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Drawing OCs (Temporarily Closed) [0/3]


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Heeeeeeeeeeeey all.
Decided to try this out again since I've had a grand ol time drawing other's OCs. 
I have some sample art below!
1 slot per person and I'll start out with 3 slots.
Willing to work from descriptions!
Oh! And tell me a little about your OC or just link their profile! I just need to know what they're like to help get my ideas together. Thanks for the interest!

1.  Yù Yuè and Fēng Yīnhǎitāo
2. Reckless
3. Blazing Thunder










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Awesomeness! I think I'll request a certified BlindJester artwork of my lovely qilin OC, Empress Yuè.

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Oh cool!! I'd love some arts of my oc Reckless! Shes an aerion/pegasus hybrid and pretty much looks like a pegasus with small fangs and ear tufts. Shes a member of the guard, goes between day and night guard. Shes a flirt, smooth and saucy ;)


Reference art by GoldenDaze



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*flops in for some sweet sweet Jessie art*






These two are actually the same pony, just male and female forms. He is a confident, somewhat arrogant wonderbolt, but still friendly and will do anything to help his friends out. 

I was kinda hoping to have a pic showing off both forms, in or out of uniform, but if not I’d prefer the male version. 

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