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  1. Having the basket magically taken from her, she returned her frown into a smile as the friendly unicorn mare offered to attempt weaving it with her minor telekinesis abilities. As the weaving continued, banter about individual talents were passed back and forth between the them. "Yes, rosemary as it's commonly called. But for stress relief? That one is easy!" Granola disappeared under her table and returned quickly with a bundle of lavender in her mouth. She set the bundle on the table towards the unicorn. "Lavandula angustifolia, or lavender as most people call it. You can crush the flower spikes and use it in baths or even cooking. You might already have lavender in your soaps and don't even know it! But using more would definitely help decompress from a long day with energetic screaming foals." Granola chuckled. As she invited the unicorn to inspect the lavender, she returned to what she had mentioned prior to the question on stress relief. "Oh, so you're a school teacher?" Granola scoffed in agreement when the mare mentioned the lack of enthusiasm from the fillies and colts that were coming of age. "I was asked a few moons ago to give a lecture at the school of friendship. When I did, it was mostly fine, but I didn't expect so many different kinds of students with so many different perspectives. It was kind of intimidating. At least for me. I have no teaching talents, but I'm sure you would be way better than I was."
  2. Luna observed the crackles in the imaginary campfire. The sparks and glowing embers seemed chaotic while at the same time completely predictable. The longer she waited, the more likely the fire would snap its quiet rage. "Do you think you're unique in that regard?" Luna tilted her head to the side, giving Pyro a little intellectual pressure. "I think everyone struggles with acting out while they are angry. And everyone is responsible for controlling their own emotions. But sometimes your friends can help." Luna magically spawned a fresh wooden log and carefully placed it in the fire, spewing embers for a moment before succumbing the slow roll of flame. "Pyro, why do you let yourself get so angry?"
  3. Bluebelle's mode of speaking was not typical and Silverstream would struggle with deciphering some of the syntax she would speak. She was very formal about the way she presented her remarks, but the tone was often hard to discern. Silverstream chuckled lightly and rubbed the back of her head. "Heh, yeah. Half a dozen, that would be crazy. Who has time for that!?" Silverstream had successfully dodged her own desires to express herself, but for the time being she had a tangent that allowed her to delay it even more. Smolder asked about her brother Terramar, and the possibility of him coming to Ponyville to study, and do other things that did not involve study. "Oh yeah, I think he wants to come, but Mom and Dad don't want him to until he is a little older. Next year at the earliest, I think. Why?" Silverstream paused and then made a goofy smile. "Do you like my little brother?"
  4. As Moonlight explored his room, he was nervous about what she would find. It seemed like she was looking for something in particular. Sweat started beading down his brow when Moonlight glanced at different corners of his room. Was there too much dust? Was she checking for spider webs? Why is this so nerve-wrecking. "Oh yeah, Miracle. Yeah she's a hoot." Remington returned the tone to his friend. When she picked up his guitar he wondered if she was going to play something, but instead teased him about a possible music profession he had aspired. "Oh, um, yeah I dabble. I'm actually not that good though, I'm just trying to learn." He hoped she didn't ask him to play anything, because after six months of casual strumming and musing, he hadn't even mastered songs with two chords. Then she commented on his Princess Luna poster. He hadn't thought it odd but now that she mentioned it, he wondered if it was a bit much. He failed to see her words as plain teasing though. He smiled, but died a little inside. "You don't like Princess Luna?" When she asked about gym, she sat on his non-roommate's desk chair. He immediately noticed her hoof wrapped up. "No flying today, we played this new game no one understood except this one guy who was basically a professional. Hey, is that like a new hoof style or," Remington approached her realizing how she was favoring her hoof. "Are you hurt?"
  5. What a mare she had grown into. Moonlight was a catch, even Applejack was smitten by her ability to be an amazing cousin. It seemed like yesterday she was showing an orange foal around the farm to do chores that would nearly kill them. Most ponies got word that magic help turn this pony into the dazzler she is now, but Applejack knew good that hard-workin' tough-lovin' apple-eatin' earth pony magic had a huge role to play in who she became. And she was still so young, too. How many more healthy sore muscles could Applejack squeeze out of Moonlight before the age of time took them both too far to play that traditional farm pony game? And such was a pony who matured before Applejack's eyes, Moonlight had places to be and boyfriends to cuddle with, she meant business. "No red skin apples?" She looked at her mostly depleted inventory. "I have a bushel of golden delicious, but too many of them got bruises. I have about half a bushel of ginger golds. How about I jus' take out the bruises golden delicious and give you a mix bushel." Applejack didn't hesitate for Moonlight to agree with her. In the event the pretty unicorn was not satisfied with such a suggestion, Applejack would find ways for her to conform to her sales pitch. She began tossing golden delicious apples that had been bruised and partially smashed into a spare bucket, and tossed the rest of the golden delicious apples that would survive a good week on the shelf with the ginger golds. "If you ever can't tell the two apart, ginger golds are a brighter yella and they have a more tart taste to them than golden delicious." Applejack finished piling up the bushel of apples, trying to make it as generous as possible for her favorite cousin. "Why do you need so many apples? Do you really need to study that much? Or is this for two ponies?" Applejack smirked. "You know, I learned form Rainbow Dash that pegasus ponies don't burn as many calories as you think they would. You wouldn't want to make the poor guy fat feeding him apples now would you?"
  6. "Zap Apple? Oh that name is so adorable!" Silverstream turned to Zap, her pupil's enlarged and glossy. "You hungry, little guy?" Zap seemed indifferent overall. He was being torn by his emotions and his excitement and didn't really know how to feel. The film was still very upsetting to him. He might have nightmares about it, or even scary daydreams that make him stressed. He still wasn't satisfied with being foalsat by a griffin, especially one that smelled funny. Zap had been pressured to deal with him, but still didn't trust him completely. And then there was the angel. The pink birdy. Zap was really fascinated with Silverstream. She was very pretty, had a lighthearted profile and stance, and had a bubbly personality that made his heart float. She wasn't as brash or as athletically attractive as his mother, but he was entranced by the hippogriff's ability to charm him. "Mmhmm." Silverstream followed Gallus into the kitchen. "No manticores, but you should have seen it! There were some amazing waterfalls and forests with big trees, caves that had millions of bats in it. It was crazy! Fortunately though I just flew over all the danger." Silverstream was interrupted of her trip by the realization that Gallus was cooking something. "You know how to cook!? What did you make?" While Silverstream asked and listened, she went looking into the cupboards for a toolbox. Zap sat in the living room, letting his teared-up cheeks air dry. He could see the winged students in the kitchen talking amongst themselves about something he didn't care about. And when he turned his head, he could see the front door of the house wide open. He started thinking about what would happen if he left right now. Would he find his mothers? Could he safely hover to the ground without getting hurt?
  7. When he had peaked through the double doors at the castle's entrance, no one was there to greet him. It seemed odd at first that the door was unlocked in the first place. His imagination of a place like Canterlot was full of descriptions of heavy guarded towers, security details around the clock, and constant surveillance during nighttime activity. It was midday, and Ponyville, but he at least expected a guard pony to check his paperwork. Where Zareb was from, the threat of constant invasion of aggressive animals species and misunderstood tribes was never an afterthought. As primitive as some of the smaller villages were, even those that didn't have the means of massive structural resources, a wooden gate with a zebra holding a spear was the least you would come across. But this was Ponyville, and his expectations continued to evolve. He walked into the castle slowly, checking around him to make sure he wasn't violating any rules of engagement. Instead of looking diligently for a poster that would share such rules, he found himself amazed at the structural design of the walls. Everything was crystalline in natural, almost as if the several millennia of time had sculpted the castle into existence itself. Nothing was straight, but it didn't need to be, it found a way to symmetrical even when the jagged gem-like pillars randomly jutted out of the shiny floors. This was Ponyville right? Not the Crystal Empire? Zareb began considering the possibility he had gotten off the wrong stop, but suddenly, a white unicorn stallion wearing a crimson red suit softly stepped in front of him and greeted him, first in Zareb's native language, and then again in the common tongue. Impressed by the unicorn's ability to speak as if he was familiar with Unyasian culture, he responded quickly with a typical parable. "Kichaka kina miiba, lakini mimi ni mchanga." He smiled. "I've never traveled so far in my life, but I'm still willing to go further." Zareb looked around, gesturing with his curiosity of the place he was in. "Is this the right place? I have arrived to be apart of Princess Twilight Sparkle's school of friendship."
  8. "Been doing so ever since I decided to start my own flora laboratory. Everypony who's anypony has a greenhouse, right?" Not everypony had a greenhouse. "But not everypony has a workshop where they dedicate themselves to tap into the different kinds of plants and how we can better understand them. For instance, did you know that the stems of rosemarinus officionalis can help relieve sore muscles?" Granola was excited that this pony seemed to engage in her discussions of plants to this extent. Typically, by the time she started spitting out the old ponish terms for the items she surrounds herself with, the ponies she's talking to would start ignoring her and walk away. Having been relieved that the customer was not, in fact, a potential rival in the growing market, Granola had to guess what kind of pony she was. "So you have a ring of flowers as a cutie mark, but not really for flowers." Cutie marks were sometimes a direct correlation to a pony's destined occupation, but more often than not, the symbols had an ambiguity to them that could not easy be discerned over with a few words. "Do you make things into circles?" Granola grabbed an unwoven basket beneath her table. "Because if so, I have this basket that I'm trying to weave into a circle, but I can't... seem...to...get...it...to...stay..." Granola was forcing the weaves of the basket to take a rounder shape, but it bounced back to its triangular resting state, snapping several twigs, sending them harmlessly flying everywhere in a three meter radius. "...round."
  9. Vacation almost over. Thank you for being apart of Hippo Week. May your rivers be forever hippo'd. I had one more project I wanted to tackle, but it's not urgent so I'll pop it later down the line. Now that my vacation is over, it's time to get back to work...

    ...posting ponies.

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  10. Hippo Week Day 9: Zap Apple


  11. My OC Zap Apple is 3 and a half years old now, seems like yesterday he was a newborn foal. Though it seems likely the intention within the universe of Equestria in the show was that foals were like elementary kids and the students in the school of friendship are around teenage years, I have been thinking about how I want to age Zap for the future. He may never see older ages simply because we don't typically RP that much in the future, but because of how Season 9 ended, and how I have been building on the development of Applejack and Rainbow Dash's son, it makes sense to me to go ahead and start paving the way for his stallionhood. Most of his RPs will still be foal-based, but I wanted to give room for him to be able to have those interactions with other young mares and stallions. This means a lot of things, it means I need to building new visuals for what he looks like. I always like the idea of him having a rainbow mane, but his apple roots are also very monocoloristic. So I decided to do a bit of both. When he was born, he basically had yellow and orange colors in his mane. As he got older, some of the more colorful mane colors he gets from his pegasus mother would start to show themselves. As a young stallion, I feel like a few locks of green in his mane seems appropriate. In the end, may not ever have an indigo or purple, but maybe a blue. It's not fun to me for him to just have exactly the same kind of colors Rainbow Dash has in her hair. I wanted it to be unique, while still pertaining to the principle of a rainbow mane and tail. Now, let's talk about cutie mark. When I created Zap, I had no idea what his cutie mark would be, but there are the obvious suggestions. It's worth noting if you don't know this, I did not name my OC. Steel and foxxy as players of the mothers named my OC in character, while I went ahead and based on the name, designed his colors. Up to this point, I haven't made any concrete decisions about his cutie mark or what his destiny will be, but I have made an executive decision now. His cutie mark, will in fact, be a zap apple. What this cutie mark means could be as simple or as nuanced as I see fit, and I do not have a cutie mark story just yet. But I value the heritage of the apple family and want to honor him being a part of that story with a cutie mark that matches the rest of his family. I could have added wings, but I figured the more simple it is, the better. Rainbow Dash is represented her side of the family with the colors of the cutie mark, and also the apple stem that is a lightning bolt shape. What the cutie mark means is not fully realized, but I'm pretty sure it'll have to do with struggling against adversity, and/or adapting to change and rituals. Zap Apple harvest time has a lot of hidden metaphors that are ripe for the picking. Whether or not we explore those ideas in role play remains to be seen, but I will probably use that kind of idea to explain how Zap Apple becomes a stallion and learns his special talent. If you're interested in RPing with Zap Apple, or becoming part of his history, let me know and maybe we can start a new story. Happy playing!
  12. It was a task, but I finally simplified and reset all the linkage and images on my RP log to reflect my RP experience on this forum. It's been quite a journey. It's kind of bewildering how many threads I've been involved in, how many different people I wrote stories with, and how far some of my OCs have gone, even the ones I wasn't planning on taking very far. In all of my threads that are not active, I have posted in character about 1,300 times, and this is not including posts in 100 Country Kisses, my largest thread (by far). What a ride!
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