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  1. Update: Due to my general inaciveness in the past, and after announcing my coming back here, I decided to start off a clean slate by clearing off any inactive threads. For anyone who was in an older RP with my character and wants to continue it, feel free to PM me about it and I'll be happy to continue with it! I may be slow since I'm still getting into the feel of things since I left, but I'll catch up with with the swing of it, I promise~!
  2. Oh! Uh, hey guys. Some of you may remember me from waaaaaay back. Others? Er, not so much. I left the site around April/May without warning, mostly due to real life stress, former feelings regarding the site's direction, and among other things that I feel too lazy to discuss in depth at the moment. But now I'm back, I see that the site is in the process of making some nice changes, and I am slowly integrating myself into the wonderful world of ponies from which I took a break from! For those of you who still remember me and may have been in threads that I dropped by default of my departial, I'm here to poke it and apologies for said silent thread-dropping. :v I may attempt to start off on a clean slate (I've actually done a bit more roleplay for another fandom or two - my responses have got surprisingly faster, though I still tend to write at the speed of molasses) though if you want to poke in and continue an old thread with me/what not, just give me a poke? I'm still weening myself back into ponies (gonna be rewatching the show from the beginning just to get pumped), so I might not get back into RP too immediately. It'll come sooner than later though, so don't be surprised if you see my characters/handle on here more often. :3
  3. Holy cheeseballs I'm back! And you said to link you to Pierre's app, so... Here~
  4. Thankee both! *-* And yeah, pastels can be messy to say the least, as much as I love 'em. Heeeeee. Don't we all? ;3
  5. B-but, what if I actually drew both of us at once? Composite ponies of the floofs unite!
  6. From the album: Random gifts

    All I'll say is that I regret nothing. NOTHING I SAY. Oh. And I drew myself as a pony (sort of-ish kinda). I'm a wee bit shaky on the cutie mark design. Fweeeeeeee~

    © The-Jaded-Bug (missus toast belongs to App :3 )

  7. The-Jaded-Bug

    Random gifts

    Where I doodle things for other peeps~
  8. From the album: Jaded's Oh See Corner

    First off, chalk pastels + black construction paper = pure gold. I just love how this came out. Number two... Chances are I won't be adding her into my official stash of playable characters - Why? As lovely as her design is, she was primarily made as a character within Pierrot's backstory. Since Columbina in particular happens to be his former colthood sweetheart, one would assume that it would make sense for them to, at some point, bump into each other in the near distant future to reconcile of something... ... which frankly enough, while that would be interesting/potentially make for some interesting conflict, I'd rather not be roleplaying with myself. That is, unless someone else played her for me. Anyhow, no. I totally didn't hide her cutie mark with her mane because I haven't figured it out yet. No siree bob...

    © The-Jaded-Bug

  9. OCs and how I draw them~
  10. Not leaving, just here to notify that, forum RP-wise, post responses have/will still be panning out much slower than usual (though Jadebug = kinda slow reply-er anywho). Co-curricular choir (particularly in preparation for the New England Music Festival in March) and schedule-related planning/craziness involving plans for what I'll be doing once I graduate in June are primarily to blame. ...I should have said this much earlier, I know. For those of you who are currently in/planning to RP with me in the near future. My megaton-riffic apologies guys. *-*
  11. [colour=#000000]Figurines to arrange, and perhaps a few more prices to bump down. With Joy out in the back room, the older mare’s apprentice worked diligently - perhaps too much so, as she didn’t even notice the dark figure making their way along the path from the display front. As the mysterious stranger made its way toward the front door, the pegasus began humming what vaguely sounded like the tune of ‘The Little Drummer Colt’ as she finished up. As far as Swift Kite was concerned, the knock of the door was the first thing that hinted at somepony’s arrival.[/colour] [colour=#BF2455]“Heh, didn’t think anypony’d be here...”[/colour][colour=#000000] She mumbled under her breath. The humming ceased of course, and the young mare brushed more tinsel behind her ears, its unintentional embellishment aligning her mint green bandanna whilst confronting the source. The door swung open without much haste - and at first glance, the plucky, red-pink pegasus seem unfazed by the cloaked, if not ominous-looking unicorn by the now open entrance.[/colour] [colour=#BF2455]“Hey there- I mean, uh, welcome to Joy’s Toy Shop!” [/colour][colour=#000000]Swift flashed a smile - a sheepish one, as customer greetings weren’t her forté, but it was still a stark contrast compared to her acquaintance’s stoic expression. [/colour][colour=#BF2455]“How may I hel- oh! Sorry, should’ve let you come in first...” [/colour][colour=#000000]She stepped aside to make way for entry, scolding herself mentally. [/colour] [colour=#000000]Within view, the shop’s inside was just as welcoming as its quirky, colourful exterior. Hoof and unicorn-made toys of many sorts - perhaps dragon-made as well, at least for the wooden figurines - lined the shelves. They appeared of quality grade for a cottage plunked in the middle of nowhere.[/colour] [colour=#BF2455]“So uh, anything you need?”[/colour][colour=#000000] The young mare said.[/colour] [colour=#000000]For somepony having coming across a peculiar cloaked acquaintance, she wasn’t all that perplexed by her presence...maybe she was thinking that the figure was like any other toy-seeking customer, or perhaps she just didn’t bother with judging a toy by its paint job.[/colour]
  12. Because updates are mandatory: You might have either seen this either in my gallery or my latest app, but I'll just pointlessly advertise place this in here anyhow. 'Tis my first stallion-based drawing, but I'm really, really happy about this (those leg joints and the fact that there's a background, for starters). The quirky pony you see is Pierrot, a wandering Prench (or excuse me, Fancy)-Itailian actor and (secondly and slightly less of an) illusionist who, like many ponies in this day and age, seems to be lacking in luck in regard of the job department. ...oh, and he's mute. And perhaps has his origins set within the prestigious Circo dell'Arte. And yes, the 'dell'Arte' portion was blantly taken from artfully incorperated due to him being concieved after researching Commedia dell'Arte for his characterization (though technically Pierrot - the stock character, I mean - didn't exist until the troupe made its way into France). Also, while this song has be pushed into peoples' faces almost as much as that illustration,
  13. [colour=#000000]Winter. The weather behind its veil of white could be a fickle mistress, but the midday snowfall was relatively light within Saddleveil Plains.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Even still, next to what appeared to be a quirky, colourful-looking cottage with with a glass display front, it was beginning to cover the path connecting Fillydelphia and Ponyville. Some spots were aligned with cobblestone, but it seemed otherwise a dirt road the farther a pony traveled north. It remained visible still, however, for now atleast, along with any particular ponies who may be roaming about for the time being. Nonetheless, the residents within the aforementioned dwelling worked with diligence, without much mind to the conditions outside.[/colour] [colour=#000000]An elderly, lilac-coated mare sat behind the counter, appearing to attempt fixing a toy train without much success. From the look of her pale pupils and aimless gaze, even the wide set of glasses she wore didn’t help her see what clearly needed to be mended. With a heavy sigh, she turned around and called out:[/colour] [colour=#8E7CC3]“Swifty, you think mebbe ye can watch th’ storefront? Methinks I’ll man the workshop for the time being...[/colour][colour=#B4A7D6]”[/colour] [colour=#000000]It didn’t take long for a cranberry-coloured pegasus to burst through the end of a narrow hallway from across the checkout desk. Both wings and sky blue mane were haphazardly wrapped in silver tinsel, as though having come back from trying (and unsuccessfully) putting away stuff left over from the last Hearth Winter. A chipper[/colour][colour=#BF2455] “Mmhm!”[/colour][colour=#000000] escaped her muzzle and, with a chuckle and light facepalm from her superior, the elderly mare and Swift Kite traded working spaces.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Aside from pushing aside pieces of entangled adornment from her face, she seemed to ignore the shimmery trimming that coiled around her. Business was especially slow after the holiday rush, considering how spread out the cottage-like store was from other towns. Either way, the young mare went happily to work, organizing shelves here and there while replacing price signs with lower, after-the-holiday salemarks.[/colour]
  14. ^A point you do raise, yeah, that's very intention for the most part - they don't quite exactly fill up an entire room, but yeah. It's more of something that he might on certain occasions use in acts, or charades and the like. Or both. Sillyllusions of lightheartedness they are, m'dear Mamascotch.
  15. All the renewals, all the happy. Happy New Year everyone - let's all Smile, Smile Smile tonight!</cheesybutnecessary>
  16. "...." ~And with Pierrot being a speechless at usual, facehoofing thus ensued ensued~ 'Tis glorious ='|
  17. Oi vey. Where have I been all this time? Anyhow, time for critique respondence! 1. While you've definitely an interesting suggestion for ammending the whole illusion bit, I wasn't even intending him to be an uber amazing illusionist in the first place. *-* I thought that mentioning being 'caraictured' would have given the intended implication that it was just that: Cariactured. Mostly just symbols and figments that, while they may be used to form shapes and the like with particular concentration, don't even begin to measure into something close to, say enveloping an entire area in realistic, dramatically overpowered glamour. Basically, at most, it's just something that would be amusing to see in a performance for its novelty instead of how 'ermerger eets AMAZING'ness, and likely to be used when trying to communicate to somepony without words (therefore explaining why he normally doesn't nail a lot of jobs, since they're more nonsencical than impressively overpowered). Perhaps it could even be said that it aids in his special talent, as opposed to seeming completely different from it (as it involves both making ponies happy as well portraying emotion - whether he hides it or otherwise). Mentioning Phantasm* was just a way to hint at explaining how he even managed aquire even that level of magic usage, as opposed saying that he had a higher percentile of magic mastery. Also --- and I'm really really sorry for coming off as a pest, Scotchie. I don't like arguments, and I know you and the others have dealt with people nitpicking at your critiques while completely missing the point of them --- Rarity, while it's generally assumed that finding gems is the only thing she can do beyond telekinesis, may also have used illusion magic in "Suited For Success" for the scenery surrounding the Mane 6's attire near the end (skip to 18:35 to save time). If going by the notion that Twi's didn't help behind the scenes or something, it appears that the Element of Generosity has plenty more powerful illusion magic that mister mutepony, hmm? 2. Fixed that tout de suite (right away). Replaced Prench with Fancy. Yeah. Not the most ideal way of going about that, but it'll have to do. * = 3. Oh. And the illusionist is his uncle, not another aunt. I read the app over and added a word or two here and there to make it a little more clear. 4. And because I'd rather not finish on a sour note....aww, thanks Scotchie. I think he'll appreciate all the snuggles he can get. Poor guy. And for what was mentioned in note number 1, I'm just gonna wait to see what your/anyone elses' thoughts are as far as magic usage goes, so I won't make too many edits beyond what was listed under 2 and 3 until there's either a final say or more persuasion/replies indicating to make the changes as listed. Jadebug shall be ah waiting~
  18. Silly Dio, don't you mean Lovestrong? Er, I mean, there's always a chance I may app him too at some point, though not at the moment. Because Sibling Wars: The Older Brother Strikes Back would totally be worth the wait.
  19. Heeeee. Traditional media is best media. ...well, that and Dessie-Doo's pixel artsies!
  20. As someone whose range of music is a leeeeetle bit varied with perhaps a few shining trends (I like a lot of folk rock/folk in general, soul/neo-soul, synth music - yes, even some dubstep, (can tolerate some) modern pop, a whole bunch of music from the early 50s and back...), I'm having a hard time deciding. Also Scotchie, LOVE the links you've put up for alt. country music. Admittedly, I don't quite like as many modern country song (okay, so maybe you could find some more of those that are good, but eh), but I'll have to say that music from said genre back then is a little different than that of today's (on a good way). Though to list some modern country artists/bands that I've found/like IMO: Lady Antebellum, Christina Lambert, Crystal Bowersox (yes, the one American Idol contestent with the sister-locks), Darius Rucker, and Little Big Town. Does anyone else have a few more to add to the list? ...as for anything else? I'll just lurk back into the shadows, waiting for someone to point out much they loathe choral music. I'll make sure to spam them constantly with as much Eric Whitarce as possible show them a few beautifully arranged songs by Eric Whitacre, along with some other interesting choral stuff. :3
  21. Thanks! I used Dual brush pens for most of the outlining, the lyrics, the black in his mane/tail, along with the ball, dirt mound and the yellow dots i the background. Most everything else (shading his pelt, the blue outlining of the mane, rest of the background, ext) was done in coloured/normal pencils, with some touches of white chalk pastel for white highlighting in a few other places. ...or in other words, this was all done traditionally.
  22. From the album: Jaded's Oh See Corner

    Heh. I haven't drawn/submitted any pony characters in a while. Ah well, glad to be back in the swing of things! Anyways, this here's my latest apped OC, Pierrot. 'Tis the first time I've drawn a stallion, but I can definitely say that this turned out to be a rather sucessful experiment! Also, the words you see swirling around him happen to be snippets of . For the record, of course, I certainly don't claim this song to be that of my own.

    © The-Jaded-Bug

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