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  1. franshpout

    Franshpout's stuff

    It's an album and it contains stuff. Like. Drawings. Mostly drawings. On a more serious note, I'll upload my drawings there. I do a lot of OC drawings and have done little canon characters, but still can do that sometimes.
  2. Wow dude you've gotten a lot better since last time I've seen a drawing from you o.o Way to go!
  3. Um before we go on, I'd just like to point out that it's Glady who received the pile of snow on her head and not Seria. Seria is the fairy and Glady the earth pony ^^;
  4. Glady: Less for you? Oh but I don't mind more if it's to allow me to spend more energy! I'll be helping with the heavy work! Those muscles like to show what they can do! Glady would say, gladly shaking Abby's hoof. It made Violet giggle some. Violet: Heheh, and I'll help with the plantations~ That's all she'd have to say for this. Their attention would quickly turn to something else as they'd hear a young voice coming from outside. The two girls went by the window to look before seeing the young filly from before falling from the tree. Glady and Violet gasped at the sight of this and their helpful minds dragged them both outside, immediately rushing over to the tree... but to their surprise a hero would save the day! One hero they had never seen before. They'd stop for a second to admire before continuing, but this time without the stress that first dragged them out as the young filly was safe and sound. Violet: Is everything okay here? The worried unicorn would say as they'd both approach.
  5. Naturally, everyone cringed at the explanation given, but it left a more gruesome image in the mind of the young ice fairy... She didn't need to know about that stuff, but... well, she asked. At least she didn't see anything, but it was more of a reason for her to just stay even closer to Violet. After what Brave told them to follow. Violet: S-sure... She said still thinking about what happened a few minutes ago. Lucky and Freesia would follow as well. As for the guards they were already out of sight, yet not running or anything. Perhaps they did have a chance...
  6. Thanks! Yeah I've been wanting to try something new there and I'm really in love with the result ^-^
  7. It was odd to hear the sound of something cutting when Brave went behind the rock. The girls wondered what was even cut, but when she came back out as a unicorn, they could see that nothing really happened. While they figured this out, Brave asked them for paper and pencil... but none of them were bringing pencils and papers when visiting a friend. Violet: Um, no. We don't have any paper. Why? Freesia: And what was that cutting sound we heard? While Violet and Lucky already stopped bothering themselves with the transformation cut sound story, Freesia was rather very curious about it and not so shy as to ask what it was.
  8. Guard 1: Sorry Ma'am, but these are the orders of the day captain under who we work. This pony is just a petty thief who has gone too far. If you have anything against it, then you'll have to talk to the captain. We simply follow orders. At that, the guard would pull on the chains slightly to indicate that they were going. The guards and the thief would begin walking, passing by Violet and company as well. As he'd pass near them, he'd try to stop for a moment, looking at Violet. ???: Your fairy friend... I know where she is. Help me out and I'll help you too. Guard 2: Quiet! The guard would pull the chains hard to get the thief going again and they'd all get walking. Violet didn't respond, but was very surprised to know that this pony here knew of the fairy. After the guards were far enough, Freesia approached and looked up at Violet with a worried glare. Freesia: What are we gonna do?... He knows where she is! Violet: Well... I... Lucky: We'll rescue him! He knows where Seria is, after all and we don't! So we'll help him out and ask where she is! Right Brave Shield, right? Violet: Lucky! Brave is a captain of the guards! We can't just... ask her to help a criminal get out!
  9. This was bad... very bad. The guards and the three friends watched Brave go to a rock and look behind it. Then they heard her speak to someone, seemingly about something stolen. The guards looked confused while Violet and her two friends felt more worried for what could happen next. The pony remained there without removing his hood, nor even looking at Brave. ???: A guard who asks for a thief to give a reason... heh, that's new. If my reason is good enough you won't punish me of my crime? At this point he didn't care if he was hidden or not. There were a total of three guards here and escaping could only cause more trouble. Besides... there was another reason why he couldn't fly away this time. So he decided to get up, revealing himself to the others from behind the rock. At that the eyes of the guards widened and they immediately rushed over to the pony. One would grab the thief while the other would search him. The second guard would retrieve a small bag out of the pony's mantle and would show it to the other guard. Guard 1: You are under arrest for the reason of theft. The guard would then lock the pony's legs with chains so he wouldn't be able to escape that way, then they would both place themselves to his sides, ready to walk away with the prisoner.
  10. At first they didn't recognise her right away, but when Brave informed the guards that she was the lunar guard captain, they immediately bowed to her. Guard 1: Please accept our apologies!... We didn't mean to be so rude. And they'd get back up, ready to give an explanation. Guard 1: Yes, Ma'am. The object stolen is a magical gem that contains a great amount of magical power. We have no idea what the thief wants to do with it, but we assume he may try to sell it for profit. But he's fast... he managed to escape us back in Ponyville. We were ordered to retrieve the stolen gem. Of course, Violet, Lucky and Freesia all listened to what the guard explained. Well... it seems like they were getting themselves involved into something pretty serious if they decided to keep going, but what also surprised them was to know that Brave was a captain guard. As for the pony behind the rock, he remained there, well hidden and in silence. He listened to the guard speaking and heard about Brave as well... this was not looking good for him. He'd have to find a way to escape and quick, or else things could turn bad for him.
  11. If she wasn't there to stop him... then what was their goal? The pony wouldn't move much, but inside thought that maybe he'd still have a chance to flee from them. ???: Who would even race like this? Nevermind... if you're not with them, then go away. He wished for her to leave, but this probably would have to wait. Violet and Lucky finally caught up with them and arrived by Brave's side. Violet looked very exhausted from that running, while Lucky Bell seemed to have some more in her. As for Freesia... well she had avoided running since she had ridden on Violet's back. In any case... Now they could see the one who was fleeing. Violet sure wanted to question him, but she still had to catch her breath. The pony near the mountain wall was ticked off as he tsked it away. Regardless of that, Lucky stepped forward to try and talk to him a little. Lucky: Okay... So... so Brave wins this race... but... geez, why are you... running away like... that? She'd ask him. taking pauses between words to breath in. The pony didn't move from where he was and made sure he had everyone in his sight. ???: Why are you even pursuing me, then? Lucky: Because you look... suspicious?... ???: What would you do about it? Lucky: I'm... not sure, myself... ???: In that case... And then he would take his hoof off of his weapon and would take a more normal stance, yet still being careful to hide his face. ???: I'll take my leave. This said, he turned around, facing the mountain. His wings would spread out, ready to take off, but... Violet: Wait!... The young unicorn would call for him to stop, still trying to regenerate from this ever tiring race they had. The pony would turn his head slightly, as to hear her talk. Violet: Perhaps... you could... help us... Violet would take a moment to breath some more before she'd continue. Violet: ... We're looking for a friend. A fairy. Big butterfly wings. Maybe you've seen her. Without showing it, the pony had a reaction of surprise. His wings would fold back in and he'd turn around, about to say something. Yet before he could do so, he would leap behind a large rock nearby. Violet, Freesia and Lucky all wondered what he was up to to suddenly hide like that, but soon enough they'd hear hoofsteps. And shortly after that, two guards from Canterlot would show up. They'd stop by the group. The first one they'd really notice would be Violet, who they seemed to know. Guard 1: You? What are you doing here? Are you all right? They noticed how exhausted she was. Violet: Y-yes. I'm just a little tired... I... We're looking for a friend of mine and... we thought we saw her in the woods, but it wasn't her. Guard 1: I see... We thought we had seen the thief around here. You wouldn't have seen him, hm? He wears a mantle with a hood and carries a sword on his back. Violet: Uh... Violet was confused on what to say. Was this guy really the thief from earlier? To her he looked like he just wanted to get away and nothing else. He didn't seem dangerous, yet it was still possible that he possessed something from someone else with him... and it needed to be retrieved. She looked back at her friends and Brave in search for an answer, uncertain of what to really say.
  12. She could see that he was taking a stance, a defensive one. He had a hood on his head, covering most of it, yet the visible parts of his body were showing a pale orange color. He wouldn't move from where he was, and would only stare at the bat-pony who appeared. So it seemed that the three other ones were still behind. It probably wouldn't take long before they'd arrive. For the moment he could only glare at Brave from under his hood. ???: Why are you pursuing me?... He'd ask distrusful. ???: Are you trying to stop me too?...
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