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My Little Pony A New Generation Release and Discussion! Spoilers!

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My Little Pony A New Generation has released on Netflix and many have now seen it. Use this topic for your impressions and reviews! There will obviously be spoilers, so be warned.

I really enjoyed the film. I thought the ending could have been better as it felt rushed and thus flat. But I enjoyed the songs, the characters, and what we saw of the word and it certainly makes me excited to see the series. Izzy and Sunny are best ponies.

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Overall it was a good movie and a good beginning to the new generation.


Was it perfect? No, the ending was a bit fast and a bit flat, and they didn't really address what happened to Sunny and what she now was.  The main villain (if you can call him that) is very one dimension with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (the best villains are those who honestly feel they are doing the right thing, even if it is the wrong methods or reasons).


Was it good though?  Yes.  The main purpose of this film is to introduce the 'mane five' characters to the audience and it did an excellent of doing this and establishing their personalities, goals, and desires.  The animation is outstanding and the backgrounds gorgeous, with all sorts of subtleties.  It does make me wonder what they will do for the series since was no doubt also expensive.  The voice work, for me, what the best part, as it was top notch.


Of course we have to note that this movie is a sequel to G4, it is explicitly set in the same world is some unspecified future time,and the callbacks to G4 are numerous and important tot he story, it really pay homage to the previous generation.


Of course there are a million questions still the movie didn't address (as this would have impossible in 90 minutes and not the main point).  What are the crystals, who made them and why?  What caused the magic to end? What happened to Twilight? What about places like Ponyville and Canterlot? What of the other species? Well hopefully at least some of these will be addressed in the future series.


Four out of five stars.

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Time for this old bull to toss his horns in on this ring.


First let's talk about something we all saw coming. Well, if you knew what was going on at all with films like this. The run time was fine to me as I just don’t have the time for 2hr+ films nowadays. But you can tell they wanted to fit in too much in too short a time. Lots of cool plot points just had to be rushed along to make ends meet or just hinted at. BUT what was hinted at was very cool and oh boy I want to dig in to this and overanalyze it to death. But the pacing is very bad in a lot of places. Even a montage can do good here as they hint at so much. It looks like days pass as they travel giving them all time to talk, get to know each other and become friends. Something we just don’t get to see and that hurts the film a lot. Show, don’t tell.


But this leads us in to the other part. The huge backpedaling they did in tone. You feel it fast, from a huge fan of the last film the “think of the kids!” is strong here. Danger is pulled back big time and glossed over and well… I knew that was going to happen. The last film got some nasty clapback from parents, so I heard even back then, and it shows. A shame if you ask me as kids can handle more heavy danger and tones. Now saying it needs to be grimdark but risk and the real fear of losing is things kids can handle. But it is what it is, angry moms make the world spin and if you don’t think so you never got the wooden spoon. 


Now let's move on to good things.


The songs foremost stick out to me. Even as I'm pulling this text together I have the sound track blasting on my speakers with no regrets. The music is so, so good. Oddly the one I like most is ‘Glowin' Up’. I did not see that coming but I was grooving to it, still am. Dam Pipp can sing. 


Next up, looks. This film looks so damn pretty. Like I do not like 3D and I can’t hate on this, everything looked so good and moves just… so nice. Most of all the faces. I just can’t hate how this film looks and its background. I had to stop it many times to just drink in the background and let my mind wander. They sold me on this new look and all I can do is hope the show is at least half as good looking. 


The setting. Post Equestria is a very cool topic to me, I know it gets a tone of flack but I think this huge time jump is good. It makes all we know of the far off past, gives the ponies in this age much more room to do their own things. And gives a tone of plot for uncovering the past, why Equestria fell and how they can unite it again. So much good things can be pulled from this for stories, plot and ideas. I’m going to be doing a tone of reading far too deep into things and filling in the missing pages and enjoy every moment of it. 


All in all, it has a lot of problems and most of it is pacing. Did I love it? Yes. I can’t think of the last time after seeing a film I had too look up the sound track just so I could groove too it again. I see so much that can be done with the seating, so much with the mane five. Well our time with them was short. I loved them all. Even Izzy and Pipp won my heart. But most of all are himbo cop Hitch. Bless him. 


I give this film: One soul pact, the ride will never be over and it shall never end. Did you not read the fine print? The horses own your soul forever.

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I loved the film. It broke a few expectations, exceeded others, and in some cases, completely invented a way for me to be surprised. A lot has been said that I would basically agree with. The big thing to me is that I want more. Which is probably the goal in some cases. I think there are a lot of questions that they were willing to not answer since there will be more with these characters in the series. The movie is a good starting point, and dare I say it might even be a better starting point than what Friendship is Magic started with in it's first 80 minutes of content. It needed to connect the universe of G4 (It didn't need to, but I'm speaking as a producer now) while still standing on it's own, and that by itself is pretty impressive.


Fit Right In is best song.
Izzy Moonbow is best new pony.

Sprout is a 'villian' I want to get redeemed just so we don't have to endure his awful antagonism and get better villains.


My first Mane 5 of the new generation, ranked:
1. Izzy Moonbow
2. Zipp Storm
3. Sunny Starscout
4. Hitch Trailblazer
5. Pipp Petals


Hipposcore: 8.5/10


A headcanon I have is that Zipp is somehow related to Applejack and Rainbow Dash, because of how much of both of their charcters she seems to take from. "But Hippo, wouldn't that mean Pipp is also related since that's her sister."


Hey.           Shut up.

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I enjoyed it....The story itself was a tad bit predictable. The animation, characters and voice acting was top. I'm looking forward to seeing how the three tribes broke up...again...Did Twilight screw up? Maybe the big break up only happened in the cities of the film? Maybe it was more of a local thing and not a world-wide event?


Why is being a parent the most dangerous one could be in MLP?


It did enforce something I believed..or my characters believed. Pegasus's need magic to fly. Slapping tiny wings on a horse doesn't make them fly. 


One song I need to re-listen to. as I COULD HAVE SWORN there was a lyric implying that Unicorns eat their young. :scream::unsure:


I don't believe Sprout will be considered a 'villain' as he was already very ashamed of himself towards the end when he kind of crawled back to his friends...He probably realized he was actually very close to kill more than a few ponies...



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Well, that was nice.  I just let myself be taken along, because I really wanted a new world to play in, and I think that I got that.


Haven is best mother, as I always expected.  Anticipate a profile + Lore thread on Zephyr Heights ASAP.

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