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  1. If you're waiting on me to post, go ahead and skip to the next person. I don't know when I'll be back on the site to RP.

    1. brianblackberry


      D: I hope you'll be back soon!

  2. Sketches and finished drawings of my pony characters.
  3. You missed the opportunity to post this at 9:26 am (3/14/15 9:26:53)
  4. Ah, so this is the pic you were working on earlier this week. Very nice!
  5. Sorry to everyone, I haven't been feeling up to much creative writing RP lately. I'll try to post when I can wring a few sentences out of my recalcitrant muse.

  6. Ooh, such a stud! We will have to introduce him to Snickerdoodle, since his sister and her cousin are practically besties.
  7. EEEEEEEEEE!! Thank you! Can you do a version with a transparent background so I can use it as a post header?
  8. Here's a quick sketch. I'm not a dress designer, and drapery folds are not my forte, but I hope you like it. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11674280/
  9. First off, swearing is not allowed, and curse words will get asterisked out, as you can see. Second, no one said they wouldn't draw your character. We do need a little more information than you gave, though. Try playing around with the pony creator flash game I linked to. It's pretty fun, actually. Or if for some reason it doesn't work for you, try to come up with a more detailed description of your pony. I'm sure there are a couple artists on this site who wouldn't mind doing a quick sketch for you, myself included.
  10. What gender is your pony? What color are your eyes? What's your cutie mark? Also, what shade of yellow? Bright yellow, golden yellow, pale yellow? Is your mane/tail striped, or is it one color with highlights in the other color? Is your coat one shade of yellow while your mane/tail are a different shade? Here's the link to the Pony Creator on Deviant Art that Halide suggested: http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Creator-Full-Version-254295904
  11. [colour=#cc6699]"Last Call, everypony! You can get a room in back, or I'll have to ask you to leave after this round, I'm sorry! Thank you so much for protecting all us flightless ponies all night long!"[/colour] Snickerdoodle looked up as the barmare made her announcement. Closing time had come, but at least she had the option to stay in one of the rooms here instead of trying to find her way home. Her plate was empty, so she finished off the last swig of her spiked cocoa and brought her dishes up to the front of the bar. Retrieving a room key, she wandered back to the sleeping areas, waving goodnight to Pocket Change and the red REA mare who had come to collect him. Snickerdoodle found her room and fell into the bed, fast asleep before her head even hit the pillow.
  12. [colour=#0000ff]I’m sure most of you here today, being fans of a fictional archaeologist, have read at least a few of my prior articles... am I right?[/colour] Fuchsia Blooms had not read any of Dr Merlot's articles, but she made a mental note to check them out when she got back home to Canterlot and had access to the library. He was an engaging speaker, so his writing must also be interesting. She was really enjoying the banter between the mare dressed as Daring Do and the archaeologist on the panel. Hopefully there would be other interesting panels after this one. Her stomach grumbled. Fuchsia blushed a little and looked around, wondering if anyone else overheard the noise. As quietly as possible, she removed a daisy sandwich from her pack and nibbled at it, trying not to disturb the rest of the audience or draw attention to herself. But a petal got caught in the back of her throat, causing her to start coughing. [colour=#800080]"Um, sorry. Excuse me." [/colour]She blushed furiously as she stifled her coughs as best she could. [colour=#800080]"Please, continue."[/colour]
  13. Snickerdoodle smiled back at Silverbolt, then down at her hooves again. [colour=#8b4513]"I, um, had wanted to get a massage and a hooficure, but it seems that the spa is awfully busy today. Maybe I should come back another time."[/colour] The spa treatment was supposed to be a birthday gift anyway, and it wasn't her birthday yet. Snickerdoodle decided she would come back when it actually was her birthday, so it would be even more special. She trotted over to the reception desk, and scratched her name off the list, scrawling [colour=#8b4513]"Sorry, will return at a later date" [/colour]next to it. She turned to look for the griffon, but he was still otherwise occupied, so she waved to Silverbolt as she headed out the door. (exit Snickerdoodle) (Derecho remains)
  14. Fuchsia walked in the Nature themed room with a smile on her face. She dropped off her valise and placed her flower baskets on one of the available beds. She admired the layout, and wished quietly that she had been able to bring her little pet hummingbird, Flit, with her. He would have been overwhelmed by all the ponies though, so it was best for him to stay home at the shop without her. [colour=#800080]"I wonder who my roommates will be? I hope they're nice, and we get on well. At the very least, I hope nopony snores," [/colour]she thought to herself. Then she left the room and wandered back to the main hall, for the music and dancing part of the evening was beginning soon!
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