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Hi there!

After reading our FAQ, guides and rules, you might still have questions about some of the World of Equestria Roleplay Application process. That's OK! We're here to help! Take a quick look here to see if your question has already been answered, so you can expand upon your question.

[colour=#ff0000]This index only includes selected questions that have been asked by users of this site, and answered by the RolePlay Helper team in this subforum.[/colour]

For full RolePlaying guidelines go here.

For full application guidelines go here.


[colour=#b22222]Tips and tricks![/colour]


[colour=#a52a2a]How to create a character[/colour]

[colour=#b22222]Other character-related questions[/colour]

[colour=#b22222]"My character has been accepted, now I need to edit something"[/colour]


[colour=#a52a2a]RP Continuity[/colour]

  • Can your character be in more than one place at the same time? Short answer, SURE! Long answer
  • Does your RP have to mirror the current season? Short answer: Nope! Long answer
  • Does the World of Equestria Roleplay use ALL canon information (show, books, comics, etc)? Short answer, no, only the TV show. Long answer

[colour=#B22222]Official Event Suggestions[/colour]


[colour=#a52a2a]Expanding beyond the existing lore for the World of Equestria forum. (Note, the answer is almost always no, for the World of Equestria forum)[/colour]

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