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Ponyville was a growing town but that didn't mean it needed any complicated process to handle its votes. City Hall had five entrances. Two were being used as entrances, two as exits, and one for administrative duty. Inside the rotunda was a collection of volunteer mares and stallions who had ballots ready. They would hoof one over to a voter as they entered the booth and another would take it as they left. And in the middle of it all was Mayor Mare and her aides, who oversaw the election. The election to replace her.  The fact that it was her last large activity as Mayor had a certain ring of irony to it.


What a thing!
She knew that Ponyville wasn't a politically exciting town but that hadn't dimmed everypony's enthusiasm for the candidates. She was expecting a good turnout for the town, and she had made sure to tell that to the newsponies that came from out of ton to cover the town's election. It was somewhat rare to have a democratic election in Equestria and was always at least a minor news event. And Ponyville was the center of many recent national events and close to the capital, so it had more than a few eyes on it.


Her job was simple. She was here to ensure the vote went smoothly. Still, there were other events going on. The campaigns had events and all sorts of ponies were doing everything and anything. As long as they didn't interfere with the vote or try anything odd, she'd allow it. As the doors opened, she made her way to the megaphone placed out front.

"Welcome to City Hall,l adies and gentlecolts! Thank you for taking time to participate in this vote. Follow these marked lines into Town Hall. Volunteerponies will give you your ballots. Follow the instructions! You will then cast them in the designated area. Then please exit orderly. Anyone caught interfering with somepony else will be escorted from the premises. For all other pieces of information, please listen to the volunteerponies. With all that said, have a great day and may the best candidate win!" And with that, the doors were opened.


Spoiled Rich- Businessmare, wife of well-known businesstallion and a long-time Ponyville resident.
Strong Copper- Well-respected newcomer who has charmed many.

Their policies are best found through the Debate, as well as some details during the Campaign.

Both Candidates may also create and host their own campaign event threads in this forum, which will be linked here if needed.

1- One vote per character that lives in Ponyville (either as a permanent resident or as a long-time resident) and is three years removed from attaining their Cutie Mark. Members of Royalty are allowed to vote regardless.
2- Each vote and character must be a separate post.
3- While you post here with the meat of your post, to protect the secrecy of the vote, to ensure that your ballot gets counted you must message me and I will post your vote in a secret topic that will be revealed at the end of the election. You do not have to reveal your vote in your public post here.
4- Voting will end no earlier than December 1st, and will continue no later than December 4th- to allow for any outstanding vote to come in. Winner will be announced December 7th.

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Strong Copper


If he was completely honest with himself, Strong Copper hadn't actually expected to get this far. He didn't have a political cutie mark and he had only moved to Ponyville less then a year ago. He had literally put his name down because he believed that the campaign for running for office would be a good way to get his name out there, meet everyone in town and then when the major candidates started to pull ahead and it became clear he wasn't going to be able to win he would honorably step down. That plan had gone out the window when it became clear that he was one of the major candidates of the election since just about everyone else who had thrown their hat into the ring other then Spoiled Rich had practically abandoned running for Mayor overnight.


Granted he could have still dropped out of the running and just let Spoiled have it but... well on the one hoof, while he hadn't been expecting to make it this far in the race if he was elected he intended to give the job his all. The other, slightly more petty reason he was running was because he didn't really like Spoiled all that much and denying her the office of Mayor would please the spite filled, dark little goblin of a voice that lurked within his soul.


So he stood out the front of Town Hall, having taken the time to clean himself up, dress in a respectable semi formal way with a buttoned up shirt and vest and seemed content to just talk with any voters who passed by. As he had politely told Mayor Mare before the Hall was opened for voting (and considering the crowd that had already gathered by then, he suspected that gossip had already gotten around), he intended to abstain from voting; He didn't feel right voting for himself and while voting for one's opponent was considered good sportsponyship, he didn't trust Spoiled to do the same... so he was simply doing the honorable thing and abstaining. 

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To say that Spoiled Rich was entirely pleased with how the campaign season had gone would be... a bit of an exaggeration.  What had been anticipated to be a practical non-event had unexpectedly turned into an actual election, against an outsider with dubious qualifications.  But as objectively ludicrous as the idea of a critter-catcher in administrative office was, Spoiled knew all too well that in the realm of politics, objective facts and logic were far from the most relevant concern!


So, for the past few months, she'd been speechifying, gladhoofing, and debating all over the town, attempting to persuade her fellow citizens of the obvious.  Not the most exciting way of spending time, but it did have the slight side benefit of clarifying her own plans for the town's development and future in her own mind.  When the night was over, she'd have a clear idea of what she'd get started on in the morning.

Yes, confidence in her inevitable victory was secure in her mind... provided nothing crazy happened.  Not a possibility that could ever be completely discounted in this town.  Since Copper was a complete newcomer to politics, he naturally ran a completely clean campaign, simply because he had little to no idea of all the tips and tricks that had always been employed by elective officials in the past.  And that put Spoiled in the somewhat awkward position of not wanting to cede the moral high ground and deal with two-bit slanderous slate articles in fly-by-night papers set up for the purpose by those who would spread calumny on her family's good name!

It was a pity that use couldn't be made of Diamond's enthusiasm for deploying underhooved schemes, but given her dear daughter's rather unimpressive win/loss record, that was probably for the best.  But to publicly abstain from voting!  What was Copper thinking?  That absurd tradition of voting for one's opponent was one which Soiled had never so much as heard of before, and she doubted anypony else had either.  But now that the completely natural action of her, as a citizen, making the most logical decision of who should be mayor of her own town had been rendered dishonorable, well... there really wasn't much she could do other than follow Copper's lead, stationed in front of town hall, abstaining as well.

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Applejack had been one of the first ponies in line. It wasn't often she would get to vote for the Mayor of her small town. Heck, Mayor Mare had been the Mayor since before she was born. Just how old was she again? Maybe she'd move into the old folks home. She'd whip them up into something worthy of the wood Applejack had donated to help repair it not long ago. She had been a good mayor. She had never given up on her town and helped give it an air of stability in the worst of times and helped manage it growth. She ran city hall like a well-oiled machine and worked it with an ease and a comfort that had impressed her. Applejack was too stubborn and results oriented to handle it. There was a certain mix of aggressiveness, charm, and ease in stress that she knew she sometimes lacked. But she knew a candidate that had that.


It wasn't hard to see what candidate she planned on voting for. She had met with Spoiled Rich and knew her well enough to believe she meant what she said. Spoiled Rich seemed like the best way to help grow this town. She had the right attitude to handle city hall and was somepony who could help manage Ponyville well. Plus she had some pretty big ideas for the town and Applejack was a sucker or big, bold ideas that appealed to her. She was a country mare first and foremost and that would never change, but she knew Ponyville was growing, changing, and was plum excited to see how it changed. And she was also happy to play her part in selecting the pony that she was sure would help it best. She liked Strong Copper well enough. He seemed like a good stallion! But she wasn't sure he had all the tools to help run this town.


She didn't have to wait long to cast her vote. She received the ballot and entered the little private booth. The question it asked was really simple: "Who do you wish to become the next Mayor of Ponyville?" and then there were two large boxes, one for either candidate. She placed the ballot down on the provided podium, and then she dipped her hoof into the provided small tin of paint and then pressed her hoof into the box that contained her candidate, leaving her hoofprint etched into the ballot. She then exited the booth and hoofed it over to one of the volunteerponies. His horn lit up to verify the hoofprint and then it was levitated over into the proper box. She then trotted out, leaving behind hoofprints from her voting behind her as she trotted out through the exits. She waved to a newspony who took her picture with her hoof raised- the distinctive color of the paint signifying that she had voted.


She saw Spoiled Rich and Strong Copper out front. A part of her wanted to go ahead and speak to Spoiled but she had been warned by Twilight- well, warned was a bit harsh, more like asked- to maintain neutrality. She didn't want to change what other ponies thought by her endorsement. As a public figure she didn't mind discussing it among friends an family, but a statement? Or appearing with Spoiled in front of City Hall the day of. And with that, Applejack trotted off to head to one of the many parties that were planned across town. It would be a day to remember! 

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Berry Punch


To say that Berry Punch had paid the election much mind while it was going on would be a lie, through and through.  As a single mother and business owner, she had more on her plate during the day to day than the average mare.  But, when the day came, she was called as a citizen to partake in the ancient earth pony tradition of voting, and she was not the sort to turn her back on her heritage!


So, here she was today, picking who she was to prefer to be mayor of Ponyville.  It seemed odd to have anyone else in the spot, I mean, Mayor had been in her name, but all ponies had to retire eventually, even Princess Celestia!  It was only natural that such things should happen, but it did make her feel somewhat that the earth and sky were no longer fixed above her head or beneath her hooves.  In that mood, she cast her ballot, and departed back to re-open her shop, nodding at both candidates as she passed.

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Apple Bloom had little of the hang-ups about appearing neutral that Applejack had. That mostly came down to the fact that she wasn't as public a figure of course, but also because she was more expressive of her reasons. She didn't trust Spoiled not because of some vague feeling about her, but because of the facts. She knew how she treated her daughter and that sort of mare was not the sort of mare that was suited to run this sort of town. So she was close behind some of the other voters and had a little banner for Strong Copper on her haunches. Nopony could tell her that she was half-flanking the first ever vote of her life. Who knew how long until there was a second?


She entered City Hall and was given her ballot. She entered the private area and read the instructions over a few times. She had to make sure she didn't make a mistake after all, didn't want anypony to have a excuse. She made her vote and then hoofed her vote over when she needed to, trotting confidently out of City Hall. She held her head up high, happy to say she did her part. Well, so far. There was always more she could do. Once out she spotted where Strong Copper was and trotted over to him, smiling broadly. She readjusted the banner that she was supporting on her haunches, which featured an advertisement to vote for Strong Copper for Mayor. "Howdy there, Mayor Strong Copper! Ah just voted for ya!" She said proudly, happily trotting not far from him. "Anything ya'd like from me?"

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Strong Copper


Perking up at the sight of Apple Bloom, Strong Copper couldn't help but smile at not only her confidence in him, but also couldn't help but notice the banner that she had decided to bare for this election. If only she had been older... Shaking his head slightly to banish that line of thought, he answered "Thank you for the vote of confidence Apple Bloom. But between your work with the Free Foal Press and the rather well made endorsement you're currently wearing, I can't really think of anything I could rightfully ask of you. Did you make that banner yourself?" He asked somewhat curiously. 


As he listened to her answer, giving her as much of his attention as he could afford (only occasionally glancing away to offer somepony stepping up to enter the town hall to vote a brief wave of acknowledgement), an idea did actually come to mind. While he lacked a mark in politics, as he examined it carefully he couldn't help but feel like such ideas must come naturally to those who did and couldn't help but feel slightly emboldened by it. "Sorry to change the subject but... now that I've thought about it, I do believe there is something that you and your family could do to make this occasion a bit more comfortable for everyone."  Turning his head away from Apple Bloom towards Spoiled Rich, he offered his opponent a smile as he offered "Mrs Rich, would you be willing to split the cost of providing those waiting for their turn to vote free apple juice?"

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Fluttershy comfortably trotted to the town center to cast her ballot for the next mayor. She wasn't typically involved in these kinds of functions, she was afraid of the ponies she didn't vote for finding out she didn't vote for them. But her friends encouraged her that it was important for her to vote her interests and that it would be completely anonymous if she wanted.


With Angel resting in her mane to keep her calm, Fluttershy entered the building and made her way to an unoccupied voting booth. Once there, she hesitantly looked around to see if anyone was looking at her. Once confident, she took a ballot and began making her choice. Her choice was mostly made based on the aggressive moves one of the candidates seemed to make towards the thing she loves most, animals. It wasn't so much that she was voting for somepony, but rather voting against somepony. But she had to vote her conscious and she was determined to make it official.  Once she checked the box she intended, she carefully placed it into the ballot box.


Behind her, Angel had found a scrap piece of paper, scribbled on it, and shoved it into the ballot box. Fluttershy wasn't sure his vote would even count, but she felt it was necessary to at least make him feel like it could. After the ballots were submitted, Fluttershy walked out of the town center and made her way back to her cottage. She couldn't gain any extra energy to speak to the candidates there, she felt awkward about speaking to them after she released the pressure that had been built up inside the decision she made.

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It was all Spoiled Rich could do to keep a neutral expression as that irritating filly Apple Bloom publicly antagonized her.  Really, did she have any idea how her actions would be received?  Did it come as a surprise to her that she wasn't considered fit company for-!  *No, no, stop there.  Your eyes will give you away if you keep at those thoughts.*   At least her opponent had a distracting question.

"I would have to chip in with you, actually.  Otherwise, it would be considered bribing the electorate."  Hence, why she had not unilaterally provided refreshments herself.  "I'm happy enough to do so, now that I know it's a bipartisan effort."


Prince Blueblood

The unicorn prince couldn't quite hide his bemusement as he sauntered his way towards the polls.  It was one of the quirks of mixing monarchical and democratic governing systems that Royalty was allowed a vote in any election it chose to weigh in on, though typically speaking it did not.  However, given that Prince Blueblood would be living in Ponyville through this and perhaps the next academic year, he felt it only fitting to make his own opinion known as to who he would rather work with.


To be perfectly honest, he knew so little of the local characters, that all he had to vote upon was their resume, and there was no question who had the longer one in local civic involvement.  He made no public endorsement, of course; custom forbid that Prince(sse)s took too great an advantage of their privilege to swing elections.  He simply cast his vote, and returned to the Crystal Castle, like any other citizen.  Who happened to live in a crystalline palace.

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Fire Walker was excited! This was the first time she was allowed to vote in Ponyville! She officially had a home here along with her mail, which was still going to Princess Twilight's former castle. This she needed to fix.
It was a battle between the wife that was part of a family that had nearly as strong as a connection to Ponyville as the Apples. The farmers had their impressive farms, but would have not gone very fair without Filthy Rich's business.  Versus a carpetbagger with an odd name. Strong Copper? Copper isn't strong, it's weak! He seemed to be a nice enough fellow, but they didn't need a nice mayor! They needed somepony who was strong! It takes nerves of steel to cut ribbons at new stores and wear those sashes. Somepony also needed to award Apple Jack her usual amount of awards for saving the village from whatever bothered it.
The officer had no idea what mayors do. Call the Power Ponies?
Once there was a booth available, she trotted in and thought very hard. Who would she vote? The tough mare who was a bit of a bi...grating pony. Or the likeable stallion with zero Ponyville connections? Once her mind was made up, she dipped her hoof into the ink and stamped her ballot.  Once it was in the proper box, Fire Walker stopped and quickly washed her inky hoof off. A volunteer was there at the exit who hoofed over a STICKER! It informed all those nearby that she in fact voted. Yay! After placing the sticker on her blue scarf, she made her way out. She had packages waiting for her in the Crystal Castle. Also Yay!
And also bills.
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Bon Bon was a Bonbon salespony and Ponyville citizen in equal measure, but that didn't mean her vote was really easy to buy. After all, she was a married mare now and nopony could stop her from succeeding. Spoiled Rich's business proposals and experience certainly helped her. What hurt her was the fact that Bon Bon had attended a lot of those meetings nd knew how abrasive and coarse she could be, let alone the rumors surrounding her family. Strong Copper seemed like a nicer pony with very clearly good intentions, plus anypony that fought off wild creatures was a friend to this displaced, misplaced urbanite at heart. But did he have the ability to do the job right, or would it be a huge mess?


Bon Bon didn't know who she was going to vote for even as she stood in line. Even as she entered City Hall. Even as she was given her ballot and entered the booth. She stood there for a moment or three before making her mind up and then going through the process. There was bound to be many mistakes made today since for many ponies this would be the first democratic experience in their lives, maybe the only one for decades. She had to assume that those involved knew what they were doing and so when she finished her ballot and dropped it off she trotted out and left any concern behind. Time for a new day! But old bonbons. Well, not old bonbons because she would never sell somepony old bonbons but she meant that they were new bonbons cooked the way she always did. Not that she didn't change recipes or her methods, just that...


She trailed off in her mind as she trailed off in real life, away from City Hall.

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Cocoa Nut pulled a small vendor cart down the Ponyville street, walking just a bit too briskly for the underkempt dirt roads. She was just excited about this election. She heard the cart bump particularly badly on a small pebble in the street, and she slowed down. "Be careful, Cocoa..." she reminded herself "This cart is on loan." she had gone, the day before, to Sugar Cube Corner to ask for the cart. She may be another provider of sweets in Ponyville, but being Cocoa was a confectioner, and Mrs. Cake a baker, she figured there need be no competition. In fact, she figured, this first interaction could open the door to being business partners in the future! .... provided she could bring the cart back in one piece. Having such a well-known and liked pony and businessmare in Ponyville be her business partner could only be good for business in the future.


As she approached the town hall, she sighed to herself. While distracting herself with business thoughts was great, she did have a vote to think about. She thought she'd exhausted the subject pretty well when she'd decided on her candidate, but it never hurt to go through your thoughts one last time before making a decision final.


Most ponies thought of Cocoa as a carefree filly with little regard for things like social norms or looking foolish in front of others. A sort of eccentric chocolate-slinging fairy, if you will. While this was true, in some respects, she was also an avid businessmare and very serious confectioner. She'd made a home for herself in Ponyville and wanted more than anything to make herself a good fit and to do her part to make Ponyville work for her, as well. Hence using this gathered crowd as an opportunity to spread the word of her relatively new shop.


She had heard the candidates' words and thought hard on them. What they would mean for Ponyville, but also what they might mean for her business. While she liked one candidate a lot more than the other as a pony she could relate to and somepony she could totally hang out with, she had to think about her business. It made her frown to think about her candidate in a position of power, but she had to admit. One sure had a head for business over the other.


She stopped before going in through the door. "Oops!" she said aloud "Silly me! Can't go in with a cart!" she looked around for a minute before she settled on somepony.


"Hey! You!" she called "Bat pony!" the poor mare in the sun hat was taken by surprise. "Yeah! Could you watch my cart while I go vote, real quick?"

The mare seemed a bit perturbed by the question so she added in a singsongy voice "There's free chocolate in it for you!" 

The Batpony mare sighed, but before she could get a word out,  Cocoa responded to the assumed agreement "Thanks! I'll only be a minute!"


// Don't worry, this other character is mine, and I'll be posting her go soon after. //


She dashed back to her place in line and when it was her turn, true to her word, she sped quickly through the process. Instead of closing herself in the booth, she merely poked her head in, and stamped her ballot, tossing it at the poll worker before heading out, also leaving the worker a small chocolate as a thank you.


Upon exiting, she was met with something she didn't expect, she loved surprises.

"Oh! Hello, there, Mr and Mrs candidates" she greeted then she snorted "Oops, that made it sound like you're a couple. Whoever wins, I know we'll have good hooves in the Town Hall! For different reasons! And that's what's so great about this election! Here! Have a chocolate!" she tossed each of them a piece of her homemade chocolate before adding in her singsong voice "There's more out froooont!"


She skipped away, not waiting for any responses, knowing she's keeping somepony waiting with her cart (which in retrospect probably wasn't the most clever idea she'd come up with).

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Compass Rose was not used to being out in broad daylight. Her sensitive Aerion eyes were not well adjusted to sunlight. However, her friend Stellar Drift had been adamant that she participate in what he described as a "very rare and important opportunity in Equestria" she'd asked if he could just go in her stead, like she'd asked him to do on other occasions for errands, but he said that, technically being a Canterlot resident, he couldn't.

She sighed. "Sometimes, I wonder about that pegasus." she thought to herself. She had conceded that, she supposed, she should at least give the candidates a fair assessment and if one stood out to her to do her due duty as a Ponyville resident. And while at first she was only into it for Stellar's benefit, she had become somewhat invested in the outcomes of this election. She'd learned some pretty revealing things about the candidates and come to her own, very confident decision about who she would support. One who she felt represented her well, as a Canterlot transplant, and as a resident so close to the Everfree Forest. Not to mention, the opposition just felt.... abrasive, to say the least. While she could respect experience and knowhow, it's as she'd always said. "You can't teach character."


All this and more swirled through her mind as she waited in line. Her sun hat blocking her vision of all but the back hooves and tail of the pony in front of her. She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost didn't hear when somepony called to her.


A strange brown earth pony mare pulling a cart waved at her and called her "batpony" which kind of made her eye twitch, but she decided to let it go. She wanted her to watch her cart, which Rose was okay doing, but she wondered why she would trust a random stranger. When she'd offered candy, Rose sighed. She was about to say she didn't much care for chocolate, but before she could get a word out, the mare had gone.


Rose excused herself from the line she was in and stood by the cart. She looked around and a tight came to her.




After a few moments, the strange mare came back around the Town Hall to retrieve her cart.


"Hello, friend!" she called to her, trying to be more friendly than she'd been the first time around (than she been given chance to be, she reasoned) "I hope you don't mind. I took the liberty to position your cart where I felt it could get the most hoof traffic while also leaving the lines enough room to go unimpeded." she smiled. she may not get around town much, but navigation was her specialty. The other mare just stared at her for a moment, and she feared she might've overstepped. "I mean... if you do-" she was interrupted


"Oh. My. Gosh! That's exactly where I would've put it!" she exclaimed "Are you sure you don't have mind-reading abilities?" Rose blinked for a second "Wait. Quick, what am I thinking?"


Rose stammered "I-I.... don't know what to say, here..."


The brown mare gasped "You are so spot on!" she lied "My name's Cocoa Nut. You can call me Cocoa. I run a confectionery down the street called the Cocoa Hut! Big sign, red letters, can't miss it." she winked


"I'm Compass Rose... or just Rose. and I'm guessing this" she gestured to the still closed up cart "is some of your wares?"


"Well, yes and no!" she answered "I went to Sugar Cube Corner, and i bought some of Mrs. Cake's things to promote as well!" she pulled a lever on the side of the cart that opened it up to display a wide range of sweets from cupcakes to candies to chocolates. On the top shelf sat some of Mrs Cake's creations with a card that labeled them as such. in the bottom, an assortment of Cocoa's confections and a box of business cards. "As a relatively new resident and business owner in Ponyville, I figured this was as good an opportunity as any to show the Ponies of Ponyville what I do! Plus, i thought having some stuff I know my fellow Ponyvillians like would help sell mine."


"Oh! Well, that is a good idea!" Rose responded "I don't normally go for candy, I prefer the fruit kind of sweets, but i goes to support a new local busine-"


"That's the best part!" cocoa beamed "My candies and chocolates aren't all conventional. The free ones are, but since you watched my cart for me, I'll give you my special mango-flavored chocolate!" she winked


Rose hated a stereotype as much as anything, but she had to admit. Mango was, in fact, her favorite. She smiled and accepted the offered candy. "Thank you, Cocoa!" she said


"No problem, Rose." cocoa replied "If you promise to visit often, I'll keep my store open late for you." she gestured to her sun hat, knowingly


Rose smiled "Consider it a deal." she replied


"Oh! Before i forget! Make sure to swing back around with your 'I Voted' sticker for a free cupcake, courtesy of Sugar Cube Corner!"


Rose waved at her new friend going back into the line a little more light-minded than she'd been before.


After her interaction with the nice pony she'd just talked to, she was more sure than ever this kind of friendliness was exactly what Ponyville needed in a mayor. and only one of the candidates had given her the impression they'd provide that.


When her turn arrived, she marched into the hall with confidence in her choice. She accepted the ballot and stamped the appropriate square with her approval before carefully inserting it into the box. Giving the poll worker a friendly smile before exiting the building.


"You ponies both sure made this a difficult decision, but I'm pretty confident in my choice." she offered, in as unbiased a tone as she could, to the candidates waiting outside as she left, trying not to give away her feelings on the matter.

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Cocoa's cart sat in front of the Town Hall, between the two forward doors, laden with sweets. Mostly her own creations, but a few of Mrs Cake's cupcakes on top (to show varieties, she kept most of what she got from her inside the cart).

Of her own, she had chocolate cookies shaped like each of the candidates' heads, some shaped like the Ponyville crest and several assorted other curios to whet the sweet tooth's appetite. From chocolates of various kinds and flavors, to expertly crafted candies and taffies. While her expertise lay in chocolate, she did also make some pretty darn good candy, she thought.


She'd placed cards on the cart's shelves to label the wares as follows:


Cupcakes: 1 bit (courtesy of Sugar Cube Corner)

Candidate and Ponyville Chocolates: One free per pony

Small Candies and Chocolates: 2 for 1 bit

Larger and specialty confections: 1 bit


Also displayed was a box of business cards that said:

"Cocoa Nut: Chef at

The Cocoa Hut

Exotic chocolates and candies for the adventurous tongue."

and had a map on the back to direct ponies to her shop. 


She stood and awaited her next customer. Eager for positive interactions to bring in future business at her shop.



// If you wish to interact with Cocoa's Cart, to reduce the amount of responding i need to do, if you just want her to offer friendly pleasantries and do business, then feel free to try to keep with what little of her character you've seen here. Otherwise, if you want me to respond as Cocoa, please tag me. Thanks. ^v^ 


PS. Remember that each pony who gets anything from her cart will also be offered the same free cupcake with their 'I Voted' sticker "courtesy of Sugar Cube Corner" //



Rose came back around the Hall to meet her new friend again. "Hey, Cocoa!" she called, she pointed at her chest where the voting sticker sat and winked as she came up to her "Don't worry, I don't need any cupcakes. I'm not particularly fond of cake. But I MUST have more of those mango Chocolates!" she said excitedly "I never thought a chocolate could taste so good!" she praised 


"I'm so glad you liked it!" Cocoa beamed "They're a bit a piece."


"And so worth it!" she responded, producing three bits "I'll take three." 


Bits and waves were exchanged and Cocoa said as she hoofed Rose a business card "Be sure to visit my shop later!"


"I wouldn't miss it!" Rose called back as she left. 

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Like all Royalty, Twilight Sparkle had a vote in every democratic race in the nation. They were rare enough that it hardly mattered  and they were prohibited from using their positions to influence any of them. As far as Twilight was concerned, she could hold her opinions to herself and keep them contained to her ballot. Unlike many, she had to recognize that regardless of who won she'd still have to give them final approval at a ceremony in Canterlot and would have to deal with them at a higher level. It was true that she could decide to replace the winner if she decided that was best as well; Celestia had used this right often. 


She arrived with her escort and spent her time hobnobbing with the ponies of Ponyville, a town that had done so much for her that she felt obligated to make sure it ran well and honest. Both candidates had their strengths. Both had their weaknesses. Neither seemed as if they would be hard to manage from the standpoint of a Princess, so she had decided to vote based on the candidate who she believed would be able to best lead these ponies in matters great and small. Who was that? She wasn't going to say. That would be more than improper! She made her way inside in time and as her guards flanked her outside the booth- and she desperately tried to get ponies to stop bowing so they could do their jobs.


Finally she made her way inside the booth and made her vote. She did her civic and royal duty and once outside greeted her little ponies. What a wonderful town this was, and what a wonderful leader it was bound to have! Now if only she could find some time to get some of that fine cart action up front...



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Flower Love prepped herself in the mirror, taking extra care to make her appearance presentable today. It's not every day you get to influence politics in Equestria, afterall. She cursed herself for not having had the presence of mind to visit Carousel Boutique or at least the Ponyville Spa before today was upon her.

"Oh well," she thought "It's just as well. I am just taking a stroll down the street. I wouldn't want to overdress."

Though she did like to dress up on the occasion, she figured this may not be it. All the same, she fussed in the mirror. When she finally decided she was presentable, she opened her flower shop door and cantered down the street toward City Hall. 


Now was the time to think about her candidate choices. If she was honest with herself, she was torn. On the one hoof, you have an experienced businessmare who knows the ins and outs of politics and who will, no doubt, do great things for Ponyville.... but who is quite frankly not a likeable pony. Flower Love may be biased against the high society types, but even a blind pony— "no offense Myth" she silently offered her not-present blind friend from Canterlot —could see that she was.... sour. for lack of a better word. And while her expertise was needed, she knew that another important job of any government body was public relations, and just generally being somepony others can get behind.

On the other hoof, she had the option of a friendly amiable pony who, tho he wasn't from Ponyville, also came from Canterlot— "I mean..." she thought "I may have been born in Manehattan, but Canterlot is more familiar." —which wasn't that big a deal, but it meant a little to her. However, he did not have experience on his side. He had some good ideas for a starting point, and he'd likely enlist some help no problem, but experience was pretty important.


And so Flower's thoughts continued as she maintained her graceful canter toward the Hall.


She greeted the odd pony here and there who she'd seen about, and offered friendly pleasantries to any who would stop long enough to hear them. When she arrived in line, she could see a booth of sorts being held by a friendly-looking pony she hadn't met before. She figured she'd give it a look before she headed in. She was always up for supporting local business, and meeting new ponies.


As she waited in line, she saw a pony with a rather nice looking sun hat trotting by "I am loving your sun hat!" she offered genuinely. "Almost makes me wish I'd brought my own!"


"O-Oh, this?" the pony stopped to gesture at the hat "It's just to protect me from the sun. I'm not used to sunlight...."


It was only at this moment, Flower realised she was speaking to an Aerion. She'd studied about them in Celestia's School, but never really met one in person. "Oh! Yes, your eyes. Hence the sunglasses as well. I've never met an Aerion in person! Tho then again, since Twilight's school opened I've been meeting a lot of creatures I've never seen in person. Why, just the other day, i had a dragon come to my shop! Imagine that! A dragon!" she went on excitedly


Rose was happy somepony had addressed her species correctly, for once, but she been out in the sun a few minutes too long already. "Hey, I'm glad you're excited and all, but... I've gotta get home...."


"Oh. Right. I'm sorry. Maybe another time? After Dark?"


."Sure. I'd love a good chat. My place is out that way" she gestured "just outside the forest. If you feel up to it, I'm usually awake sundown to sunup."


Flower and Rose exchanged goodbyes but forgot to exchange names. Probably never to meet again.


Just then, her attention, like everypony else's, was stolen by a rather.... royal arrival. The new ruler of Equestria, and— in Flower's totally not biased mind (sarcasm) —the only princess who'd actually earned all the respect she got. She happily bowed to her highness as she arrived and wondered who she'd be voting for. Having grown the most in Ponyville, it made sense she'd want to cast her ballot in its election. Flower thought a moment and realised the answer was simple. She's the Princess of Friendship. Of course she's going to vote for the one who makes the best friends. It was in that moment, Flower made her final decision. She'd decided she knew who the Princess was voting for, and that was enough to make her own decision.


As soon as the Princess had gone inside, she decided it was okay to move to catch up with the line.


She had finally gotten close enough to talk to the pony running the vendor cart. "Hello! Wow! A visit from Princess Twilight! We must be doing something right if she respects our election enough to vote."


"I mean... you know she used to live here, right?" the pony responded


"I know. But my reason makes Ponyville feel more important." she reasoned


"Haha!" the shoppony laughed "That it does! Care for a free chocolate? In honor of our princess-approved election?" she winked


"Don't mind if i do!" Flower accepted floating a Ponyville crest-shaped chocolate into her mouth "Mmm! That's... fantastic!" she praised raising a business card to look at it "Cocoa, eh? You make these yourself?"


"It's my passion!" Cocoa beamed "You're welcome to come back after you vote for a free cupcake, courtesy of Sugar Cube Corner!"


"Well, I'll tell you one thing. This won't be last you see of me." she winked


Flower headed into the election hall, and did her due diligence, offering peasantries as usual. Merely nodding at the candidates outside before heading back to her Flower Shop to retrieve some bits. She hadn't figured she'd need them.

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Even Granny Smith knew how important it was for her family to participate in Ponyville functions. Sweet Apple Acres owes it's livelihood to the nearby pony town, and vice versa. That is why even though Big Mac had extra chores for the day, he was allowed to make time out of his busy day apple harvesting to visit the town center to cast his all too important ballot for the Mayoral election. With plenty of midday energy to spare, he made his way into the building where he would wait for his turn to pull the lever, or mark the dot, or punch the hole, or whatever system they were using to tabulate votes this time around.


Once he saw an open voting booth, he stepped into it and pulled out the ballot paper. Carefully with his mouth, he grabbed a pen and marked the candidate of his choosing. To him, the vote was easy. There were things Big Mac thought about a lot in terms of how things should be run, or how citizens should be empowered, but between the candidates that were competing, only one of them gave the obvious promise of their cooperation with the farm, and more importantly Big Mac's self-interest as it relates to the things he loves the most. Well, maybe the thing he loves second to most. Once he was done with his decision, he folded his ballot and shoved the ballot into the collection box. He did not need to think too hard about who he was voting for. And in case he wasn't sure, his family might have convinced him otherwise.





Granola walked into the voting area with unnecessary nerves. She always got more nervous about everything than was ever warranted. The mayoral candidacy left a sour taste in Granola's mouth every time she thought about it. First of all, she thought about running herself to lead the town. And why not her? She had great ideas, and once everypony else knew about her ideas, they might agree. Except that was the problem, she was always short of being able to execute popular opinion. Her philosophy, and her way of life even, was very niche, and not known to most ponies, probably due to the fact that she lived off the beaten path, spending a great deal of her time among the trees in the forests.


And that is why she felt important to cast a ballot today. Despite not being able to file enough paperwork and coral enough financial support, or do anything that amounted to evidence towards involving herself in a race for mayor, the issues on the ballot regarding the candidates hung on her heart. There were issues that the previous mayor never addressed and the ignorance of ponies related to the some of the more creature and monster-related problems are the town never got a good shake. So today, to make her voice heard, she would vote for the candidate that she thought would consider more about the balance of nature around the town. Too many times have Granola's plant experiments been ruined all because some ponies near the town decided to offer all the foliage in the area as a buffet to hundreds of rodent families. Well not any more!


She stepped into a booth and began making her decision with a pen in her mouth. She felt good that she was helping make real change, and that she could do it without shouting obscenities on rooftops to ponies in the marketplace that would undoubtedly turn her into the village nitwit. She folded the paper, and placed it into the ballot box. Maybe next time she would run for mayor, when the new mayor inevitably fails to follow through on campaign promises.

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