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Mega Blush, Activated!


Another 'thank you' gift for someone who's been dropping off 'Like's on nearly every art piece I've submitted, since the beginning. This time it features Pocket Change, a hopeless romantic at heart as he presumably pours out his heart to his marefriend. (I was going to included a disgruntled Nocturne Wisp in the background, but got lazy.)

I also used this picture to practice some animation. Click on the picture and scroll a bit to get it started. The program I'm using now is a whole lot easier than the other one I was using to animate, but it's still pretty difficult for me. Baby steps!

Pocket Change © Tacobob

From the album:

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I can imagine this being a scene in one of Pocket Changes dreams, and him mumbling things in his sleep. And then his mumbles are overheard...

Heheh, I've totally got to RP with this guy at some point. Quite the cute picture though~

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"...he presumably pours out his heart to his marefriend."


Yeah, sure. Let's blame Moony/Dani for everything Pocket Change does.


Pocket is the best stallionfriend a mare can have, though. <3

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