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[ Earth PONY ]
Graham Cracker // Male // Middle-aged//Profile//Threads
The Avalon
The Avalon's chef and owner is in the kitchen, cooking up something tasty.


Disco Light // Male // Young Adult // Profile // Threads
- Not Yet Active -

Chocolate Chip // Male // Teenager // Profile //Threads
The Avalon
The baker for the Avalon has a new recipe, and he's excited for ponies to try it!

Mint Zest // Male // Teenager // Profile //Threads
The Avalon
The Avalon's ever-faithful maitre'd will be happy to take your order.

100 Country Kisses
Although he overslept, Mint is on a mission to save Avalon. Or at least to obtain some apples. But what's up with this line?

Dame Silverplume // Female // Middle-aged// Profile //Threads
- Not Yet Active -


Eden Glow // Male // Foal // Profile //Threads
Dancing to a Cadence

Foxtrot was teaching the Imperial Couple how to dance, and Eden is invited to dinner at the Crystal Palace! Maybe he can learn something cool.

Aquamarine Gleam // Female // Young Adult // Profile Threads
Upsides to Downtime
The first day of leave is Aqua's one chance to let her mane down. But maybe this time something more waits for her...

Amber Rose // Female // Adult // Profile Threads
-Not Yet Active-


Licorice Whip // Male // Adult // Profile//Threads

-Threads to be Edited-

Honeywing // Male // Young Adult // Profile //Threads
(Ponyville's) Library
A courier arrives from Canterlot with a package for Twilight Sparkle.

Puttin' on the Glitz
While in town, Honeywing runs into an old acquaintance, and one he'd carried quite the torch for, once upon a time...

On Cloud Nine
Days flow like time, and old friends explore the wonders of the Grand Galloping Gala together, finding a moment to admire the fireworks from atop a cloud.

Luau on the Dancefloor
A 'mysterious zebra' chooses to woo Honeywing's flame during a party in distant lands.

IMAGINE a new role for yourself
A chance encounter with a flyer in the Diplomatic Courier Corps leads Honeywing to the manor of
Prince Blueblood, changing the path of his career forever.

Cloud-Dancer // Female // Middle-aged // Profile //Threads
-Not Yet Active-


Windwright // Male // Adult // Profile //Threads
-Not Yet Active-

Tourmaline // Male // Dragon // "baby" // Profile //Threads
Iggy's Night Out


Edelweiss Goldplume // Male // Hippogriff // Profile* // Threads
Foal on the Lam
What a grand start to an adventure! Edelweiss is beginning his journey to live up to
the Goldplume name, but how long until his luck runs dry?


Yan Lanmo // Male // Qilin // Adult // Profile //Threads
-Not Yet Active-


Chiyo Hitomi // Female // Qilin // Adult // Profile //Threads

-Threads to be Edited-
Soarin //Male//Pegasus//Stallion//Profile//Threads
Race Day
Pre Show Jitters
Open Bar
Famous Visitors
Any Bar in a Storm



Lambent Nocturne //Male//Areion//Stallion//Profile//Threads

-Not Yet Active-

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