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Of Ponies and Griffons...and Discord


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Gilda scowled as she walked down the streets of Ponyville. Sure, some of those ponies could bake decent cookies, and maybe some of them had some ability to fly...but overall the griffoness held her general stand point that ponies were just plain lame. A few of them were a little less lame like Rainbow Dash.


"At least she can fly..." The griffon muttered to herself as she stalked the road, ponies on either side of her flinching away. She had come to Ponyville because she happened to be flying by. There wasn't really anything she needed from the place. She just happened to be wandering through for the day. Not having any responsibilities could be cool to some extent. But then again, sometimes she just got bored.


"Not like I'm gonna find any griffons hanging out around here..." She muttered again.

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Tehengu sighed to himself as he sat on a cloud, looking down at Ponyville. He had just finished with a job, and the flight back, so now he wanted to relax some. He still had all his gear on, all his armor and weapons. At least it was quiet and peaceful... Though now that he thought that, things would probably change. The large griffon sighed again as he laid down on the cloud, still watching the town.

Ponies... They were an interesting bunch. He wasn't really sure what to think of them as a whole, not that he really wanted to. He preferred to judge people by how they acted and what they did rather than what they were born as.

Eventually, his one eye fell upon a lone griffoness walking through the town. He watched for a second before pushing himself off the cloud and flying down to her, landing somewhat close to her.

"Wasn't expecting to see another griffon here. I'm Tehengu, what's your name?" He asked, looking her over. He also stuck out a claw for her to shake, giving her a small smile.

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A certain pegasus pony of pale yellow was shopping for vegetables and baking ingredients for food she could use to feed her animal friends. As she browsed the stalls and made a few purchases, she pulled along a small cart she had brought to carry the food in. Just before she rounded the next corner of food stalls, however, she caught a glimpse of large feline hindquarters and gasped, quickly ducking behind the nearest wagon of food.


If the hindquarters had belonged to a normal lion or even a manticore, Fluttershy wouldn't have minded in the least. Peering out, though, confirmed that these were not of either species, but of a different creature entirely - a griffon. And not just any, either. This one Fluttershy remembered all too well from their last encounter. She was, by no means, eager to confront her again.


As she watched, however, her anxiety faltered. Another griffon came down to speak to Gilda. The mare wondered what had attracted the both of them to Ponyville in the first place, but she wasn't about to ask. Now was her chance! If she could just sneak past them while Gilda was distracted by the newcomer, maybe she could escape their notice completely and make it home without any trouble at all.


Taking a deep breath, Fluttershy gulped down her fear and attempted to tip-toe on quiet hooves past the pair of hybrids. Her small cart of goods rolled along behind her as she towed it in her wake. As she walked, her mind wandered to how Pinkie Pie had recently told her about Gilda had been into baking when she had gone to visit her in Griffonstone where she lived. The pegasus could only imagine how the griffon might harass her about her own baking ingredients if she caught her now. Quietly, she attempted to increase her speed a tiny bit.

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High in the sky, a serpent-shaped figure was flying overhead. It was an odd sight for any normal town, but Ponyville? Well, compared to what weird things happen on a daily basis, seeing Discord flying by was fairly normal. Sort of. Most townsponies were still no used to his presence, but he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, so they would just have to deal with it.


Speaking of which, Discord was in a sociable mood. And not the kind where it was all one big prank. No, he was actually in the mood for meeting new ponies. They could talk, laugh...and then pull some pranks together. Because you don't always have to spread chaos alone, right? 


So here he was, his mismatched wings fluttering as he scanned the ground for new friends. It was same old, same old so far, until two odd and not pony-shaped creatures caught his eye. Discord flew a little closer, curious, and saw that they were griffons. Goody! The draconequus had seen a few number of griffons in his long lifetime, much less ever talked to one. Maybe it was because there wasn't as much harmony to disrupt as there was among ponies, though he didn't know. Whatever the case, now was his chance! Discord smiled to himself and flew to the ground, walking straight up to the pair of griffons.


"Hello, hello! I must say, I've never had the chance to talk to griffons before. Perhaps we could be friends!" he said with  grin, followed by a quick shake of the head. "Oh, silly me, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Discord, bringer of chaos as well as harmony." He did a quick bow to greet them, smiling all the while. Though as he looked between the two creatures, he saw a flash of pale yellow out of the corner of his eye- a color he knew well.


"Fluttershy!" he called out, waving her over with a claw. Oh, this was just getting better and better! "I'd like you to met my new friends, um..." Of course, it would be a better friendship if he knew their names...but no matter! Soon it would be four peas in a pod- him, these two griffons, and Fluttershy! Yes, he could see it now!

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"Oh Ponyville!", a black griffon thought to herself as she soared over the thatched roof cottages that made up most of the generally sleepy little village. After enjoying morning tea with an old friend, the blacksmith decided to burn off all those extra calories she had gobbled up, by flying a few laps around town. For the first time in what seemed like forever, she had nothing planned for the day. She had no projects to work on, so it was just going to be a lazy day. Maybe she could find a nice tree to sit under and attempt to read the book that had been given to her. Would it be any good? She was told to give her HONEST opinion about it. This was something she dreaded, knowing Miss Write Stuff normally wrote training manuals for the R.E.A and was now venturing into romantic adventure stories! Ho-Boy!


She could also head over to 'Sweet Apple Acres' and see if that massive hunk of a horse was out in the field today. There was also a few shops she could stop at and see if there was anything she could find for her brother's birthday gift.  And she flew, a familiar face popped into view. At least she could have sworn she had see the girl before, but where? Another griffon, this one was an older male appeared to be in the process of starting an conversation with the bird. He appeared to be geared up for some sort of adventure, or maybe Ponyville had griffon guards? While she wanted to stop and chat with the Reeve, she did not feel comfortable interrupting their conversation.


Also nearby, was a yellow pegasus mare who was pushing a cart. Was she a traveling salespony? Maybe she had something Zerald would want. And while her scruffy brother could use a good whooping, that generally would make a terrible gift. "Hey Miss!", she called out, hoping to attract the pretty mare's attention. If only the black bird had turned her head to the left, just slightly, she would have noticed the strange draconequus who had just announced his desire to make friends. If she had only seen that, the griffon would have simply turned away and flew back home as quickly as possible.


"Hey Miss!"
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Fluttershy jumped at the sound of Discord's voice. For a moment she wasn't sure what to do; he hadn't seemed to have spotted her yet, but if she kept moving and he did, would he think she was trying to avoid him? In a moment, though, that no longer mattered as her uncertainty transformed into panic. Stiffening when the draconequus called her name, she slowly turned around with a timid, forced smile.


"Wh-why, Discord," she said, fighting to keep her voice steady and audible. She thought carefully about the words she wanted to say before she said them, causing her to frequently pause in her speech. "I didn't know you knew any...griffons." Her meek gaze drifted inevitably toward the one she was familiar with. "Or...that you're...friends with...Gilda..." Her shy eyes immediately dropped to her hooves as she absently traced a circle in the sand.


However, Her ears perked at a stranger's call and she automatically turned her head. "Um...were you talking to me?" she asked quietly, shocked when she recognized the figure coming toward her as yet another griffon. Where were they all coming from? She had never seen so many in Ponyville before. Had Discord brought them, perhaps? Swallowing hard, it was all she could do not to drop everything and dash out of there as fast as she could.


Discord was here, though, and they were friends, right? She had to trust him. Friends didn't let friends get bullied, but they didn't run away when trying to introduce them to new friends, either.

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"Wasn't expecting to see another griffon here. I'm Tehengu, what's your name?"


Gilda's golden eyes narrowed as the griffon looked her over. She didn't like being sized up but she would prove herself if he tried challenging her or anything like that. He wasn't a bad looking guy really, not that she was gonna let him know that. "Gilda, the name's Gilda." She spoke flatly, still eying him in a slightly contemptuous manner. It was best just to make others feel she didn't like them, at least that's what she had always done. Some she really didn't like...ponies in general for example...this guy, well, best to give him the narrowed eye glare treatment for now.


"Fluttershy! I'd like you to met my new friends, um..."


"What in the name of the twin rivers are you?" Gilda's eyes widened a bit but she tried to hide her shock. This Discord certainly was a weird creature! She had barely had time to react when he called the Fluttershy.


"Oh no, not Fluttercry! She's like the lamest of the lame ponies..." She spoke half under her breath and half to Tehengu. "Geez, what are we even doing hanging around here?"


"Or...that you're...friends with...Gilda..."


Psssh! She let the air snort through her beak in disgust at the pure lameness radiating from the yellow pegasus. "Please! I'm not friends with...with...whatever he said his name was. Yeah right! Like I would be friends with anyone who hangs out in dumb old Ponyville." She was spreading her wings to fly the heck out of the whole scene when she noticed the black griffon descending towards them.


"What? Another griffon? Since when do so many griffons hang out around here? This place is a major waste of space."

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Not the best attitude, but no matter. Tehengu nodded in response to Gilda's introduction. Overall, she didn't look bad, both physically and in terms of alignment. Of course, that was just a first impression, he could be wrong. The griffon raised an eyebrow as he spotted the pegasus trying to stealthily pull her cart along, but he said nothing about it, especially since a newcomer decided to show up then.

"Discord." He greeted a bit curtly, casting his gaze over the creature. So, this was the lord of chaos he had heard about around town. "He's a draconequus. Don't ask me what that means, that's all I've heard." He said in response to Gilda's question about the creature. Then came her words about Fluttershy, causing him to raise an eyebrow at her. He said nothing though.

"My name is Tehengu." He repeated for both Fluttershy and Discord, who had missed his earlier introduction. "And I wouldn't consider you a friend. not yet, at any rate." He said, directing his gaze to the mismatched creature.

And now another griffon was showing up! Well then, this was the most amount of griffons he'd seen in this town at once. This newcomer didn't look too bad either, especially with her tattoo. When Gilda spoke up again, his gaze traveled over to her, though it remained rather even.

"Well I live nearby, so I tend to end up here when I need supplies or when I head out for a job search." He replied evenly, obviously not sharing her sentiments regarding the town.

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“Oh yes. miss!”, Zelda landed by the yellow mare, “I was wondering if you were some sort of traveling salespony with your..er..ooh.”





Zelda couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the little pony was. And then it dawned on her, this was not some simple traveling vendor, it was one of Celestia’s champions! This was the ranger of the group, the mare who could command an horde of animals at will.  The very Pegasus who stalked the dreaded Everfree without fear. What was her name? She had cute little butterflies on her flank. This was generally a good place to start when coming up with names. She could never figure out how pony parents could guess their newborn foal’s personality, future skills or hobbies at birth, but somehow they managed to come up with a name that was a good guess on their future.


While she could simply just stare deeply into the mare’s eyes and be forever inspired by her beauty, that would be sort of creepy. This train of thought was quickly broken up by Gilda’s grumpy grumbling! Good gravy! While she normally had thought well of the griffon after their little job together, she was hardly someone she would invite to a party, even with that cute little beak, she was one toxic gal. Which was a shame. And even worse, she was badmouthing both Ponyville and the wonderful little ponies who resided in said town.


This bird needed a good talking to. Once the mare had responded back, she politely excused herself to have some words for with her fellow griffon..But there was someone else there...Not just the other griffon..But him!


“Gilda, I’d probably dial it down just a little bit. That’s King Freaking Discord. Not a guy I’d want to tiss off, ever.” Along with studying art history in Canterlot, the young griffon also took a great interest in ‘regular’ history as well. And the former ruler of the whole world had made for an interesting read. And while there was some information on his rule and eventual defeat, she could never find anything about this origins. She read theories in the past. One said he was one of the most powerful of unicorn wizard. As impressive as his magic was, he could not grasp the upper levels of his magic, which was Alicorn-hood, so he tried other options and turned himself into a parody of one, and was driven mad. There were other stories that pointed out that he was from another dimension, an fifth dimension....An entire world of god-like beings who would leave their homes to torment lesser beings in other worlds.


While she wanted to get out of town as quickly as possible, her morbid sense of curiosity got the better of her.  Would Gilda continue to be grouchy? Would she annoy Discord? Would he turn her into something horrible? Would the yellow mare fall madly in love with her? Only time would tell!


OOC: Not sure if we want to put this RP on hold for a moment as Discord’s player is going to be away for a week....
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Gilda glowered as griffons and ponies made greetings and such. A draconequus? What was that supposed to mean? It somehow seemed that everyone here knew about this guy but she didn't. Gilda had been around and had only hear snatches of what had supposedly happened with this Discord guy. She had been far away in Griffonstone when all of that went down. It didn't matter who he was, she didn't like him. She didn't tend to like anyone who associated with Fluttershy. She may be a chosen pony, but she was still just a pony!


“Gilda, I’d probably dial it down just a little bit. That’s King Freaking Discord. Not a guy I’d want to tiss off, ever.”


"Oh ya? King of what huh?"

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The grin on Discord's face grew even wider as Fluttershy came over. "Why, of course! Griffons are just wonderful creatures, and who knew there would be so many in Ponyville today?" As he talked though, he noticed that something was... off about Fluttershy. He had been very good at these kind of things lately, after all. Maybe he was finally getting the whole friendship thingy! But back to Fluttershy, she just seemed...how to put it...extra shy? Was that possible? Oh well, whatever was on her mind would soon fade away. Besides, what could possibly be intimidating about griffons?


Well...maybe a lot of things. 


Immediately Discord noticed the two griffons muttering between each other, mostly Gilda though. It was certainly enough to raise an eyebrow at, but he couldn't make out what the two were talking about. But...maybe he should give them the benefit of the doubt? For now anyways?


But then, things got even stranger, and none of this was in the chaotic way, either. It was strange in the fact that he didn't get what he wanted, and Discord hated not getting what he wanted. Neither of the griffons wanted to be his friend? How could they even think something like that?! He could excuse what was happening before, but now he had to speak up. "Not my friend? Are you talking to the wrong draconequus? Lots of ponies love to be my friend! In fact, Fluttershy here wanted to be friends with me as soon as I was released from stone! Well, the second time anyways. Right Fluttershy?" He turned to the pegasus, hoping for some backup despite her extra-shy mood. 


However, things seemed to get a little better as another griffons showed up! Who knew there were so many in Pinyville today? And what's more, this black feathered newcomer seemed to be defending him! "Yes! You certainly know what you're talking about!" he said to her before turning back to Gilda, who still didn't seem as impressed. 


"King of what? Didn't I say it before? I'm the King of Chaos, of course! You see, I too used to think that Ponyville was just a boring little town, just like you," he gestured to Gilda, "But really, all it needed was someone like me to spice things up!" And with that, he snapped his claw, suddenly sending the three griffons, Fluttershy, and himself into a zero gravity like state. This was one of his favorite spells, what could be better to show off a little! But it only lasted for a moment, and the group slowly touched ground again as if nothing had happened. "See?"


But still, despite his friendly attitude as he spoke, Discord was on his last straw. These griffons' attitue, though mostly Gilda's, were really uncalled for. And worst of all, things weren't going the way he wanted them to! Not even Fluttershy seemed to be in a good mood! What in chaos's name was happening!

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Tehengu sighed to himself as Gilda only continued with her attitude. Seriously, would it kill her to be a little nicer? Even with Discord, if only to keep him from doing something bad. The one-eyed griffon massaged a temple with a claw as Discord responded.

He had been somewhat distracted when Discord started floating them, so by the time he realized he was in the air, he was already floating down to the ground.

"Discord, it's not that I don't want to be your friend, but it tends to take longer than a few seconds to make friends." He said, sighing again before turning to the nervous pegasus. "There's no reason to be nervous, we're not going to hurt you..." He paused at that, casting a glance at Gilda. "Well, I'm not going to hurt you, anyways."

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Zelda nodded her head as the all powerful being spoke. She had read stories about the draconequus and learned just how horrible of a creature he was. Unlike proper villains who normally tell you what they had planned, the "King Of Chaos' was as unpredictable as one could get. He might act like he was your best pal in one second, and then turn you into something horrible the next. And while he was supposed to have joined the good guys, this could just be ruse on his part. He could convince all of Equestria that he was a hero, but then boom! It's back to Crazytown, Equestria.


The black griffon had also been slightly disturbed when she found out that the creepy statue she thought had been a recreation of Discord had been in fact the real thing. Why in the world did they keep him out in the open with the other statues as opposed in the darkest dungeons of Tartarus? What in the world had they been thinking? Still, she needed to play it cool.


"Ah-heh-heh-heh-heh.", the bird let out a rather poor attempt at a chuckle, "Don't mind my friend here, she's both drunk and crazy. Crazy drunk. The worst kind of drunk! If you don't mind, your grace, I'll take Miss Gilda back home, where she can relax and not get into any trouble.", the griffon spread her wings and made her way towards her 'friend'. "Then you can have fun with your pretty Pegasus pal in peace.", she was not sure what the male griffon had planned, but he better hope 'getting the heck out of here' was his first one. She had hoped to have a bit of fun with the gorgeous mare during the day, but decided she could wait for less crazy-company.
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Sweet music filled the air of Ponyville. The mixture of high and low soulful tones flowed eagerly out of a Saxophone played by a Dapperly dressed griffon sitting on a bench. His Fedora was tipped low, hiding his closed eyes, leaving him mostly oblivious to all that was happening around him. His talon's digits danced skillfully along the shaft of the instrument, playing away at the valves.


If his finger work was no lable to his skill, then the dual toning of the notes surely did attest this. One long high pitched note danced around it's octave with a sultry movements. While more abrupt notes played rapidly along side it.



Sang out that brassy horn. But eventually it produced a barely noticable gurgling sound that made the griffon stop abruptly. A single brow rose as he opened an eye to look down at his horn. He sighed softly and moved a talon down to open up a valve, and blew some air into the instrument.

One thing that sucked about having a beak... it's hard to control how much spit you put into that instrument.


 "Don't mind my friend here, she's both drunk and crazy. Crazy drunk. The worst kind of drunk!”

That.... made Leonard pause. Both eyes opening now, with the reed dangling in his beak. Did he just hear that right? One glance up to the sky was enough to make him question life.

Drunk at midday. What has these days come to lately. No class... no class.


The griffon slowly pulled his instrument away from his jaws, and slung it to his back. Well.. might as well take a break and see what was going on behind his back.

He slowly sauntered his way up to the group. An aloof and relaxed expression hanging on his beak as he looked between each member. No... no one's drunk. So somepony was making an excuse. An excuse for....

Then his eyes fell on a strange creature. Some hybrid monstrosity crossed with a goat... a dragon... and some other things.

Oh... Dicord. Yep... makes sense now.


“Whats going down, in these neck of the woods?” Leonard hummed cooly. His head tilting to move his hat out of view, to give him a good look at everyp- er... griffon. Seeing as that is now the majority.

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Gilda's eyes narrowed in irritation as she flapped her wings in the zero gravity state Discord had created. It did seem like he was a rather powerful and the other griffon's reactions to him left her in little doubt. Still, the idea that she would be friends with such a creature was just ridiculous! Did he even know what he looked like? She wouldn't be caught dead hanging around with someone as mixed up as he looked to be. Plus, Discord seemed pretty darn wrapped up in being buddy buddy with as these ponies. Geez, didn't anyone around here have even the slightest idea of what was cool?


"Don't mind my friend here, she's both drunk and crazy. Crazy drunk. The worst kind of drunk! If you don't mind, your grace, I'll take Miss Gilda back home, where she can relax and not get into any trouble."


Gilda backed up as the black griffon came closer to here. She didn't trust others, especially griffons she had never met.


"What's with all this friend junk today? It's like the air in Ponyville make everyone ooze friendship all over the place. Well, I'm not buyin' it!" She narrowed her eyes at the black griffon, almost daring Zelda to wrap a wing around her. Like that was gonna happen.


“Whats going down, in these neck of the woods?”


That was when yet another griffon appeared. This guy seemed to be having a rough time trying to play something resembling music from some sort of horn.


"Geez! What is it with this place? I can't even remember why I thought it was a good idea to even fly over Ponyville, much less land here! What's going down is a big old pile of friendship and sappiness with a side of King of Chaos." With that she turned to Discord. "If you're so powerful or whatever why do you even weaste your time around all these ponies? You should be somewhere cool like maybe Griffonstone or something. But don't get any ideas, we don't really need you bringing your pony friends there."

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