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  1. Zap abandoned his mixture and hopped off the stool he was standing and walked over to the counter where he could reach up onto the counter and grab the liners with his mouth. He wasn't sure this is what he was talking about, but it was the only thing that was in the direction Gallus had pointed. He jumped up on another stool by the baking tin and careful placed a liner in each one, all with his mouth. When he was reaching to put the last liner in, he lost his footing on the stool and the stool slipped sideways and fell. With youthful reaction time, Zap quickly caught his own fall with a quick flutter and stood on the table. He then placed the last liner in. "Okay." Zap's tone of voice was engaged but reluctant. It was almost like he was being asked to do chores. While waiting for whatever his foal-sitter wanted next, he looked towards the other end of the cloudominium and noticed a pink bird in the window. "What is that!?" Zap said curiously out loud. He was both excited and stunned. He had never seen a bird like the one he was looking at. He looked at Gallus to get his attention to what he was seeing but when he looked back, the bird he saw was no longer in the window. He jumped down off the table and scampered to the window and tried to see the edges of where it could have possibly gone. But he couldn't find anything. "Where'd it go?"
  2. Remington's slow and shy scan over the classroom (which was him looking to break awkwardness disguised as him looking for a seat, of which there were plenty) was interrupted by the sound of a pink filly coming from the fourth row of desks. When he looked at her sharply wondering if he had heard her in error, she acknowledged his attention and waved him to sit next to her. "Oh, um, yeah!" Remington jumped to a slow trot towards the empty desk next to the friendly pony. As he sat down, he was overly shy to make eye-contact with her, but then realized how rude that might appear to a stranger who offered permission to be a desk neighbor. So he turned to her. "Hi, my name's Remington. This is my first day, just got off the train from Manehatten this morning. I didn't expect so many other students. Are they all new, too? Are, are you new?" Remington looked friendly back to the filly. But when he asked his second question, he realized the kind of filly he was speaking to. Her sky blue eyes seemed to deepen the more you looked at them, and the marvelous shimmer of her mane reflected the light in the room that surrounded her. It was like she radiated energy and gave life to those she was close to. She was beautiful. And that was when the first bead of sweat fell from Remington's head. He quickly re-hydrated himself by nervously swallowing the stray spit in his mouth.
  3. Once he received his class assignments, he held onto them closely to make sure he knew exactly what his surroundings were like. As he walked through the hallways of the academy which were full of stranger ponies much like himself, he paid close attention to the figures above the doors, attempting to attach to memory the location of rooms he may have to visit for future classes. But for his first class, which was Loyalty 101, he needed to make his way to a room whose door was stamped by a red lightning bolt. "Okay, right here." Remington stared at his class assignment card as he walked into the room. He accidentally ran into another student. "Oh, sorry, excuse me." He looked at the classroom, which was full of desks, some with faithful students eager to get started, others hovering around the room talking to new or old friends, and even others still nervously inspecting the walls and windows of the classroom. The teacher had not entered the room apparently. Remington looked around for an idea on which desk he should claim as his place to sit, softly minding the students expressions to get a hint for which classmates to avoid and who to greet as new friends.
  4. "...Our somethin' wave, from high a dove," Applejack sang impromptu to Ra-Ra's suggestion, but failed to do one of the most important things in singing a song, remembering the lyrics. Applejack continued to strum the guitar beautifully, but then she stopped. "Ra-Ra, I don't know. I know the song you're thinkin' of, but I can't for the life of me concentrate on remember the words while I'm tryin' ta play the guitar. Maybe we'll just..." Applejack caught the schedule with her eye again and noticed something alarming about it. She gasped. "Holy spittin' balls, Ra-Ra! The talent show has already started. We need to get over to the stage if we're still gonna do it." Applejack snapped a strap onto the guitar and slung it on her back to carry to the stage. "Come on, Ra-Ra, there's no time!" Applejack said to her fillyfriend, not minding the amount of anxiety that might be building in the room. Applejack walked out and then back in. "And this, too!" She grabbed a triangle with it's stand.
  5. Zap listened and stared at the bowl of ingredients. He had never baked with his Rainbow mother before. Applejack had shown him around the farm's kitchen several times when baking a few rounds of pies or showing him how jam is made, but he never seen this style of cooking. Even less from a creature who wasn't even in the same category as ponies in terms of their diet. Bugs were indeed gross. "Yuck." Zap suggested. After a few moments of realizing Gallus intended for him to be apart of the program, Zap stood up on a chair by the table and grabbed a wooden spoon with his hoof and held onto the bowl with his other. Slowly he started mixing all the ingredients together. While stirring he couldn't help but notice that what he had looked nothing like what he would expect cupcakes to look like. "I don't know when it looks good," He said, keeping his whinny tone left over from the previous fit.
  6. Zap followed his mother to the sprinting course. "Oh yeah!" Zap involuntarily muttered aloud. This was more his style, trying to go for absolute speed. Maneuvers would be taught and experienced eventually, but to him they meant nothing if he couldn't at least get some speed in a straight line. Zap stood at the marked starting line and aimed towards the cloud pillar. Knowing that his mother would be there to guide him, he felt he had free reign to experience the challenge for what it was. "Go fast, but slow down by the turn. Got it!" Zap squeaked. Rainbow Dash counted down, and waved the flag indicating he was free to go as fast as he could. He launched and flapped his wings in an aerodynamic way that made sense to him. All things considered, he was going pretty fast, accelerating to a speed that was pretty impressive for someone his age. But soon, as he got close to the cloud pillar, he stopped his forward momentum by angling his body back and transitioning to a flutter. Slowly but surely, he was able to hover around the cloud pillar, and as soon as he had a straight line back to the start line in sight, he angled forward again to attempt to gain as much speed as possible. Within several expected seconds, he crossed the line and continued passed it, only starting to slow down once he was cleared of the clock. Even he knew you don't start slowing down until you crossed the line. It was an inefficient deceleration, but eventually Zap was able to slow down to a flutter and softly land on the ground. Afterwards he turned towards his mother to see what level of appreciation he had earned. "I wanna do it again!"
  7. Applejack chuckled. "Everypony knows I could out-eat all the colts here. But not everypony knows how enchanting your singin' voice is. I think we should do the talent show. And I'll do it with you! My pop taught me how to play the guitar in the Spring. I can play guitar and you can sing." Applejack's mind wandered as she put on a clean uniform and grabbed her guitar by the foot of her bunk. "I know! We should write a song." Applejack sat up on her bed and started strumming the strings on her guitar. The sounds were random but shortly became coherent and melodic. "How about, 'My name is Ra-Ra, and I like to sing. Singin' is my favorite thing to do, hey hey'." The song was impromptu and kind of awful as Applejack at this age was not very good at the creation of songs. To her as long as she could put it to her guitar's rhythm, it was good. "And how about, 'we are campers and we have a song to share, we are fillies and we're here to...'" Applejack hesitated and her strumming stopped, but then restarted when she thought of something that rhymed. "Care."
  8. Zap was involuntarily trotting in place waiting for his mother to give him the green light on flying around. But first, she instructed him to follow her through the rings. Zap jumped up and started flying and slowly made his way towards the rings to follow his mother. He did not zigzag the rings like a professional, but he was able to get through the rings fairly easily except for the last one in which his left wing accidentally smacked it as he fluttered through it. The sound and feeling of the wing on the ring made Zap freeze his wing tempo for a moment but after a short fall was able to get his rhythm back and maintained a safe flutter before hitting getting close to the ground. His biggest hindrance seemed to be turning. He had to completely stop his forward movement in the air before he could turn to his next target to fly towards it. He needed to learn how to bank, but this was fine because with the support he was getting, he was well on his way!
  9. Zap's crying slowed down to a whimper and when Gallus sat next to him by the window, did not escalate his cries again. His failure to make his level of upsettedness higher was less about warming up to Gallus, and more that he was getting tired of crying. Most parents of colts and fillies this age do well when they learn to endure the amount of tears and wails coming from their precious offspring. Gallus offered to make cupcakes. He only needed to ask the colt twice before Zap turned his head slightly and nodded, adding a soft whimper with the inflection of a yes answer. Zap continued to not smile, and held a reluctant expression of submissiveness. When Zap turned away from the window, his face was painted a dark brown showing the streaks of the tears made on his face. His nose was running but he could breathe through it fine. He slowly stepped down the stairs in order to go into the kitchen. The kitchen was very clean. Pristine, actually. This was mostly because Rainbow Dash never used it and less because she was good at cleaning up. The athletic mare would likely have protein powder or energy supplements in some of the cupboards, but the many cooking supplies would be laying dormant in the pantry with all perishable materials being omitted completely. Gallus asked Zap to lead him to the kitchen, but any idiot could see it from the front foyer. Instead, Zap trailed behind the griffon, yielding his authority granted to him by his mother, even though he smelled a little.
  10. When Applejack sat down to begin piecing together the large inventory of mechanical parts to the treadmill, she was immediately confused and had a hard time arranging her thoughts. Her knack for putting things together was hindered by her inability to focus and maintain a relatively easily thought process. Simple problem-solving would prove difficult in her current circumstance. Just then, Bella came up to her to greet her on the day and reflect on the previous evenings activities, one Applejack was very grateful for, even if she couldn't show it well. She asked her if she needed help, hinting at the possibility of not having to run today. Of course, Bella had no obligation to do anything, but Applejack would put her to work if she offered. But instead of insisting that one of the treadmills was idle, she decided to put forth a request of more importance to the earth pony. "Oh, um. Could you maybe get me a cup of coffee? I know Granny stores some coffee beans in the pantry on the top shelf. I don't usually drink it often, but today I think I'm gonna need it." Applejack made her request to Bella without looking at her. She instead was staring at several nuts and bolts of various sizes trying to ascertain the differences between them. Prince Blueblood walked up behind her and greeted her and Bell. After a short exchange with Bell, Applejack overheard that he was willing to run on the treadmill today. Applejack then questioned her short term memory on the identity of the prince, having remembered something different about his or her appearance, but quickly determined it didn't really matter. "Prince? Wait, wasn't the princess... um, well great, I would appreciate the hoof-power you can give us Prince. The students are here, yes. But Twilight has gotten on the professors about using the students for free labor and told us to mind their time off." Applejack smiled smugly. "It's all Rainbow Dash's fault because she once tried to get about a dozen students to help organize her trophy cabinet to illustrate some sort of lesson on determination and accomplishment. So while I would love to ask them to help, I do not wish to do so unless they volunteer first." And Princess Luna was here as well. "Princess Luna, I saw you yesterday but we didn't really get a chance to talk." Before she could get a royal return in greetings, Princess Luna commanded Applejack rest instead of attempt to fix the third treadmill for cider season. Applejack was stunned, but then respectfully shrugged it off. "Princess, I appreciate you're concern, but this is not my first rodeo in being a little sleep deprived. We here at the farm work hard every day and are used to the stress of this kind of pressure. We thrive in these conditions." Applejack picked up a wooden plank in the pile of spare parts and started checking the piece for quality and sturdiness. "Now what was this piece for again?" Applejack would never disobey a royal decree, but she wanted to convince Luna of her stubbornness, while maintaining her focus on fixing the treadmill to the best of her fatigued ability. "Oh, look who it is. It's Lady." Applejack gave Pink Lady a short side hug. "Well, this here treadmill has been broken for a while and we just never fixed it. Had I known the demand for cider this year, I would have fixed it before hoof, but here we are." Silverstream found her way rummaging at the front of the line. Eventually, Apple Bloom put a mug in front of the hippogriff, and Silverstream in turn, dropped two bits into the coffer. She stepped away from the with the mug in her claws and held it to her beak with the attempt to take the first sip of the famous cider. But she stopped herself. "Oh wait. I can't drink this by myself." The first night Gallus and her camped out in line they discussed many different things. But between the jokes they talked about the possibility of one of them getting cider, and that when the first one does they have to share a sip or two with the other so that they can partake at the same time. So she started looking for Gallus. He was right behind her, she thought. He couldn't be too far away. "Gallus, I got cider!" She yelled as she weaved through the crowd of ponies that created a challenge for her to get through. She had to be careful in order to keep the drink from spilling, so she remained on the ground. She finally saw Gallus and quickly ran towards him while holding the mug in one claw. A few steps away from Gallus, she tripped on a loose stone in the path and the mug flipped end of over end before spilled its contents all over the ground in front of the blue griffon. Silverstream, also on the ground just stared at the saturated dirt, contemplating her level of regret.
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    Zap Apple is confused.
  12. What a cute little pony
  13. Remington filed in towards the back of the crowd of students. Orientation was chaotic and energetic. So many young ponies and creatures in one place, some returning but also some new students, like himself, mingled with each and meeting old and new friends and teachers. Unfortunately for him, Remington's parents could not be present for the orientation, but he was very good at finding his way around a new place, an instinct anypony could pick up having lived in Manehatten for several years. As Remington looked around at all the experienced-looking sophomores with their creature cliques and local residents grouping together with one another, it was as though he felt he could know several of them already, but in reality he didn't know anypony by name. If there was anyone here he did know, their colors were lost among the array of creatures from all over Equestria. He stepped over to what looked like a scheduling table and quickly searched for a form or card with his name on it. "Ah-ha, here it is. First one is Loyalty 101, Professor Rainbow Dash. Loyalty, huh? Guess they want to make sure I don't skip class," he said jokingly to no one in particular. Remington was a well-mannered colt, for the most part. He was born in Cloudsdale but spent most of his time in Manehatten where his father worked as an executive for a marketing firm. When he had the choice to continue trade school in the city or go somewhere else, his parents suggested he should attend the school of friendship in Ponyville. They mostly liked the idea of getting their son involved with the Princess of Friendship's academy, but he had his own reasons for wanting to attend. The years of Manehatten grew sourly on him. He didn't mind the big city, but he constantly found himself gravitating towards exploring other parts of the country. And once he found his special talent in dream interpreting, he felt his future might more involve venturing to the places where dreamscape spell casting and dreamwalking occurred. But since he's not a unicorn, and not best friends with Princess Luna (yet), getting in line to earn a degree in friendship might be the best next step. What was he stepping into, however, would be a mystery soon to reveal itself.
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    I wonder if we'll see this filly again in line to get cider with her other batpony friends. @Skycoaster @GoldenDaze
  15. Anyone looking for a new thread open to all is welcome to come to Sweet Apple Acres to try some of the famous cider!  http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24486-47th-annual-cider-season-open-to-all/

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