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Equestrian's 'The Bachelorette'


Really lazy coloring and shading on this one, but that's okay, because this was just a random idea that popped into my head, hard enough for me to want to chug it out in one go.


After I posted a picture of Dubstep's character Yu Xin, a couple people immediately contemplated one of their characters becoming interested in her. Cue this idea of a bunch of guys vying for her attention in a classic "one girl surrounded by romantically inclined guys" anime pose. Thought whether one, or any, of these guys are actually sincere in their attempts is a mystery.


And of course, Yu Xin enjoying all the attention she's getting, lulz. 


Yu Xin (c) Dubstep

Daedalus (c) Dio

Kahz (c) PrinceBlueblood



From the album:

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Bleh, Yu Xin cheats by planting subliminal messages in the dreams of sleeping stallions. -_-


PS: I wonder if my upcoming *REDACTED* OC will meet the same romantic fate. :o

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Oh man, I absolutely love this!  Kahz would totally go on a show like this, though I'm not too sanguine about his chances of 'winning' here.

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1 hour ago, Bellosh said:

PS: I wonder if my upcoming *REDACTED* OC will meet the same romantic fate. :o


I make no promises one way or another.

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Nah. None of those guys are good enough! I mean, red-corn guy's got that lame teddy bear....And a CHANGELING? They're just there to suck out the love until you're a dried up husk..And I'm pretty sure the other guy is a ninja. Never trust a ninja.

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