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  1. Hey dude. So, I guess it's your turn on that cafe thread now. No rush of course. :)

  2. Finespun hurried to bow and then quietly slid into one of the open seats at the table. His mother hadn’t said anything about running into royalty. He really wished he had stayed to tend to his plants now. And what was that about trouble? “Pardon, again, but why, precisely, were we asked to meet here?”
  3. Finespun wore a worried smile. He has happy to have been informed by his mother about the little get together, but he wasn’t so fond of leaving the forests to do so. Despite taking after his mother with his slim build, and his father’s small wings (along with his father’s coloring), Finespun liked to “rough it” and felt more comfortable surrounded by thick foliage. His Cutie Mark was even a flower, a Lily of the Valley with three white blossoms hanging off the thin stem. The city, and especially crowds of other ponies, weren't easy thing for him. Still, his mother was expecting him to meet with the other children of her friends. Finespun did not want to upset her so he continued into the restaurant where they were supposed to meet. He hoped he wasn’t too late, but looking around he couldn’t see any large group of ponies. His red eyes did stop on the pony in the rainbow themed outfit. It didn’t seem like it’d be that much of a stretch to assume and so Finespun moved over to their table. “Pardon me, sorry for interrupting, I was just wondering if… you’re both children of the, well, the former Elements of Harmony?” He scratched a hoof against the back of his neck, ducking under his long, thick blond mane to do so. The movement caused more of his mane to fall into his face, with the single streak of pink that was the same shade as his mother’s hair falling right where his right eye was. “I’m Finespun, son of Fluttershy and I’m supposed to be… meeting them. Here.”
  4. Bogle


    I hope your healing goes well.
  5. Concerning blogs as well, I don't have the option to create one at all. The +Create tap at the top of the page doesn't list the option, no tab for Blogs shows up on my profile, and no option appears on the Blog section of the site. I've tried on both Google Chrome and Windows 8, and I'm on the standard theme. I also tried both web browsers on my work laptop with no luck. Both computers are 64-bit. I do have the option to comment on blogs, if that helps at all.
  6. "Spring break fo'ever..."

  7. Maenad tugged her shemagh off her head and face so that it rested in a bundle around her neck. There was something about being in an enclosed space and beneath the surface to Maenad Descent considerably. It was only then that she found that the sentiment held true within the sea just as much as it did in the earth. Submarines—Maenad had never been on one until now but she loved it. Even if there was a crab infestation. After listening avidly to Bevel’s briefing, Maenad carefully raised one hoof up in the air. “Yes, I have a question.” She gave a wry smile, but the expression was largely foiled by the thick goggles she kept over her eyes still. “Do you have a way to better the viewing portals, rather, something to outline what’s actually out there in the waters better than the normal eye can detect? Something more exacting than bright lights is what I’m getting at," And the fact that bright lights wouldn't help her own vision was something she kept mum about more due to genuine disregard for it being noteworthy. Her eyes were both a disadvantage and an advantage. It just depended on the situation. However in this case, there was something specific she wanted to look for on the ocean floor and so after a slight pause that she admitted: "I am hoping to be able to check if there are any rings of eelgrass about or around the city—or ruins if that ends up being the case.” She was trying to keep a “clear mind” for as much of this as possible. It was kindly advice from her editor when dealing with the other, much more professional, truth-seekers and she did intend to keep it in mind. Still, she had theories all the same and so Maenad wanted to be able to check them even if on her own. Rings of eelgrass, the oceanic equivalent of a ring of mushrooms, could be a point in favor of any magic persisting after so long. Of course, not many had any credence to the rings, on land or sea. “That’s just the way they sometimes grow” was the common explanation, but magic was a tricky thing and Maenad Descent was of a stubborn nature.
  8. If you're still accepting, I have a male in mind. Do you want full profiles done as well by the way? Name: Finespun Mother: Fluttershy Father: Bulk Biceps Place Raised: Ponyville
  9. This is an interest check for a thread that would take place in the Veiled Garden and Bohemian Club in Canterlot. I'd like to stage it that there's some important sort of mixer and open mic night happening so it'd be more of a reason for those not living in Canterlot to go for the event. I was thinking of having it be themed or genre specific as far as performances go, but I figured that would be best discussed instead of me picking something ridiculous on my own. The goal is to allow characters to both perform and show off who are not celebrities (so not normally having the chance to show off) as well as mingle. Of course, performing anything is not mandatory, just a bonus for some. So artists, writers, poets, musicians, gather round and prepare to flex those creative muscles that drive you to create as you do... The Veiled Garden and Bohemian Club Lore page. I'd be using my Attic Wit who is a poet and editor based in Manehattan.
  10. Ah, alright. Thanks for answering. : )
  11. I've been binge rewatching Destination Truth episodes and I can't decide if I would try to choke Gates to death or jump on his fat back and scream "ONWARD TO ADVENTURE" if I ever came across him. Real toss up.

  12. Do you guys have any plans plot-wise for this so far? Or are you all just going to wing it? (Asking in case any discussions have been going on over the pm system.)
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