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Promote your FimFiction Stories Here!

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Hi there!

I'm pretty active on FimFiction myself, and I figured that I would start a topic for all those poor unfortunate authors who are very good at writing and can't seem to catch a break on FimFiction! So here you are, folks, promote your FimFiction stories here!

I'll start.

I am promoting a story I'm writing currently called "Pinkie Floyd: The Wall". It's a crossover between Pink Floyd and MLP. So, for anypony interested in that, it'd be cool if you checked it out!

"[colour=#555555]Pinkie Floyd's life is an abyss of loss and isolation. To help deal with the intense pain she feels, Pinkie builds a mental wall between her mind and the rest of the world so that she may be free of emotional struggles. Pinkie's psychological challenges are eventually caused by her self-isolation, however, and she is spiraled into insanity. Will she ever be able to tear down the wall?"[/colour]


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I've been a fan fiction writer for almost a year now. My work varies from the sad to the romantic to funny.

So let me share with you this story called Grow Up, Apple Bloom


From the description:

"What if a cutie mark was not just related to a pony finding their talent but also a sign of a pony becoming an adult?

This was the question that Apple Bloom thought about after another failed attempt to get her mark.

But is her attempt to get her mark through magic going to work, and more importantly, what will the consequences of her actions be?"

I'll put up other ones later on.

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Cheerio! ^^

I'm a writer (typer) by heart and I've been writing since... ever. My stories tends to have a dark touch in them. (I don't know what's up with that, but it won't stop! :scream: )

​I've only posted one story so far since I recently began to use FIMfiction. It's not my best one ever made but not my worst either so here you go if you want to check it out! :)

The story is about Quillhart and his friends when they were out camping and things turned... Not quite as planned.


This is not my main story though, that title belongs to Time Spinner. It's a beautiful story about how the time was made and how time is controlled by two forces/persons. It begins with the story of the little colt: Time Spinner. The rest is to be read. ;) It is a working progress though so I can only give you a preview.

Here's the prologue!

And if you still wan't to hear more; I also got a voice act from the very beginning of the story. It's voiced by my friend NeoExlucky who came up with the idea and owns the OC. :)


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Here's another one for you, this time staring Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash!


Be warned as this one is a little sad. Also, this one was very tricky as I had to write as the entire Mane Six cast plus all the Crusaders. Not an easy feat.

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I usually don't talk about my fanfics because they're all... meh. Besides that, I don't update often. I've decided, however, that I don't really care anymore. Here's one I was working on for a couple weeks until I hit some serious writers block. I was happy with the way it turned out, considering how 'spur of the moment' it was when I wrote it. Take a look, and please leave a comment to help me out of this rut!

For those curious, here's a summary and link to my story, Too Many Changelings.

One changeling's target gives her the means to save her hive from starvation. By bringing a legend to life, Cicada tries a new approach at acquiring love for sustenance, and makes an unlikely friend in the process. But when her plan starts to fall apart, will she be able to keep it together, and do what it takes to save the hive?


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I ain't much of a writer at all...in fact I'm a terrible writer xD Though I did write an Fallout: Equestria sidefic, which was fun.

If you're interested, check it out in my signature. Warning though, it does contain 18+ material. There is cursing, and violence. Let me know what you think about the story and characters if you read it, but don't get too enamoured with the setting: I plan to change it, due to my own failure at remembering the setting of the original fic.

That being said, I have a second Fallout: Equestria sidefic in the works that's taking precedence over the one in my signature, and takes place in Neigh Orleans. I'll give the link to that one on request, because it's still a heavy work in progress.

[As a note, if I'm not allowed to promote this, someone tell me and I'll get rid of the post.]

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Para bellum
If you desire peace, prepare for war.

Espousing the virtues of friendship and cooperation, Equestria quickly extends its influence beyond its own borders. Guided by the philosophy of Harmony, the Equestrian hegemony spans from the homeland of Greater Equestria to protectorates and allies across the seas. All members of the trade pacts flourish in the exchange of goods and ideas. The world is at peace under Pax Equestria.

But all is not as it seems. A change in leadership in neighboring Aquellia, land of the griffons, sets the two nations on a collision course that can only result in war. In the midst of the political maelstrom, Princess Luna struggles to hold together a nation reeling from a stricken Celestia, an unexpected war, and the possibility of traitors in their midst. In the face of great tragedy, the remaining ruler of Equestria must stand strong, no matter the cost to herself.

Meanwhile, Shining Armor takes the reins of Task Force Tacitus, a team of crack Royal Equestrian Army commandos assembled to wage unconventional war against an implacable foe. Shining Armor must gain the trust of Fletcher, a bitter ex-operator with a checkered past, but the talents and experience Armor needs to win this fight. As Tacitus races to unravel the threads that led to war and stop a sinister plot against Equestria, Luna prepares to do battle with that which lurks in the darkness.

Princess. Commander. Each have their roles to play in a bid to bring peace back to their country, their people, and their world. But all in Equestria will soon learn that if they desire peace, they must prepare for war.

The storyline follows Shining Armor and his team as they are caught up in a geopolitical conflict of epic proportions. Throughout the story, there are glimpses of the decisions Luna must make to keep her people safe as well as Cadence's efforts to advise her and keep the spirits of the Equestrian people afloat. The storyline is original work, but draws heavy inspiration from the tradecraft of modern military media (eg: Act of Valor, Medal of Honor) as well as the character work and robust world building of games like Mass Effect. The art style and tech level are meant to evoke the feel of 1940s wartime America while the mechanics of magic and combat are all meant to be very gritty and down to earth.

Para bellum will be a world building piece and establish the core polities and mechanics for this universe. This is my first attempt at world building for an alternate universe based on FiM that doesn't rely on an established crossover franchise (eg: Fallout Equestria). There are three planned pieces set in this universe, of which this is the first.

I will not link the story itself because it contains mild language yet to release chapters contain substantial violence. You can find it on my FiMFiction profile HERE.
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Mkay, *Cracks knuckles* let's do this...

1: Old story i began writing, i was actually really proud of the idea... but it got so little interest (8 up votes, and 2 comments with 900 views) I lost the urge to continue... Basically the dragons on the other side of the planet believe that Celestia has too much power, and want the ability to control the sun. After being injured and losing her sister Celestia returns home to send her faithful student on a quest to get help... but it's not without it's roadbumps.


2: ACTUALLY FINISHED ONE! =D Discord returns years later, but he doesnt cause chaos... instead he just... talks... talks to the grown up Cutie Mark Crusaders, who only heard whispers of the incident years ago... A different way of looking at Discord...


3: Pre Cadance story... Twiliight gets a hint of a third alicorn... after realizing that Blueblood wasnt related to Luna or Celestia... she knew there had to be another Alicorn in hiding...


4: imagine FIM as a TV show....... i feel like i lost you already, no, imagine the character of MLP as the actors who play the character on the show FIM... Well the background actor Derpy finally earns her staring role wit ha speaking role, earning her more fame than ever... but the stardom gets to her head... and her light only shines briefly before she's replaced...


5: Lets see, this one has 1700 views, 82 up votes, wow, which one was this-... Oh... We uh... won't talk about that one... *blushes*

6: Currently workin on this one... A series of murders send ponyville into a panic... but who is the culprit? And is this just a way for me to kill off all the character i dont like? who knows....


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1. Brutal Rainbow. A crossover between MLP and Brutal Legend. Basically, RD is transported to the world of METAL! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/70925/brutal-rainbow

2. My Little Krueger: Nightmares are Magic. A crossover between MLP and Nightmare on Elm Street (the good series, not the remake ****) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/98523/my-little-krueger-fear-is-magic

3. The Changeling. A story about a changeling that just wants to change his life and be like just a normal pony. That one isn't published yet because I don't have enough written, but i could use some help on that one.

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Well, I was told to promote FiMFiction here so...here I am




The United Unicorn Society is taking over, but Khan and Nova aren't going down so easily. The United Unicorn Society, a shady political group, is taking a bold move and their long time enemies, dubbing themselves E.A.E.A. or Equestria As Equals Association, is stepping up to take them down.

Follow Khan and Nova through a story of tragedy, action, and romance to find out how they fit in to the new world they've been plunged into. Do they have what it takes?

Only one way to find out...


Thanks in advance and remember to up vote if you liked it and if you don't like it, give me feedback!



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