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Ambrosian Dreams (Open with Invite. Ask to Enter.)

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Applejack was a mare of rather impressive and enduring strength and stamina. Her first pregnancy had ended with a very normal, very yell-y birth at home. All in all, nothing much to it. She had felt a little foolish afterwards for not taking ponies up on their very good advice to just head to the hospital and had resolved to make it easier on herself the next time. She wasn't a masochist, after all. Besides, this time it felt a lot different. A lot more aches. A lot more pains, and as the day approached she felt increasingly sluggish. Little Ambrosia must have been so excited she kicked day and night day and night day and night to come out. Who was momma's favorite little bucker? Ambrosia was! Also please stop, momma needs sleep.


When the day came Applejack didn't tarry. She first started galloping but eventually Big Mac and Apple Bloom forced her into a cart and then they rushed her over to Ponyville General. Everypony there was just so nice and welcoming and happy and she wished she could be half as happy as they were but Ambrosia was like a Yak in a debate, and her body was the yearly harvest that needed to be divided up. She was rushed into the maternal ward and from there she went about her work. Apple Bloom and Big Mac shot off to inform others, and Applejack made sure to smash a magical bell that she had- the other of which was on Rainbow, and would let her know that it was time.


She then began her long, long work. And she meant, long. But don't worry, she said to herself as she was moved into her room. It would work out right in the end. Right?




Apple Bloom had torn through town, jumping on tables, leaning into the Boutique and Sugarcube Corner, tossing her head into schoolhouse windows, breaching a castle's security with her energy, scaring all sorts of animals at a cottage with her yelling, and generally a one-pony soundboard on repeat. “Applejack's havin' Ambrosia! She's havin' Ambrosia!” She yelled, bouncing, running, nearly teleporting from place to place as she left much of the town to the mercy of a one-pony tornado. She had done this once before but her energy hadn't left off a bit.


How could it? Being a big pony role model had been awesome and now she was going to be an even biggerer role mode, this time to a filly! She loved Zap Apple as much as any aunt could love her nephew but he had to admit there was just certain things she couldn't really share with him, like her love of Songbird Serenade and Sapphire Shores. She was just so sure that Ambrosia was gonna be the perfect little apple that she had very literally lost sleep over imagining how lucky she was to live in that house with her family.


Well, in that moment. In her heart the seed of desire had started to develop a need to get out of there, but that would bloom later on. For now, she was just happy to welcome Ambrosia into the world.

After she had made her announcement to every living creature big and small in Ponyville she made her way back to the hospital where she bounced up and down in excitement. Last time it had only been a relatively short while so this was bound to follow suit, right? Right.


12 Hours Later (Just before dawn)

Apple Bloom was sleeping on the floor by this point, one of her back hooves on a chair as she used something- a stack of newspapers perhaps- as a pillow. Moonlight Glitter had decided a few hours ago to go and get her tent and had set-up in the ward. A small purple thing, she had offered it to Apple Bloom but the Apple had been entirely knocked out. Moonlight wished she could be asleep but Applejack had other ideas. What pain medication wasn't working? Had to be something because Applejack had bursts of being very, very loud. Kind of made her worried. Mostly, it made her tired. She unzipped the front of the tent and stepped out to stretch her back, feeling a nice crack before yawning. "Oh. My. Twilight. She is definitely not feeling en fuego right now, right? Like, poor mare. Talk about verbal birth control, fillies," she giggled to herself and to anypony else in the room as she ventured out to get something to drink. Applejack may have been a screaming mess of a mare but that didn't mean Moonlight had to be a mess herself. Gross!


As she clip clopped away, Apple Bloom jolted awake, her eyes rolling in her head. She pulled herself right-side up and yawned bleary eyed as she looked at the other ponies who were still around. "Anypony know if tha baby-" she began before she got a very loud response from Applejack's room down the hall.




"Ah. Okay. Right."



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It had been a long night for everypony. Even with as much energy as Zap Apple was capable of, he was completely outdone by his mother's endurance. Or rather, by the endurance of one such to-be sibling, something he had not really understood the full capacity of. Everypony in the family was bigger than Zap. They were all older and bigger and stronger. Of course, this inward perspective yielded him the best opportunity to express his egocentric attitude he mostly imparted from his pegasus mother. However, he had no idea what they were talking about when they motioned down to him how he has to be a good big brother, and how he was no longer going to be the baby of the family. He had no other universe to know of other than the one in which he is the center of attention. To imagine it be any other way would be liken to insist that apples grow from the ground. Of course, all apple ponies old enough to go to primary school knew apples did grow from the ground, if only they waited long enough to see how that might be possible. Zap's seedling of an existence, though adventurous and exploratory, had only began to sprout.


Zap had been with the rest of his family when they arrived at the hospital. The commotion was overwhelming, and he was excited to see what would result. He didn't understand it completely, but he got the basics. Mommy had a baby in her belly. Eventually the baby would come out. And then there is a party afterwards or something? Zap had a birthday party every year, but he would never consider the significance of it due to his inability to remember his own birth.


When minutes turned to hours, Zap was taken back home while the dedicated family members began a watch to wait on his mother's process. Big Mac was the one to walk him home, and when the sun would rise, he would walk him back again. Having been used to the family's repetitive before-dawn routines, Zap was already awake before the rooster crowed, and he was tugging on his uncle's tail to get him out of his bed to walk him to the hospital.


As the two walked towards Ponyville General in the pre-dawn darkness, Zap fluttered alongside Big Mac, heeling to his sturdy pace. "Do you think Mommy is going to be alright?"




"Is the new baby going to be a filly?"




"Is there any chance it'll be a colt?"


Big Mac looked over perplexed at Zap who was fluttering at eye level. "N-nope."


"Aw. I was kind of hoping Mommy would have a colt. I'd like to have a brother. Wouldn't it be cool to have a baby brother?"


Big Mac's eyes smiled at the irony of his nephew's question. "Eeyup."


When the two arrived at the hospital, the receptionist motioned to them to proceed back to the hallways where the others had been waiting all night long. Zap flew towards the rest before Big Mac finished his trot. Zap zipped around quickly to see if any confirmations had been made. He saw his auntie asleep, but his second cousin once removed had just walked out of a tent. He landed to concentrate on his question. "Are you guys... camping?"

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"Ok now," Rainbow grimaced as some young fliers made their way towards a row of hoof. "You gotta bank!" She sighed, watching one of the youngsters careen over to the side and puff into a soft cloud. "Bank! Bank!" She yelled at the few still in the air. She'd thought they had been ready for something a little more interesting but maaaaaybe not!


In the end only two of the fliers made their way through all three hoops. She let out a breath, puffing her forelocks up. "Alright you guys, bring it in!"


tink tink tink


She'd been working at the young fliers training program for a little while now. It had given her even more responsibility but it was good for her. This plus part time professorship at the Friendship school pus taking care of Zappers during the latter part of the pregnancy plus the duties of helping out at the farm house plus... All these things ran through her head s RD watched the little fliers make their way in. 


tink tink tink


"Hey!" She patted them each on the back as they trotted in towards her. "Nice work everypony! What did I tell you guys about banking though?" One of the fillies was eyeing her oddly. "Um, what is it?"


"Rainbow Dash?" The little pegasus huffed. "That bell you've been wearin' lately? 


tink tink tink




"it's um glowing and um," 


Rainbow sucked in a breath! It was time. "Ok, class dismissed. You guys get home safe, I gotta go!" She spoke the last words while already shooting through the air that divided Cloudsdale from Ponyville. 


"It's time!" She burst into Ponyville General and made a bee line for AJ. She didn't really ask she just followed the...well, the groaning screams?


"Applejack!" RD entered the room and trotted up to her mare. "Are you ok? What do you need? Is the baby-" She took a step back, calming herself. She was going to be supportive and not get all crazy. 


"Looks like Ambrosia will be here soon!" She took a towel and dabbed AJ's brow quickly. "I'm here for you."




The next day came. RD wished fervently there was something she could do to lessen AJ's pain but sadly there wasn't much she could do. She stayed near AJ and was ready if she needed anything. Thankfully the Apple family had lots of delegates to to watch the little Zappers. 


She must have dozed off for a few minutes somehow. When she startled awake due to AJ's yell back in she went!


"I think we might need a nurse in here!" 


After a few minutes she poked her head out of the room nd noticed Zapper and Big Mac had appeared! "Hey there big guy!" She ruffled Zap's head. He hadn't heard that last yell but he might hear the next... "Big Mac, you want to take Zap for a walk around the hospital to find," She thought for a moment. "Um, apple snacks? You know, the kind AJ likes?"


(hopefully this post works sorry if I messed the order up or what someone was doing... can edit if needed :) )

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