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A Sweet Apple Acre Wedding (AppleDash Wedding: Read Rules)


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Applejack took a deep breath, though she couldn't for the life of her feel totally relaxed.
How could she?
She was getting married, and she was simply too excited.


It wasn't a whirlwind romance or a shot out of the blue, however. No, this had been a long time coming. They had known each other for many moons long before they fully ready to admit their feelings to one another. And in the tempest that was their day to day life over the years it had been hard to manage it. Heck, it was hard to manage it now! It never mattered much though. You always made time for those you cared about and Applejack had made more and more time over the years for Rainbow Dash. It was apparent a long time ago which way the wind blew but like all-weather it could become a storm, and so Appejack had waited. She loved Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Dash loved her, but they had a whole heaping pile of responsibilities. 


Of course they added to that. You couldn't stop them from many things and nothing that had ever or would ever exist could stop them from having the best little colt on the planet. Zap Apple had been a wakeup call in a thousand ways both big and small but it was evidence that flaws and all they were a family. They didn't need to have a second to prove that- though Applejack was more than happy to have a second, or third, or fourth, or really any number- but they had done so. And if there was one thing Applejack knew it was that no matter the weather nor how stormy the seas, family was as enduring as the very earth behind her hooves. And together, she had Rainbow had created a family. And all that was left was to cement the final detail.


There had been a small 'debate' about where to do it but Applejack wasn't one to let foolishness get in the way of a quick truth. There was no way that she wasn't getting married on her farm, in the same spot as her ma and pa, as her brother and sister-in-law. Trees were covered with wedding decoration courtesy of Rarity, with the style and trimmings most commonly associated with the heroines. And oh, that guest list! Everypony who was anypony wanted to attend. Applejack had put a stop to some of the more intangible invites, limiting it to Ponyville residents, friends, and family. Limiting- ha! Between how many friends they had made over the years and how Ponyville had grown, this wedding was becoming more than a little large.


The ceremony was in the orchard as was the reception, the areas cordoned off from the rest of the orchard as best she could. Which, well, it was was at least good enough. She had so much on her plate. She had planned the whole nuts and bolts of the wedding. She had help, of course. She didn't have to think much on who would be in charge of the decor as Rarity would probably do it even if she had been specifically disallowed. Twilight was the obvious choice to officiate it, as who better than a Princess to marry two Elements together? Wedding bands, guest lists, hobnobbing about. She wasn't somepony who woud normally have spent a lot of time on non-farm work but with her second foal kicking her around a lot and making her have to spend a lot of time just watchig her family do the work without her, her brain had the time (and need) to keep busy on tasks like the wedding.


She took another deep breath, holding her stomach as she felt Ambrosia kick. She wasn't far away. There had been some concern that the foal would be birthed before the wedding but as luck would have it Ambrosia seemed to have a bit of patience when it came to leaving her warm, cozy abode. The Apple family was sure starting to add to its stable a whole host of very special ponies, and she was plum excited to welcome its newest member into the fold. What would she be like? Incredible, of course. Awesome even, duh. But beyond that? Applejack had spent a lot of time thinking about it and her conclusion? Whatever it was she needed to be, and whatever it was, it would be perfect.


A knock against the silo.
Applejack darted to look at the door, aware in that fraction of a moment (don't worry, it passed) about the ludicrous nature of her surroundings. As was tradition with a field wedding this far out, the bride and groom were each prepared in their own separate areas nearby- in this case, cleared out silos. It looked nice enough all things considered. A good mirror, several dresses on hooks and lines and everything she needed to make herself ready for the wedding. 


She was dressed in the final culmination of the epic battle she had with Rarity about her wedding dress. The end result was rather fetching, as the fashionista was given to saying. She reached for her white stetson, custom made for this very occasion, and tossed it on in a panic.

"Come on in! Come in!" She yelled out to whoever was knocking at her silo door.



1- Thread is open to any resident of Ponyville as well as family of friends of Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
2- Only a few visitors for either AJ or RD, as they should be prepping for the ceremonies. Also, AJ and RD will not be part of the posting order until the ceremony.
3- Guests are allowed to enter and congregate, find their seats and prepare for the ceremony. 
4- During the ceremony, only RD, AJ, and the officiant (Twilight) may post.
5- After the ceremony, time for the reception!

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"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Rainbow zoomed around the silo that had been cleared out to make a pre-wedding prep room for her. She kinda wished she' just been allowed to get ready in the same place as AJ. It would have been nice to have her practical nature around to calm her down. 


Everything swirled through her head in a giant rush. Since the first day she' d known AJ the mare had sparked Rainbow's interest. It hadn't been romantic right away. Nope. Anything but that. RD was a competitor as was her farm mare. Back in the day they had really kicked their heels up trying to out do each other. This only lasted for so long in a platonic fashion though. She remembered vividly the first day she'd noticed AJ in that new a special way. How her heart had skipped a beat and made her feel kinda light headed. 


After that RD had gone through a shift in her life. Sure she'd liked looking at mares but not wanting them the way she wanted AJ. She didn't want to just know about her, she wanted to be the closest thing in the world to the farm mare. 


"Take a breath filly!" Pinkie squinted up at her friend. "I mean I get excited too but you gotta get your head on straight before we head out there!" Pinkie Pie was not usually the most calm of ponies but she had the sense to know  what would make a party go off right. That certainly did not include a certain cyan pegasus going batty during the biggest moment for her life! 


"You're right!" RD zoomed back to the hay covered ground and folded back her wings. "It's just," She huffed out a breath through her nose. "This is a lot!" 


"Yeah, but it's a good a lot right?" Pinkie giggled and reached for a cupcake. She'd been sure to bring some of the confections with her to help prep in the silo. Who wouldn't? Cupcakes were like super duper important for this kind of thing! "You want a bite?" Pinkie stuffed a treat into her muzzle and gulped it down. "Yum!"


"Come on Pinkie, you're supposed to be helping me go over my um," Her eyes bulged. "Where's my vows!"


"Relax silly!" The pink mare hoofed a crumpled paper towards her friend. "You know you can just read them off here right?"


"It wouldn't be as special though." RD looked at her incredulously. "Right?"


"I'm sure what's most special will be what makes you most comfortable!" She gulped another cupcake. "But if you want to try from memorized it's up to you! Want to practice again?"


RD shook her head. "No, the last time was a disaster. Maybe I should just wait until I'm up there." As she spoke her stomach dropped. She was really doing this!


It wasn't about AJ at all. She loved the farm mare deeply and truly. Loyally just like her element. They had a colt, the perfect colt. Zappers was amazing and just the best guy and she was so so so proud of him. And, they had another on the way! Rainbow couldn't help but wonder what Ambrosia would be like. She wondered if she'd be a little tom colt just like RD had been. The thought made her smile. 


"There you go! That looks much better!" Pinkie commented on her friend's smile and reached up the straighten the bow tie that brought her friend's dapper tux together oh so well!


"Is it time yet?"


Pinkie cocked her head and listened.  "Not quite time yet..." She grinned hugely. "I'm so excited fr you guys!"


Rainbow's smile dropped away for the time being. This whole thing was making her more nervous than any Wonderbolts race she'd ever been in!

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"You know, I saw you without hat already. No need to be jittery." Swift Squall said as he slipped into a silo. How did he deduced that she was without headgear, just a moment ago, was anypony guess.

Stallion paused for a moment, before reconsidering. ".....Well, I suppose it would be hard not to be in such day." he mused before giving apple mare a look-over. "Sparkle was right. White and blue DOES suits you. I am sure you will knock you wife-to-be off her hooves when she lays her eyes on you." noblepony complimented his friend. "....And now I owe Princess fifty hundred bits."


And speaking of clothing

....For the occasion, the noblepony made sure to garb himself in white and vivid green longcoat, with white suit underneath - quite similar to wear he had on the first day he shown Applejack Fillydelphia Botanical Gardens - but more regal and professional.


And professional he had to be. While Miss Rarity was obviously the mare to decor things, and Miss Pinkie was one who was in charge of the 'FUN' stuff, Squall took upon himself to be responsible for the logistic, making sure that those two - or anypony else involved in the preparations - needed for nothing. Seeing that he had a fleet of airships at his beck and call, he was obvious choice for such role.

"Those additional chairs that were needed should be here in 5 minutes. As will be extra appetizers. I knew you had large family but between hearing AND seeing..." he shook his head somehow between impressed and horrified, while leaning on silo wall. "....And you do nothing to buck this tradition." Swift said while pointing at her gravid belly. "Not that there is anything wrong with that! Plenty of unused land in Mustangia to expand to." he quickly added. "I am sure she will as good of a kid as you colt is. Heh, who know what career path she might choose?" he pondered before giving a deep sigh.


"Sorry, I guess you have enough on your mind already without my rambling to disturb you...." he said with grimace. It was clear that he was displeased with himself.

"But I......How does it feel? I mean....in few months I will be in your horseshoes. I wanted to ask before those Five will have you all to themselves so...." he paused, this time for longer.

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Tempest grunted with sweat as she rolled the hay bale into place. It was an utter pain in the flank too move it all the way from the fields in to the orchard but with it in place she had a perfect perch to sit and watch the wedding. Safely away from the cordoned off zone where all the gusts were hoarding up like a flock of sheep. No place for a wolf. Laying out a blanket over the hay for more comfortable laying she made herself at home for a long day.


She had no real love for weddings; they seemed pointless to her. Why gather such a host just to say you loved some pony? She’d want it more small and close. At most a few of her most trusted friends and have it… oh she knew a few places. Wonderful views in lands untouched… Line it up early, early in the morning so when she makes the vows the sun will just be rising! Oh that’d be perfect...oh! And it MUST be on an airship! Yes! 


She smiled at such hopeless dreaming. She’d never get married, such a thing was unbelievable to happen. Yet she did dream of it… what was odd. She never did that before… she never even dreamed of love before. What in the buck was going on with her as of late. “Bleh. Needs more airships… And cannons.” She says looking over at Glitters. She had to tag the mare along, when she told glitters about this the mare begged her to come along. How can she say no too Glitters? Well maybe by saying no but the puppy eyes! By Lunas flank the puppy eyes were just evil. “Hope we can steal some cake at least… and drinks. Heard they will have kegs of AJ’s cider out. Going to try and grab a full keg. You got to try it, trust me.”

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Not everypony at the wedding was there as a guest.  Not that Berry Punch hadn't been invited, of course!  As a longtime (though not quite lifetime) resident of Ponyville, she'd known Applejack and Rainbow Dash in some capacity even before Twilight Sparkle had come to town and turned everypony's lives upside down.  In fact, it was this very acquaintanceship that motivated her to contribute more to the ceremony than a warm body filling a spectator's seat; she wanted to provide the liquid refreshments!


This was, naturally, a bit of a hard sell to the pre-eminent makers of apple cider and juice in the entire Equestrian Heartland, if not all of Equestria.  Still, they eventually were willing to let themselves relax for a day, provided that all of Berry's blending skills were applied with their own Apple products as at least one of the ingredients.  The mare herself was more than happy to accept the conditions, as she rarely worked with that in any case; it would have cut into her friend's market share, and that wouldn't have been profitable for either of them.  But now, with the opportunity to show off potential punches and juice blends, she hoped that perhaps a partnership deal could be struck in the future...


"Hey Swift!"  She called out to the green unicorn as he passed by the punchbowl.  "Let AJ know I'm all ready here.  Been working all night on crafting the perfect blends here; don't let her leave before she tries the Cranapple, OK?  I'm really proud of that one!"

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Oh how things have changed so much over the last few months. At the start of the year, Fire Walker had moved to Ponyville to accept a position at the castle and become part of  Princess Twilight’s special guard. And then a good deal of craziness came crashing in. There as a battle and now Twilight was ruler of all of Equestria, and the red mare was back in the R.E.A.  Her own wedding was quickly rushing towards her and she was now with foal. Thankfully this foal was the size of a penny. Still, the fact that she learned all of this from a valley girl siren just seemed to make sense for her way of life. She still made sure to visit her doctor once she and the others got back from their mission.
And now she was attending the wedding of a pony she considered the bravest, and toughest country gal that ever roamed Equestria and also Rainbow Dash. She was a decent sort. The officer’s fiancé was supposed to be here.  Whew. She was beat. And thirsty! Thankfully there was some food and drink prepared  like some juice-bowls.  But she could not just go willy-nilly into these. She had to ask. Thankfully there was a mare who looked like an old college friend of hers named Pinot Noir was she one of the caterers?
"Excuse me miss.", she made her way towards the mulberry coated mare, "Are any of these non-alcoholic? I need to watch what I'm drinking...And also any without mango? I'm really allergic to that." The rather worn out looking creature really needed to just sit down and chill for a moment. This was not her wedding. She was just a guest.
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Oh, here came the first pony in search of a thirst-quencher!  Berry hadn't spoken to her before, but had seen her around as one of Princess Twilight's guards, before the Lavender pony left to take over from the Alicorn sister's.  What a time to be alive!  Even though Twilight Sparkle had technically been a Canterlot transplant, she and Ponyville had been through so much together than they all thought of her as one of their own.  The hometown girls were making good, especially if this wedding was any indication!


"Not to worry, Miss Walker!  With one of the brides-to-be pregnant herself, I made sure to keep most of my offerings on the level.  Nothing like a foal to cut back on one's drinking, even after they come out."  The burgundy mare gave a wry smile to the pegasus, before chuckling.  "Besides, in my experience, you really don't want the guests getting tipsy before the vows.  Every wiseguy who thinks they're funny always chimes in at the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' bit.  Save it for the toasts, I've learned."  Scooping out a spoonful into a cup, she hoofed it over with the expert grace of a trained barmare.  "You're looking at me like you know my face or flank from somewhere.  Can't say I've seen you before you came to town, though."

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glitter banner.png


Glitter sat on the hay bale next to Temy. She smirked at her mare at her lofty plans. 


"Oh, I've heard of AJ's famous cider and that's not the kind of stuff you leave just laying around!" She winked at Tempest. "But if anypony can swipe a whole keg...it would be you." She glanced about, noting their distance from other ponies and then leaned in to nuzzle her friend. "Thanks for letting me come with you Temy," She giggled. "To this oh so romantic occasion!" She couldn't help it, she loved to play with Temy and her supposed "dislike" for all things mushy and/or romantic. 


Glitter sat back, resting herself on the bale and watching the proceedings. She supposed the mares of the day would make their appearance soon enough but for now things were still getting under way. Numerous guests were arriving and moving to the closer seating in the roped off area. Neither her nor Tem had any interest in that. The two of them usually kept their distance from others, spending lots of their times living and working out of their cabin in the far north. Coming to Ponyville was cetianly a change. She'd not been to the little town for Celestia knew how long! 


"You know, I could just go get us some cake and drinks," She smiled again. "You turn everything into a raid or adventure of some kind don't you Temy?" They both did that sort of thing, all the time actually. She loved that they could sit in the outlying area, not having to dress up all fancy or deal with small talk. It was better to live the way they did. At least for Glitter and Tempest anyway. 

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There where an absolute hullabaloo about this wedding. It's been on the books for ages and yet it took nearly a year and some to finalize the plan and throw it. Of course who was counting? Discord certainly was as he has his favorite had pressed for this very  party! With a bright purple vest and green slacks stripped with a lighter shade of mint green: he arrived snapping his suspenders as he'd adjust his black tie, popping his collar ever so. He would reach into his chest pocket and pull out his bowler cap which had indeed been flattened for this very special occasion. A grin drew itself across his long muzzle before he twirled the flat cap and huffed a puff of air into the bowl, allowing the hat to fill out before he placed it on his crown between his two horns.


Hoof and talon would touch down onto the ground as he stopped through the threshold of the festivities. The dapper lad looked as if he took a tumble in a Technicolor Noir storybook. Curling the digit of his lion's paw into the tuft of his beard the draconequus would release it with an audible pop and admire the sharp coil now decorating the white floof.


"My, my, my!" He gushed. "What gaudy decorations. Honestly it's like you decorated using Pinkie's Party Cannon." Which could have surely been the case.


His mule ears perked up as he honed in on some familiar ponies. It didn't take long for talon and hoof to be off the ground once more and the chimeric snake appearing above and behind Fire Walker, his forelimbs tucked behind his back. His vest was cut short: only coming to his chest as his long body was hardly suited to pony clothing, but he was doing his best to fit in. Not absolute best, but close enough. He looked over the Pegasus, his long neck curling down as his head would peek in close.


"My, my aren't we just glowing?" He cooed to the winged equine, eyes lifting to Berry Punch. He was sure he's been to her shop before. He was rather fond of grape juice. "Are we starting he party yet?"  Discord was always ready to manifest mischief or finagle foolishness! But he was, if nothing else, a master of mayhem!

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Applejack sighed with relief when she saw it was Swift Squall. He wasn't really supposed to come on in just yet but she reckoned it didn't hurt none. He had become a fast family friend very recently, very lucrative business to boot. He had decided to help her out with the wedding, at least in getting it together near the end. Reliably sort, friendly- if a little bit of a showoff. Well, she'd rather a showoff as a friend than a blowhard.
"Well, hehe. Fancy seein' you here. Don'tcha know yer not supposed ta be interruptin' a panicking mare 'for her wedding?" She said with a laugh as she fidgeted with her hat some more. She had to get it just right or else Rarity would bring it up and Rarity was already have up her tail about this wedding anyway. She didn't think Rainbow would care either way, and wasn't that what really mattered?


She still fidgeted with the hat.
"Ah'm sure you got it all figured out, Swift," she said with a wink. "Thank ya for yer work. But if Ah were you Ah'd make sure you figured out yer little Fire Walker. Don't want her thinkin' she's here alone, right?" Applejack said with heavy implication. She wasn't the only bride to be carrying a foal and here he was dallying about Applejack on the day of her wedding? She knew enough about the tabloids to know the headlines that would be written. Thank Celestia that neither Applejack or her betrothed read that trash.

"Well, Ah wouldn't say tha same horseshoes entirely," she said as he drew his parallels. "Ah mean, yer not gonna be carryin' a foal near term and havin' ta resize yer wedding dress. Ah mean, maybe you will. You'd look good in a nice shade of pink...oh Celestia, is Rarity rubbin' off on me?" She muttered under her breath before regaining her composure and shooting him a quick smile. 


"It feels great, hehe. Makes you a little anxious, a little worried, but mostly excited. An' real happy ta boot. Once these worries and jitters melt away like snow in summer Ah'll be right as rain out there. Like a dream, Ah'd say."

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"Nothing like the present to start a good habit.", The red mare kept her voice down low. "My hubby-to-be is a total teetotaler and while I could never really give it all up, I probably could cut it out for the moment, considering I also have a little one on the way as well."  She was still way too early to be able to use the 'I'm eating for two!' excuse considering her kid-to-be was the size of a bit.
"Thankfully he, or she will be out long before next year's 'Taste Of Ponyville' starts. I heard they'll be doing Apple Cider Mules and I can't miss that.", her whole family loved Mules. During her brother Walk's wedding, her family completely wiped out the restaurant's vodka and ginger beer supply. "I'm pretty sure I've seen you more than once. Can't say I remember your backside." Ugh! What was her name? Berryshine? Pinot Noir? Or was it Berry Punch? "Lived in Canterlot before I came here. Both my parents and kid sister live her as well. I..."
She stopped. She had that odd feeling and there was a familiar scent in the air. "Hello Mister Discord." she had a feeling he would show up. Grape juice? Fire wondered if the powerful creature could even get drunk? Of course, the things alcohol does to the brain. from feeling more impulsive, less anxious, and less restricted. This was something Discord already felt.
"Excuse me.", she was always rather polite to the odd looking creature, "I was wondering if you could help a lady find her dear Swift Squall, my most dearest and dapper Draconequus? I'm hoping he isn't bugging Princess Twilight, or even Applejack!" He was a goof, a sweet goof, but even he would not dare bug a bride before her wedding!
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JcDViVom_t.jpg     Oh the chaotic spirit wasn't one to brag, but he was quite the life of the party, once it was risen from the dead. Weddings were often drab, colorless, but having a resident party pony assisting wit the planning did spruce things up quite a bit! His bushy caterpillar eyebrows would wiggle at the greeting before he pressed his lion's paw to his chest, bowing like an earthworm writhing midair.

"Salutations, Fire Walker, Berry Punch." He grinned that familiarly toothy smirk that snaggled his tooth. "A fine day for a wedding, hmm? Not a cloud in the sky. It's too bad, I brought my favorite umbrella!" He leaned back onto his right, claw resting upon the crooked head of an umbrella's cane which had not been there before. The old, inverted parasol was white with rainbow colored polka dots and some of the wire seemed to stretch this way and that.


It all seemed patently chaotic, rather average, even subdued, but there was no such means to reign in chaos, nor diminish it. There were ways to express it more artistically even -- masterfully. He was an artisan of his craft and if one expected him to behave in one simple way, they would be wholly misguided on the complex layers that were his onions. He opened his vest, a a lanyard of garlic hanging from one of the pockets.


"Oh, where did these come from?" he thought back to his previous task. "Oh yes,the fruit bats." Before hurling the garland of garlic across the way and into a wayward bowl of punch. "Yes, yes but of course madam!" He bowed dramatically and held out his right arm, the feather limb more griffon than it was mammalian like his lion's limb. "Actually there was something I wished to speak to the Squallard about. Since he was so kind as to let me stay the night -- I've talked with a few creatures I know to get him exactly what he needed." After all the old megalomaniac wanted to tip the dominoes of monopoly: he'd give the pony a case of jenga bricks to play with! "Oh and I wish to give the brides their gifts personally...."

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Berry could only give a sympathetic tut-tut to the mare confessing to an imminent marriage with a teetotaler.  She herself could never imagine such a thing, even as temperate as she had become with little Ruby Pinch about the house.  She hadn't found her match yet, unfortunately, but still held out hope for somepony lovely and compatible to come into her life.  Not today, though; today was for another.  "Well, my name's Berry Punch, and I used to live in Canterlot myself.  Grocer's foal, in fact; your daddy might have bought produce from mine.  Lived it up big time when I was there, but had to calm down and take a little responsibility after having little Ruby."


Right about then is when Discord showed his face.  A good customer, though she was always a little leery of leaving him alone in the shop.  He had the character of one who broke glass bottles, but instead he would sometimes twist them into shapes it became impossible to pour from!  (Though, admittedly, they made fantastic shelf decorations.  Poor dear probably thought he was helping.)

"Morning, Mr. Discord!"  She greeted him with a smile... that quickly disappeared upon seeing the cloves of garlic contaminate the punch.  She was willing to forgive a lot, but her celebratory mixes were sacrosant, and now the dreadful noodle had forced her to throw out whole bowl.  Even though this deserved appropriate retribution, she was enough of a polite Ponyvillian to give the draconequus advance warning of her intentions.  "Wish I could be of more service to you, but I've got to change out one of the punchbowls.  I know the weather looks fine, but it wouldn't hurt for you to hold onto that umbrella..."

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Tempest let out a groin of despair as Glitter ‘tormented’ her with affection and retaliated with a swift, but gentle, bite at the offending mare's ears. It was her own way of showing affection back. Temy was something of a nippy mare with such things. “You are just the worst.” She says rolling her eyes before smiling at glitters. Odd as the two of them were, she can’t help but feel… Happy around her. 


She then giggled at the remarks of making everything in to an adventure. “I feel both of us are at fault. That or adventure just loves hanging with us. Such a troublesome mare she is. But i’d not say no to some drinks and cake… Have to do some double long runs after all of this.” She says with a snort and chuckle before looking back at the roped off area and raised an eyebrow. “Is that Discord? He misses me invading a kingdom but showed up for a wedding… First time seeing that thing. Had plans too deal with him… But glad he did not show up. Battling a god is not something worth doing if one can avoid it even if his divinity is questionable… His magic is not.” She remarked, more so rabling too herself than Glitter. “Hope Fluttershy is close at hoof to keep her pet on its leash.”

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It was a good thing Rarity and Pinkie Pie had helped with the brides getting ready. Fluttershy would be there to help ease the emotions Applejack and Rainbow Dash were going through, but they both asked if she would help watch Zap Apple until the ceremony. Being good with foals meant she would typically be the designated foalsitter, and so she kept an eye on Zap until his mothers walked down the isle. "And that's all there is to it, easy!" Fluttershy assured Zap, nodding to him about the task of obedience he would need to comply with during the ceremony.





Zap had no idea why this was such a big deal. To him, it was like everpony in Ponyville was just now finding out about his mothers affection for each other. Yeah, Mommy and mommy love each other, what's new? This had always been the case. Zap had never known a time when his mothers were not together. And after all, wasn't this wedding thing really all about him? Wasn't he going to be the main attraction? Why else would everypony be telling him he had a big role? Zap wanted to fly around and explore the orchard with all the ponies who were visiting it. What was typically a typical boring afternoon on the farm turned into a wild shindig that reminded him of the family parties that had been held on the farm. There was always something interesting happening. But, Fluttershy had him tranced, he dare not leave her side. Normally he would find the first opportunity to leave her supervision and get into something he wasn't supposed to. But how could he? Fluttershy was not the mare you disobeyed. Zap respected her for an unknowingly amount of reasons. While he was in Fluttershy's tow on the ground, he constantly shifted his vest, a formal piece he was made to wear today. It was kind of itchy and uncomfortable to him, but those that saw him said he looked dashing.





Big Macintosh was also with Fluttershy and Zap. Big Mac had a lack of responsibility, which was good. He didn't do well under pressure and organizing a wedding was a surefire way to guarantee he'd make a mistake. So he counted his blessings and offered to help provide additional shielding in watching his nephew, giving him an opportunity to mingle. Big Mac was no longer a bachelor. He barely knew what it meant to be available before, but now he understood fully in this environment. What would it be like for him now that he belonged to somepony else? Would mares even bother talking to him? Did they even want to be his friend, or did they just talk to him for the apples? Sugar Belle was out of town on account of a large order of apple cakes going to Canterlot. This meant Big Mac would have to rely on his old way of interaction with others. Stay quiet, nod to friendly ponies, and agree with their opinions. Eeyup.


"Discord, there you are!" Fluttershy had agreed to spend the wedding with Discord, provided everything else was taken care of for the wedding. Knowing that any issues that would come about would most likely come from within a twelve meter radius of the draconequus gave her enough reason to track him down and make sure today was a day he measured his magical influence in small piles and not cartloads. "Sorry I'm a little late, just had to make sure my friends were ready and showing Zap how handsome he looks." Fluttershy motioned to Berry Punch and Fire Walker. "Doesn't he look so cute, guys?" Fluttershy intended to give Zap a little boost in esteem.


Zap continued shifting his vest to keep it from constricting his shoulders. He would occasionally flap his wings to make sure they were not constricted as well.


Big Mac nodded.





A red pegasus walked onto the farm wearing a simple suit vest with a tie. He didn't own much formal wear, he had hoped this was enough for the wedding he was attending, and more importantly that it was enough for Moonlight Glitter. She was really the only reason he showed up. At this point, he had yet to reveal his feelings for her, but he enjoyed her friendship. He couldn't believe she was willing to spend so much time with him, but he wasn't going to complain. But he continued to have a hard time organizing his feelings and thoughts during this exciting year in which he seemed to have met the love of his life while attending a school away from home.


Remington was nervous. There were a lot of ponies here and he didn't know any of them. The teaches were behind closed doors preparing for the rest of their life. He had recognized a few individuals like Big Mac and Discord, but didn't feel the need to but into their conversations uninvited. Instead he stood alone, looking like a recluse, waiting for the filly that invited him to come to show herself. Where was she? Wait was this the right wedding? Did he attend the wrong wedding?

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RD shooved the crumpled paper around on the counter in front of her. The Apple family had set up an armoire in the silo to help the bride get ready. The mare couldn't imagine herself primping in front of the mirror, dabbing on mascara and blush and whatever else a pony like Rarity would do. As it was she did lean forward the quickly use the mirror to adjust her bow tie. 


"So, um," She glanced at Pinkie as the energetic mare came up next to her. "Are we forgetting anything?"


Pinkie thought for a moment. "Hmmm, nopsie wopesies! You have your vows, Fluttershy has the hoof bands," She peeked her head out the door. "The guests are here! You got it all Dashie washie!" 


Dash gulped again. She'd all but forgotten all their friends and family would be there to watch her preformance. She better not mess this up! Dash found herself wishing she'd asked AJ to do this in private and not with like every pony and creature in Equestria along for the ride!


"AJ you're the most special pony to me in the whole world. I um... I remember the first time I thought of you as more than a friend. It was after the Running of the Leaves. It was like the first time I ever admitted not winning to someone and you.... and you were right there with me, we lost together!" Dash smiled, happy she could at least remember the beginning of her vows without looking at the paper. The vows actually helped relax her, remembering all the great times they'd shared. She really just wanted to be done with the wedding and be snuggling her amazing AJ on the couch in the farmhouse. 




Glitter batted playfully at her nippy mare. Temy got her ear and she flinched a little as she gently closed her teeth. Then she moved forward and nuzzled the stalwart and moody mare that was the love of her life. 


"You get a nuzzle for every nip!" She giggled and flicked her ears back and forth once. "Come and get em'!" She wouldn't be so playful but for the fact that they were far from the attention of others on their haybale in the field. 


Glitter watched every new arrival with intrest, focusing on the Chaos God as her mare did. "Yeah, leave it to Discord to choose now to show up." She mused noting that it appeared he intended no harm. 


She shifted off the bale after a little longer and glanced at Temy. "I need a drink." A little smile and then a wink for her nippy mare. 

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"Panicking...Hah!" Squall scoffed at the idea "The day you start panicking over something so trivial, is the day trees in your orchard starts bearing dates." unicorn dismissed the idea.


Nobelpony knew what Applejack was implying. Which in a way, lead him into reason he was here.

"I know, I know!" Swift decided to skip the game of suggestions and get straight to the matter. "But she's a strong mare - trained soldier all her adult life. Had at least half as much adventures as myself. And she's big where it counts." he said with insistence.


"....Fine one horseshoe then. It's...it just...." unicorn gave a heavy sigh "....I was the one who asked her you know? The moment she said 'Yes' made this Nightmare Night the best day of my life. And now she's also mother of my little, unborn daughter. But the closer 'this day' comes I find myself asking - Will I be good enough spouse? Good enough parent?" Swift said, as he opened up, expressing his doubts and fears.

"....Mother said that the fact that I ask those questions means I care. But you can care and still screw up. I was looking for some....pointers, I guess?" swordpony said.

"You are only one I know that qualifies. Ice is a divorcee as far as I know, Pathfinder has a spouse but she's almost never home for her, Spring had a horrible breakup, Sparkle is married to the job and I am yet to discover for what in Tartarus Blueblood...Bluebelle?....aims for a relationship." Squall explained while going through his social circle. "......And I shudder at the thought of asking Discord. Does he even Know what romance is?"stallion pondered.

"The point is that I......I don't want to screw up. She doesn't deserve it. And I don't ever want to see her cry those kind of tears ever again." he added quietly.


The inside of the old silo fell silent for a moment, until Squall broke it once again.

"...I am sorry. I shouldn't throw this all down on your lap. Especially today." stallion reflected while turning around.

His expression brightened somewhat when Applejack put her own feelings into words.

"Is that so?" he mused, smirking. "Melt away huh? Seems it's a contagious feeling." Swift said as he headed to the door.

"Oh right!" with this noblepony stopped  "I 'confiscated' this on my way here." he explained before reaching out and levitating bottle of...something...on the stool standing next to the mirror.
"Miss Punch said it's latest Cranapple batch, but absolutely-perfectly-totally-propably not 'liquid courage'." stallion mused.

"...Not that you need it." he added while flashing Apple mare a smile and finally leaving his gloomy exterior behind.....


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


....Just to run into an odd conversation. Couldn't be any different, seeing who was part of it.


"Who are you calling Squallard you Fossil?!" he butted in, in peeved tone - not really fitting his very deep voice.

"I should see you coming Gramps. You look very.....You, today." Swift said, which was the most polite way to descriptive fashion disaster that was floating before him....

Before noticing Berry Punch throwing out a whole bowlof....well...PUNCH. With some garlic swimming in it. It didn't took him a second to put two-and-two together....

"Discord, fix nice mare's beverage. Doing petty pranks like this today is beneath you...." he scolded draconequus.....

"....At least before ceremony is done. After it...I will pretend to not notice." Squall mused. With THIS bomb defused (hopefully), noblepony turned to his love, and planted a hiss on her temple.

"Sorry Dear. I had to be sure to dot all the i's and cross all the t's here and there....or at least help with it." as if to a emphasize it, a bunch of help ponies poured in, carrying extra chairs. Swordstallion briefly turned towards them and waved a hoof where they should put them.

"It's great practice before our own 'Special Day', don't you think?" Swift asked while he leaned to nuzzle crimson pegasus neck....which made his gaze land on a certain broken-horn mare....


"Betrayer......" he said with enmity before breaking the hug, and unconsciously walking between Tempest and his mate and unborn child...despite the mare he was glaring daggers at being more then ten meters away. To his credit--  unlike the last time similar situation popped out - Squall didn't moved out to smite Tempest Shadow with one of his weapons that his garb undoubtedly hid. Still the tension in air was tangible.

Swift remembered Storm King's invasion well....after all, he helped evacuate the non-Princess government when the monarchs were petrified. And he had to repel this exact mare to do this. Which he kept in secret so well, that even Fire found out only recently.




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"Panicking...Hah! The day you start panicking over something so trivial, is the day trees in your orchard starts bearing dates." 
She appreciated the compliment and sentiment but she reckoned she was going to have to start selling dates if that was the outcome, 'cause she sure as heck wasn't gonna have any apple trees left.

"I know, I know!"
Then ya better get back to her, you big goof.
 "But she's a strong mare - trained soldier all her adult life. Had at least half as much adventures as myself."
Well, Applejack could agree there.
"And she's big where it counts."
This was either a comment on a big flank, a joke about weight which didn't seem likely, or about pregnancy. She'd go with pregnancy.
"How far along is she now?"


"...Fine one horseshoe then. It's...it just...I was the one who asked her you know? The moment she said 'Yes' made this Nightmare Night the best day of my life. And now she's also mother of my little, unborn daughter. But the closer 'this day' comes I find myself asking - Will I be good enough spouse? Good enough parent?...Mother said that the fact that I ask those questions means I care. But you can care and still screw up. I was looking for some....pointers, I guess?" 

Why in the name of Celestia's everflowing mane was he asking this of her on her wedding day right before the ceremony? She didn't really know what to say. He was being worried and critical of himself and that was all well and good but relationships were primarily about your heart and your gut. The head was important, sure, you didn't want to be a lousy fool who ruined the one you loved. But it was a secondary element- love was something you understood only when you had it. You couldn't plan on it. The rest of it didn't matter- he was a hero and a provider who could give her anything she wanted or needed. 

"Well, do you love her? That's...really all you gotta ask yerself. The rest of you won't know until you do it but yer likely worryin' about nothing."


"You are only one I know that qualifies. Ice is a divorcee as far as I know, Pathfinder has a spouse but she's almost never home for her, Spring had a horrible breakup, Sparkle is married to the job and I am yet to discover for what in Tartarus Blueblood...Bluebelle?....aims for a relationship...And I shudder at the thought of asking Discord. Does he even Know what romance is? The point is that I...I don't want to screw up. She doesn't deserve it. And I don't ever want to see her cry those kind of tears ever again."

A ton of insults mildly tossed about, but she'd keep quiet about it. She wasn't sure it was all warranted and even then she wasn't sure why she had to be the best one for it. She wasn't even married yet. She felt confident in the advice she had given but she also knew how new this all was. He called her the only one that qualified but she wasn't sure that it was all that accurate.

"...I am sorry. I shouldn't throw this all down on your lap. Especially today." 
Yeah, you said it. She smiled.

Soon he was less morose and back on the happier topics. He even brought something to drink. She had a dry mouth but she was a little too worried about getting it on her dress- oh Celestia save her- and she was pregnant, but she appreciated it anyway. "Thanks, sugarcube. You just enjoy the wedding, alright?" She asked happily, waving as he left her alone.

Her and the drink, in any case. She licked her lips. After all this was done...



Moonlight had spent a long time finding just the right dress for this wedding. It wasn't as easy as just looking great and going with your first option, after all. She'd look great regardless but this was a big event! All sorts of ponies would be in attendance, even Princesses. And what was she supposed to do, not stand out and look absolutely stunning? As if! She had gone over catalogues from the famous design shops in Canterlot and Manehattan, even the ones she had to sneak past Rarity to get. She was the best of course but options filly, options. And sure, she worked on her own designs too, and got what she could out of Rarity but that mare was swaaaaaaamped. 


So in the end she had decided to simply order a dress from one of those catalogues. It had cost more than a few bits but it was totally worth it. She made some final adjustments herself, trying to make sure she looked just right. And really, soft velvet was a sublime choice for what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding. The long-sleeved maxi dress came in marigold and really popped and was fetching and attractice without being too attention grabbing. She had made a few adjustments fr the outdoor nature of it, loosened it ever so slightly for the dancing, and she was off. She was gonna look her best for the wedding- for Applejack, for Rainbow Dash, for friends and family, and whatever it was exactly that Remington qualified as.


"Remmy Remmy Remmy!" She said, ending with a giggle as she trotted up to him on her finally crafted shoes. It had been another order- small magical charge kept them mostly spotless for a while. For a while. She'd have to be careful but for now she felt great, complete with black stockings. Gotta have slim legs! "Soooo glad you could make it. Like, when I asked you to be my, like, plus-one I was soooo totally nervous that you'd be all like, 'eww weddings' but then you were all like, 'sure' and that's so tre bien!" She snorted as she sidled up to him, side to side. Her tail reached out to his and pulled on it, tugging on it as it entwined itself in excitement. "Like, have you met some of the other Apples?" She asked. Well it was more of a threat because she started leading him around while having to stay a giggle.

"There's Apple Bloom!"



Apple Bloom was a little worse for the wear. She had been told she couldn't be a flower filly or a bridesmaid at her own sister's wedding! It was Apple family tradition that you could only be a flower filly before you got your cutie mark and that made sense, and Applejack had her bridesmaids and that was nice and all, but Apple Bloom felt a little put out. She was just an honored guest. Uggh. Not a big deal. And she was super happy her sister was getting married, but it just felt like she was sitting here doing nothing. She was restless, and for more reasons than that. So she was finding herself drawn more and more towards Berry Punch's cart because, well, somepony needed a drink of something.

"There's Apple Bloom!"


Her head snapped to find who said it, though she didn't need to. Everypony knew the voice of Moonlight by this point. You know what? Apple Bloom was really happy for them. The former Valen and his former Manehattan friend Remington made a cute couple when you slotted Moonlight in Valen's place. Not that they wouldn't have been cute otherwise. Did they always have feelings like this but it was just easier now? Apple Bloom wasn't sure. She just knew it was cute. And lucky Moonlight, having a special somepony.

"Howdy Moony! Lookin' great there," she said as she approached the two. She then elbowed Remington and waggled her eyebrows. "Lucky you, eh?"
Moonlight giggled.

"How are you, Abby?"
"Oh, you know. Survivin'. So, this is yer plus one?"
"Yep!" Moonlight said as she smiled widely.
"You know, Ah'm real proud of you two. A true blue Manehattan power couple!"
Moonlight's face didn't flush of color, but it did change. A pause. A laugh.
"Oh you," she turned to Remington. "So that's Apple Bloom. Oh! There's Zap! There's Mac!"

Moonlight tugged Remington away. Apple Bloom was confused at that reaction, then shrugged her shoulders. Today, she wasn't going to care. She finished her trot towards Berry Punch.
"Hey Berry. Ah know we don't have anythin' hard, an' you wouldn't give me it anyway even though Ah'm a big pony now, but what's tha closest ya got?" She asked with resignation in her voice.

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Three steps... two... one... the chaos noodle seemed to suspect nothing.  It would just be the work of a moment for Berry to take hold of the crystal bowl and- 


"Discord, there you are!"


Darn it.  Discord might take a sudden juice shower in good humor, but his best friend certainly wouldn't.  Not that Fluttershy was the sort to take any drastic revenge by normal standards, but Berry, like all Ponyville residents, had learned to dread the prospect of being gently reprimanded as those aquamarine eyes peered into one's soul.  With a sigh, she merely tipped the bowl into a nearby ditch, replacing the emptied receptacle upon the table as she fixed a smile once again upon her face.  "Good morning, Fluttershy.  Oh, and is this little Zap?  My, don't you look handsome today!"


The rearrival of Swift Squall would give her a little more backup as regards Discord, but it seemed that his attentions were taken elsewhere by a different mare.  She really wasn't sure what that was all about; she'd left Canterlot and any semblance of political engagement behind years ago.  No, the more relevant mare for her was a rather younger one, sister to the bride, who seemed a little dejected in her likely drink options.


"Now now, Applebloom, it's nothing personal.  Nopony gets the hard stuff until after the ceremony.  As for age..."  She paused, legally access to the harder stuff was restricted until the day a pony got their cutie mark, though custom dictated a longer wait time.  But that, truth be told, wasn't even her main concern.  "Honestly, I always thought it would be a little gauche for your fist step into the world of adult beverages not be taken in your own family's cellar.  I feel Applejack would buck me into next week if I crossed that line!"  She gave a desultory chuckle.  "But while you're here, could you give a taste of this apple-greenberry punch?  I haven't worked with apples much before, and I'd like to know if I'm doing them justice.  If so, I'll probably make it a sangria base later."

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The red mare grinned back at draconequus, "I'd usually say if you hadn't brought your umbrella, it would have rained all day, but the Pegasi of Ponyville made sure there was going to be perfect weather for a perfect wedding so they were all out there getting rid of the clouds earlier today. Even my folks and lil' sister were out there helping out.". Once Wind Walker freshened herself up and got her dress on, she would hopefully get here just in time for the ceremony. And what sort of gift would Discord have? Hopefully a gift card. One that did not try to eat the brides.
Ah, the mare's name was Berry Punch. "Heh.", she let out a chuckle, "I could never even picture my father, the 'Old Major' pushing a shopping cart through the local Cantermart while Muzak played on in the background. Nope. He'd probably lose it after a few minutes after trying to figure out what the difference was between ketchup and catsup.", She did raise an eyebrow when the sneaky serpent tossed some garlic into a bowl. She was about to say something but stopped when she noticed a familiar pony via the corner of her right eye. Tempest Shadow, the traitor. The mare who got away from justice. Fire Walker quickly pushed such thoughts from her mind. This was a wedding. Happy thoughts. And besides, she did not know the full story. There had to be more than what she knew. Tempest might have had reasons to do what she did.
Thankfully happiness did appear in pony-form. There was the always impressive Fluttershy, Applejack's big and handsome brother, and the farmer's first foal, Zap Apple. "As his mother would say, he's cuter than  a speckled pup under a wagon with his tongue hanging out." Did Applejack say that? Or was it the grandmother? Maybe even little Apple Bloom said that? Huh. She simply smiled back at the small group of ponies
And then there was her fiancé who was being extra-Swifty today. "Well, considering how many weddings I've been to, I'm probably an expert by now,", she leaned into the nuzzle. There she caught the stallion looking at the broken horned-unicorn. "Relax.", she whispered, "Don't worry about her Swifty..We're just here two celebrate the coming together of two very special ponies. No drama. I'm sure she'll be good."
She spied a pony deserving of praise, "Archancellor Bluebelle.", the red officer bowed her head, "Lovely to see you as always." Good gravy! There were too many attractive mares here! From Fluttershy's perfection, Bluebelle's regal magnificence, and even Tempest Shadow's menacing, haunting beauty! Compared to those mares, Fire felt rather old and ugly. Somepony was going to confuse her for Swift's mother. Or grandmother. Or make her sit in the 'mule's section'.
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OOC: Note for everyone :)  We will be posting the procession/vows post in about a week! If you've got stuffs you'd like your characters to do before that just thought we'd give you the heads up!




Glitter began trotting down towards the table where it appeared Berry Punch was serving drinks! She was feeling good, and nothing helped with feel good like a little fire water! She wasn't planning on doing lots of drinking...well, at the moment...there would be time for that later.


The mare glanced back, wondering if the unicorn was coming along with her. She wasn't sure Temy would want to come closer to every pony else. She was an outsider and felt more comfortable that way. Glitter understood. If Temy wasn't coming down she'd bring her something.


"Hey there," She cleared her throat, blushing a little. She'd not actually spoken with many other ponies, well none actually, since her and Temy's ordeal in the icy heights. "What do you have by way of adult drinks? Something not too sweet?"


She glanced at the young filly nearby and smiled. "Hello there!" 


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Tempest did her best to not falter in the face of all the nuzzles but soon Glitter got giggles to start escaping from her muzzle as she did her best to nip at the flicking ears. For a moment all the world just seemed to fade away in to a one moment of focus… Goodness. But soon the game ended as the two focused back on the ongoings at the wedding.


When Glitter said she wanted a drink she did not give Tempest much time to respond before jumping off to go do it on her own. “ok…” Tempest says to herself watching glitter trot down to the roped off zone. She shifted uneasily, hooves rubbing together before she jumped off the bale as well…


She felt uneasy with so many around her. More so as she was unarmed and only wearing her jumpsuit. She felt far too open and exposed without the feeling of heavy plate on her back. But she knew she had to come here this way as a show of good will. AJ has done a lot for her, even letting her more or less live here for weeks the first year she was working things out. She’d never tell AJ this but that mare was more of a mother than hers ever was. 


Soon she made her way next to Glitter and eyes up the drinks, sniffing at them. She saw the looks she was getting. She didn't enjoy it. Even here they judged her. The failed pony. Broken unicron. Always judging her, always looking at her horn. How can they not when she was taller than almost every pony here? She wanted to go back to the hay bale sooner than later. But for now she just moved closer to glitter and focused on her, not the rest. Her anxiety did not feel so bad when she did that.


“Hi.” she says in that unflinching cold voice of hers. “I… smell garlic?” She asked, sniffing the air more. “Is there a drink with garlic? It smells good. Which one is it?” She asked looking at the punch mare. She really did want too try it now! 

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Berry had to laugh at Fire Walker's description of an old army stallion in a modern supermarket.  "I can just picture it!  Though, my family were always more 'farmer's market' than 'Barnyard Bargains,' if you know what I'm saying.  He still might have shown up.  And you got me on the whole ketchup-catsup thing.  Honestly, I used to think the latter was actually 'cat soup'!  Was I ever relieved to find out I was just being a silly filly!"  That may well have been one of the reasons the latter spelling fell out of favor, now that she thought about it.


The little exchange was concluded with the arrival of another mare, one who looked as if she'd come as the 'plus one' of the mare everyone was getting their knickers knotted over.  Honestly, under the circumstances, Berry could well empathize with Glitter's desire for the harder stuff.  But, that didn't do anything to shift her policy.  "Before the ceremony?  None.  Afterwards, I'll have Sangria!  Think of it like a wine punch; it's my specialty, and for the first time ever, I've actually been able to make use of Sweet Apple Acre's apples in the recipe!  Trust me, you'll love it.  In the meantime, give a try to the virgin version, and tell me what you think.  Might make a last minute tweak or two."


It was a mark of her shopkeeping heritage that she kept her customer-facing smile even as Tempest Shadow approached the group.  The tension in the air would rise, no doubt, and it could only be hoped that cooler heads would prevail.  Berry, naturally, was as cool as refrigerated grapes, and gave the hardened unicorn a friendly wave.  "Hello yourself!"  Her smile did slip a bit when Tempest mentioned the 'garlic punch', and even more so when she was interested in trying it!  "Er..."  She looked a little guiltily towards the ditch where she'd poured out the offending beverage.  "I... didn't think the experiment worked out so well myself, and nopony else was interested so... it's currently not available.  I'm very sorry; but everything else is on the house tonight, so..."  Once again, she was thankful that no alcohol would be served before the ceremony, and now more than ever she was doubtful of the wisdom of serving any.  That was just asking for trouble with this crowd...


Fate sent one of her rare kindnesses at that moment, in the very pleasing shape of Equestria's foremost diplomat, educator, and non-alicorn royalty, one Princess-Archancellor Bluebelle.  Dressed in red-and-gold finery with tricolor trimmings, it appeared the mare had commissioned her latest dress to fit the theme of a marriage between apples and rainbows.  But then, when had the scion of House Platinum ever failed to dress for the occasion.  She was making good time, despite being in a dress, and could only stop by the table briefly.  "Oh, Fire Walker, it's great to see you too!  We'll have to wait until after the ceremony to catch up; I'm one of Lady Applejack's bridlemaids, so I have to get into position before they start."  She gave a nod of greeting to Swift as well, taking up a cup that Berry went ahead and poured for her.  It was a bit of a dusty walk, and the refreshment was appreciated.


"Ah, thank you, I needed that."  She then noticed Tempest Shadow, and her eyes grew a little wide.  "Oh, you made it!  Last I heard, you were up north.  Glad to see you could be here for your benefactor's big day!"  As if for all the world they had never been enemies, a remarkable feat of diplomacy, given that Blue had been side-by-side with Swift Squall as they escaped the embattled capital.  But that was why only one of them was trusted by the Crown's Foreign Office.  "I'll see you all after the vows, alright?  Ta-ta!"


And with that, she departed, to take up her position in the bridal train.

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  • 2 weeks later...

(post written between myself and SteelEagle)


It was time! The music had changed to the processional, the atmosphere was balmy with just a hint of autumn chill to the breeze, the guests were waiting on bated breath! 


Windy Whistles, mother of the bride came first. It was easy to see she was giddy with pride as she made her way to her and Bow's seats up front. Next there was quite a line of bride's maids. They walked two by two up the straw covered isle. 


First came Fluttershy and Spike. The dragon trotted next to the pegasus only fussing with his bow tie once on the way. The two made their way side by side and then split one to either side when they got up front. These were followed by Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.  The two fillies strutted up looking a little nervous and very excited. Scoots blushed furiously as she missed a step and almost stumbled. Thankfully Sweetie was by her side and they made their way up taking each side. Next came Gilda and Coloratura. A few ponies gasped to see the famous star at the wedding. 


The stage was flanked by friends and family as Pinkie Pie, RD's best mare walked out onto the isle. As per usually she couldn't keep with the processional rhythm and ended up bouncing her way to her place! Scootaloo raised an eyebrow and Pinkie mouthed "what?!" Before smiling and turning to face the guests. 


Now came Bow Hothoof with his beloved daughter on his arm. Having her supportive if not overly so father there helped calm Rainbow. She strutted down the isle smiling at friends, trying to ignore the thrum of her heart. Her father kissed her cheek and went to sit next to Windy while RD stood up front. 


Twilight walked the isle next, keeping in perfect beat with the music. She smiled and gave a wink to RD as she stood next to her good friend. 


"Relax," she smiled to her friend. RD visibly relaxed, her wings settling deeper next to her sides.


Rarity was next, right before the flower fillies and then the bride! Rarity was stunning and caused a few more gasps as she made her way to stand opposite of Pinkie Pie as AJ's best mare. 


After all of this, the music changed again. Every creature stood and turned to face the back of the aisle…


Applejack made her way down the aisle, or what counted for one, as the music reached its crescendo. Now that she was doing it, it felt like all the worry and all the concerns she had melted away. She saw RD, she saw her friends, she saw her family and she knew this was perfect. She walked down the aisle and reached where she was intended to be, Granny Smith there with her the whole way. When she reached the end, Granny Smith leaned in, gave her a kiss on the cheek with tears in her eyes, and let her go as she went to take a seat. They weren't going to force the elder Apple to stand and take part too much. She took her place across from RD, looking into her eyes and smiling to try and stop herself from crying with joy. She felt like such a little filly right now, giddy as could be, and forgetting for the moment just how tired she felt. Love could do that.


Twilight looked at her friends. She wanted to explode with how happy she was for them, but they had chosen her as their officiant. She had taken that responsibility seriously and even now pushed down her trilling sense of happiness. As the two took their positions she smiled, and a book levitated in front of her. She had written down her remarks and other notes and had memorized it, but wasn't going to take chances. This needed to go perfectly. They deserved it. The music calmed and silenced itself when the book was raised, and Twilight began.


"Hello everypony and welcome. We are here on this beautiful day to witness the act of love."


"Love is the magic that has brought Applejack and Rainbow Dash together and through that magic, we are joining them today. But what do we mean by love? When we love, we see things other ponies do not see. We see beneath the surface, to the qualities which make our beloved special and unique. To see with loving eyes is to know inner beauty. And to be loved is to be seen, and known, as we are known to no other. One who loves us gives us a unique gift: a piece of ourselves, but a piece that only they could give us. We who love, can look at each other’s life and say, “I touched her life,” or, “I touched this life,” just as an artist might say, “I touched this canvas. Those brushstrokes in the corner of this magnificent mural, those are mine. I was a part of this life, and it is a part of me.”


“Marriage is to belong to each other through a unique and diverse collaboration, like two threads crossing in different directions, yet weaving one tapestry together. The secret of love and marriage is to be in love and in trust, to know in your hearts that you want only the best for each other. It takes dedication. To stay open to one another, to learn and grow, even when it is difficult to do so. And it takes belief to go forward together without knowing what the future holds for you both. Belief in each other, and belief in yourself. The true art of married life is an inner journey unique to each yet jointly shared through trials and tribulations as readily as successes.

It is a mutual enrichment, a give and take between two personalities. A mingling of two endowments, which diminishes neither, but enhances both. It is, ultimately, the emergence of the best selves of each pony. It is a supreme sharing of experience, and an adventure in the most intimate of relationships a pony can have. It is the joyous union of two ponies whose comradeship and mutual understanding have flowered in romance.”


“Today Applejack and Rainbow Dash proclaim their love and commitment to the world and we gather here to rejoice, with and for them, in the new life they now undertake together."


Twilight took a breath and looked at her friends. She wanted to just commit them to this union right then, but there was a way of doing this in a traditional sense and she knew if nothing else Applejack would appreciate it.


"Now I ask you, Applejack and Rainbow Dash to take into consideration the magnitude and significance of the vows about to be taken. There are many implications involved when two people commit to a lifetime of love. Let us take a moment to reflect on those implications and acknowledge that along with the celebration of marriage there is depth and meaning in the pledges you will be making to one another and it is with much determination, acceptance, forgiveness, respect, loyalty and love that builds the foundation for a strong and enduring marriage. Rainbow Dash, having taken this into consideration, what do you have to say?" She asked, setting the stage for Rainbow Dash to say her vows.


Rainbow's heart swelled as Twilight mentioned her element in her list of pledges towards the end of her words. She could do that, she could do all of the things Twilight was talking about! She could be that pony for AJ. RD had decided for herself after a long list of mess ups that she was going to be different. Especially now that their second little one was being born. She would be there. She would be loyal. She would... oh Celestia! She was supposed to be saying this out loud!


RD cleared her throat, dropping the emerald gaze of her beloved for a moment to pull a crumpled paper from her vest pocket. She glanced at it and then held it down. She could do this without her notes. 


"AJ, you're..." She sucked in a breath. "When I think about..." she shook her head. No that wasn't right, it wasn't what her heart was saying. 


"I love you Applejack. Plain and simple, I love you." There, this was feeling better. "You are the piece that puts my everyday together. You are my everything. I don't know how to tell you the depths of what I feel for you, I can tell you again, how I fell for you." She gazed into AJ's eyes, her mind going back to that special Running of the Leaves. 


"You were my biggest adversary, the hardest competition I've ever had, or will have. I trained for that day. I had to beat you. I had to be the better of us. I was focused on winning, focused on crossing that finish line before you." She swallowed lightly. "I remember that moment my focus shifted from the finish line to you. Just you. Your drive, strength, determination. You went from my biggest adversary to my heart's desire in an instant." Blush. "Of course I couldn't tell you that!"


"That’s not how Rainbow Dash does things!" She smiled as some chuckles went up from the guests. Everypony knew that wasn't RD's style. "So the competition  waged on! It was the best way to spend time with you and get to know you better. All the while I fell harder and harder." Her voice softened. "Our first kiss, first dates, all of that. Then our living at the farmhouse with you. Our little Zap Apple... our new little one." Her heart pounded with excitement and pride. "And I get the honor," she spoke gently. "The privilege to stand by your side. There's no pony else, nothing else for me. It's you AJ. From that magic moment when I saw you for real until my last breath, it's you." She ruffled her wings. "I love you Applejack, and I'm so stoked to spend my life with you!"


Twilight wasn't surprised at all by the display of emotions that came flowing from Rainbow. Twilight knew of their vows but not how they'd be delivered, and the infectious excitement. A smile couldn't help but grow on her face though as she turned to Applejack.


"Applejack, having heard Rainbow Dash's vows to you as her intended, do you wish now to respond?"


Applejack was a traditional mare at heart. Rainbow Dash had said a lot about how she came to love, came to honor Applejack, and expressed it in words that were strikingly earnest and completely hers. Applejack didn't think she had to do that. She had evidence of their love walking around and another stark reminder inside of her, ready to burst out at any moment. Instead, she would rely on a variant of vows Apples had given for time immemorial. Looking straight into Rainbow's eyes, her own hazel eyes clear with intent and affection as she spoke.


"Ah make this vow before friends and family, in tha land of Apples long since passed, An' in this space and with mah words Ah do make this vow of love and commitment.

Ah, Applejack, take Rainbow Dash ta be mah wedded wife, and ta live together in marriage. Ah promise ta love you, comfort you, honor an' keep you for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness an' health, an' forsaking all others, be faithful only ta you so long as we both shall live. An' that's tha truth," she said, adding that last line impromptu, her emotions getting the better of her ever briefly.


Once the vows were said and done the exchanging of symbols was to take place. Scoots trotted forward, bearing a simple oiled wood box on her back between her tiny wings. This Twilight levitated between the two mares. 


RD was doing her level best to keep herself together. All she wanted to do was nuzzle AJ tightly and fall into those hazel eyes of hers, but she couldn't yet. Ceremony and then the reception after. Of course she was enjoying it all but she found herself longing to just be near her beautiful mare.


Soon the box was opened revealing a pair of hoof rings. The rings were at the same time beautiful and simple, a style both mares had agreed on. They were also magically enhanced and when the right hoof came into contact they would size to fit perfectly. 


Soon Rainbow had AJ's ring in her grasp and reached out to meet her mare's hoof.


The ring fit snugly and once secured on shrunk even more, magically adjusting itself. Applejack admired it for a moment before doing the same to Rainbow, securing her ring on Rainbow's hoof. She wanted to continue holding it, but there'd be time for that and much more later.


"Because Applejack and Rainbow Dash have desired each other in marriage and have witnessed this before our gathering, affirming their acceptance of the responsibilities of such a union, and have pledged their love and faith to each other, sealing their vows in the giving and receiving of rings, I do proclaim that they are married. Let all creatures here and everywhere recognize and respect this union, now and forever. You may now seal your union with a kiss."


Rainbow felt a sudden wash of peace flow over her as Twilight spoke the final words. She stepped up to Applejack and swept a wing gently around the farm, pulling her close. 


"Now and forever." She repeated the words softly before kissing AJ with tender passion. Not a long kiss, but a true one, one with all the heart in the world.


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Princess Bluebelle had arrived just in the nick of time, if not a bit after, trailing behind Applejack's other bridesmaids.  The ensemble was, in truth, a bit eclectic; neither of the marrying mares were the type to care about coordinating bridesmaid outfits, leaving each to come with whatever they felt would look the nicest.  The tradeoff between visual cohesion and authenticity was probably one that both considered profitable.  Well, Applejack probably did; Rainbow didn't seem to have eyes for any but her bride today.  


The Princess supposed it really didn't matter; she was here for a... friend?  Could she go so far as to call either AJ or RD a friend?  They certainly spoke less with each other than many ponies the unicorn royal scion did consider friends.  But they were colleagues in the school of friendship, and Blue had personally volunteered at the last Cider Season, so if they weren't friends yet, this probably made them so.


Her musings drifted from friendship to love, just as Rainbow's recounted relationship did.  Was a wedding like this in her near future?  She knew who it would be with, if so.  *Only issue might be, there are two who would be with me.*  Not, according to the letter of Equestrian Law, illegal, but definitely outre these days.  Something she should really talk with Twilight about.

All those thoughts aside, she joined with the chorus of sighs, then cheers as the brides were kissed, formation breaking up into a celebratory party.


Being in position, she managed to catch the happy couple before the reception began in full swing.  "Congratulations, you two!  I think I speak for many of us present when I say that it was about time you two were wed!"  She giggled, before adding in self-deprecation, "But I'm hardly one to talk myself, I suppose.  There are just... so many other things I have to arrange in my case.  Ease of marriage arrangements is one thing I envy all commoners."

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