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Planned Inactivity or Leaving?


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Sooooo...I will be missing from evening of September 2 up to 9th, maybe 10th. Going on some much delayed vacation (Not by much, just five years.), so no network connection for me.

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Huh I just found this so I'll revive this necrotic thread.


I can't say it's been fun. It has been a hard road trying to settle myself here after drama from a previous group who, to this day, continues their antics. I have had some fun threads, finished very few.


Because people force their own headcanons on others I find myself and my character, OOC and IC, being regularly accosted despite it being Canon in both show and comics that he is a good noodle. Well I can't stand any more. The lack of community and conversation has killed my muse completely and I don't see it coming back ever. I've made some friends. Others decided to make an enemy of me unnecessarily. 


I have Asperger's and it is not something I like to admit but to get people to actually talk to me like a normal person it seems, at times, I had to admit such things.


My characters were altered during the application process (of which later became Canon despite being Canon in comics and the old series long before) in order to participate in RP, characters I had to apply for because there were none who wished to play with my Discord. Overall I felt the experience negative and cliquey, unopen to a member who tried their hardest for almost three years to be part of this community. 


A player should not need to try three years to be accepted. No matter what character they play. I do feel hurt and that it is something that cannot be repaired because of the idea that 'I don't like this character idea.' instead of 'I want to RP'. 


Bad form. I hope in the future other Discord players or anyone to join isn't treated like this than told that it is basically their fault for picking the character. 



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Ugh. I'm very sorry to see you go...I'll miss your art here (I am following you on your assorted art pages) and your awesome posts...Discord drove my characters crazy, but I loved every single one of those posts. :wail:

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I am sad to see you go...and, I guess , a little guilty as well (glances at all the unfinished RP's). I myself have my share of problems, being insanely reclusive

 and withdrawn - being afraid to hang on social media, public chat's etc. due to my paranoia.


I can only assume that some people become so invested with their characters that they take any actions that put them in embarrassing or humiliating situations as a slight against themselves. I know I did when I was younger, Roleplaying on other sites, thinking my creations were a gift to other's so how dare they put misery on them.


I will certainly miss your involvement Rex. It added so much needed spice in that overwhelming amount of slice-of-life threads towards which I have often a mixed feelings. And I admit, seeing your Discord's actions drive other characters into hair-pulling frustration was incredibly amusing. Squall will miss your Discord's too, and all those unpredictable challenges he threw at him ,that allowed the noblepony to keep himself sharp.


So Godspeed Rex. I hope we meet out there, on other forum. And perhaps we actually finish a thread for once. Or maybe not. It's a journey that counts ;-).

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Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so.  I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.

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  • 2 months later...

Well I disappeared for 3 years of unplanned hiatus, just remembered I used to putz around here and decided to sign back in today. It was due to family problems & some inner turmoil.

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More Explanation.
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