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(Going to update thing soon~)




Male // Griffon // Young Adult // Traveling Archer

Active Open Threads:

Castle Chaos: Hawkeye finds himself trekking in the dangerous Everfree to visit the Castle of the Two Sisters.

Active Private Threads:

A Gathering of Griffons: Hawkeye meets up with some other griffons in Baltimare to search for a hidden treasure.

Ended Threads:

DJ PON-3's Speed Dating Event Round Two- Hawkeye/Zelda: Hawkeye gets himself into a speed dating event for the first time.

DJ PON-3's Event Round 2.5- Rainbow Dash/Hawkeye: Hawkeye gets paired up with none other than the Element of Loyalty herself.



Dusty Skies


Female // Pegasus // Teen // Manehatten Weather Pony

Active Open Threads:

Dark Struck: Love in Equestria:  Dusty gets struck by some... poisonous darts on Hearts and Hooves Day.

Active Private Threads:

Heads in the Clouds: On a dreary day, Dusty makes a new friend while flying through the clouds.

Ended Threads:

Crystal Faire 2015: Where the Party Is Forever: Dusty accidentally meets the legendary Soarin' at the Crystal Faire.



Crash Zone


Male // Earth Pony // Clumsy Colt


Active Open Threads:

 Affection is Business: Crash finds himself at none other than a hug booth on Hearts and Hooves Day.

Active Private threads:




Discord (CC)


Male // Draconequus // Immortal // General Chaos Bringer

Active Open Threads:

Attempting Good Deeds: Discord decides to show ponies he's really reformed by opening a good deeds booth.

Oversleeping :Discord awakes Twilight during a nap in the park, and some strange shenannigans begin to occur.


September (CC)


Male// Peryton // Young teen // Traveler, curious researcher

Active Open Threads:

Foals at Heart: September finds himself babysitting a bunch of foals... but who are they really?

Active Private Threads:

Ignorance is Bliss: September gets lost and travels blindly through the Everfree with Lyco, a pony/zebra  hybrid.

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