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New Administration Introduction! (Addendum added 8/19)


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:Celest: Precious users of our esteemed community:

Hiya, Canterlot! Wow, what can I say? We've spent the past month quietly working with Autumn and Manestream to take over as your new Administrators. It's been incredibly hard not saying anything about this; we've spent many sleepless nights discussing, polishing, working out issues, hoping, and dreaming. We believe this community is truly something special, and we are humbled and privileged to pick up the reins and carry on the legacy of not one, but two different Admin teams. We are Canterlot Admin Generation 3! While G3 may not be a celebrated part of the My Little Pony franchise, Dio and I are going to work hard to make our tenure a well-known period of exciting growth for the site.

However, before we move forward to discuss what things will be changing, we would like to give a heartfelt bow of appreciation to two very generous women. As Autumn is no longer hosting the site out of her pocket, we needed other pockets to open to keep this site up and running. Both Armony and Manestream are now graciously offering us funds to help host the site. These costs are not cheap, and we will be working diligently to help trim superfluous parts of the site, half-finished projects, and forgotten content to help reduce our hosting needs, as well as costs. This means we will have construction dust, and things may blow up or not work as we carefully figure out what we can remove or not. Feel free to communicate with us actively as we work on this project.

Additionally, we will be opening donations again. We are going to do away with Donator perks, however, and we may be offering a some of them to our users for free. We feel if the users are happy with their site experience, they will help host the site. This is truly what the Element of Generosity is about.

We are also pleased that Manestream and Autumn will continue to be a part of our community in time to come. In addition to hosting the site and giving its new Admins support, Mane will be assisting with roleplay development and other projects she could never have done while leading this site. Autumn will be around, though she is a very naughty gazelle and you should watch out for her! (Report her for all the things!)

:Celest: On to the big changes...

As Canterlot.com is now hosted in U.S. territories, we can no longer offer the site as an all-ages experience without extensive review and ToS changes to fall into COPPA compliance. Additionally, we have considered the needs of our community, as well as what demographic makes up our majority user base. For this reason, Canterlot.com will be shifting to a 13+ environment. This means that we will not be so fickle with content, language, and user conduct. Our new Moderation team will be giving focus to site organization, content, and user support. We feel this will help our users feel more comfortable. We do ask, however, that our users use common sense when posting and keep our community a clean, safe, positive one.

We will also be adjusting our language filters.

:Celest: Luminous Absolution

As this is a fresh start for our site, we feel it should be a fresh start for our users as well. Diomedes and I will be reviewing our user removal policies, past and present.

Additionally, warning points will be issued with more scrutiny, and they may decay faster over time with good account standing.

:Celest: The Return of User Stuff!

We are pleased to announce that support for user-hosted events will have enhanced support. If you need space for an RP event, have a contest planned, need help from our talented site staff, or have an idea you'd like to pitch to us, we are quite happy to hear it. We think that since the users are hosting the site, they should have an opportunity to contribute creatively. Hosts of site event content will be acknowledged with additional awards, community recognition, and huggles from everyone for helping make our community an interesting and fun place to be!

:Celest: Role Play Goodies!

As part of the focus of this site is our role play content, we will be offering stronger support to make our play areas the best out there. Expect to see the return of our middle-tier area, the shadowy and long-rumored Heart of Equestria, as well as changes in our staff support, volunteer, and game policies to make it more fun, interesting, and convenient for our players.

:Celest: Please excuse our dust!

We're going to be doing a lot of housecleaning here. Old forum sections and content will be deleted, new sections put up, and threads shuffled around. We'll also be playing around with user permissions for the new sections and because of that, things might break from time to time. We ask that everyone be patient as we get work done on the site!

:Celest: Our Faithful Students

I know that's quite a bit to take in, and it's only the beginning! Dio and I are excited about the future of this community. We think it's one of the best My Little Pony fan sites out there, and we will do our best to give it the support it needs. We'll have a lot of challenges ahead, but we think this will be a special, fantastic time for Canterlot as we move closer to S4. We have a wealth of new creative content, passion, and fresh additions to the community coming up. We want our users to grow and embrace something special in their lives, even if that something is a cartoon with colourful pastel ponies.

We will be there to guide and protect you. Thank you, our awesome community, for showing us how friendship truly is magic!

:Luna: Addendum
I wanted to personally make clear that our above list is our "road map" for changes we personally want to make as Canterlot's new leadership, and things can and will change. Autumn and Mane are two very talented women who helped create a marvelous site. As with anyone involved with a big project like this, it's easy to draw criticism, both positive and negative. I want to make it clear that our choices and decisions moving forward are not critical of our past leadership in any way, and what you see above are things we personally wanted to change to set the tone of our new policy and leadership. We stand firmly behind the quality of our former leadership, and will make our choices moving forward with deepest respect to their legacy. With that said, they are still part of this community, and we can expect plenty of input and suggestions from them moving forward.

Thanks for reading!

Administrators of Canterlot.com
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I'm a princess. Are you a princess, too?

But seriously. I can't thank this community enough for the support you've given the team during this transitional period. I can't promise that it will be quick or easy to build a better Canterlot, but I can promise that the team will work hard for you, the community. You guys are the lifeblood of the fandom and we wouldn't be anywhere without you. I'm looking forward to making this community great, fun, and great fun!

Let's fly to the castle!

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No king rules forever.

The two of you have taken an titanic responsibility and amount of work on your shoulders. The fact that you did this willingly speaks far more then I can add in words alone.

I wish you good luck in your lordship. Remember, while nothing is perfect everyone have your backs - and in that lays the true strength of our community.

Oh...and I guess it call for a PARTY! :Pinkie:

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As long as my logs don't get deleted or my character apps that have been accepted get lost somewhere, I'll be happy! I will be wishing you every success in operating this site!

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Well I for one embrace our new rosey and Dio-y overlords. Plus with all of this change happening it makes me feel better about what I'm about to do. Anyways I think this is appropriate...

Me on the Inside: YAY CURSING! Time can be normal!

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So the new era begins.

All hail our new Admins!

It's also good to see that Autumn and Manestream will be with us as well.

Oh yeah, and here's Granny Smith bowing to the new 'royalty' of Canterlot.com


Well, Granny's old, and that's as far as she can bow!


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*bows to Princess Rosewind*


I am so excited for the site changes. I really feel like these are good changes, and I'm excited to be a part of them in anyway I can. Thank you, Autumn and Manestream for your past and continued support. Your guidance brought us this far, and it will not be forgotten.

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Well I am glad we are moving to a 13+ limit since it will allow a little bit more wiggle room what can and can't be said. Will this fresh start also allow us to redo some characters for the mane RP area? ( I know I have wanted to redo Promontory for a while in the mane RP but I was hesitant since I figured it might be a bit to much for the mane area. Though I'm still not a fan of the "all ponies must have a cutie mark" since even some canon ponies are blank flanks but that is just a petty detail) Also were you serious on the black listing of Autumn or just joking? I can't tell by just reading...

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We're still going to keep WoE the same policy as we've always kept -- it's a reflection of Friendship is Magic. On a fundamental level, this demands that we keep the roleplay as clean as if Hasbro were personally hosting it. We will have other areas available soon where you can stretch your creative muscle for more mature content.

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