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  1. Timid Star had been completely taken off guard by the explosion and additional ponies arriving for the field trip. Thankfully, unlike past surprises, he maintained composure and did not run away. He had a message to deliver as he heeded the final boarding call for the train. He passed by the rapidly moving Cheerilee and said, "I have an important letter for you. I'll give it to you when you are less busy!" He entered the train and found an empty seat. He pulled the letter from his bag and looked at it with a sigh. He would miss Miss Cheerilee and the others very much. He looked out the window as his eyes misted over and his smile faded away. He didn't know if he'd have any free time while studying to come back and visit his friends.
  2. Yeah she can work in the same company.
  3. 1696. Yes, Les Paul is a guitar god. No, he can't grant spells.
  4. Hey Davvy!
  5. I don't believe there is a set post order.
  6. I would be honored to be sacrificed.
  7. Timid smiled broadly and raised his hooves to hug Sweet tightly. Boney barked happily at his name and wagged his tail, spinning about and jumping. He was ready to have fun! "I've been well! Trip was fantastic! Very easy train ride, no incidents. It also helped that Silverbolt came along. He's a big, brave and strong stallion.", he replied warmly. Silverbolt looked over at Sweet and smiled, blushing at what Timid had said. He fluttered his wings and replied, "I am well. Timid has told me a lot about your fudge, Sweet. I am Silverbolt, I am a mailpony from Cloudsdale. My mother and I had been keeping an eye on him while he stayed in Ponyville.", he replied as he stepped forward with the cart. "I can help unpack if you'd like, Timid.", he added as Timid craned his neck to nod in the affirmative.