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    Cartoons and anime series, manga, Kpop, making stuff in general, cookies, salmon, cola, and of course dried squid (you might have realized MLP isn't on here...I just did too. It's strange, I know).

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  1. Ahhh! Franziska Von Karma has finally made an appearance on 'Ace Attorney'! <3 

    <nearly dies from happiness> 

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    2. Davroth


      I don't do waifus, but if I did, she'd be up there for sure. I like her a lot! 

      I never got to play Investigations 2 since last I looked there wasn't a translation yet. But Investigations 1 was amazing! On par with the better cases of the main series.

      I'm still sad we never got Ace Attorney in London over here. That game looked awesome, too.

    3. PrinceoftheNight


      There is a fan translated investigations 2. (i have the rom with the translation but forgot where I downloaded it)

      You play as Edworth's father in a case, that is the investigation for the case that...

      Spoiler for anyone that hadnt played it


      ... He dies. Wont say more. :3

      I hadnt it finished though, I am on the last case.


      I had played all but ace attorney x profesor laytown

    4. SymphonicFire


      Omg you get to play the DL-6 incident?! 


      <wrecks internet trying to find rom>

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