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The Universal Vending Machine

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A colony of sentient bacteria swarm out and infest your body! but they are chanting 'we come in peace!'


lets be outright silly now...


I insert Barack Obama's Soul!

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You receive a universe in which you don't exist. But since you don't exist you can't insert the beginning of the universe causing TO exist allowing for you to insert the begin- Oh dear I've gone cross eyed.


I insert a groovy time machine Bay-be!


(Sorry just watched Austin Powers.)

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17 hours ago, FiniteZero said:

I insert The Golden Gun.


You get an Aztek statue (yes that makes sense look it up :P))


I insert... um... The letter D!

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You get:



1. A river rising in the Cairngorm Mountains of eastern Scotland and flowing about 145 km (90 mi) eastward to theNorth Sea through an artificial channel at Aberdeen. It is known for its scenic beauty and salmon fisheries.
2. A river of northern Wales and western England flowing about 110 km (70 mi) partially along the Welsh-Englishborder to the Irish Sea.


I insert:  A calculator

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