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[Appleoosa] Harvest Time (PM to join)


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SilverStar.PNGSheriff Silverstar

lgcFVs.jpg Louise LaMare

kVfbss.jpgDoc Holly Day

Harvest Time!

It was the annual time of the big apple harvest in the huge orchard outside of Appleoosa. Citizens and friends are getting organized for the big day. Sheriff Silverstar has called for a Town Hall Meeting in the Dance Barn on the far side of town. On the raised stage in front of the seating area, Sheriff Silverstar began to address the crowd.

[colour=#8B4513]"Fillies an' Gentlecolts!" [/colour]the mustached lawpony began to speak. [colour=#8B4513]"It's time fer the Annual Apple Harvest, and we got a heap of work ta git done! First of all, we gotta big ol' orchard full'a apples ta gather up. Next, after we round'm all up, we gotta lotta apple pies ta bake! Cause y'all know when we commerse ta harvest'n apples, it means our good friends the buffalo will be stampedin' by in a few days. That leads ta the final part of Apple Harvest time, servin' up apple pies fer the Chief and all his herd! Time ta git organized! We're gonna need all the help we kin git cause them apple trees is LOADED with big ol' apples! Who kin help with apple pickin'?"[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"Ya kin always count on me!" [/colour]Doc Holly Day shouted as the unicorn stallion raised his hoof in the air.

[colour=#FF0000]"I certainly want to help too!" [/colour]added Louise LaMare, the brown furred Pegasus mare. [colour=#FF0000]"This'll be my first Appleoosa Harvest, and I can help pick apples, prepare and bake the pies, even help serve them to our guests if you like! I'll do ANYTHING for you, Sheriff, darling!"[/colour]

Instantly, her words caused the Sheriff to blush briefly. After shaking it off, he speaks once again.

[colour=#8B4513]"We got anymore volunteers? Speak up so's we kin git organized better."[/colour]

Now the Sheriff waited to hear more response from the gathered ponies.

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[colour=#008000]"You can count on me, Sheriff."[/colour]

Durham Red was torn. Harvest season meant a large order of flour to bake all those apple pies, flour that he ground at his mill just outside town. Running the mill was a two pony job, one to pour the grain into the hopper at the top, and the other to fill the flour sacks at the bottom. Fortunately he had his cousin Franz to help him, so that wasn't his problem.

His problem was that his little sister, Sorghum Sweet, had been begging him to let her come visit during the apple harvest. She wouldn't want to spent her entire visit at the mill though. Oh no, she would want to see the whole operation, from the picking to the baking. Heck, Sorghum would probably try to run the stampede with the buffalo if he let her (which he wouldn't).

Now here he was, volunteering himself to help out. Well, more than he expected to, at any rate. Maybe if he and Franz worked extra hours, they could get all the flour finished early. Then he could take a day to show his sister around town, and let her try her hoof at apple kicking out with hind-legs if she wanted to. Although she would probably be better at the pie making. As soon as the meeting was over, Durham would have to go back to the mill and let his cousin know that they would be working overtime tonight.

[colour=#a9a9a9]"kicking out with hind-legs"? I realize that it's a site-specific find-and-replace, but it just sounds weird.[/colour]

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[colour=#FFA500]"I'm all in Sheriff!"[/colour]

Apple Susie jumped onto her Pa's back and placed her front hooves on his head, and waved her front right hoof in the air to show which pony was talking. She was so excited for the Annual Harvest since this would be her first time actually participating with the rest of Appleloosa but the part that she was most excited about was meeting the buffalo tribe that lived somewhere far from Appleloosa. [colour=#FFA500]"I can help with buckin' some apples and serve some of dem' delicious apple pies!"[/colour]. Apple Susie hopped off her Pa's back after being prompted by her Ma and since she could feel her Pa's back starting to shake under her weight, she wasn't exactly a little foal anymore.

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Apple Cinnamon ventured into the center of town to hear the important announcement of the upcoming harvest time. This would be her first time since moving to Appleoosa to participate, and she knew that she wanted to give back to the town that welcomed her in.

[colour=#006400]"Count me in fer this! Ah' can definitely help out with the harvestin' an' anything else ya need!"[/colour]

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Grinning, the Sheriff came down off the stage to greet those who had just volunteered for duty.

[colour=#8B4513]"Thanks fer volunteerin', young stallion!" [/colour]the mustached laypony said to Durham Red, shaking his hoof before approaching Apple Susie and Apple Cinnamon. [colour=#8B4513]"Ladies, we sure appreciate your offer ta help! Welcome aboard!"[/colour]

As the Sheriff eagerly shook their hooves, Doc Holly Day rushed up on stage to keep the meeting moving.

[colour=#A9A9A9]"Any of the rest of ya wanna volunteer ta help? We could sure use ya!" [/colour]the mustached unicorn spoke as all over the group, several more hooves of the townfolk rose into the air.

[colour=#FF0000]"This is great!" [/colour]Louise LaMare shouted as she glanced out at the crowd. [colour=#FF0000]"I sure hope others are willing to step forward to help too."[/colour]

I am hoping more people will join this RP, especially those chars that specifically live in Appleoosa but other chars are free to 'visit' the town long enough to participate in this event!

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Dapper Dan was, in a word, excited. He'd only been in Appleoosa a few months, not long enough to have been around for their last harvest. Like a colt on his first Winter Wrap-Up, he was up rather early. He set his glasses on his snout and trotted out of his barbershop, heading for town square.

He arrived just as the Sheriff was finishing up his speech, but he sure caught it as he was walking toward the meeting. He understood there were three roles: harvesting, baking, serving. Simple, right?


The brown unicorn stallion trotted toward the group, grinning happily. "Mornin', all!" he called out. One thing he loved about the small town: he recognized almost everypony there, and felt right at home calling out like that.

"I can't much cook, but I can help with anything else!" he assured Sheriff Silverstar, grinning happily. Yes, Dapper Dan was excited to get to work, and while he'd never worked a minute on an apple orchard, he was always willing to try something new, no matter what.

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Heartwood was running late – very late. The stallion had stayed up rather late the night before, working on the intricate legs of one of his more demanding commissions. He had told himself that, because of the day, he would only do a few hours of work. It was a foolish promise…three hours turned into eight in the blink of an eye, and now because of his poor time management he had slept in and was late for the apple harvest!

[colour=#8b4513]“Oh sugar,”[/colour] he muttered while he ran, hooves kicking up a cloud of dirt behind him,[colour=#8b4513] “Oh fiddlesticks! I hope they haven’t gone too far without me!”[/colour]

It would seem luck was on his side, though! They were still rounding up volunteers and he could save face! He slowed down his pace and fixed his hat, a shower of wood shaving falling from his thick mane as he did so (apparently not even a good gallop can get them all out!).

[colour=#8b4513]“Mornin’ friends!”[/colour] he called out as he neared the group,[colour=#8b4513] “I’ll be helpin’ out with everything! Y’all just point where ya need me and I’ll be there.”[/colour]

The carpenter was pretty pleased, actually, that he would be able to manage so much volunteering – he only had a handful of commissions that needed immediate attention and completion, all of which could be managed with all of the harvest season’s work. Heart was always eager to help with farming, whether it was at his family’s place or here at the apple harvest, you could always count on the carpenter to show up and lend a helping hoof!

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(ooc): Ok, looks like we have enough chars to get this RP going, thanks for all who have 'volunteered' for Harvest Time in Apploosa!

UPDATED (4-25-13) Here's the NEW current posting order I'd like to establish:

1) Mojo / Sheriff Silverstar, Louise LaMare, Doc Holly Day

2) Brianblackberry / Braeburn

3) Pedestrian Wolf / Durham Red, Sorghum Sweet

4) Twitter / Apple Susie

5) Lux / Apple Cinnamon

6) Strummann / Dapper Dan

7) Elderflower / Heartwood

8) Riverhippo / Arrow Plain

9) Alison Rose / Apple Pie

The fun of having RP is to interact with each other's characters, respond to each other's words/actions.

With that in mind, let's do our best to keep this RP moving along smoothly, maintain the posting order and if anyone's going to be away for any period of time, please let us all know.

ALSO: If anyone else wants to JOIN this RP, please either PM me OR post in the OOC ThreadFIRST. We'll be glad to accommidate more 'late arrivals' but we want to do this right. Thank you!

Now, here we go!

Next post starts the 'order' and it's my turn:

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Sheriff Silverstar was THRILLED to see so many eager volunteers!

[colour=#8B4513]"That's teerific that y'all wanna help out so much!" [/colour]the mustached lawpony shouted from the raised stage. [colour=#8B4513]"First thing that needs done is ta git all them apples from our orchard picked! Y'all's gonna be divded up inta small groups with a veteran harvest pony as Team Leaders. The Team Leader are gonna be responsible ta make sure each team gits their tasks done! Doc Holly Day has the Master List, so he's gonna be readin' off duh team assignments. Pay attention, folks, and listen fer hen yur name's called. Take it away, Doc!"[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"Thank ya, Sheriff! Ok, as I read yur names off, stand with yur leader. Team Number One will work on the Southeast corner of the orchard and will consist of the followin' ponies. Dapper Dan, Heartwood, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Susie, Durham Red, Arrow Plain, Sorghum Sweet, Apple Pie and Louise LaMare with Team Leader, Braeburn! Team One, foller yur team leader over to that thar Big Oak tree and git acquainted with each other since yur gonna be workin' closely with each other! Now, Team Two will have the followin' ponies in it...."[/colour]

As Doc Holly Day began to read off the other team pairings, Louise LaMare walked over to the Oak tree and waited for all of the other members of her team to arrive.

[colour=#FF0000]"Oh, this is SO exciting!" [/colour]Louise LaMare shouted as the brown furred Pegaus mare began jumping for joy. [colour=#FF0000]"Can't wait to get started!"[/colour]

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Braeburn couldn't believe he was actually late for the opening gathering of ponies for the Appleloosian big harvest! At least it wasn't because he was lazing about, but instead several of the chickens had gotten loose that morning from the coop! As best he could figure, the latch was damaged by the winds last night at some point allowing the hens to escape all over the farm and even into the open steppe. Normally no big deal, but chickens are just too dumb to ever listen to instructions, and the last thing the golden stallion wanted was to be late! Alas, he and his young ward, Apple Pie ended up spending much of that morning herding the bardyard fowls back and getting that darn door fixed! Well at least he had made it, unfortunately just in time for the meeting to end.

Well, at least he could now finally take charge! It made sense of course, owning much of the orchards around Applelossa and having the most experience harvesting crops and other farm work, who could be better? [colour=#daa520]“Howdy Appleloosians! Ready to work y'all's legs and harvest the best apples in all of Equestria?! Now harvestin' all these apples will be hard work an' all, but it doesn't mean y'all can't have fun doin' it! Apple Pie and ah like to make a game of our chores when we can, somethin' mah cuzins and ah learned from our ol' Granny Smith back when we were just lil' foals. Course be social and chat some too as we do this but don't y'all loose track of the work, we got ah lot of apple trees to cover, now let's make APPPPPPPPLELOOSA (whinney) proud y'all!”[/colour]

Braeburn proudly trotted to the closest apple tree and gave it a swift kick with his hind leg, causing several apples to fall right into the bucket. [colour=#daa520]“Ah figure w'all can divide up into teams of four, each team can figure out among themselves how best to gather the apples to the carts, ah like to encourage independence and creativity after all!”[/colour] Braeburn gave an encouraging smile and wink, surevhis pep talk had the intended inspirational effect on his fellow Appleloosians.

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Sorghum Sweet was practically dancing with excitement. She was over the moon that her parents had allowed her to visit her older brother for the annual apple harvest in Appleloosa. Her first apple harvest! Heck, the first time she was allowed to help with harvesting anything at all! She was absolutely giddy, and nearly tripped over her own hooves running to the meeting area for her team. She was on a team! Squee!

Durham red was less excited. He'd never tried apple harvesting before. Usually at this time of year he was busy grinding the flour for baking the apple pies. But his darling little sister wanted to participate, and he couldn't leave her unsupervised. His dam would never forgive him if anything happened to her while he was off doing other things.

They both arrived at the meeting area under the oak tree, Sorghum in a flurry of hooves and Durham in a slower and more dignified trot. They looked around to see who else was on their team, and suddenly Sorghum Sweet made a delighted little squeak. There were other fillies here! Someone her own age, not just stuffy adults who told her what she wasn't allowed to do! Oh joy!

And then, Braeburn showed up. Sorghum practically melted. He was so handsome! And the way he casually kicked the tree, making the apples fall precisely into the bucket. She almost swooned. Durham noticed her reaction and rolled his eyes. His sister could be such a silly little filly sometimes.

At the mention of breaking into even smaller groups. Sorghum turned to her brother with imploring eyes.

[colour=#006400]"Can I be in a group with the other fillies? Please please please!"[/colour]

[colour=#008000]"Well, okay, but only if they want to be in a group with you. And only if you have a responsible adult pony as your group leader."[/colour] He replied. Durham did not relish the idea of foalsitting a bunch of tittering fillies. But he knew some of the other ponies in their team, and trusted a few of them to be responsible enough to keep an eye on the girls.

She squealed again, and dashed over to Apple Susie and Apple Pie.

[colour=#006400]"Hi! I'm Sorghum Sweet from Fillydelphia![/colour] [colour=#006400]This is my first apple harvest ever! Do you want to be on a team together? This is gonna be so much fun!"[/colour]

Durham Red would be happy on a team with any of the other ponies here. He knew he wouldn't be the only inexperienced one, so he wouldn't embarrass himself too much. As long as he wasn't grouped with Braeburn, anyway. There was no way he could compete with the golden stallion in buckin' apples. That wouldn't stop him from trying, though. And probably hurting himself in the process.

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(OOC: Sorry The website wouldn't let me put the colours for my dialogue)

Apple Susie rose on her hind legs and neighed along with her cousin Braeburn. She trotted over towards her cousin Apple Pie and slightly nudged her with her head, "Why hey cousin! my names Apple Susie! me you and Braeburn are cousins along with the rest of the Apple Family!!" , she wore a large smile on her face as she looked at her cousin and then over at Braeburn as he showed a demonstration of how to perfectly kick out with hind-legs a pile of apples off of an apple tree, she glanced back at Apple Pie, "Sorry I haven't said hi but I was kinda too shy when I had the chance but now that we gonna be working together we can become great buddies!" , she then turned around as a filly with a beige coat and an emerald green mane around her age galloped over to her and her cousin Apple Pie. She smirked as the filly introduced herself with the most excitement that she had ever seen, "Well Howdy Sorghum Sweet! This is my first Apple harvest too! my folks finally let me come", she smiled and slightly blushed, "Well I would love to be apart of a team with you!" She turned her head towards Apple Pie while slightly side stepping towards Sorghum, "Well how bout it cousin wanna join?".

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Apple Cider nodded when she received her assignment to go with the other ponies to the southern fields. As she made her way to the oak tree, she saw a few faces in the crowd that she remembered from the Apple Family Reunion. One of the ponies that she met was Braeburn.

[colour=#006400]"Well howdy Braeburn. Nice to see you again. Ah'm really excited to be gettin' mah hooves dirty for[/colour] [colour=#006400]this first ever apple harvest here in Appleoosa. Ah've been raised at a farm everpony, but ah've been away fer awhile[/colour], [colour=#006400]so excuse me if Ah'm a little [/colour][colour=#006400]rusty like an old plow when ah get started. [/colour]

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Dapper Dan listened in one who was to go where, then nodded. Team One, led by Braeburn. He followed Miss LaMare over to the oak tree where she was waiting, giving her a nod in greeting.

"Morning, Miss LaMare," he said politely, smiling. He'd come to become decent friends with most of the townsfolk in his time here. He watched as Braeburn got to work with his little speech and demonstration, and couldn't help but laugh. Always full of energy, it seemed.

"Gotta admit, never done this kind of work before. Seems fun though," he said with a chuckle. "And how hard could it possibly be?" he added. Famous last words, of course.

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As soon as Doc Holly called his name, Heartwood trotted off towards his group with a big, lopsided smile. It was great to be out on a farm again! As much as he loved carving wood, it was always a treat to walk out in the dirt. Every step he took was cushioned by the healthy soil, a sensation he likened to stepping on clouds (and he’d never let a pegasus correct him!) and one that always made him feel totally rooted into the earth.

His little moment of bliss was soon interrupted by Braeburn’s energy – not that he was complaining. The sheer, unbridled enthusiasm of the stallion was infectious! Heartwood, spurred on by the golden stallion’s display, picked up speed and joined up with the cluster of his fellow ponies in no time.

Following Braeburn’s advice of splitting into even smaller groups, Heart automatically made way towards the three little fillies. It seemed like a good idea to have at least one adult looking out for them, just in case something happened!

[colour=#daa520]“Howdy littluns!” [/colour]he said cheerfully, flashing a bright smile towards them all,[colour=#daa520] “If ya don’t know, my name’s Heartwood and I’ll be joining your group – that is if it’s okay with y’all.”[/colour]

The large stallion bowed quite playfully, and when his head was stooped low he cast his eyes upwards towards the youngsters and winked. [colour=#daa520]“Now y’all try not to give me too hard a time – I was raised by potatah farmers y’know! This apple business is totally foreign.”[/colour]

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[colour=#000000]Arrow Plain was laying in the sun-burnt grass. The grass was soft enough to enjoy in the desert thanks to some transplanted apple trees, but still brown due to the harsh dry conditions of the Painted Pinto Plains. The yellow filly's eyes were half hung, her facial expression fully lacking any interest in the activity going on around her. She had sunk her body low to the ground like a wild tiger stalking its prey in tall grass. She exhales, and the rolls over on her back, staring at the sky. She could see a few clouds, which graced the Appleloosan sky with its momentary presence, reminding the ponies that settled there that moisture does indeed exist on this side of the Allacor Mountains. Somehow.

Arrow was at the orchard on account of her foster parents bringing her there. And she was brought there on account of them making her go. And she had no choice on account of her being grounded. And she was grounded on the account that the Appleloosan schoolhouse teacher didn't like it that Arrow put adhesive on her desk chair. It was an honest mistake, and it wasn't uncommon for a pony like Arrow Plain to have from time to time. Misunderstandings would blow over. Until then, she was here at the orchard against her free will.

Hearing her name, Arrow perked up and looked towards her group. There were three other fillies about the same age as her. Immediately, she began to size herself up with them. Two of them didn't have their cutie marks. That was a good start. She was also the only unicorn of the four. Not that Arrow's unicorn magic contained any power worth mentioning. Arrow exhaled with a sigh of boredom and slowly walked towards Braeburn with no motivation at all. [/colour][colour=#0033ff] At least the foals aren't pegasus ponies[/colour][colour=#000000], Arrow thought to herself. The only thing Arrow hated more than a pegasus was two pegasi. She would never admit to it, but her jealousy of their gift of flight always made her bitter, and was usually the source of most, if not all, or her frustrations. Seeing as there were adult pegasi within this group of volunteer ponies, Arrow already tried looking for a way out. [/colour][colour=#0033ff]"Do I have to help pick off these stupid apples?"[/colour]


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Apple Pie had been at home far too long and rolled out of her bed. Quickly doing her mane up into her bonnet she sprinted as fast as she could to Braeburn's side. She nods her head slowly and keeps her mouth shut not wanting to say anything but rather let her presence be low on the radar. Quickly rubbing her eyes to make sure that she had gotten the sleep from them before they would begin the work of harvesting the apples. Apple Pie had a special task, making Apple Pies for the buffalo that would run past and keep the town well stocked. You never knew when an apple pie would come in handy. A few words that were spoken caught Apple Pie's attention and set her ears on fire.

Do I have to help pick off these stupid apples?

Apple Pie shot this pony an evil glare as she stomped her hoof down before turning away to hide behind Braeburn and mumbling something about not needing help.

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Soon, all of the other teams were assembled and ready to begin.

[colour=#8B4513]"Alrighty then, y'all!" [/colour]Sheriff Silverstar announced on his megaphone. [colour=#8B4513]"Now that all the team's er set, let's git a goin'! Them apple pies ain't gonna fill and bake themselves!"[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"The Sheriff and I will be checkin' in on y'all from time ta time!" [/colour]added an equally loud Doc Holly Day. [colour=#696969]"If'n thar's any problems er questions, flag one of us down and ask!"[/colour]

Louise LaMare smiled as Dapper Dan addressed her.

[colour=#FF0000]"Good morning to you too, Dapper Dan," [/colour]the brown furred Pegasus mare said, [colour=#FF0000]"this will be my first time too. But now that I'm a part of the Appleoosa community, I certainly want to do my part to help."[/colour]

Spotting Arrow Plain among the foals, Louise shouted out to her and waved. [colour=#FF0000]"Hi Arrow! So glad you're a member of this team!"[/colour]

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Braeburn watched as the ponies who volunteered to b[colour=#696969]u[/colour]ck the apples with him gathered around, ten in total. The goldenrod stallion had hoped for more to help, but in Appleloosa a pony doesn't complain, they just make do, and that is exactly what he intended! "Well ponies, as w'all only have ten volunteers, ah figure we can be in two groups of five".

It became quickly apparent that one group would be made up primarily of foals, who naturally, gravitated to one another. "How about y'all youngins' stick together as a team, y'all can make ah game out of this." Fortunately two of the foals were Apples, Apple Pie and Apple Susie, which meant at least some of the group who have farming and b[colour=#696969]u[/colour]cking experience. Of the other two, he had only seen the yellow unicorn around on occasion, while the green maned filly was obviously from out of town, but that was alright, in fact it was great ponies from outside game to see what Applelossa was all about.

Before Braeburn could inquire any names of the new foals, the yellow unicorn spoke up with a rather off-putting question. [colour=#daa520]"Well youngin' this is ah volunteer job, y'all don't need to b[/colour][colour=#ff8c00]u[/colour][colour=#daa520]ck or pick any of them apples if y'all don't want to, but we'd really appreciate y'all helping and all, given how many apples w'all have to get down and ready, and y'all be really helping feeding the community of APPPPPPLELOOSA! As well as dem buffalo".[/colour]

Braeburn was about to volunteer himself to the foal group when another stallion preempted him; that was alright, as long as the foals had at least one adult with them, although he was pretty sure even alone, Apple Pie could have handled herself. [colour=#daa520]"Thanks for helping' thar Heartwood, ah'm sure the wee little ones will take to b[/colour][colour=#ff8c00]u[/colour][colour=#daa520]ckin' in no time!"[/colour]

That just left the other adults with him. Braeburn gave a reassuring hug to Apple Cider, [colour=#daa520]"ah'm sure y'all will do fine cuz', yer an Apple after all!"[/colour] Of the other adults Braeburn only recognized Miss LaMare. Braeburn politely took off his Stetson as he smiled at the small assemble before him, [colour=#daa520]"howdy y'all, ah guess by now y'all know me as Braeburn, and this hear is may personal orchard, Buffalo Run! Before we begin, anypony have any questions?"[/colour]

Normally the word "b[colour=#696969]u[/colour]ck" is automatically altered in text, however you can get around this by making one of the letters in the word a different colour. I just choose a similar colour so it will not stand out much.

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Sorghum Sweet was a little disappointed that the handsome stallion Braeburn wouldn't be leading their group. Durham Red was not disappointed at all. Heartwood was a good guy, and Durham trusted him to keep an eye on the little fillies. Honestly, if Braeburn had led the filly group, Sorghum would have spend the whole time swooning and probably ended up getting hit on the head with a bucket of apples for not paying attention to her surroundings.

Of course, this meant that Durham Red and Braeburn would be working together. He flexed his hind legs, readying them for a long morning of kicking trees. He was not going to be outdone by the golden boy of Appleloosa! He'd show him what buckin' was, gosh darn it.

Sorghum was a little put off by Arrow Plain, however. The yellow unicorn filly's attitude was disconcerting. Why didn't she want to help harvest apples? Wasn't this the most important part of the year here? Durham noticed his sister's expression, and sighed. He knew Arrow Plain's foster parents, and the trouble they sometimes had with her. Leaning down, he whispered in her ear, [colour=#008000]"That's Arrow Plain. She was raised by the buffalo, and adopted by ponies here in town. I don't think she's got many friends, why don't you go over and talk to her?"[/colour]

Sorghum Sweet looked doubtful, but it was worth a shot. She trotted over to where the little yellow unicorn stood and introduced herself.

[colour=#006400]"Hi! I'm Sorghum Sweet from Fillydelphia![/colour][colour=#006400] This is my first time harvestin' apples. I think it'll be fun, don't you?"[/colour] She turned and looked back at Durham Red, who made little 'go on' movements with his hoof. [colour=#006400]"So, my big bro tells me that you were raised by buffalo! I bet that was exciting! Do ya get to run in the stampede with them, too?"[/colour]

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(ooc): New Posting Rules!

[colour=#222222]Folks, I humbly apologize for not keeping up with this RP better before.[/colour]

[colour=#222222]We've lost Twitter, and the old posting rules are both too strict and too confusing.[/colour][colour=#222222][/colour]

[colour=#222222]I'd like to save this RP, so I purpose replacing all the posting rules with one simple rule:[/colour][colour=#222222][/colour]

[colour=#222222]1. You may post again after four other people have posted[/colour][colour=#222222][/colour]

[colour=#222222]There! I think this will keep the action flowing and will eliminate waiting on slower posters.[/colour][colour=#222222][/colour]

[colour=#222222]We can start this new rule effective IMMEDIATELY![/colour][colour=#222222][/colour]

[colour=#000000]Time to move on with the RP! [/colour]

[colour=#000000] [/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour]

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Louise LaMare smiled as Dapper Dan addressed her.

[colour=#FF0000]"Good morning to you too, Dapper Dan," [/colour]the brown furred Pegasus mare said, [colour=#FF0000]"this will be my first time too. But now that I'm a part of the Appleoosa community, I certainly want to do my part to help."[/colour]

"Yep!" Dapper Dan agreed with a smile. "I'm a full Appleoosian now, I guess. First hoedown, now my first harvest. I might as well participate, see what's going to happen," he said. He was rather excited, and couldn't wait to see the buffaloes, who he'd never had a chance to actually meet before today. He looked at Braeburn, who was addressing their assembled team, and he shook his head.

"Not really," he said. It seemed straightforward. Kick the trees, knock the apples into baskets, harvest them. Done. Again, he thought... how hard could it possibly be?

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[colour=#000000]Braeburn wasn't halfway through with what he was speaking to the yellow filly, when Arrow took it upon herself to bail as soon as he said it was volunteer only. Her little legs got about as far as the path's edge before her foster mum, Mrs. Trails, picked her up by the neck, walked her back over to the group, and set her down, all with a very discipline-giving look on her face. As Arrow was set back down, her expression was unmotivated and her eyes rolled. When Mrs. Trails walked back towards the rest of her day, Arrow stuck her tongue out in that direction for a short moment.

When Sorghum walked towards Arrow and started talking, Arrow's expression barely moved at all.[/colour]

[colour=#006400]"Hi! I'm Sorghum Sweet from Fillydelphia!"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Arrow blinked her eyes one at a time.[/colour]

[colour=#006400]"This is my first time harvestin' apples. I think it'll be fun, don't you?"[/colour]


[colour=#006400]"So, my big bro tells me that you were raised by buffalo! I bet that was exciting! Do ya get to run in the stampede with them, too?"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Arrow rolls over a little, away from the filly trying to talk to her. But then as time would develop, Arrow had an idea. She jumped up, turned aroud towards Surgham and responded with a smile. [/colour][colour=#0033ff]"Hay! Do you like having fun?"[/colour]


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[colour=#FF0000]"Yes Dapper Dan, I'm looking forward to this event too!" [/colour]Louise LaMare neighed, glancing over at little Arrow Plane, who hadn't responded to her greeting. The brown Pegasus mare noticed how she was talking to the other foals in the group, which would perhaps explain why the filly didn't want to speak to a grown-up at the moment. Louise then walked up to Braeburn. [colour=#FF0000]"Sir, where do you think I would best serve the group doing? Bu-cking apples or pulling loaded carts away?"[/colour]

As she spoke, Sheriff Silverstar and Doc Holly Day walked over to the dashing lead stallion of the group.

[colour=#8B4513]"Well Braeburn, the other groups are startin' their work, time ta git ta pickin' apples," [/colour]the lawpony said as he pointed to Doc Holly Day. [colour=#8B4513]"If'n ya need help with the apples, I kin spare Doc here ta lend a hoof!"[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"More like lend a horn, if ya like!" [/colour]Doc Holly Day said as his horn glowed briefly, levitating one apple from a limb and floating it down towards his mouth. Before the red maned unicorn could take a bite, the Sheriff snatched it away.

[colour=#8B4513]"Stop ya munchin', Doc! We're gonna need every apple ta make them pies fer our buffalo pals!"[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"Oh, surry Sheriff, I reckon I gotta little carried away."[/colour]

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Apple Pie wiped the sleep from her eyes as she stretched out on Braeburn's back.

[colour=#00ff00]"Another day of hard work and hot temperatures. I only hope that this time the lemonaide is made with enough sugar and isn't left out in the sun all day untended. Nothing deters me more then a jug of watered down sour lemonaide."[/colour] Apple Pie remarked as she got down off Braeburn and stood right at his side. She grins, but only for a moment as she sees Braeburn stretching himself. Her bonnet on tight and her mane flipped out of her face she was ready for war against these apple trees and she was going to make the best darn Apple Pies this side of Canterlot, no, on all sides of Canterlot!

[colour=#00ff00]"What strategy are we going with today Braeburn?"[/colour] Apple Pie had a list of them in her head ranging from an extravagant one all the way down to the most simple and basic operating procedures. Normally Braeburn just picked the plain old routine that worked every time but maybe today was going to be different!

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