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Knights Of The Elements! (Interest Check)


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7 hours ago, Smartbrony said:

So, has anybody gotten any word from MrCry on this? It's been a while, and I'd hate to see people lose interest because it sat for too long.

He's probably dead. I don't mean dead as in passed away i mean dead as in forever inactive. I'd say let's make a different rp like this but that's called stealing/plagiarism and that'd be a dick move to him. 

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Fear not! For I am not dead! My laptop, twas the dead one! As in, I broke it over my knee in anger... heh... I should go to anger management classes...

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Laughter: smartbrony

Kindness: Monokuma 






We'll put you down for it right now. If no one else is a unicorn, we may have to make Sanar Magic. I mean, we don't need to use a unicorn for magic. We could have someone play a earth pony who's like... Way gifted with magic, idk.

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Everyone seems to go with ponies so I'll add to the trend then. Solarline fits for loyalty. (In case someone else wants it he can just be an outsider like Sven.)


Now, why would he (most likely) fit for the element?


Well, he might be as mad as a march hare but he'd never betray ones' trust or anything else for that matter. In fact, the word betray makes his mug look more sour than a barrel coming from the lemon farms. Being loyal to his friends has granted him the apartment he has under his hooves after he lost his job as a royal guard. (Most notably because the friends pay eighty percent of his rent out of pity.)


Why not Generosity or Magic?


He is so low on bits that he basically lives in a closet sized apartment in the bad side of Canterlot. He has not been able to be too generous. As for magic, he's a pegasus pony so it is rather obvious. (He is not very smart either so he'd probably be kicked out of magic elementary before it started, even if he had a horn sticking out of his forehead.)

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