position among these highly esteemed ponies, unicorns and pegasi. He then remembered he was there to encourage the use of intelligence and knowledge of Equestria both past and contemporary could help against future threats. When a silence came he looked up from his notes and realized that it was finally is turn. This was make or break time for him. He wasn't into over the top introductions like Dawnguard, but he knew if he wanted any chance at being taken seriously, which he was as he is anyway, and perhaps getting a job in the guard again he needed to make it clear who he was and that he is just as important as Spitfire or even Celestia just in his own way. Even if not as popular or in fact known at all to other ponies and denizens of Equestria.

Lunar then clears his throat to be sure he didn't have anything to mess with his voice. "Greetings, my name is Lunar Relic a former corporal rank guard member. However now I am a researcher specializing in the study fields of magic and the history of Equestria. My name may or may not be familiar to any of you as I have published books and other works in the fields I study. I am here to stress the importance of having information on our great land of Equestria not only our modern day but of it's past as well. For many things we can learn from the past can help us with future endeavors. As well as possibly seeing if a few of my own spells I have developed or others might be incorporated into the guard to help increase the over all versatility of the guard. " He nods to signal he was done speaking and finishes the last note he had stopped in order to introduce himself. He then looks up hoping that he didn't ruin anything by noting he knew and/or had some spells that might help the guard in the future.

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In many respects, the unorthodox Capt. Wildflower was not the sort of officer that would have thrived under Pummel’s command. Had she have been a subordinate of the grizzled pegasus, the two would have surely been at odds over how much discipline to instil on the enlisted personnel. But as it were, Pummel couldn’t argue with Wildflower’s results: loads of medals and a stellar service record. The Captain was clearly a credit to the Navy. “Thank you Captain,” was all that Pummel said back to her, without so much as changing his facial expression or even making eye contact. However, a close observer in Wildflower’s position would notice signs of somepony holding back a smile; a sign that even Pummel could let positive emotions slip through his stern shell.

After Pummel instructed his aide to write a chastising message for the poorly dressed Punk Walker to immediately relay to his company commander - to the effect that the lieutenant was relieved of his command and that Walker’s unit would spend a year patrolling the frigid Equestria-Yakyakistan border - the summit began in earnest. The General believed Princess Celestia effectively asserted her supreme authority as only a serene alicorn princess could. Many of the others who introduced themselves... failed to inspire anywhere near that same level of confidence. Pummel incredulously swore he was listening to nervous grade school students rather than proud soldiers. Of those few capable of conveying assured professionalism with their voice, only Capt. Spitfire seemed to express a genuine martial bearing; the apparently elusive quality of showcasing unwavering pride and faith in her comrades even while acknowledging the necessity of reforms. As far as Pummel was concerned, more timid serviceponies like CMSgt. Speeds could learn a thing or two from the leader of the Wonderbolts.

.....And then like a swinging pendulum came Dawnguard, who perhaps possessed too much spirit. About the only positive thing Gen. Pummel could say of his son was that he lacked indecisiveness. Other than that, Dawnguard’s flamboyant immaturity made his father, one who maintained a cold unreadable gaze at all times, silently gulp in utter embarrassment. How in the world did Pummel’s boy turn into a rowdy sailor? With that thought in mind, Pummel almost without awareness of his own act scribbled a sarcastic note to Capt. Wildflower:

[Dawnguard’s all yours.]

When his turn to introduce himself finally spoke, the veteran army officer swiftly stood up from his chair, methodically puffing his chest out and pulling his chin upwards. Already a tall and bulky stallion, the old pegasus appeared even more imposing and commanding than usual. “General Pummel,” the steely voice of an assured leader rang with absolute conviction throughout the entire room; “Commanding Officer of the Sixth Special Operations Group, ‘Force Suntrot’. .....I have spent a lifetime in the service of this great nation. In that period, our armed forces have grappled with dire challenges we haven’t faced since the founding of Equestria. Like our forefathers a thousand years ago, we will meet the oncoming tide head-on... and we shall endure. But ONLY if we all keep our heads together..... and stand resolute.”

Finished with giving the summit members a proper example of a true warrior, the General sat back in his seat and resumed casting his emotionless gaze at the other serviceponies.

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