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Form Related

[Emotionally Removed Brony] Never complain about the quality/writing/script of any episode for an entire season

On my way :P

RP Related

Mask Breaker: Make Cheerilee act in a way unbecoming of a teacher and role model

The Fun is Insufficient: Make Cheerilee prioritize fun and games over book learning

Oh My Celestia, He Speaks!: Cause LightWind to use more than 7 words in a single sentence

Beat the Pro: Out-negociate Telki

Cutting the Puppet Strings: Cause TelKi to drop something she's carrying telekinetically by breaking her concentration (awarded to Davroth)

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IRC/Misc Community 'Cheeves:

[Cutie Mark Crusader Mercenaries!] - Join fellow Canterlot.com members in a rousing game of Team Fortress 2.

[Mmph MMMMPPH!] - Be dominated by a fellow Canterlot.com member during a game of Team Fortress 2.

[That's What Friends are For... I think.] During a game of Team Fortress 2, help a fellow Canterlot.com member douse a tail fire using Jarate.

[Dr. Love] - Attempt to diagram Canterlot.com shipping via the Four Quadrant method.

[Amore Archivist] - Successfully create a Canterlot.com shipping wall.

[Taking Sides] - Join the armies of Empress Estrella

[Pancake] - Be piled upon by no less than three ponies.

[Fainting Goats] - Engage in synchronized flopping with at least four ponies at once.

[Throwdown] - Participate in a Canterlot IRC Rap Battle.

RL Nonsense:

[Workhorse] - Watch an episode of MLP:FiM while at work.

[Hi-ho, Hi-ho] - Sing along to an episode of MLP:FiM while at work.

[My Little Secrets] - ...without being detected.

[Equus Vincit Amor] - Convince your significant other to watch an episode of MLP:FiM.

[Can't Do a Thing With Her Mane] - Mod a My Little Pony.

[Vinyl is in the House] - Hijack your dorm's basement speaker system with Pony music.

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Real Life

[Pony Apostle] Convert 10 people to the fandom.

[Happy Halloween!] Create your own pony costume based on the show.

[sharing is Caring[ Share your pony folder with a nonfan and the nonfan loves the pretty pictures.

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[Game Noob] Make a post on this game.

Takua TimeShadows III: Tainted Harmony:


[Town Tour] Clear Ponyville Zone.

[A Walk in the Forest] Clear Everfree Forest Zone.

[What a Lovely View] Clear Cloudsdale Zone.

[Cloud Trotter] Clear Cloudsdale Zone without losing a life.

[Castle Siege] Clear Midnight Castle Zone.


[New Assistant] Clear 5 of Twilight Sparkle's missions.

[book Worm] Clear 20 of Twilight Sparkle's missions.

[Egghead] Clear all of Twilight Sparkle's missions.

[Out of Town] Clear 5 of Applejack's missions.

[Good ol' Boy] Clear 20 of Applejack's missions.

[Head Honcho] Clear all of Applejack's missions.

[Young Flyer] Clear 5 of Rainbow Dash's missions.

[20% Cooler] Clear 20 of Rainbow Dash's missions.

[Wonderbolt!!!] Clear all of Rainbow Dash's missions.

[balloon Popper] Clear 5 of Pinkie Pie's missions.

[Party Rocker] Clear 20 of Pinkie Pie's missions.

[Life of the Party] Clear all of Pinkie Pie's missions.


[Magic ain't Real, Silly Filly] Beat Twilight Sparkle.

[All Hat, But No Cattle] Beat Applejack.

[such a Slow-Mo] Beat Rainbow Dash.

[sonic Rainboom] Beat Rainbow Dash with an S rank.

[Party Black Out] Beat Pinkie Pie.

[Aw, Am I Too Violent For Ya, Cupcake?] Beat Pinkamena.

[What a Drag Queen] Beat Rarity.

[sunlight Arcaney] Beat Celestia as Starlight Dash.

[Dark Rainbows] Defeat Tirek.

[Taking No Bull] Defeat Groger.

[Friendship is Magic] Defeat Nightmare Moon.

[Eagle Eye of the Tiger] Defeat Gilda.

[Just Smoke and Mirrors] Defeat Trixie.

[Return of Harmony] Defeat Discord.

[Equestrian Hero] Defeat final boss.

More to come...

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[Celestia is Dead] Make a certain 4chan Rainbow Dash reference

[And We Killed Her] Own a certain Lyra Plushie

[Redemption] Donate to a brony charity

[The Pink Side] Shop in the pink aisle of the toy store

[Fallout Equestria: Project Long Read] Finish reading Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons

[YEEAAAHHH] Make an achievement list


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