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Ponyville Minecraft server


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I think Ashton has a public pony themed server, the original one is gone and some of us run a private vanilla one.

kinda-sorta... I had one on 1.5.2 but my host decided to stop hosting for no good reason (in the end I paid 3 months hosting and my server was down the whole time... x_x) then my new host I had a 1.6.4 server, but it got too heavy with mods and had a lot of ID conflics, requiring players to actually edit config files (something no player is willing to do it seems...) so right now I'm building a 1.7.10 server and *almost* have the tutorial area ready... but my desktop's HDD isn't working right now, I'm going to have to see if I can recover it...

Short version:

Had one, lost it, will have a new one (1.7.10) very soon though :) --- when I do, I'll post a new thread and ask a mod if they can lock this one and post a link to the new one.

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I know i disappeared, but would any one be willing to play. Sad to see the server died while i was gone. 


It's not so much that it died its that I stopped deciding to pay for hosting and all to run it, I was mostly using community donations to

pay for the server hosting costs, and most of the time the server didn't have more than 2 people on it at any given time.

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If you have a chance you should boot and run the original server that we had created. We had a complete recreation of Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, etc. I'm sure if you rooted around through the odd 60 pages of archive you could find a really good picture or three of what it all looked like.

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Hi There!

Although I Do Not Have A MLP Photo Or Name, I Love MLP.

I Can't Find Any Servers Recently For Mine Little Pony So I Was Glad To Find This.

Is There Any Main Thing I Would Have To Be White Listed?

My User Is SmallWolfie If Needed..

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Sorry for the necro, but since this topic keeps randomly coming up, I thought I'd try to shed some light on the reason this failed and keeps failing....


First, Server hosting costs money - and a lot more than the "base price" that most server hosts list (the "basic" packages tend to only have the resources for 2-4 players and often have latency "lag" problems because of this) And those of us that are willing to put in the work and/or have the knowledge to set it all up simply cant afford the expense (even if all members chipped in to pay for the hosting (which, sadly, rarely happens), that's often not enough for a server that's up to the job.)


Second, some time ago MineLittlePony ceased development as a mod for Minecraft Forge, which is the premier modloader for Minecraft. This leads to, at best, high incompatibility with other mods and often completely preventing it from being used. Unless the dev's resume development on a Forge version (or someone else rewrites the code from scratch ---- which is VERY complex thanks to subtleties like active item placement (floating inside a glow for unicorns, held in wings by pegasi, or held in mouth for earth ponies) It's almost impossible to use it on anything but an almost-vanilla server (and I think we can all agree a server based on equestria NEEDS to, at the least, have magic and creature mods)


Lastly, servers are all struggling to find players right now, even with the "Minecraft Renaissance" going on there are very few servers with more than 2-4 players online at any time, and those are using the most popular mainstream modpacks, So, a niche server such as one for Bronies is going to be very hard to populate, and not much fun since there'd rarely be anyone there to play with.


These don't even touch on other issues such as hosting location (which can cause lag issues for people in other parts of the world), appropriate mods (most mods' scope far exceeds equestria's unique magic/tech levels and creature mods rarely include most of the unique mythological creatures from MLP), or the sheer amount of work to build the major locations of the series while still allowing players to have fun with the game itself (don't even get me started on Griefers who would flock to a MLP server)


So, all that being said, as much as I'd love to see a proper MLP RP-server for MC, it would take moving mountains to get everything lined up for it to happen. I'm sorry to burst everyone's hope bubble... T_T

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