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Gala Images Revealed


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Fillies and Gentlecolts of Canterlot!

You've been waiting, you've been watching, and you've been holding your breath for them! You've subscribed to the art threads, stalked the galleries, and dinged the bell on the helpstaff desk! Well wait no longer, because the gala thread portraits are finally here!

After careful deliberation and a committee vote, the staff of Canterlot would like to congratulate Dubstep, Tempest Rime, Mudbug, Tales, and all of the many participants of the Open Bar gala thread for the RP contributions.

Now, without further ado, I give you The Grand Galloping Gala 2011!

Tango to Terror

Dark Core and Malediction


Luna's Entrance

Celestia and Luna


Open Bar

Martini Paradise, Maximilian Rockefilly, Babbles, Knightly, Cherry Dawn, Soarin, Spitfire, Monty, Ginger Mint, and Doctor Whooves


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