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  1. WHITE FEATHER SHE HAS WINGS JUST WANTED TO SHOW OFF THE CUTIE MARK Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Full Name: White Feather Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Rich Brown Chocolate Eyes Coat: White with hints of cream undertones, along with light creamy zebra stripes due to a genetic mutation. Mane/Tail: Her mane is long and delicate but often kept in a fancy updo, while her tail is usually flicking about. She is part-zebra after all. Her mane and tail are a rich pink with soft pink tones. Physique: Her body is light and delicate, but slightly lanky to give her a graceful willowy appearance. She is tall for a half-pony. Residence: Solistice Heights Occupation: Fashion Designer Cutie Mark: History: White Feather was born an only child to her two beloved parents Brute Stripe and his wife Ivory Wings inside their quaint, spacious home in Solistice Heights. Her mother was a fashion designer and her father worked as a royal guard. Due to being born so close to the woods, a young White Feather was always fluttering around on filly wings, introducing herself to the various animals that lived there. Her mother and father never worried. Though with the animals, she seemed to have a natural bond and due to spending so much time quiet and still she was able to observe so many details. One day she decided to preserve the memory of them, and brought her art book out with her paints. She watched, painting all that she saw. By the end of her masterpiece she was surrounded by her animal friends, and she'd blushed softly since they seemed very happy with her art, she scarcely noticed the cutie mark that appeared on her flank. It was a winged paintbrush, the paintbrush symbolizing her eye for detail and artistic nature, while the wings symbolized the graceful and quiet nature that let her get where other ponies could not. She had a slightly hard time making friends in school because of the fact that she was merely shy, but the ones she did make were long lasting and dear to her. After schooling, she got into fashion design instead of painting. Her strange and unique designs got her recognition from fashion designers all around. Due to so much alone time as a child White Feather is very quiet and very sensitive in nature, but this slowly changed as she grew. After a while, she grew less shy and grounded. Instead of breaking out into tears she tries to fix a problem immediately or discuss it so she can understand. Though shy in nature, White Feather never stands idly by and lets others be put down or bullied, especially for their differences since she's always felt a little bit like an oddball. She is a gentle soul with a strong will and her sunny outlook and cheery disposition will take her far one day.
  2. Thanks! Oh man, for sure! I still have to re-do my entire character sheet and everything but I'm up for some ships.
  3. Man, it's been so long since I've actually posted anything-. Hey, call me White Feather/Feather. I've been on and off Canterlot for a few years but I was never even really active besides when I roleplayed. Anyway, I'm 18. I've got a lot of free time and I love to do art requests because I like to practice. I know I could just draw my own characters and all that, but it's kind of boring that way. Uhm, I do roleplay. I'm into fantasy/adventure/romance all that stuff so just hit me up if you're interested. If I like it enough, I'll definitely draw out a scene from our roleplay because rolepalys act as a muse for me so. Yeah. I'm real chill and I hope we chat soon lmao.
  4. Aah! I want to do some requests, or atleast try! I feel artsy.

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      Cats! If that's okay? How many could you do for me?

    3. Dollface


      I can do as many as you like, I guess. I need practice anyways, haha.

    4. CatCakey
  5. Hey! Welcome to Canterlot, AwesomeRena, was it? Happy Halloween!
  6. Done. ._____. //SuchABadPerson
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