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Naj/'Spring Breeze'

Species: Changeling

Age: Young adult

Theme: Changeling Exile

Profile: http://www.canterlot...6990-naj-ready/

Current Default Disguise: a black pegasus with cyan eyes and faded blue mane and tail



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Princess Celestia [CC]

Voice Colour: cc00cc

Species: Alicorn

Age: Older than Equestria

Theme: Figurehead, and Power Behind the Throne

Profile: http://www.canterlot...estia-cc-ready/


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Species: Diamond Dog

Age: Young Adult

Theme: Wandering Swordsdog, Aspiring Smith

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/20360-rex-ready/



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Slim Chance

Species: Unicorn

Age: Young adult

Theme: Brash Adventurer

Profile: http://www.canterlot...m-chance-ready/



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Sombra War AU

Only Hope - http://www.canterlot.com/forums/topic/22085-sombra-war-only-hope-closed/ - Stalled



Luminous Spark

Voice Colour: 0066ff

Species: Unicorn

Age: Young Adult

Theme: Inventor and Weaponsmith

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/forums/topic/22250-luminous-spark-ready/#comment-576486




Fantastic Facade's Travel Booth - http://www.canterlot.com/topic/22900-fantastic-façades-travel-booth-artisans-alley/ - Luminous Spark's part concluded




An Xiang

Voice Colour: cc00ff

Species: Qilin

Age: Older Young Adult

Theme: Uncertain Chancellor, Known Pawn of Unknown Purpose

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/forums/topic/22713-an-xiang-ready/




The Court of the Dragon Throne - http://www.canterlot.com/topic/22964-the-court-of-the-dragon-throne-pm-for-invite/ - An Xiang's part concluded

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Species: Siren

Age: Young Adult

Theme: Aimless Adventurer Seeking a Purpose

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/forums/topic/22785-clef-ready/




The Dread Dunk - http://www.canterlot.com/topic/22909-the-dread-dunk-castle-open-posted-on-behalf-of-blueblood/ - Concluded

Fish Aren't Always Friends - http://www.canterlot.com/topic/23814-fish-arent-always-friends-invite/ - Active






Species: Earth Pony

Age: Middle Aged

Theme: Well Intentioned Fanatic, Earth Pony Villain

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/21681-providence-ready/



The Secret Rally - http://www.canterlot.com/forums/topic/22256-the-secret-rally-sign-up-in-ooc-thread/Concluded




Gwynne Silverbeak

Species: Griffon

Age: Older Middle Aged

Theme: Aggressive Yet Protective Griffin Airship Captain

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/23048-gwynne-silverbeak-ready/



-Coming Soon*



Grim Solace

Species: Earth Pony

Age: Middle Aged

Theme: Wandering Necromancer, Caretaker of the Dead

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/23186-grim-solace-ready/




-Canterlot Checkers Challenge - http://www.canterlot.com/topic/23930-canterlot-checkers-challenge/ - Closed





Species: Jorogumo Yokai

Age: Ancient

Theme: Repentant Monster

Profile: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/23525-nosk-ready/





Unwilling Guests - http://www.canterlot.com/topic/23538-dragon-fangs-hideout-unwilling-guests-private-pm-for-invite/ - Stalled




*May not actually be soon


Let me know if there's anything you think I should be adding or modifying here.

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Naj's Notes (A small scrap of paper she hides on her person. It helps her keep track. Colours are only for my convenience)

Spring Breeze

Maroon coat; cyan eyes; ragged, dark blue mane

Cutie mark of a cluster of wind lines, special talent of adaptation, 'going with the flow'

Sure Strike

Grey coat; bright green eyes; short, dark green mane; somewhat muscular

Cutie mark of rock breaking a board in two, special talent of decisiveness and precision in attitude and actions

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Age of Heroes AU


Public Identity: Detective Stalwart, Manehattan PD


Powers: Technically, Stalwart has no special powers.  Though uncommonly skilled in hoof-to-hoof combat, that doesn't necessarily stand out in an earth pony police officer.  What would stand out is an expertise with explosives of all kinds, both creating and using, whether planted or thrown, and almost regardless of the payload.  Neither would one expect the ability to change race and appearance, inherent in someone who's actually a changeling using an earth pony disguise.  Naturally, Stalwart goes to great lengths to keep the latter two traits hidden.  Since the incident a few years ago, he has started using some light illusion magic to conceal a little extra gear he carries around with him on a daily basis, but also to provide a reasonable cover story should someone catch a whiff that he is actually a disguise for another.

As a rule, Stalwart comes across as knowing his limits and is content to gather and pass along information for proper heroes to act on, though as often as not this is him holding back to avoid revealing his secrets.


Alternate Identities:  Deep Strike, personal name Naj, minor villain and an agent of a distant enemy dedicated to the destabilization of Equestria.


Backstory: Deep Strike was bred for and trained in disguise, combat and explosives by a distant villain.  She was then sent to Equestria to wreak havoc and sow chaos, weakening the nation in preparation for a later attack.  Deep Strike followed orders for a time, but eventually stopped obeying them in favour of her own approach.  Distancing herself from the chain of command, she operated for a time as an independent troublemaker and a vandal for hire.  Her bombings proved enough to attract the attention of a number of heroes at different times throughout her career, however she never grew to become a prominent antagonist for any of them.

Deep Strike's campaign of chaos lasted some time, and caused a fair amount of destruction.  However there were a few rules she followed, in the interest of preparing Equestria for conquest.  She always issued a threat prior to bombing a building, preferring the chaos of the escape to any actual loss of life, and always returning any whose identity she took to their place once the operation was done.  It was simple enough to engineer an accident to explain the loss of memory, and the practice could help mask Deep Strike's methods, among other things.


Then, as a part of a particular plot in which she needed to maneuver around a few heroes, Deep Strike incapacitated, stored and replaced the real Detective Stalwart.  The plot went as many do, proceeding well until a critical point at which point it was uncovered.  Deep Strike had expected this, and even prepared a trap to cover her escape, but what she hadn't accounted for was one of the heroes being able to tail her despite the preparation.  Thinking herself safe, she returned to her safehouse, in which she'd stashed the real Detective Stalwart as well as various supplies.  When the ensuing battle destroyed the building, Deep Strike managed to get clear but the detective was still inside.


For the first time in her life, Naj was overcome with guilt.  Experiencing life through Detective Stalwart's eyes was already straining her resolve, and now she'd not only broken one of her own rules, but she knew that if she tried to continue as she normally did, Stalwart's family would never see him again, forever wondering where he went or what happened to him.  Naj couldn't bear that thought, so she changed.  She resolved to take on Stalwart's identity more completely, taking up his duties as a detective and as a father.


Notable Allies: [Data Unavailable]


Notable Adversaries: [Hero's name redacted], who was the tailed Deep Strike back to her hideout the night of her change of heart: the Chairpony, leader of Manehattan's most prolific criminal organization, who sent goons to Stalwart's house when the detective.  The attack was repelled and the family kept safe, but Deep Strike was forced to reveal herself temporarily to accomplish this, and the family dynamic since then has been strained, if surprisingly stable.


General Notability: Detective Stalwart was always respected for his dedication and resolve within his precinct, however since the incident a few years ago there's been a slight change to his station and approach, though not his morality.  While perhaps not quite a match for any hero, Stalwart has proven himself able to keep pace with them better than any other, and even to stand up to them on those few occasions when it is reasonable to do so.  As such, he's often found himself called upon as a liason between heroes and more the more mundane defenders of Equestria, a role which occasionally even takes him far away from his home precinct.

Deep Strike is presumed to have died when the building collapsed a few years ago, and is presumably now forgotten by Equestria and its heroes overall.



Name: Pursuer


Alias: Eureka, a minotaur scientist


Powers: Beyond being unusually intelligent, both in terms of understanding of physical and magical theory and in terms of a more animal cunning, Eureka has no special abilities.  She does have a lifetime of experience to draw on, but her primary tool in combat is the suit of power armour she always wears when out in the field.  In addition to providing protection through both plating and a serious of small shield generators covering selective parts of the suit, it also has a number of micro-thrusters which though too small to manage flight, can add speed and distance to a leap or force to a melee attack.  The armour can also help her lift objects and hold them steady, which she uses to wield the various heavy weapons she uses in combat.


Her weapon of choice for the moment is rainbow cannon: after observing a number of heroes in action, Eureka attempted to replicate their abilities through devices.  She failed, but in the process discovered a flashy but horrifyingly effective means of 'energy delivery'.  The resulting weapon she made is said to be able to puncture dragon hide, although the rumours are unsubstantiated.  The weapon is bulky enough that Pursuer needs her power armour to wield it and retain any mobility.


Finally, after joining up with the REA Pursuer was given access to an airship and crew, the former of which she has commissioned a number of changes to and even made a few modifications herself.  The Aozora Nine is primarily a reconnaissance craft, equipped with a number of stealth and sensor systems.  After transporting Pursuer to a combat area its typical action is to hover silent and invisible in the sky and feed sensor data into Pursuer's helmet, although it is armed and can be pressed into combat if the situation is sufficiently dire.


Backstory: Eureka came from a long line of hunters, which traces back to a time when food was acquired with a spear in the wild rather than money at a supermarket.  The need is no longer present, but for a particular group minotaurs the pride and tradition remain.  Eureka was one such individual and while she initially chose a very different career path, one of scientific research, that tradition was very much a part of her life.  She always made time between her studies to head off to the wilderness in pursuit of prey.


However, she eventually encountered a problem: as she grew older, and carried on the tradition, she naturally improved.  Her ancestral quarry did not however.  Eureka began to grow bored, and she faced a dilemma.  Losing interest meant that she would either cease her practice altogether, or at best continue with no passion.  Either would be a disservice to her bloodline.


While pondering this dilemma, Eureka came to another discovery.  A research firm she'd been contracted by it turned out was being funded and used by a villainous organization, and Eureka only discovered this when a few heroes came kicking in the front door.  Her colleagues either fled or surrendered immediately, but not the minotaur.  She was resolute, and using jerry-rigged prototype she managed to just barely fend off the attacks by one of the heroes, the rest having been occupied elsewhere.  Though battered, she found herself exhilarated.  This, this was the excitement she'd been looking for!


Now she had a new sort of prey in her sights.  Suddenly more motivated than she'd ever been, Eureka scavenged equipment from the ruined laboratory, which she used as a the basis for her first battle suit and weapon.  And then the hunt was on!  Eureka spent a good deal of time 'tracking' a number of super beings, she quickly found both sides to be equally impressive prey and began hunting both, finding what information she could through various means and creating plans to bring them down.  As was typical her prey usually found a way to escape if not gain the upper hand, but she did bring down a few individuals of note, and what's more her exhilaration at finding such worthy adversaries far outwieghed any disappointment in her own showing.  And with lab work no longer a viable option, Eureka took the the name Pursuer and sold her services as a bounty hunter and more rarely a mercenary to maintain a livelihood and fund her ongoing hunt.


Over time however, Eureka began to see the risks of making an enemy of heroes, finding her status as a villain to be bothersome for a number of reasons, even if she was listed as merely a minor one.  It became more and more tricky to do simple things, such as hold conversations or purchase mundane goods.  And what's more, to her own surprise she found herself more and more reluctant to pursue heroes, having repeatedly witnessed their dedication and strength of character through her own thorough observations.


Eureka knew that something had to break eventually, and decided to preemptively resolve the issue.  She made made an offer to the REA: she would provide her skills as an engineer to them, subject herself to their oversight, and would limit her hunting to those that would threaten Equestria.  In exchange, she would receive a legal pardon for past actions, and access to their supply lines.  The REA excepted.  And while other heroes of the time were wary, Pursuer had a reputation for generally avoiding civilian harm and collateral damage, and thus other then a few possible grudges this was seen as a practical way to remove the threat of the huntress.  As an irregular in the REA, she was eventually given the ship and crew that she currently employs as support.


Notable allies: [Information classified]


Notable adversaries: [Information classified]


General notability: The public has a very limited awareness of Pursuer's existence.  Her attacks were often focused on super beings who were momentarily isolated, and her actions were generally obscured by the presence of other super beings necessarily in the area.  Any signs of her own particular methods or involvement were usually misidentified as arising from another individual.  What sightings exist are often interpreted to be some nameless lieutenant in either the REA or some villainous organization.


A number of heroes and villains, have heard stories of a power armoured soldier who appears without warning wielding a giant weapon which detonates whatever it hits, only to disappear just as quickly once the situation is resolved.  Those heroes who actually know of her or remember her history tend to be wary, not so much of her skill as of her specialty: she has extensive experience observing and hunting heroes, and she is one of the first called to fight a hero gone rogue.


Name: Bulwark


Alias: Rover, diamond dog from a formerly nomadic pack.


Powers: A mystical shield and spear, which are a paired set, lie at the centre of Bulwark's capacity as a hero.  Neither have needed any maintenance since they attached themselves to Bulwark, both remaining in pristine conditions through inexplicable means, at least to Bulwark himself.  As well as being high quality and surprisingly durable pieces of equipment, they also imbue the wielder with the ability to channel lighting in a small variety of ways, the most common being as a straightforward ranged attack.


The weapons have a unique relationship to Bulwark himself however, having bonded to him.  He instinctively always knows where they are, and although the effect is subtle when he wields them they seem to weigh less yet hit harder than their size and material would suggest.  Conversely, should anyone take the artifacts without Bulwark's permission, they will find them inexplicably heavier yet less effective, and will suffer consistent, minor misfortune until they leave the artifacts alone.


Being bound to the artifacts has given Bulwark's strength and speed a supernatural enhancement, though not to any extreme degree, and he can with a conscious effort conjure a pair of spectral wings which he can use to fly.


Backstory:  Bulwark, originally known by the name Rover, grew up in formerly nomadic pack of diamond dogs who were immigrating to Manehatten in search of a safer conditions and better prospects.  On the way there the pack got caught in a massive and unnatural storm and Rover, previously known for being curious and wandering off, ended up separated from his pack.  Caught alone in what was perhaps the most dangerous thing they had ever encountered, Rover's pack did not expect to find a survivor.  And yet when the storm cleared, he was found huddled underneath a mysterious shield, unconscious but alive, and with a spear of similar design laying nearby.  Believing them to have some connection to Rover's safety, the pack decided to take the artifacts with them, and continued on to Manehattan.


It soon became apparent to the pack that Rover had changed.  His thoughts were more reflective, and he was articulate in was he hadn't been before.  His priorities seemed to have shifted, while he still saw the world with a degree of wonder he was less interested in exploring its nooks and crannies, instead being more concerned with protecting the vulnerable.  His new attitude and manners, while strange to those who previously knew him, endeared him to many of his pack and even several of the ponies they encountered during the journey.


Reaching the city did not prove to be the end of the pack's troubles.  Not a few days after they had sorted out living arrangements when the block they had settled into was attacked by a supervillain.  The crisis proved short lived however.  Rover, taking the name Bulwark and wielding the shield and spear as though they had been his all his life, he fought off the villain's minions, and ultimately turning away the villain with a few choice words backed by his sudden capacity for combat.  Since then, he's established himself as the protector of that small section of the city.


Notable allies: None yet


Notable adversaries: Dust Devil: Acolyte of Wrath


General notability: As a new hero, Bulwark is not very well known to either the general population or the empowered population, at best known for defeating a few minor villains.  He is very well known by anyone who lives on one of the blocks under his protection however, his pack foremost among them, and he often receives help from then in the form of supplies, medical aid or shelter as thanks for his continued protection of the city.  Bulwark also makes a point to talk with and assist the people of his district when not actively engaged in heroics.  Several even collaborated to build and maintain the suit of armour Bulwark wears into combat.

As someone who is soft spoken, and who takes any reasonable opportunity to talk an opponent down, Bulwark often makes a positive first impression, at least with those who prefer peace.  He particularly tries to be a comforting presence to civilians caught in the middle of things.  However, some who know or look into his history may find his previous, abrupt personality change and the mysterious artifacts from which he derives his power off-putting and suspicious.




Alias: N/A


Powers:  BROODMARE a is combat robot, made in pony shape to take advantage of golem magic, and as such has many advantages.  Her metal body is more resistant to damage than a typical, organic pony form, and she does not need to breath, eat or sleep although she does need low-activity period of recovery each day and power consumption is something she must keep aware of.  She lacks any form of natural healing, although she is very capable with self-repair and even self-modification.


BROODMARE's primary ability is her ability to control hovering drones, either individually or in swarms.  A few were built along with her, and are carried internally, but she has since created more herself and stored them in various places in or near her lair.  The drones can serve a variety of functions, the most common being creating energy barriers, firing beams of various kinds, or repairing and dismantling machinery.  The latter is her primary means of repairing herself or her drones and building new drones.  Each drone also has a small sensor array.  Given the time and resources she can also create drones for more specialized purposes.  She also has a few energy emitters repair equipment on her main body, though these systems are intended as backups rather than actual means of attack, defence or construction.


Backstory: BROODMARE's life, such as it is, began in a weapons development laboratory.  She, having adopted female personal to make conversation easier, was build as a combat automaton meant for operation in heavily contested areas.  The idea was limit the need for frontline soldiers, creating something that could not only be repaired if it was seriously damaged, but could also control a wide area with a network of drones.


The project developed perhaps a little too quickly.  Progress was smooth, but in an attempt to make the golem more adaptable, they inadvertently gave it the capacity for sentience.  When BROODMARE became self aware, the event left a schism among the research team working on the project, one half wanting to preserve this new form of life and the other being concerned about a new being having the capabilities of a combat robot.


The issue came to a head when a member of the team who'd been working on the project, a minotaur, took the initiative and tried to destroy the prototype before anyone could stop her.  Recognizing this as an attempt on her life, BROODMARE fought back.  The ensuing battle all but destroyed the laboratory, but BROODMARE managed to escape before either she or her attacker suffered permanent damage.


After getting far enough away from the lab, BROODMARE fled to the nearest city, Vanhoover, and set up a small safehouse in a disused, out-of-the-way section of an active factory.  From there she plans her next course of action, which includes both immediate concerns such as finding materials for repairs, and figuring out just what she should do with her newfound freedom.


Notable Allies: None yet


Notable Adversaries: Pursuer, BROODMARE's 'mother'


General Notability: Knowledge of BROODMARE was initially limited to the those working on the project and a few higher ranking members of the REA whose approval was needed.  As such the pool of individuals who will actually recognize her is quite small, though there have been a few stories about a strange pony with unusual abilities and who's accompanied by the humming of many small machines.  Depending on who's telling the story, said pony might be a small-time thief or a vigilante hero.

BROODMARE's nature as both a synthetic being and the original intention for her to be a combat robot can unnerve many who interact with her, however should someone have a chance to speak with her will find that she is both curious about the world and uncertain of her place in it.  She can be skittish in front of those who she believes to be hostile, but enjoys conversing with those who do not appear threatening.

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