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Make a wish only to have it horribly corrupted

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Granted, but you're deported to the moon for your clear support of an otherworldly being (Lyra Heartstrings) usurping the government. You don't get to enjoy the election results. 



I wish the new Star Wars game wasn't terrible in every conceivable way. 

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Granted, but in order to buy the game...you have to watch the Holiday Special.


I wish that my boyfriend's house was closer to mine, and he doesn't die, and he isn't Republican, and he and I never break up...and that my uncle becomes senator of Illinois. Oh, and that also I don't get sent to the moon for supporting an other worldy figure.
Oh, and I would like Adam Sandler to lose popularity. Not instantly...but more over a period of time.

Finally...I want me and my boyfriend to be invincible forever.

Oh, one more thing, for bullets to cost for than at least 700 dollars.

Singal bullets, that is

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Granted but you're boyfriend is under house arrest, he turns to a fascist, he will become obsessive of you, your uncle will only be senator for a day, you will risk being sent to the sun instead, Adam Sandler will lose popularity but also gain more money, you and you're boyfriend will have to sacrifice people to prevent death, and bullets are reusable.

I wish for true love.

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*poof* an old, moldy Mars Bar pops into your hand. It is covered in lint, dirt and a plethera of unknowns.


I wish I had a billion dollars in my bank account.

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