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  1. Drink lots of coffee!
  2. My start date in the new position is on the 3rd!
  3. My first name is spelled in Anglicized Welsh.
  4. I got the promotion at work!
  5. There's a segment in that "I'll Be Your 1-UP Girl" that has the backing music reference Donkey Kong Arcade.
  6. I'm gonna see if I can reserve a Part 4 Jotaro hat from the Japanese Bandai site.
  7. Scalies are a thing.
  8. It's a remake of a classic Sega Master System game.
  9. I have started playing Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. Now I wanna get art of Silverbolt in that style.
  10. I felt like I had died this morning. Coffee and Rockstar resurrected me I think.
  11. I wish I could sleep more than a handful of hours a night.