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A Corny Reunion

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I wanna see if the owners of all the Corns wanna rp a reunion.

One to which my corns will be attendees. I forget who all had the Corny ponies,but I know @Skycoasteris one of them. @IceStormmay be another interested party based on the fact Zeph will be there.

This is mostly a "Welcome back to Canterlot, Kaity, let's see if you can handle rp" and also intro to my corns.


We talked about this a while ago, but for reference what I remember was as follows:


Husk Breeze is Sweet Corn's brother.

He stopped going to family reunions or interacting with the family when his wife, Amethyst Stone, died. Fast forward some years and now his kids, Cobb Corn, The twins (Stalk Wind and Kernel Bit), Cornsilk Lavender and Zephyr Amethyst haven't seen their family in years. It's Cornsilk's idea to take Z, who has never met her extended family at all, to a reunion.

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7 minutes ago, Skycoaster said:

Candy will be there. 

Well, I guess that means Windy will have to be there to!

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y'all remember who had Sweet Corn? They're the one who has to approve the idea of Husk Breeze being her brother.


also any other corns who want to be involved.

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