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  2. Silverstream was amazed at the speed and force Gallus was able to carry her through the water. Also, highly illegal. Seaponies frowned upon dangerous stunts that involve leaving the hypercurrent, but even Silverstream knew... ...they would get over it. After they splashed into the air dimension, Gallus seemed to be able to use his fully functioning wings just fine over the water and she was hung with him in the air for a moment. Silverstream could fly and swim, but she couldn't fly-swim. Gallus' unique anatomy gifted to him by the pearl gave him capabilities seaponies were unable to obtain. Silverstream was taken aback by his gusto. Silverstream always liked adventureous attitudes, but coming from him it was attractive to see since he was basically acting on instinct. Her impression of him and his moves would only last a short moment. Along with the large pair of wings that did not shrink to the size of small pectoral fins, he was also given a generous tailfin that rivaled that of large sharks. Unfortunately for Gallus, using it for balance like he did his feathery cat tail was a much for difficult calculation and would end up slapping Silverstream around so that both of them would lose their aerial energy and fall straight back to the sea. Silverstream was able to quickly adjust in the air and with a healthy amount of grace and she cut the water smoothly like a hot knife through butter. Gallus might not be as fortunate. As soon as they both were under the waves and the bubbles from the residual splashes returned to the surface, Silverstream could see Gallus and their distance from the rest of Seaquestia's surroundings. Terramar was no where in sight. "Yeah so, it's actually against the rules to leave the hypercurrent like that, but I don't think they will be too mad at us. I'll just explain to them you didn't know what you were doing." She giggled. While they were both above the water, Silverstream remarked on how late the evening had gotten. "It's actually pretty late and I want us to have a good amount of rest for tomorrows events on Mount Aris. So is there anything else you thought about seeing down here before we leave it?"
  3. "Dashie shows me how she flies and how to move your body around in the air. She says I will be fast one day like her!" Zap picked up another fruit gummy and chewed it. "I like to read books about flying." Or rather, he liked when Rainbow Dash read books to him about flying. She would try to use some of the made-for-foals books, but Zap's favorite was page 46 of Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore when the protagonist is explained through action-related details of a high speed flight pursuit she endured. Rainbow Dash had no problem reading this to him almost every night he stayed the night with her. "A what? I've never heard of that." Zap had never used the word projector or what it meant. He had heard theater but didn't understand the context.
  4. Applejack rinsed off her few dishes in the sink and then straightened up the small kitchen mess she might have made. "Alright then. Let's get to it!" Applejack grabbed her bag and started making her way back up the stairs to the studio. Before she turned the hallway to the room, she detoured to her bedroom. "I'll meet you in the studio, I just need to get my guitar and get ready." Applejack spend a considerable amount of time in her bedroom for just having to grab her instrument. It might have needed a new string, or maybe she was tuning it. Applejack tried to hurry so that Coloratura wasn't waiting for too long in the studio but eventually a mare would come out from her borrowed quarters.
  5. Applejack was concerned that rumors around the school amongst the students were traveling, but it figures. "Everything is fine, I could go into all the details but it would be a long tiresome explanation and well, honestly, it's not worth the fret. All you need to know is that everything is fine and you students don't gotta worry 'bout a thang." Moonlight was such a magnificent pony. She reminded Applejack of the times Granny Smith would go on walks through town with her when she was a filly, and the matriarch would comment on how pretty her female classmates were, saying that they were the prettier than fillies she went to school with. Applejack guessed that it was a part of pony life. The newest band of young mares would continue to outdo the generation before them. Look out Rarity! Applejack did have a more concerning issue with the way Moonlight was talking though. Through and through, she spoke as she always had done, and her recent magical transformation just gave her more courage to be who she always was at heart. But the vernacular she was using would unintentionally pierce Applejack's ears with what she felt was unnecessary coined terms. "Uh, Moonlight, sweetie. I think it's great that you have friends that you're gettin' along with and I'm sure your fashion sense will be realized in many other ways. But maybe tone it down on the adjectives you're using to describe your feline roommate. We don't like those words used around here. If Granny Smith hears those kind of words, she might throw you off the property quicker that the time it'll take me to explain to her that you're our cousin." Winona accepted the rubs from Moonlight's hooves, and after a few seconds, the border collie recognized it as her old friend Valen's signature behavior. Winona wasn't entirely sure who this pink unicorn was, but she had an aura that smelled like Valen, she moved her hooves like Valen. She was probably Valen. Applejack smiled and loved Winona's reaction, further evidence that Moonlight didn't need to be invited back into the family she was already apart of. She smiled smugly at Moonlight as she petted the farm dog. "You know Moonlight, you don't need to lie to me like that. I know you didn't come all the way over here to ask me about food. What's on your mind, cousin?"
  6. It was well past curfew. At this time, every hall of the School of Friendship was likely dark and empty. Occasionally, a custodian would be lurking the halls to finish up their cleaning duties for the night. None of the doors were ever locked, except for some of the faculty offices. There was never any reason to fret on some creature sneaking into a classroom. Maybe one day, a student who was a huge prankster would give the school a reason to lock its many corridors, but for now, the closed campus was surprisingly pretty open. Silverstream is no prankster, but she did have reason to be up at this late hour. She recently felt inspired to do some extracurricular activities that involved some study and planning. She started a habit of just minding her own business, and was sometimes peculiarly solo on her interests. She gets excited all the time and loves to share her musings with her friends and teachers. But too many goofy looks on her friends' faces whenever Silverstream would hold up a chart about hydraulic rams gave her pause on how much she should be sharing this extra enthusiasm. She wasn't nearly as embarrassed as she was disappointed that her friends didn't also think hydro-kinetic engineering was fascinating. Eventually, she would shrug it off and plan to spend some of her alone time with these daydreams of unpredictable learning rabbit holes. After the students' quarters were good and quiet, Silverstream softly opened her door and closed it behind her, tip-toeing her claws and hooves across the carpeted stone flooring. She made her way to the exit to make her way through the courtyard. Her destination would be a place where she hoped no one would be. It's a good thing she waited until this late hour, so that none of the other students would be disturbed by her night-crawling expedition.
  7. Hippo


    Just because she's not in the mane 6 doesn't mean that she aint got no tricks.
  8. Despite the antics he could get into, most of Zap's hard pressed memories in his short span of life experience had been developed while listening to his Wonderbolt mother brag about how awesome she was. Rainbow Dash would make sure Zap was cloud trained and could do regular pegasus abilities, but if there was one priority the rainbow mare would set on Zap's early education it would be that at least one of his mothers was the best flyer in all of Equestria, with the ribbons and trophies and medals to prove it. And so far, Zap had yet to tire of listening to the stories. When asked about what he likes to do, it was not possible for him to explain the kind of things he would do if he was left alone in a room to play with toys or if he was outside with the pigs on the farm. Instead he would just articulate the first thing that comes to mind when he talks about his foalish musings. "I like to fly as fast as possible, faster than anypony has ever flown before." Zap caught a good look at Gallus's talons. "Faster than any creature, too! Yes I would like a glass of milk, please." Rainbow Dash may have taught Zap how to brag and boast, but Applejack didn't raise a colt with no manners.
  9. As Granola listened to Applejack take in the metaphysics associated with eating the apple, she noticed right away the words she used to lecture back to her resounded with the kind of affirmation she had been looking for. Several months had passed while Granola understood the progressive potential an apple like this one had, and this had been the first time she would publicize her findings with anyone. Who better but the best apple mare with a heartbeat in the Ponyville area? Granola smiled from ear to ear. "Yes! Exactly! You get it too!" She fawned excitedly over Applejack's explanation and perspective. It was almost like Granola's imaginary friends were speaking back with her own feelings and thoughts, except this time they weren't her feelings and thoughts! Of course she would bring up baking. Never doubt Applejack's ability to brainstorm out loud and in a kitchen the practicality of every combination of elements known to ponydom. Granola rolled her eyes. But then she asked about a sixth sense being empathy. Granola leaned forward. "Oh." she didn't agree but she had no evidence to suggest its falsehood fundamentally. "Maybe. Or maybe it's like another world where we can see into a multiverse of possibilities, but only for a few seconds per bite. Like this is the key to a door that the nature of the Everfree has been trying to communicate with ponies for many millennia." She took another bite of the apple.
  10. Zap was patient for once, waiting for the gummies to arrive in front of him. When gummies were poured onto the plate, Zap reached for one with his mouth. He grabbed one and started chewing it rather obnoxiously. He wasn't playing with his food, but he was content to leave it mashing around in his mouth full of flavor for longer than was necessary. While he did so, the griffon asked a question. Instead of answering the question straight away, Zap decided to pinpoint a problem with the way Gallus was addressing him. He swallowed his gummy. "I have a name, you know." Zap reached for another gummy and started chewing. He had something else to say, but this time he would not wait to swallow before he spoke. "You know like your name is Gally."
  11. It was Valen! Well, it was Valen. Applejack being the ol' stubborn mule she is sometimes had approached the first signs of aging, which was having to get used to something that changed. Her cousin had since moved to Ponyville permanently, and over the course of him growing and encountering a few interesting challenges, he found himself presenting himself in a much different way than he used to. Well, she found herself presenting herself in a much different way than she used to. To Applejack it was all the same, and sometimes even more. she was never fully satisfied with what happened, but her changed cousin seemed so much happier now than before, it was probably for the better. All that needed work was Applejack getting used to calling a pretty pink unicorn as a member of the family. Applejack reciprocated the hug. "Moonlight! I know, we're both so guldarn busy! I'm fine, just a little tired since we're havin' to work overtime to get these supply orders fulfilled. How's school? You still likin' the dorms?" Applejack wondered if Moonlight would ever have any issues with the student chambers at the school, especially since they are co-ed dorms and being a mare might be a whole new set of habits and norms for the pony. Winona approached both of them to greet the stranger with her typical tail-wagging ways. Winona ran up to Moonlight and gave her a strangers greeting, treating her like someone she has never met before. But Winona knew something was up. Her expression dropped to perplexion as she hinted at something about the filly she was trying to discern with her wet nose. Applejack smiled and allowed Winona to make sense of things on her own. "What's wrong Winona? Smell somethin' wrong with Moonlight?" Applejack held in a chuckle.
  12. Silverstream let her mind wander all the time. It wandered so much sometimes her friends could visibly see it running around. Although she could be labeled as hyperactive, she also had the ability to focus on a single task very well. Often times, her enthusiasm is mistaken for a deficit of attention. However, make no mistake, she is that too sometimes. When she gets an idea or a musing, she is brave enough to attempt to discover it on her own. This led her to taking research trips to the Everfree without telling anycreature, scaring her friends and family for her whereabouts. It has also caused her to adapt a strange amount of proficiency in the most peculiar of trades. And not just plumbing, but also empty snail shell voyaging, artistic soap carving, and extreme iron-boarding. She would eventually be a jack of many trades without some of her closest friends and family ever knowing. Fascinating how such an eccentrically social creature like Silverstream could also be such a closet hobbyist. Recently, she found a new adventure in a department that some would not find too surprising, but just like all of her other extracurricular activities, many had no idea what it was. A few clues could be found to associate with what she might be doing, but no one would care to pay that close attention to the details. After all, no one was murdered and nothing is stolen. So what might this pink hippogriff be up to? Well, for starters, she has been sneaking out at night. After everycreature is supposedly asleep, she is sneaking out and going somewhere around the campus. Why alone though? And why at night? What is she hiding? ((New thread open to students. PM if interested)) Thread: The Seabourne Identity
  13. Zap's tears were held for the time being. Because for one, fruit snacks were great, especially ones that were apple flavored. Mommy-approved and foal-approved. And secondly, and probably more importantly, Zap had not redeveloped enough tears for a second round of wails. Maybe later, but not now. He would reserve his tear ducts for the next time he needed something from the blue birdcat. "Okay." Zap happily stood straight up and trotted to the kitchen table, sitting up on a stool carefully. He waited from Gallus to deliver the goods on his place mat in front of him. You know, like how mom does.
  14. When Applejack bucked a tree, apples littered the ground around the tree, a surprising number of them falling in baskets that were placed there strategically. A few seconds later, she gave the tree another wack with her strong hind legs. More apples fell, but not as many as before. Applejack turned around towards the tree and smiled at it, a symbiotic relationship shining on each other magically radiated from the earth pony. But she dropped her smile, tilted her head and squinted at the leaves of the trees. She approached close to the tree, stood on her hind legs and leaned her front hooves on the trunk. With careful meticulous attention, she sensed the feelings of the tree, lifted one of her front hooves, and slammed it softly back onto the tree's bark. The small vibration shook the tree just enough to loosen a single apple from a stubborn stem, and it gracefully fell into one of the many baskets now full of apples. Applejack smiled again. "That's better!" Applejack was in the middle of her afternoon bucking run, one of the first afternoons of what will be a long season. On account of the school's food supply needing to feed the students living at the campus dorms, Applejack was left in charge to organize shipments coming in from different regions of Equestria and beyond. Sweet Apple Acres might be up to the task at feeding all of Ponyville, all of the students at the school, and have enough left over for those exotic kings and queens ordering the famous fruit. But it would put unneeded stress on the farm without a fair trade in increased revenue. After all, even a well-run well-funded school has its budgets. Applejack knew of several farmers of all different kinds of fruits and vegetables that would love the increase of business, even if it meant selling for less than the regular price. She also was required to find food sources from less conventional suppliers that had probably never delivered their product to Ponyville, because their product typically dealt with creatures that had a different diet compared to the typical small town equine. But in attempting this task of bringing in several suppliers worth of shipments, the deliveries were late because problems occurred in different ways that prevented the food from arriving on time. Applejack knew there was something fishy about them. But in truth, it wasn't their fault. Almost all of the suppliers seemed to have gotten incorrect information related to the addressed their crates should be held to. Some of the inventory from these suppliers were being held overnight in a storage unit in order to relay the shipment in the right direction. The only issue was that where the shipments were being stored found the wrong relay and ended up being lost. There were lots of blames that could be assigned, but Applejack attributed the mistakes to one simple flaw. Different creatures have different normalcies, and communicating the logistics to the different cultures she corresponded with was met with phrasings from the letters being lost in translation. Who knew fishing griffons didn't know what a quarter moon was? The shortage of food was not so dire that Applejack needed to send emergency guards from Canterlot to expedite the process, but it was deep enough in a hole that Applejack took it upon herself to increase the crop output on the farm in order to donate to the school's kitchen the amount that they could get by with until the shipments arrived. And hopefully the taste of the sweet apples would distract the students enough to not even notice that there was a problem. In a few weeks, she would expect this whole ordeal to settle back into the place where it was intended. Applejack heard a faint feminine voice valley itself all the way from the front of the barn. "I'm over here, Sugarcube!" Applejack couldn't see her, but she knew a soft sweet voice like that had to come from somepony that could easily be mistaken as a cube of sugar.
  15. Granola faithfully picked herself up off the floor like her host instructed. She was thankful that she wasn't mad, and saw at least a little reason to speak truth to the information Granola was willing to offer. Reason enough to know that there might be something in it for both of them. The farm pony asked her what her proposition was. "Okay. So, right from the get-go, you can see that these apples have a very unique look to them when you bite into them, and at no cost to the taste and texture of the apple. I have proofs of concept that the cosmic crisp apple would be a consumer product that would sell well, but I don't have the means to grow it on a wide scale. It's my belief that this apple has special properties in it. Whenever I bite into it, I experience something I never experience with a normal apple." Granola bites into another apple, one of the four she brought with her. She quickly chewed and swallowed her bite and gazed into the exposed inner-apple. The cosmic swirl danced and spun to Granola's amazement, and as she stared at it, she spoke out loud about her bewilderment. "Every time I look at it after biting into it, the apple takes me to a place I've never been before. It makes me feel warm and safe. But it also seems to whisper to me about the possibilities. Like it's telling me the secrets about the good fortune me and other ponies will have in the days and weeks to come, and it puts my mind at ease when sometimes I am unwilling to cope with things I'm nervous or stressed about." The hypnotic effects of the apple wore off, and the apple returned to a normal apple visual appeal. She looked at Applejack. "I don't think these apples are just a good source of nutrition. I think they can be good for the pony's soul, a way for us to feel things we never thought possible, a feeling we can obtain that we have never experienced before." Granola took another bite of her apple, and through that bite mark, more galactic images entranced the brown earth pony. "You know, uh." She stared without saying much, but then looked back up. "Like a sixth sense."
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