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The Fallen Force (Star Wars Pony PR)

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The Fallen Force

A MLP/Star Wars 

RP Link

A dark fog hangs over the Equestrian Galaxy. War has decimated the ranks of the galaxy’s Jedi protectors. Once numbered in the thousand, only a few hundred reman. Now a new threat will emerge that may end them all together.


With a Galactic Senate now the ruling body of the Galaxy, the two sisters have retired from ruling and now focusing on protecting the galaxy through the Magic of Friendship and the Force. 

Recently promoted Knight Midnight Oil has been assigned to a secret mission to a planet long forgotten by his old master, as well as another surprise for the young Jedi Knight. 


Now a young Jedi Knight, Midnight Oil, has been tasked by his old master on a secrete mission to the ancient saber forge before darkness swallows the galaxy..... Little to his knowledge she has one last surprise for him before the leave, a padawan of his own.


Join the mission as ether a Padawan, Youngling, or Jedi Night, or perhaps as a trooper or hired help (Smuggler)

Please list your character's name, race, and class. If Jedi, Lightsaber color and rank.



Midnight Oil, Bat Pony, Jedi Knight, Blue Lightsaber

Tiger Blood, Earth Pony, Jedi Knight, Green Double Bladed Lightsaber

Raven Shadowfire, Unicorn, Jedi Padawan ,Orange Main Lightsaber and Blue Shoto Saber




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24 minutes ago, Alivda said:

Raven Shadowfire, Unicorn, Jedi Padawan, orange crystal full-length saber, and blue shorter-length saber.


You have been added. Will Raven be Midnight's padawan or just a padawan assigned to the mission?

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18 hours ago, Alivda said:

don't really care, either way is fine with me :)

Ok, I'm calming Raven as the padawan that Midnight doesn't know he's getting lol

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So, just a heads up, the shuttle has just entered a small asteroid field. Even though the odds are 3720 to 1, this is the course the masters have chosen as to try to avoid tracking.

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