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World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!


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I know I have some Age of Heroes characters I'd like to play more, and there does seem to have been some activity around here lately.

Between my current thread load and not being sure I could do what I think might be needed to really get this going, I'm not sure how much use I'll be in getting it going again, but I would like to see it continue if possible.

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20 hours ago, tacobob said:

So, is this a thing again? I remembered this started off strong and just sorta died.. (The Age Of Heroes).

Heroes never die!

(Nah but we are trying to get it back up and going again! Lulls happen!)

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This is indeed still a thing! Real life has been consuming me lately becuae of a jjob hunt. Thankfully, I now Have one! I just need to better monitor my threads for the future so I don't spread myself too thin. Still I wouldn't mind some help with this. I have some ideas for the future, just might need some assistance and some more participants.

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Name: Lightning Dust

Corporate ID: LDEL6370

Citizen ID: IPE-PLU-3-6-56LR




Powers: Lightning Dust is augmented heavily with the best magitech from her home universe that is decades more advanced than the magitech in universe TK78 (The Age of Heroes universe) in many fields. The following is what her augmented upgrades allow for.


Magic shield generator: A shield that forms around her body that can withstand heavy amounts of firepower but uses all of her reactor's power. As such she can not use other weapons or powers with this up and it can be overloaded. If this happens the shock can temporarily take LD offline.


Gravity locks: Bult in her legs they allow her to walk on walls, ceilings or stand on speeding objects without hindering her movement. Can not be used to pick up heavier objects as they only pull her onto a surface. They can be used to pull objects closer to her if they are within a few hoofs reach.


carbon mesh bones: All of her bones were heavy reinforced with with magically reinforced carbon mesh that makes them all but unbreakable except for the the most horribly powerful of impacts.


Enforcer Plate: Much of her body is protected by an integrated armor that is built for frontline combat, borderline unbreakable it can withstand forces and heat that will shatter and vaporizer steel and only lose some paint to show for it.


2x APSG mk’6 TL: Two twin barreled magitech SMGs that fire tiny magic bullets in a weathering hailstorm. What they lack for in firepower per a shot they make up for in sheer overwhelming volume of fire at a combined rate of fire reaching a horrific 12,000 rounds per minute. But this overwhelming wall of magic bullets is power hungry and she can not keep up sustained fire for long before needing to cool down and letting her LAY reactor recover.


Skull Jack: Deployed from her front left leg this tools looks like many small tendrils that can invade one's skull by their ears, nose or other places to slither in to one's brain and read it or worse, force somepony to do something on her behalf. It is not deadly but can leave a pony with a crippling headache for weeks afterwards.


Augmented brain: Lightning Dust's brain has been heavily augmented to work faster and handle all the feedback her augmented body feeds her. It is also what enslaves her to the Corporate will of her home universe. Only in a different universe has she found limited windows of true freedom to think for herself and struggles to hold on to it.


Augmented eyes: Seeing in the dark? Infrared? She can do both and can with a limited degree zoom in to study finer details or spot things farther away.


EL-class LAY reactor: Her heart and source of all her powers and life. Feeding of the magic of the world it far surprises the barbaric reactors of older times and is the most advanced piece of magitech from her home universe and is decades more advanced than what meny in universe TK78 believes is possible for it’s size.


Backstory: In a far away universe the finding of LAY unleashed a new age of magitech that spiraled out of control with such speed nopony knew what to do or what was coming. Flying wagons, ships than cities took to the sky. Corporations gained power from it and pushed deeper into daily life as they replaced governments and soon the Corporate wars happened. Devastating the world with years warfair with new magitech weapons ponies were forced to live in vast flying mega cities as the world below them was changed and corrupted in to something horrific. Yet the gears of progress pushed on.


In this universe A pony named Lightning Dust was born. Tenacious, cold and driven to be on top she did whatever it took to follow her dreams at whatever cost to others. In a world dominated by warring mega Corporations she found her ideas not only liked but wanted by powers far greater than the famous LAY Racing team “Thunderbolts”, she welcomed the offers after losing out to joining the Thunderbolts to a mare named “Rainbow Dash”. Joining on as a Corporate Enforcer she soon found the job much to her liking and soon started to climb ranks.


It was the best day of her life when she was promoted to Lieutenant as she had grown to worship them as beacons of her dreams. Rich, powerful and feared by the working class and even nobles Enforcer Lieutenants were the voice and blade of the Corporations. But she soon found they paid a terrible price for it. She was forced to undergo cybernetic implants and upgrading. Her free will was removed, she acted like her hold self but inside she was just a slave acting free. She had no freedom to say no to her masters, she did as told without hesitation and followed orders blindly hardly remembering why. In time she stopped battling it and found joy. She loved serving the Corporations. She loved the CEOs, they knew best and all were blind that did not think so. They were the true gods of ponies.


Chained to there will she proved her worth and soon was promoted to Lieutenant First Class. The leader of the Lieutenants and first hoof of the CEOs she was feared in all levels of pony life as no nobel was safe from her judgment and no homeless outlaw could outrun her forever. It was here she was given her most risky orders yet, their homeworld was dieing. The years of warfare and the use of LAY was killing the world, sucking it dry of magic and resources. So the Corporations in a complex web of dealings and proxy wars began a joint project. Gate Kicker. Some of their most trusted servants were to be teleported to other universes to find new worlds to explore, expand and exploit for the Corporations.


The most promising universes was named TK78, it was overflowing with magic and raw LAY, the world was livable and populated by other ponies and looked to be lacking in comparable technology. Feeling confident this was the world they were looking for they called for Lightning Dust and briefed her on her duty. To explore the world, find a weak place in the walls of the universes and deploy the universes anchor to open a permanent gateway so the armies of the Corporations can overwhelm the world and claim it.


With pride she took too her duty and using the most advanced minds of the Corporations they built a small one way gate, without an anchor just keeping a gateway open for more than just a blink of an eye was difficult so she had to go alone. Trusting her fully she was deployed. Lightning Dust teleported just outside a major city and for the first time in her life found her thoughts free. All she had done for the Corporations crushed down on her like builders. The faces, tears, blood and her heartless smile. but soon as she had her moment of freedom it was forced away, locked behind doors as the implants came back online. Cut off from her home they were running on autopilot with one order hammering in her brain. Find the weak spot, deploy the anchor… DEPLOY THE ANCHOR, FOLLOW ORDERS, FIND THE WEAK SPOT, FOLLOW ORDERS! … For good Enforcers follow orders.


Notable Allies: N/A on TK78 at the moment.


Notable Personal Villains: N/A on TK78 at the moment.

General Notability: Currently has no notability on TK78.

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Superhero Name: Prop


Powers: Being a primarily medical and repair based android, Prop comes equipped with a range of surface and interior scanners that allow him to perform both self diagnostics, as well as diagnostics on other machines, and medical scans on living beings, he comes equipped with modular tool compartments, though mainly uses repair tools, as medical procedures are something that he believes should be left to other organics. Along with his metal body comes the resilience of it, being made out of some very interesting materials found in the Everfree forest, his chassis is a lot more rigid than the Magitech counterparts, and lighter too, with the downside of making damage a lot harder to repair, as he would need to be stripped of the damaged plates so that the repairs do not cause impact damage to the internals. The last benefit he gets from this is a lot more strength than organic ponies, being powered by servos and pistons, along with the more magic absorbent materials of the Everfree materials meaning that his technology can be lighter and still as powerful.


Alias: PR0P_70P, Chip


Costume: Prop wears a range of different costumes and outfits, as much to attempt to blend in with the ponies around him, as to attempt to make himself feel more connected to the organics around him. Most often though he will be seen wearing a jumper of some kind, as well as a pair of old 3D glasses, believing they hide the red and blue lenses of his eyes.


Physical appearance: Prop bears the basic look of a unicorn stallion, his body being a dull grey on the plate pieces of his body, with a darker charcoal colour highlighting the more flexible metal of his joints, his left eye has a red 'iris' in it which is used for mechanical scanning, while the other eye has a blue 'iris' for the medical scans, his mane and tail are made out of fibre optic cables, with green light being shone through them. His cutie mark appears to be a strange symbol that somewhat resembles a tree with the roots joining into a cpu chip, giving him his first nickname


Backstory: It is an undeniable fact that Magitech has cornered the market on efficient and affordable technologies, and almost certainly would do for the rest of time, however unknown to most of civilised Equestria, hidden deep in the murky depths of the Everfree Forest, a small project was ongoing, harnessing the extremely potent energies of the forest, along with the strange metals and resources found within, the ponies working secretly day and night until one day their masterpiece was completed. It was designed to aid the ponies in the creation and upkeep of more projects in the future, as well as help the medical team with the injuries incurred by perimeter breaches in the forest. However things were immediately obvious about this android, firstly that most of the security detail had started giving it the nickname of Prop to get around the lengthy unit ID, and secondly, that it had responded to that and begun calling itself Prop, even after some started calling it Chip, it noticed it as being a nickname, and carried on calling itself Prop, learning without being instructed to. Over the course of their work, the goal had switched from mass production, to specialization on this android, seeing how it worked and what it could learn. The mechanics then noticed another strange factor while attempting repairs on the android, when they hit the body with a hammer, it would exclaim and jolt in place, notifying the team of the displeasure it felt at the feeling. They then realised the cause of this 'pain' as they had packed it with so much sensitive equipment and magical technologies, that when struck, the armour would flex and tap against the various internals, causing a power surge that made the android recoil. Eventually all the team came to a conclusion, that they had reached the peak of what they could do with this android in isolation, and so sent it out of the forest with the directions to get out of the dull darkness into the wide open world that it had no knowledge of. 


Notable Allies: N/A


Notable Personal Villains: N/A



General Notability: As he has not managed to leave the forest yet, there is no real way of knowing how others will react to him, however, at first he will be seen as a strange creature emerging from the Everfree forest, so likely would cause concern among the citizens of Ponyville.


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Did I ever submit anything for this, or make a post?


This does look like something I'd enjoy, and I did find it come up in my Notifications. I even have exactly which character I might use, one for a different superhero style roleplay, a character my OC Mythos Gray is partly inspired by so I could have him play the role I originally created for another.

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Quote: "Life is but a story waiting to be discovered… or created. If one understands the plot and characters you can change not only your own story but others as well.”


Name: Masquerade

Alias/Real Name: Mythos Gray

Faction: Renegade/Unaligned

Age: Over 300 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Mane/Tail: White

Coat: Grey
Eyes: Violet


Notable Allies: Star Dream, a mare with the gift of prophecy, strange dreams, and learning the pasts of a figure, place, or thing. Though still coming to understand her own powers.


Notable Personal Villains: Demons of his past by the names of Irascor, Volnero, and Aegrimonia. Creatures of his rage, pain, and sorrow respectively created or called during a moment of great tragedy and loss… lead by one other, unnamed yet very powerful and dangerous as it represents his longing while taking the form of a very intelligent  mesmerizingly beautiful mare. More painfully and alluringly for Mythos, one who has the appearance of his long dead wife... or at least, a more idealized appearance of such based on how he remembers her.

General Notability: He is not well known or understood by most heroes or villains, appearing in and out of the scene as years went by. For many, there is certain degree of animosity, suspicion, and criticism while by others his charm plays through in their more positive view if him. There are a few though who have had the chance of encountering him often enough to have a fair enough idea of what to expect from him, yet for more he is an enigma. 


Often inspiring, entertaining, and emboldening many… while yet breaking the hearts of a few, and leaving some hurt, upset, or angry… Mythos gets mixed views on his character. Perhaps he has a few admirers and even fans, some more firmly than others, yet may not get involved enough to have too great of fame or infamy. Also, he mightbe more famous under a disguise or alternate persona, then as his main identity.


Notably, Mythos chooses to stay out of most of the conflicts between the heroes and the villains, only fighting when a villain shows himself to be of a significant threat to Equestria or the world. He will generally still take the time to save an innocent life if nearby though, as well perhaps “fight crime” here and there, but the unicorn will usually try to stay away from most trouble.


Mythos has been known to appear all over Equestria and beyond to showcase his skills. Such as by offering to perform with his violin or with a piano, or in a magic show. At other times, he may give one of his more impressive displays, his storytelling skills backed with his illusionary art, actually showing his audience the story as he tells it.


He may also take a mare or other female in his travels an unforgettable evening, one that she might never forget. Yet the unicorn may hesitate in allowing things to go too far, as he fears what might happen. Once finished, Mythos will then disappear when the evening is done or before dawn, unlikely to return.


Background: Technically neither a hero or villain, perhaps a mix of both, Mythos still presents himself as cheerful, charming, well-mannered, and confident figure in or out of costume. Yet he also has a mischievous and manipulative side that get a him in trouble, or could be a cause of worry by some. In many ways old fashioned, the stallion has done well enough in adapting to the changing times. Yet if the unicorn has one major flaw it is that he is an incurable flirt and flank chaser while being a magnet for trouble. Still, Mythos does what he can to show respect and avoid insult towards others unless he feels they are deserving of mockery or scorn.


On another note, he dislikes needless violence, or getting his hooves dirty. This leaving Mythos to try and find ways of avoiding direct conflict or harming another, though the stallion does have skill in swords as an experienced fencer. His training coming over many years.


Knowledgeable of the past, especially since he has experienced more of history than most, Mythos may come off a thinking he knows more than those around him. Often, in many cases, he often does. With this is a passionate love in stories, as well in offering creative spins on the tales he finds, as he goes about seeking to turn the life of himself or others into one of excitement, mystery, and danger.

This persona Mythos offers, and many others, is in many ways a mask, as it only shows what he wants others to see. Inside he is very troubled, a lost soul with many secrets and behavior that often makes it difficult or impossible to form lasting relationships and in getting truly close to others.


In truth Mythos is deeply flawed, yet has still a mostly noble heart as he tries to bring joy to the lives of others or lift up those downcast and uncertain of their path… despite at times causing more harm than good. More, he keeps hidden inside much guilt, and longing to have that which he can never have. The shadows of his past preventing the stallion from truly moving forward. Often, all he can do is trying to play the role of hero while fleeing the demons of long ago.

Versatile Illusions: Having spent centuries mastering the art of illusion, there is little of this branch of magic that Mythos cannot do. His power can range from simply taking on a different appearance, to creating an illusory flame that if believed in can be felt, to changing the very landscape around him, to even bringing to life a story before the eyes of others. These images can fool the sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste and [with permission] touch.

Illusionary Summons: As an extension of his mastery of illusions, Mythos has learned to create summons or constructs of pure magic which are physical in nature built from his inner reserve of mana and energy. What he most often bases these summons off are figures and creatures of legend, folklore, or myth. With this power, he is able to call forth a many mythological creatures and figures. Though not as effective if disbelieved, these illusionary summons can actually be used to attack and harm opponents, offering an effective offense based on the strength of what is created.

Portals and Teleportation: Mythos is able to create door shaped portals of swirling magic as well as teleport in a puff of smoke. In threads they must be placed on a surface, however if it is for a plot or an entrance/exit, they may be generated in thin air and used to traverse huge distances. He may also teleport up to a maximum distance of 300 feet in thread, however as in entrance/exit he can travel a much larger distance.

Spellcasting: Through long practice and study, Mythos has learned and practiced a variety of unicorn spells he keeps recorded in a special spellbook. With access to this, as well a bit of memorization and study, he can cast a certain number of spells each day.

Memory Fog - With this spell, he can cause others forget they saw him or have such meetings be foggy and without certain details. This leaving their memory be fuzzy, confusing, and uncertain when thinking back on their encounter with him.
Invisibility - With this spell, he can completely hide himself from detection whether normal senses, metapony senses, or supernatural senses of those of lesser power than himself. Does not work effectively in certain situations, and there are those who can see through such.
Protective Shield - With the casting of this spell, he can create one of two shields. One protects him only in one direction and is strong to last against a few blows against even the strongest of super or metapony strength, while the other is fully enclosing shield which is only good against certain projectiles and explosions. No matter which shield is used, both can be broken with a strong enough force, and in such situations where its breaks this will send him flying,
Restrain - With this spell, he is able to bind and restrain one or more opponents. Has a strength comparable to either rope or chains, yet greater bindings able to hold those with meta/super pony strength is possible with more mana pushed into the spell… even then the spell may well be broken if the strength of the opponent is just too great with backlash on the caster.
Release - In many ways counterpart to Restrain, with this spell he is able to have the binds or locks holding another to fall or come undone. This works without error on mechanical bindings/locks yet magical versions are often much more difficult for him to undo orphan impossible given their complexity or the power of their creator.
Twists and Turns - If being chased or pursued by another or a group, he is able to with the casting of this spell throw them of the trail by taking a wrong turn to going another path which may well lead them. to a dead end or cold trail. This, like other spells, will be less effective against those tracking him through with powerful enough magic or artifice yet it can generally still throw it off a bit.
Knock - With but a knock on the surface and the casting of this spell, he is able to effect a door, chest, or safe with relative ease unless such is connected to a technology or magic to advanced. This can be used to open or close doors, unlock or lock them among others which hinge or lock of some sort.
Light - With the casting of this spell, he is able to create strong illumination out to 20 feet or less. Anywhere from that of a strong flashlight to that of a candle, he can use this light in dark places or perhaps to try and blind anyone who comes to close if cast quickly. If used at the wrong moment, this spell can also give away his location to any looking for him.


Pony Physiology - Physically, in strength and toughness, Mythos is that of a normal pony who exercises regularly and eats right. Against many, if not most, supers he would not be able to go close combat or go to blows with them as he has not the super physical ability of such individuals. This means that, unless Mythos knows that he can do so without getting killed, he will avoid putting himself into harms way and fight at range or through deception.

Creator's Drain - When making use of his illusionary summons, Mythos will as time goes on experience greater and greater drain to the point of exhaustion or even fainting if he is not careful. This can also apply mattering how much punishment his creations are taking in combat meaning he will need to try using them as effectively as possible or he puts himself at risk in drawn out battles.

Magic Dependent - Having relied for so long on his magic and the powers there of, Mythos' capabilities and abilities are significantly weakened anywhere that magic or magical abilities is repressed such as by null fields, artifacts, magic, or other such situations that negate magic. Under such conditions his Spellcasting, Illusions, and Illusionary Summons are inaccessible/unusable.



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My character Masquerade can always bring some trouble for heroes, being the Renegade or Unaligned that he is. Yes, not a true villian, rhe unicorn can still bring a few challanges.


This is not even bringing in consideration the demons of Mythos' past, very much the sort whose presence would risk harm or danger to civilians and innocents. Them esentually being the core villians of Masquerade's rogues gallery.

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Doing a shoutout for this!


We can use some more heroes to get things moveing! So if you are looking for something to start off with, take a look. 

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