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Imagine Friendship (Open: School of Friendship)


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Twilight gazed out of the window that sat in the Headmare's office, taking a deep breath as she observed the hustle and bustle of Ponyville down below. So many ponies undergoing the day to day business of their lives, each one as important as the last, their quirks and personalities making this her favorite place in all of Equestria- or anywhere else she had ever been. She watched clutches of ponies and other creatures as they travelled to the school she occupied, vanishing from her view as they drew in. She sighed in equal parts contentment and resignation, and her eyes drifted briefly to the sun above and pondered all it had given her. As the sun had risen this morning over this small town, a halo seemed to shimmer off of the rising sun. It had brought her no amount of small comfort and energy on a day which she felt justified what she could only tell herself was extra effort on Celestia's part.

Soon she would be Princess and Princess alone of all Equestria. The responsibility was immense, the pressure too much for her to handle. Yet she woul handle it with the help of her friends and grow into the position. It was not without sadness, however mixed with pride it was, that she acknowledged her days of peering out over Ponyville were numbered. She would not be one of them any longer. She would be something else, something grander but also less personal to so many of them, and it hurt to know that Twilight Sparkle was going to be forgotten. Princess Twilight- that was how she was most well known. It made sense but it was more than just a changed identity she was struggling with. She had dealt with that when she changed species and became a Princess in the first place after all!

Indeed, her real concern was more down to Earth. She had taken it upon herself to ensure that the School of Friendship had not only been founded but ran successfully. She was proud of it and overjoyed at how it had been received. So many thousands of applications came in! Of course, sussing out which ones could benefit from the school's lesson plans and in what cases parents simply needed to understand the role they played in the development of a child was difficult and took a lot of her time. As did any of the other ten thousand tasks that fell to the Headmare. She looked away from the town below and trotted across the floor of her office, examining it passively. It was barren now but many times was host to a thousand projects, each one more special than the last. Lesson plans. Understanding Yak learning patterns. Losing sleep over how to underscore values in a natural predator and prey relationship. One after another, and each one her responsibility.

It would be a hub of activity again. The Headmare would soon be dealing with a full school year once more. Today was the first day! So many new students were set to join them alongside last year's fantastic collection of energetic young minds. They would be taught the Harmonic values of Friendship that would help make a better world for all creatures. It was beyond her how anycreature could think of this place as anything other than the most important educational institution in the history of Equestria, without debate or question. It had been her brainchild and she had carried it through a turbulent period, but now it seemed to be smooth sailing. The institution was secure against everything that would seek to destroy its ideals, and was a bastion to all who sought to understand the values that friendship and harmony were built on. It was a success. It would help others like the way friendship had helped her and that, more than anything else, was the surest sign of her success.

She took one last look and put on a smile, to give her the strength she needed as she pushed open the door. Immediately she could hear the chattering, the laughing, the talking and the trotting of the students and faculty in the main foyer as they assembled themselves for the start of year announcements. This would be an important one, of course. New schedules, new faculty, new students- introductions and plans being revealed all. It was an exciting time. She even had folders of information placed on the pillow of every bed in the school, so each and every student would have everything they needed. She also wrote a letter, personalized for each recipient, in the folder. They all needed to know how proud she was of them, how confident she was in them, and how assured she was of their continued growth.

She had been up late last night doing so, but when she had finished with the letters and the placing of the folders she had slept as soundly as she could ever remember. It had been worth it. It had all been worth it, a thousand times over. She reminded herself of this as she trotted into the main foyer, the students, her students, arrayed together and the faculty nearby. Her friends knew the order of the day and they had many talks on the subject, so today they bore no tell-tale marks of the coming events. It was going to be most fantastic a year, and she knew for a fact that the time to begin had begun.

“Welcome to the School of Friendship one and all, students both new and old! I'm so happy to see so many new faces as well as so many returning students. The School of Friendship is unlike any other school in the world, for we teach the values and manners of Friendship to everycreature, to help foster a better world for all of us. Those of you who have returned have already taken large strides for everycreature else, and I hope you can now become the student-leaders I know you can be.

Your faculty is made up of those who best represent the basic values of harmony that form the foundation for our studies here. While Professors Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash will continue their work, guest professors and speakers will help expand the lessons you are taught to a more fully formed ideal. If you are interested in your class schedules, they have been posted at intervals across the school, including in the pillar to my left.

Of course, you will be living here at the school for the school year. The grounds are open to you in their entirety with the exception of faculty rooms and offices- permissions supersede this of course. Maps are also placed around the school in case you get lost and have been provided to you, each one personalized to your rooms.”

She paused and took a breath.

“Starlight Glimmer returns as our Guidance Counselor. She is the best pony for the job, and if you have concerns or worries and need help in working through them, I can think of nopony better to help you. Her office is located not far from the Headmare's Office,” she said with a smile and a wave to Starlight Glimmer, who had come so far, so fast. She was evidence that the values taught here, even when not taught by this school, were powerful. She knew that friendship was the cornerstone of Equestrian harmony, and that the spreading of these values was a truly worthy endeavour. Maybe it was this school that convinced Celestia and Luna that it was time to step down and place her in charge.

It certainly put a lot of pressure on the Headmare's head. She tapped her hooves out of nervousness as she began the next part.

“When I started this school, I was confident that the values of friendship and harmony that I believe in so strongly, that helped me see the light that I had blinded myself to as a filly, could help out all creatures. There have been troubles but it is you, the students, who have proven to me again and again that I was right to believe in it. To believe in you. I have been honored to see how you all have grown, and I am so excited to see how you all continue to change and grow. But I will not be here to see it first-hoof. I am resigning as the Headmare of the School of Friendship.”

She allowed the gasps to settle.

“Due to my increasing responsibilities in Canterlot, I would be doing you a disservice by remaining as your Headmare. I therefore have selected, after an exhaustive search, a new Headmare for this school. This new Headmare reflects the values of humility and pride in equal measure, in change and redemption for the greater good. She has worked in large charitable organizations working on behalf of the downtrodden and has done wonders to improve the lives of many. The organizational skills, compassion, and work ethic of the Headmare of the School of Friendship are incredibly important, and your new Headmare has all of these qualities in great abundance. I welcome, and accede my position, to Headmare Bluebelle effective...immediately,” Twilight said as she looked down, with some tears in her eyes. She choked them back and looked back at her students-
the students- one final time.

“It has been an absolute honor,” and with that she stepped down, allowing the Headmare of the School of Friendship to make her own speech.

OOC- While a thread in and of its own, this also acts as a Hub for any and all School threads. Threads that take place in the school may range from guidance counselor visits, classroom threads, student hijinks and adventures, and anything else that involves the students or school, or students in the school! This is open to faculty and students. If you are not faculty or a student in the show, please message me.

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The first day of a new year is always a time of transition and new beginnings, whether the year be a calendar or a school year.  There stretches a length of time in front of pony, filled with new delights, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Some face these with confidence, others with trepidation, but none without some dose of morning caffeine. 


Or so Princess Bluebelle told herself, sipping a second cup of tea over the breakfast table.  As she drank, she re-read for the umpteenth time the letter Twilight Sparkle had sent her, first outlining the purple princess’ request to take her place as Headmare of the Academy of Friendship.  It wasn’t wholly unexpected for the alicorn to pass on the title and duties, now that she was officially ascending to head of state. But for her to have selected Bluebelle for the task? That had been rather more of a surprise.


Blue had admittedly hesitated before accepting the offer; unlike Twilight, the alabaster unicorn had not been an enthusiastic scholar, and while proud of most things, was not inclined to have too high an opinion on her steadfast devotion to the harmonious values of friendship.  Twilight had, however, insisted and assured Blue of her faith in them, and at the end of the day, Bluebelle simply could not stand the thought of disappointing her fellow Princess.


The tea in the cup didn’t last long, draining at last all of her excuses for procrastination.  Sighing, she got down from the table, took a little time to re-fix her golden mane for the last time, and set out from the guest quarters of Twilight’s castle towards the school.


She arrived in time to hear Twilight give her farewell address.  From the wings, Blue tried her best to judge the reactions of the audience…. Silence.  Seems that almost none of them were expecting this, either. Knowing the movement of the moods of a crowd the way she did, Bluebelle wasn’t about to let the silence turn into murmuring.  As Twilight left the stage, she arrived upon it.


Nopony, at least, could accuse her of not dressing for the occasion.  She was dressed in a dark blazer of the school colors, distinguished from a student uniform by purple trims around the collar and lapels, with a gold braid and tassels around the withers.  It set off her natural colors very well, striking not a few of the audience still at the very sight of her beauty. At least, so she told herself to tamp down on her nerves as she gave her own speech.


“Good morning!  I take it most of you weren’t expecting to see me today.”  Already she was doubting her chosen opening, but from the low ripple of laughter, more like the release of tension than a reaction to a joke, she could tell it was the right approach.  They were ready to listen. “Some of you, who have never heard of me, might be surprised that I have been chosen for this position.  Others of you who have heard of me may be even more surprised, depending on what you have heard.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous to accept this position myself when Twilight offered it; I did not think myself worthy.”


“Growing up as Prince Blueblood, I had come to undervalue friendship, and the elements that upheld our fair nation.  It was not until I witnessed the attack on the Crystal Spire that it was brought home to me both what comes of a land where friendship is thought merely waste of time and a weakness… and yet, even in those harsh lands, there came close upon the attacking wave a fleet of helping hooves, reaching out to us in solidarity.”


“That was what inspired me to found IMAGINE; I felt then, as I hold ever stronger as a conviction now, that there is much evil in the world, but the best way to fight against it is not with steel and blood, but with a clear head, helpful hoof, and open heart.  It remains my vision to spread these values beyond the borders of Equestria, so that wherever a traveler may go, he may be assured of finding a friend at every inn.”


“I have long admired Princess Twilight’s commitment to this school, as I felt it served to compliment my own efforts in aim, and even supercede them in effect.  Looking over all those gathered here today, I feel the future is in good hooves. And claws, wings, or whatever limbs you may use to embrace a new friend. I only hope, for the time that I wlll be the steward of that future, that I shall do right by you, this school, and the values to which it is dedicated.  Thank you.”


She concluded her speech, and then could only await the reaction...

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Starlight had to admit, this was a strange and bittersweet turn of events. In the brief beginning moments, the mare could hardly believe that Twilight had intended to step down as Headmare, it seemed so out of character for her. But, with the added responsibility placed at her hooves by Celestia and Luna, she could hardly blame her for wanting to not drown herself in responsibility...for once. The question that lingered for Starlight after that had been who exactly would be able to fill her horseshoes! The obvious choice would have been one of the girls, of course, but sometimes the obvious choice isn't the correct choice. The unicorn didn't know Bluebl...er...belle, very well at all. Like most she had heard the rumours good and bad, Starlight was hardly a stranger to that sort of thing herself.


Quietly she sat off and to the back, smiling politely as Twilight went through her speech, she could only imagine the nervousness that was coursing through the princess as she continued. Starlight made a mental note to take her out later, getting something to eat was always a good way to de-stress. When the princess' speech landed upon her continuing role at the school, she would stand and wave at the students before taking her seat once more. Starlight knew which part was coming next and quietly held her breath as she waited the reaction of the students. The expected gasps slowly settled down into a quiet murmur before turning into silence again as Twilight continued. It was hard not to tear up a bit herself, seeing Twilight nearly doing so. As she passed by, Starlight wouldn't hesitate to give her friend and mentor a gentle hug before letting her go with a smile.


And as Twilight passed, so did Bluebelle, a picture of poise and grace belaying the swirling vortex of self doubt that was probably just under the surface. Starlight remained quiet, listening intently to the princess' speech. She had heard Twilight practicing hers more than a few times over the course of...well honestly she had lost track of time on that but let's say she heard it more than once. But Bluebelle's was new to hear, and would serve well to gauge the kind of pony she would be working for here on. And from the sound of it, it was a wise choice on Twilight's part.


As Bluebelle's speech came to an end, a silence fell over the crowd once again, as the students looked to one another. Change was hard for anyone, especially the youth, she knew that far too well. But she also knew too well how the approval of your peers could affect you, and so before the silence could turn awkward, Starlight would be the first to applaud the new headmare.


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Only a second after one of the staff ponies started applauding, loud shouts filled the room; “WOOOO!!! YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! LET’TH GIVE IT UP FOR OUR NEW HEADMAAAARE!!!” The lispy cries came from a short bipedal creature at the front of the audience, madly clapping to generate excitement.

School of Friendship, meet your newest fellow student: Grubber the Hedgehog!




Unlike the others, Grubber lacked any sort of nostalgic attachment to Princess Twilight. To the runt, all Twilight had been was the pony princess Tempest captured that one time so her horn would get fixed, but things didn’t quite work out as the Commander hoped. Grubber therefore couldn’t contemplate what was the big deal about Twilight leaving. Still, that didn’t stop the hedgehog from taking a crack at energizing the room. That sort of thing came naturally to the optimistic guy.

After giving the main foyer a chance to quiet down, Grubber took the opportunity to ask the first — and most important — question. “Tho uhhh Headmare Bluebelle, I just wanted to know; do they therve cake and pie here?”

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Image result for yona yak


Yona listened intently as the Headmare she knew and loved stepped down from her position. The yak's eyes filled with tears at the proclamation that Twilight would no longer be in charge to the school. She looked up as the Princess looked down at her students as the brimming tears fell from her eyes. She had learned so much form Twilight and it seemed such a shame for her to go. 


"Yona no get too ahead for herself." The yak spoke quietly to herself. She'd been working on her self control and now was as good a time as any to practice. Twilight said she'd back to check on them and so at least Yona had that!


She sniffed loudly as the alicorn's talk turned to that of her chosen knew Headmare. If Twilight had picked her then whoever it was they would be good! No, they'd be great! Yona trusted Twilight. As Bluebelle was introduced a hush fell over the crowd for a moment. It was all quite a lot to take in and Yona felt her head swimming with the changes that were flying fast and furious.


Applause started near the back and then filtered forward, though some hooves were a bit tentative at first. This was big news to take in!




Yona's mouth dropped open for a moment when some small prickly guy she'd never met before started cheering loudly. The gaping muzzle turned quickly into a grin.


"If Twilight say Bluebelle new headmare then Yona say GO NEW HEADMARE!" She hopped up and down in place which caused the whole place to rumble slightly and a tremor to go through the crowd.


"Bluebelle! Bluebelle! Bluebelle!"  


Rumble, quake, rumble...


The ground shook as the yak hopped in place with much excitement!

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Another student new to the school, and one new to Equestria as a whole really, was the longma filly standing in the front row of the crowd. Kireina had no real emotional stake in Twilight’s speech, only wondering who would be fit to take the place of a princess. 


The answer was apparently another princess, though of a different sort. This one was just a unicorn, though truthfully more beautiful than the last one. There was a certain natural beauty to alicorns, but this Bluebelle knew how to surpass it. All in all, she was only half listening to her speech, more focused on admiring the unicorn’s outfit and beauty and wondering how it would look on her. Once it was over though, after the other unicorn started the clapping, she joined in with her own dainty clapping until the Yak started jumping. 


“<Well, someone’s excited...>” She sighed in neighponese, wincing slightly at each ground shaking landing. The yak and that other strange creature both it seemed. Maybe it was best to avoid them, they seemed like a lot at the moment. 


(Here She is if you wanted the app: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24390-kireina-hinode-ready/ )


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Oh, why did she read that book?
A rather sleepy Smolder ambled into the main foyer, along side her classmate Yona. The big yak was basically  a walking mattress. Even wore a sheet on her back. Would anyone mind if she hopped on her friend and took a little nap? Probably. And considering how hyper her large friend was, there was a very low chance she would be able to stay on top before being tossed off. She could sit. And listen. She wisely brought a cup of coffee with her, but so far it wasn't helping.
The young dragon had finished reading her favorite new book last night.  Salem's Stables. A rather terrifying little novel about a writer who returned to the old village he grew up with, only to learn its deadly secrets! It was full of Vamponies! And while she normally paced herself by reading just a chapter a night, as she drew near the thrilling conclusion, she needed to finish it all! The ending alone nearly caused her scales to shiver off.
Then it was time for bed. And she could not sleep. She could almost see those vamponies sneaking about outside. Waiting to taste her awesome dragon blood. But they couldn't have it! It was hers! And while she was awake....They would never get their filthy fangs on her!
Oh-Oh! She nodded off. Thankfully the noise in the large room quickly shook her back into the land of the living. Princess Twilight was giving her speech. She was leaving he school to rule the whole lot of Equestria. Old news. Can't believe she will be doing the job of TWO rather ancient Alicorns. How will she sleep if she has to move both the sun and moon! There was more of her speech. Yadda Yadda. But wait. Starlight Glimmer was still the  Guidance Counselor? Huh? She could have sworn that the usual trusty grapevine had mentioned that Glimmer would be running the school as the Headmare. Instead this 'Bluebelle' would be running things? Who the heck was that? The confused dragon glanced over at her friend with an look of utter bafflement.
Thankfully her question was answered once the purple mare was finished. And nope. She had no idea who this gal was.....A gal who was also a guy in the past? Pony magic was odd. Yona was already on ball with the new leadership. Hmmmph. Smolder really needed to see how things went before passing judgment.
Along with the others that cheered the new Headmare, there was an odd little creature who shared Yona's enthusiasm. Was he a Diamond Dog? Giant rat? Hamster? He almost looked like one of those creatures that attacked her and the others awhile back. What did Fluttershy call them? Pukwudgies? Were they able to talk?
For now she would try her best to stay awake and hear whatever speeches they had left...And maybe the dragon would be able to get a quick nap in before the first class.
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So... the crowd's reaction seemed to range from indifferent to enthusiastic.  Bluebelle could live with that spread; any absence of hostility was welcome, and positive acceptance was a good sign of future things to come.  One of the first student reactions, of course, reminded the mare that these were, of course, students.  That is to say, young and fundamentally immature.  But that could be worked with, in time.


"Well, mister..."  Bluebelle made a show of glancing down at her notes.  Twilight had sent some notes ahead on some of the new students to keep an eye on in particular, and this was one of them, "Grubber, was it?  I am pleased to say that diligent students are often in the kitchen's good graces, when it comes to dessert."  Never pass up an opportunity to encourage effort.  


Let's see, besides him... there were a couple members of Twilight's initial class that she picked out, an enthusiastic Yak with a sleepy-looking dragon across her back.  And there... a longma?  Or ryuma, as they were called in Neighpon.  So the school was extending its reach, excellent. 


"If you have any more questions, I will be able to take a few.  Other than that, welcome to Twilight Sparkle's School of Friendship for another year!"

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Valen was excited to attend the School of Friendship. In all honesty, he was just happy to attend school once more. His academic success in Manehattan had been sidelined for the past year or three during his extended, seemingly infinite and permanent, sojourn to Ponyville under the auspices and care of his cousin. Since then he had only dabbled his hooves in the local educational system- Manehattan Academies were several years ahead, so it wasn't much of a loss for him. It did make him feel stifled though, and when it was hinted by his cousin that he could attend the School of Friendship, he didn't give much thought as to why that was she thought he would do well to attend. He was just happy to have a place to go aside from the farm or the train during one of Rarity's fashion tours!

He had been met by Smolder who gave him a brief rundown of the school. A strange happenstance of an event that was still hard to unpack mentally a full day later notwithstanding, he was excited. The School of Friendship was effectively a boarding school and the idea of being able to attend to his business without worrying about a raft of concerns outside of the work he was doing. Of course with his cousin and work partner both being Professors he wasn't expecting a completely freeing experience but where strong gallops were desired, a gentle trot would suffice. He had gotten himself comfortable, a nice night's rest, and made sure to proceed to the commons for the announcement of the school year.

As expected, Twilight started the festivities off. It was the usual sort of speech he'd expect from a Headmare, but it took a twist. He had known it was coming because Applejack was fairly open about such important events, but it didn't take the gravity of the situation away. Two headmares on his first day? He wasn't sure if that was a good sign of stability for his future here, but no matter, Twilight was a fine mare who would make a fine ruler of Equestria, but she was the old news. The new hotness was...Prince-slash-Princess Blueblood-slash-Bluebelle! An interesting choice. Valen had once worked as a maid for the noble socialite and it had proven to be an enriching experience in more ways than one. Valen listened to the speeches and allowed for others to have their time- including what looked like a hedgehog, at that- before the new Headmare asked if anypony had questions. Valen did. He raised his hoof and when called he did a polite bow.

“Does this appointment change our schedules?” He asked hopefully. He had just memorized it after all!

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Wait a minute... did the Headmare just imply that Grubber would have to work for his treats? AWW MAAAAAN!!! Even in this place, desserts were earned through honest effort! The hedgehog’s spirits quickly deflated, realizing he was gonna have to come up with an actual game plan if he was to thrive at the School of Friendship. Preferably, a plan that allowed for lots of sweets at the lowest possible cost.

Grubber was pretty sure he could think of something, though! Maybe the hedgehog could sneak off with desserts like in the really old days, before he enlisted in the Storm King’s Armada. Or perhaps he’d find a student or two willing to do the studying and assignments (whatever those weird things were) he’d have to do or whatever. For now though, being able to put his clever mind at work gave Grubber a measure of hope for the future.....

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At some point during the day:
"Defense Against Dark Hearts, taught by visiting Professor Sunset Shimmer, is starting in five minutes. Students who have signed up for this class, please make your way there," Said somepony over the school intercom with a pleasant, inviting tone, a soothing yet calmly stern mare beckoning them forward. Who was this mysterious mare over the intercom? It didn't quite matter. What mattered is that throughout the day she would make announcements for all the new classes!

OOC- This is an announcement post of a new school thread. It takes place outside of the current thread's events, so feel free to ignore the post- but not the thread it is advertising!

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At some point during the day:
"Counselor Glimmer's office is now open, so any students who need guidance or assistance should feel free to contact her! Her doors are always open,"," Said somepony over the school intercom with a pleasant, inviting tone, a soothing yet calmly stern mare beckoning them forward. Who was this mysterious mare over the intercom? It didn't quite matter. What mattered is that throughout the day she would make announcements for all the new classes and events!

OOC- This is an announcement post of a new school thread. It takes place outside of the current thread's events, so feel free to ignore the post- but not the thread it is advertising!

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Another question!  An easy one this time, from a student she actually recognized!  Her own unique perspective on being a mare/stallion had been of help to Valen Orange in the past, and it was lovely seeing him here.  "For the most part, no.  However, for today, I have decided to cancel all labs and lectures in the period following lunch, to give everyone time to meet and get to know the new arrivals.  This goes for the faculty as well."  Bluebelle hadn't had time to properly introduce herself to her fellow faculty, and so this change was as much for her benefit as her new students!


OOC- New thread announced for faculty!  Interested students may also make/link a post to their own lunchtime.

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  • 5 months later...



Remington filed in towards the back of the crowd of students. Orientation was chaotic and energetic. So many young ponies and creatures in one place, some returning but also some new students, like himself, mingled with each and meeting old and new friends and teachers. Unfortunately for him, Remington's parents could not be present for the orientation, but he was very good at finding his way around a new place, an instinct anypony could pick up having lived in Manehatten for several years. As Remington looked around at all the experienced-looking sophomores with their creature cliques and local residents grouping together with one another, it was as though he felt he could know several of them already, but in reality he didn't know anypony by name. If there was anyone here he did know, their colors were lost among the array of creatures from all over Equestria.


He stepped over to what looked like a scheduling table and quickly searched for a form or card with his name on it. "Ah-ha, here it is. First one is Loyalty 101, Professor Rainbow Dash. Loyalty, huh? Guess they want to make sure I don't skip class," he said jokingly to no one in particular. Remington was a well-mannered colt, for the most part. He was born in Cloudsdale but spent most of his time in Manehatten where his father worked as an executive for a marketing firm. When he had the choice to continue trade school in the city or go somewhere else, his parents suggested he should attend the school of friendship in Ponyville. They mostly liked the idea of getting their son involved with the Princess of Friendship's academy, but he had his own reasons for wanting to attend. The years of Manehatten grew sourly on him. He didn't mind the big city, but he constantly found himself gravitating towards exploring other parts of the country. And once he found his special talent in dream interpreting, he felt his future might more involve venturing to the places where dreamscape spell casting and dreamwalking occurred. But since he's not a unicorn, and not best friends with Princess Luna (yet), getting in line to earn a degree in friendship might be the best next step. What was he stepping into, however, would be a mystery soon to reveal itself.




Thread: Again, For the First Time

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  • 2 months later...

On a later date:


For the second time since assuming their role as Archancellor, Blueblood had called a general assembly to make an announcement.  Their choice to be a stallion today was taken mostly for balance, as well as to make sure that the student and faculty were used to how they handled such matters.  The added insight from seeing both sides from the inside, as it were, should prove a boon over the long run.  He also happened to know at least one student found herself in a not-dissimilar situation, from prior help and advice they'd given even before she had joined the school.  Catching up with a mutual friend in Rarity, the three of them had finalized the plan for what the Prince was about to unveil today.


He himself was dressed, again, in full academic regalia, tam and robes in an elegant black-and-silver design.  From the podium, he looked over the assembled student and faculty, giving them a beaming smile.  "Good morning, everypony!  As some of you have heard already, I have had plans for some time to introduce school uniforms to the School of Friendship.  I believe this to be an excellent way of setting a general tone of comradeship amongst the whole student body.  As you well know, we've taken on many new students this semester, and some may have felt pressure to be personally friends with them all, but unable to make the time commitments to then keep up all their relationships at a satisfactory level.  Even though this is a school of friendship, we do not have this expectation of you!  Personal friendships take time to make and keep, and nopony has an infinite amount of time.


"However, personal friendship is not the only bond one can have in life, nor is it the only important one.  There is also what I have called comradeship.  This might be called an impersonal bond, but it is no less important for a fulfilled life or community.  When one is part of a common organization or purpose, there is a bond there that precedes even knowing another pony or other creature personally.  Being dedicated to the same purpose, privy to the same knowledge, and sharing in the same experiences makes us all one body, one school.  Some day, you will all leave this place, and it is important that we all remember each other as something more than strangers, even if we could not all be each other's treasured friend.  As much as I may try, I can't be as personally close to all of you as I am to some of you.  But that's OK.  We are all equally part of this school, and of its mission, and always will be.  And wherever life brings us, we will know what we can count on our fellow comrades to spread the light of harmony throughout the world."


A bit of an unexpected introduction to a sartorial announcement, but Blueblood was aware that not all students were of the sort that would take clothing regulations without protest or grumbling, and felt it only right to give some kind of justification for what he was handing down.  Plus, it was a lesson he'd wanted to teach in any case; this was just a good opportunity to do so.  That said, though, it was time to reveal the outfits!  For this, he'd called lady Rarity, as well as a certain student to help him show off the designs.  "And now, to show you what we've come up with!  There are two general designs that you may choose from, one based on a dress, the other on a blazer.  Each is in black and silver, with our school coat of arms emblazoned on the front.  You will be allowed to add personal touches and accoutrements, as desired, though we would request that you consult with Rarity or another skilled faculty member to assist in attaching them.  These will, of course, be provided free of cost to students and families."  Funded by 'royal donation,' in fact.

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OOC- Post courtesy of the RiverEagle Posting Alliance
School of Friendship Hallway, Two Weeks And Change Ago

Moonlight was panicked. Well panicked was the wrong word. She was totally freaking out! She needed somepony and she needed them stat. She had first thought that they were just gonna have to show off one uniform and she had that under lock and key, no doubt. But just in the past twenty minutes what happened? Well the Chancellor went out of his way and said it was best to show off both the dress and the blazer but they were so behind on the blazer and they hadn't even had time to take measurements because oh my Celestia did it become almost impossible to get anycreature to come in when there was so much going on at the school and it was totally freaking her out-

-She took a deep breath. "Okay, okay. You just need to relax, filly. Like, this isn't that bad. You just need a colt," she muttered to herself as she turned a corner. And lo and behold, a colt. And what a colt, it was her friend Remington! She had initially thought of him but after her thoughts stayed there unintentionally and awkwardly for a minute she had decided to push ahead. But like a gift from a secret benefactor here he was. About four hooves away from her. "Remmy!"


"Uh, yeah! I'm here.  This is the right place right?" Remington knew where he was, he just had no other option to say anything, so instead of saying something that was random that would make him sound clueless, he instead suggested to himself that he should question his physical placing on life. He aced it.


"Right place right time! Like, what a lifesaver!" Moonlight said with one hoof to her face. She then nervously chuckled. "So, like, I have a favor to ask of you and its sorta kinda, like, really big and all but I was wondering if you would be totally cool and help a filly out?"


Remington's nervousness was relaxed by the fret in Moonlight's voice. It would now be his internal duty to make sure his good friend is not too stressed. "Of course. Why else would we be friends? That's what friends do. Is there something wrong?"


"Well I mean, like, define wrong?" She rubbed the back of her neck. "I'm not in danger or, like, serious trouble. But I got a totally radical new thing I'm working on with, like, school resources with Miss Rarity and I'm, uhhgh, whatever. So behind. I need your help!" She said dramatically before leaning in. "I need you to be a totally awesome friend and, like, come to fashion club and help us design school uniforms!" She said with a broad smile. Then she added something else in a hurry. "Andshowthemoffinfrontofeverycreature!"


"Sure, wha, huh!? School uniforms? When did we start wearing uniforms? And what do you mean show them off?" Remington's colt brain was fast, but not that fast. It was easier to ask for her to recommunicate, even if he had to decode it in the ancient young mare pony language.


He said yes. Then he said a bunch of other stuff, but he said yes. "Great! So, like, meet me in fashion club tomorrow after classes are done, okay?" She said in an attempt to ignore the rest. But she wasn't good at ignoring stuff. She was good at trying to make others ignore stuff though. 

"Oh, you know, like, free school uniforms for all the students and stuff. Everycreature is gonna look sooo good in them, oh my Celestia it's so totally cool. Like, how did we ever live without them?" She drew in close with half-lidded eyes. 

"And you're gonna look sooooo handsome! Like, seriously, you're gonna be the star of the whole school when its done! All the fillies will be saying, like, 'woah, that colt is so totally handsome and so woke' once we all, like, start wearing them in the new semester, yeah?"


"Wait. Star?" Remington was trying to process it all.  Apparently, the school was going to issue school uniforms for everycreature, and Remington was intended to be the male counterpart to show them off by his friend Moonlight here. It had been almost three weeks since Remington had met Moonlight, and about 20 days of that three weeks he was familiar with her obsession with fashion. He kind of envied it. He never loved something like that as much as she loved that inspiration. Well except for...  "So you need me to be a prototype for the male uniform!? There's gotta be somepony else that could do that, what about Sandbar? I'm sure Sandbar wouldn't mind doing it." Remington paused long enough to think of something else to ask, but not long enough for Moonlight to respond to his soft rejection. "Who's going to wear the female uniform?"


She was going to respond to his heart-wrenching objection, but then he asked who was going to be wearing the female uniform. "Oh, I am! Mine is all ready for show. I look so good in it, like, you wouldn't believe!"


Remington contradicted himself, the fool he was. Maybe she wouldn't notice. "Oh. Yeah. I guess I can do it. How long will it take? The uniform doesn't itch does it?"


She noticed. But luckily she already heard him say sure before and that was legally binding as far as friends were concerned already! "Oh, I have no real idea. Hopefully only, like, an hour, maybe more, after class tomorrow. And then we'll meet up in ohh, I dunno, like two weeks when the announcement goes live to, like, model them for everycreature?"
"As for the itch, well, mine doesn't! Then again you have a totally bitching blazer. Maybe, like, the blazer itches. If it does, you gotta tell me where!"


A blazer.
Remington liked the idea of wearing a blazer, especially one Moonlight deemed as 'bitching'. She used that word a lot, but she used it properly. His mother sometimes would mention how dashing he looked whenever he had to wear a tux or something to a family function. "Yeah....  Yeah!" Remington nodded with enthusiasm. "Yeah, Moonlight, let's do it. It might be a little embarrassing for me to get in front of everyone, but if the blazer is bitchin', I'm sure it'll take the pressure off me. So meet after class today? tomorrow? both?" Remington's imaginary calendar was now filled. Every appointment was taken by the name Moonlight.


"Yay!" She screeched loudly, giving him a big, close hug. He was such a dependable colt even if he sometimes didn't know it. She knew she could count on him. "Tomorrow will work. We'll do everything we need to do tomorrow!" She squealed again in excitement, squeezing him tight before looking at him near nose to nose, half-lidded eyes. "Remmy, you're so good to me."


Remington's ears folded closed to the screeching noises, and as he was attacked with a hug, braced for it, and then accepted it with a smile. A second round of squealing and hugging and looking closely at him muzzle to muzzle. "Hey, you'd do the same for me if I needed help." Remington blushed and looked away. He loved the attention but feared being too engaged in the intimacy. She was a very affectionate mare, and it took a lot of him to restrain himself from making a fool of himself. Well, more than he already has.


She giggled. "Oh, I would!" She said as she released him from her vice like grip. "See you tomorrow at fashion club sweetie!" She said with an impish lilt to her voice as she started skipping past him her tail trailing along his back legs unintentionally as she did so.


Fashion Club, Two Weeks and Less Change Ago


Today was not as picture perfect as the pony who had planned it out had wished it to be. She was having some issues with her magic today for some reason, this stupid damned horn. She didn't want to choke her friend out but...well, she had concerns. She had been measuring his legs and then something went wrong and she had tightly wound it around his legs and in her panic had only made it tighter.
"Okay, stand still," Moonlight said as she used her magic to levitate the measuring tape around his neck.  "Sorry about your, uhh, front leg. Heh. Ha, umm, like, you're not mad at me are you?" She asked nervously.


Remington stood still and straight while Moonlight took his measurements. He could have asked if she was doing them correctly, but what the hay did he know. At one point she seemed to tie an inadvertent knot on a front leg of his. She seemed nervous for some reason. Rarity must really run a tight ship. "It's ok, I can take it. I think." Remington puffed his chest up like he was posing for a body-building photo. With tense breathe he questioned, "Should I hold it like this while you measure?"


"Oh, hold it just like that when I check your chest. You want room to breath, and like, grow. Yes, uhh, grow," she said with a laugh. The tape measurement tightened around his neck though not too hard. "So, when was the last time you were fitted for something? Like, a lot of formal dances where you're from?"


"Uh, like a few years ago, my parents wanted me fitted for a suit they wanted to buy for my birthday. It was a cool gift, but I ended up never using it. And it's probably too small for me now." Remington chuckled. "But don't worry, probably not growing anymore, heh."


"Oh, what a waste. Like, you would have looked so good I bet!" She said as she drew close, adjusting the tape and writing down the measurements. It wasn't far from the truth. Remington had always been handsome in a way that Moonlight was pretty back then. "And you're gonna grow. I mean, thats what your measurements are telling me!"


Remington blushed for some reason. "You think so?" It was like he was having a conversation with his parents when he was a little foal. "I mean, if I stopped growing it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but," Remington caught a mirror in the corner of a room that reflected his image back to him. He puffed his chest out even more. "I guess I could use a few inches."


Moonlight took this chance to move the measurements to his chest. When he puffed it out he had the build of a good stallion! "Pssh, who's the fashion expert here, silly? I don't think so. I totally know so," she said as she wrapped it around his chest and squeezed gently. "See, like, when everypony stops growing there is totally a ratio to how their body works. There may be, like, some little oddities here and there, but they are all formed up. But when you're growing, your body is all like, 'I guess I'll grow this slightly faster than the rest' and, like, there is an imbalance. You might not grow taller but you're gonna bulk out for sure."


"Oh. Bulkier? You don't think I'll grow taller at least a little bit? So what part of me is not balanced?" He joked in jest at himself. "Do I have a massive head or something?"


"Oh I mean you might grow taller, but you're definitely gonna fill up," she giggled as she playfully tapped him in the chest. "Your legs are bigger. Not, like, in a bad way, your legs are really nice- umm, I mean they're good-" she said as the tape started to constrict around his chest.


Remington had no obvious response to such a compliment, so he said the only natural thing he could come up with. "Yeah, you have nice legs, too." He immediately regretted it.


She giggled, losing herself though the tightening of the tape around his chest like a constrictor snake. "Oh, you think so do you?" She said as she crossed a front leg and extended a back one.


Remington hadn't experienced a physical examination like this since, well maybe ever. There were times when his doctor would inspect his legs for deformities when he was a foal, and there were times when he was being held down in order for his parents to change his diaper. And then there was this. Moonlight had Remington strung out like he was her puppet. He could see on the opposite side of the room that there were dress forms of different shapes of ponies. He imagined that she had practiced measuring those inanimate ponies. But now she had a real life subject, and she was enjoying it. And if he was honest, he was enjoying it, too. He just didn't know how to react. "How much longer. How many more measurements do you need?"


"Your barrel, your flank, your wings," she said as she released the tape from his chest, leaving a mark around it that she didn't see. She then mosied on down to his barrel. "So, how're you enjoying Ponyville?"

He re-positioned his legs, giving her room to reach his underside properly. "I like it fine enough. To be honest, I haven't seen much of it, since I'm not really in town much. The campus creates quite a bubble. You seem to have taken to the pony folk of the town well. Most of them seem to know you well."


She laughed a little nervously. Yeah, a lot of ponies knew her. They knew her before she was Moonlight too. "Oh, well, I like, like, the ponyfolk!" She said before almost correcting herself. A little bit of cousin Applejack had snuck out as she started measuring his barrel. "I bet it doesn't compare to Manehattan, though."


"I don't know. When there are fewer ponies to know, you tend to know them all better. I had what seemed to be thousands of acquaintances, but I only knew a few of them well." He paused in reflection. "Like there was this friend I had named Valen. He was smart and funny. He had a thing for fashion. Kind of like you." Remington sighed. "He was cool. I wonder what he's doing now."


She took a deep gulp. She had known that name would come up but she hadn't known what she was going to do. The first thing she did was tighten the tape around his barrel. The second thing was laugh. "Oh, I, uhh, like know that totally the same. San Flanknado is super pretty but uggh, whatever when it comes to good friends. Luckily you're here now. Here's to your future! The past is the past," She said as she tried to avoid the name for now.


Remington was honestly unsatisfied with her response. It seemed she was just making small chatter, which was fine. Anything to pass this awkward time of seeing if he measures up correctly to her expectations. That is why he was here right? He spoke softly as the tape measure constricted his breathing. "You think I'll be a good representation of a male pony in the uniform? Not everypony has wings."


"Honey, you'll be a dazzling example of a colt in uniform," she said confidently as the subject returned to something less awkward. And he would be, she was sure of it. Speaking of wings, she moved to them. These were easier actually since she didn't need as much. "You'll look bitchin' and I'll look fab-u-lous."


Remington flinched his wings. Like most pegasi, he didn't like them being touched. He raised them up to keep them away from his body. "If I smack you with a wing, don't take it personal. Sometimes I can't control them, they just do things." He smiled


"Oh? What makes them do that?"


"I don't know, think of it like a pressure point."


"Oh, good. I heard, like, all sorts of weird stuff about wings." She said as she finished with the wings. Only one area left!


Remington fold his wings back to rest. The flank was last. "You know, I'm just gonna go and say it. It's kind of strange having you touch me in these places. I know you're just measuring my dimensions, but I would be lying if I didn't feel a little funny about it. I'm sure it's funny to you, too. It's good that we trust each other as friends enough to not make it weird." Remington blinked once, and then blinked again slowly. And then he collapsed.


She was nodding along with him as he spoke, agreeing all the way. It was good to have somepony you could trust, even if it was a little weird. "You know, I'm, like, so happy you-" she started off before he collapsed. "Remmy!" She yelled as she tried and failed to catch him in her magic, Remington falling off the chair and onto one of the many throw-pillow collections that dotted the room at seeming random. "Are you okay? Wake up!"


Remington was breathing, but showed no signs of being able to wake.


Okay, so he wasn't dead.

That was really good news!

But she was still nervous. Ans scared. She started running in place in panic. What to do what to do what do do do do! Her eyes flashed from point to point until she saw a sink. She ran to it, picking up an empty bucket- well it was empty after she tossed all the towels that were in out- and screeching to a halt in front of the sink. After she filled it up she started galloping towards him. Unluckily for her she forgot about the pile of towels she just made.

She promptly tripped, sending the bucket flying. It crashed in front of her, making it impossible to stop herself from slide-tripping all the way into Remington while screaming. She crashed into him at high speeds, sending the pair into a nearby storage compartment, tightly wound with various strings and tape together.
It was then, when she was wet and bound to her friend, that she remembered he had narcolepsy.
"Gag me with a spoon."


Remington, while being completely unhurt slowly came to and his eyes opened before he gain cognitive understanding of his senses. He remembered where he was but he didn't remember what the last thing he said was. When he realized he had an episode he scoffed at himself. He looked around while slowly gaining control of his body. But he couldn't move much. It was then he noticed Moonlight's face right next to his. "Um. Moonlight? Are we in a closet?" Remington was embarrassed that he fell asleep momentarily. It had actually been a long while since his last episode, and he never thought to bring it up to his new friends. But instead of having to confront that idea, he was left to wonder how he ended up in a dark space tied up with his friend in a closet. "How long was I out?"


She felt like an idiot. She was an idiot. And she had to also pretend to be even more clueless in order to not suffer an even worse shame!
"Out? For like a minute  maybe. You just, like, totally went out! I thought you were hurt so I totes just totally like ran to get some water and then and then I was all like, 'hey filly why don't you just, like, trip with a bucket of water and go crashing into your totally dying friend' and then we ended up here. What was that?!" She said as she tried to wiggle free. She could feel some string snapping. Uggh, she'd totally have to replace that! But it was less awkward than being soaked and being tied to Remington at chest level.


Remington listened to her explanation, and the honesty of her story just made him chuckle. It was hilarious. He laughed, and he tried to do it in a way where she didn't feel like she was being laughed at. "Ha ha, yeah so um. I have this thing where I randomly fall asleep." Remington started to unravel the measuring tape that tied them up, loosening his limbs in order to wiggle out of it successfully. "I have narcolepsy. But I honestly haven't had this happen for quite some time, so I never thought to bring it up. Typically it would only happen if I was stressed out or had a moment of high emotion." Remington realized what he said would imply. "I don't remember when it happened. I just remember something about my wings." Remington chuckled again as he pulled himself free of the carnage and out of the dark closet. "Ha haha. You must have been so worried about me. I'm fine, don't worry." Remington held out his hoof to help Moonlight get up.


She breathed a sigh of relief. It worked. Now she didn't have a reason to forget ever again. "Oh, well, that's...well cool is the wrong word but, like, better than the other things, right? Haha," she said as she stretched out and looked for a dry towel. "I think we've done enough. Umm, I think I can get the flank measurements right from here. Oh, wanna see me in my bangin' uniform?"


"Oh it's already done? Yeah!"


She smiled. Good. "Yeah, mine's been done for a while! Like, it was the first one and then we used it to, like, be the base for the rest. I'll get dressed!" She said as she hopped behind a curtain that wasn't far away. As she got dressed however she still spoke. "So, uhh, tell me about this narcolepsy. Is it, like, something you need medicine for or...?"


Remington's eyes dodged away as if he was trying to observe Moonlight's privacy. "Um. No. At least not anymore. Early on, my parents were just told to keep me from flying. That's one of the reasons we moved away from Cloudsdale. But eventually, after trying a few medications, it was obvious the only way to deal with it is by taking precautions. My decisions are always based on it. But once I got a little older, like a few years ago, I stopped having it as much."


She frowned. That didn't sound right. With all the medicines they had in this day and age they didn't have something that'd allow him to do what he wanted to do? Uggh. She remembered this back from Manehattan but she had assumed something would change over time. He had grown accustomed to it but she didn't have to like it. "I see. Well, I think you're totally brave!"


"Nah, it's just an inconvenience. I'm not winning an EUP medal of bravery anytime soon. How long does it take to put that on. You girl's aren't going to have to take this long to prepare just to get to school are ya?"


She rolled her eyes. "It's been like thirty seconds and I'm, like, still drying off you dork. But in any case, I'm ready!" She said as she used her magic to throw open the curtain, revealing her in full uniform regalia. She had her own touches, like the all black stockings and good makeup use, as well s a good cut that allowed her to show off her figure a little more as well as her shapely legs.
"How do I look? And be honest now!"


Remington turned and looked at her. He was smitten. "Wow. it's actually much better than I expected. You look great in it! It goes well with your bright pelt, too. Wow. The skirt combination makes you look extra smart and sophisticated. I can't believe this. I'm actually looking forward to this. Do you have a drawing of the blazer?"


She always looked forward to the praise. She did a twirl in place slowly so he could get a good look at everything that it encompassed. "Aww, thanks so much! That was, like, totally what we were going for!" She said as her horn lit up and a sketch of the blazer appeared from a drawer and marched its way to him. "What do you think of this, Remmy?"


Remington examined the schematic of the blazer. "Hm. I'm assuming the silver in it shimmers better when it's off the page. Will there be tie options? It would be cool to get a tie color that matches my mane."


Her eyebrow raised. He wasn't totally clueless when it came to color combinations and some fashion elements which was totally cool, but unexpected. "Oh, it'll shimmer a bit more in, like, real light and stuff. Tie options are something the Chancellor is totally gonna offer, yeah," she said as she trotted next to him. "So, here is what you need to do..."

Today, With No Change Left

It was the big day. She was in her uniform and the Chancellor was giving his big speech promoting the uniforms. All they needed to do was go out there and strut their stuff for a minute and show off their bad selves for a good cause. She stretched herself out, her back left leg stretched long in her black stockings as she made sure to get a good, long stretch in before she went out. "This is gonna be so totally awesome," she whispered as she nearly giggled in excitement. She loved modeling. She always had!


Remington arrived right behind Moonlight, making final adjustments to his blazer. It felt kind of tight around his abdomen, but he couldn't tell if he was gaining unexpected weight or if he just wasn't used to wearing a blazer. Maybe both. He made a few unnecessary adjustments to his glasses as well, making sure they were straight. "Alright, Glitz. I think I'm ready." Remington could tell his friend was uber excited to model the new outfit. He however, only enjoyed it mildly. He was glad to help with the male counterpart to the whole uniform subjectivity. He hoped at least he could be charming enough to counter the groans from all the guys seeing him in the outfit and being displeased with having to wear it. "I'm right behind you."


"Oh, you are?" She smiled impishly, "is my leg in your way?" She asked rhetorically. The nickname Glitz wasn't bad at all but she still liked playing around with him. She lowered her leg and turned to see him. "You look so handsome. Is it tight, like, just a little around the abdomen?" She asked as she made sure his mane was just right.


Remington blushed a little as she touched his mane to straighten it or make it messier, whatever she deemed better. "Heh, no it's not too tight. I don't know. I have to wear around a little, maybe I just need to break it in."


"You do. If it was, like, loose then that'd be a problem. Aww, your mane is so nice now!" She said as she pulled back. "You look totally bitch-"

The Arch-Chancellor finished his speech. It was their time. 


Remington nervously replied, "Let's do it."


And with that she took the front. She went out on the stage with bold confidence not only in herself, but her uniform. It was important to show off everything the uniform was there to do. Want to look sophisticated? Look at the great quality and studiousness that shot out from the way the collar and chest popped together, along with the smart combinations at play. Want to look attractive? The great cut allowed your figure to shine. It wouldn't look demeaning, it looked totally empowering. She felt like a million bits in and she wanted you to feel like a million bits too!


Remington followed Moonlight's seemingly professional modeling swagger and strutted out there with pretend confidence. He smiled and waved softly, but then stopped waving because maybe you weren't supposed to. He did a few turns, and stretched out a few poses that he knew he could pull off, like the one he called 'eureka', and another he could only explain as 'you know it'. He could have been fretting about being in front of the whole school in this manner, but instead he found himself comforted by Moonlight's ability to lead with passion, and he admired her for that.


She turned about to go to the other side of the stage when she caught sight of what Remington was doing. It was, ya know, not protocol and not at all what the fashionistas would enjoy. But Fluttershy had once picked her nose and been a total ass onstage and that was applauded so she was sure his shtick was working. And more importantly, it was all him, and that was what really mattered to an audience. Authenticity, and he was nothing if not an authentic dork. When she was done with her moves, and her minute was up, she walked confidently to the back.


Remington was enjoying himself a little and when he looked back he noticed Moonlight had exited the stage. So Remington started his walk towards the back as well in the most amateur modeling way possible.


When he was finally in the back she gave him a big hug.
"You did it! Oh, thank you thank you thank you!"


Remington hugged Moonlight back. "That was actually fun. But um, I don't think I ever want to do that again, heh."


She lightly punched him on the shoulder as she released that hug. "Oh, don't worry about that. These things. like, are made to last!" She sighed. "Thank you for all this. You are a lifesaver, Remmy."

He could have turned down the compliment, for he felt he didn't deserve it. But when he realized doing so would insult the way she thought of him, he realized he should let it lie. Moonlight had become a great friend of his, and he couldn't imagine what this new school experience would be like if it weren't for somepony special like her in his life. He only wondered where it would take them next.

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Silverstream let her mind wander all the time. It wandered so much sometimes her friends could visibly see it running around. Although she could be labeled as hyperactive, she also had the ability to focus on a single task very well. Often times, her enthusiasm is mistaken for a deficit of attention. However, make no mistake, she is that too sometimes. When she gets an idea or a musing, she is brave enough to attempt to discover it on her own. This led her to taking research trips to the Everfree without telling anycreature, scaring her friends and family for her whereabouts. It has also caused her to adapt a strange amount of proficiency in the most peculiar of trades. And not just plumbing, but also empty snail shell voyaging, artistic soap carving, and extreme iron-boarding. She would eventually be a jack of many trades without some of her closest friends and family ever knowing. Fascinating how such an eccentrically social creature like Silverstream could also be such a closet hobbyist.


Recently, she found a new adventure in a department that some would not find too surprising, but just like all of her other extracurricular activities, many had no idea what it was. A few clues could be found to associate with what she might be doing, but no one would care to pay that close attention to the details. After all, no one was murdered and nothing is stolen. So what might this pink hippogriff be up to? Well, for starters, she has been sneaking out at night. After everycreature is supposedly asleep, she is sneaking out and going somewhere around the campus. Why alone though? And why at night? What is she hiding?


((New thread open to students. PM if interested))


Thread: The Seabourne Identity

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Applejack was teaching her class today the importance of honest hard work. There were many ways to teach this. This time, she would offer the concept of a wooden shop lesson to invigorate the students to use integrity in their crafting skills. Some students would have templates to make clocks and tables, but the students could make anything they wanted. Applejack didn't care if the students did not have an affinity to shaping wood. All she cared about was that her class focus on their tasks and put a good effort into their projects. In the end, she would prove that with hard work and determination, integrity in your work can result in good things, regardless of your skill level.




Remington was not even thinking about his skill level. He was thinking about Moonlight, this glamorous unicorn filly he met on the first day of school seemed very friendly to him, more friendly than others had been. He didn't understand why she liked him, but he was content with the idea that this relationship had the potential to be something more. Unfortunately, Remington had no idea what any of this meant, and while he had the basic understanding of what a fillyfriend-coltfriend relationship looked like, he could have to make his next moves based on instinct. He knew right off the bat that what he really valued was quality time, and so in order to try and spend some of that time with Moonlight, he would ask her if she would like to be in a private study session. The details and implication of such a study session were not known, probably not even to Remington himself. He has no idea what he is doing.


Thread: Uneasy Hearts Neigh the Most






Silverstream and Smolder are seen together walking and talking. Smolder seems to be in the mood for one of her many tea drinkings. Silverstream would join her, but for more than just tea. The two will share some bonds in the coming minutes. Though they are friends, the hippogriff-dragon combo does not have as rich of a friendship as some of the other students have. Without seeking to improve their relationship, they attempt to find common ground not necessarily in order to better their friendship, but perhaps to help them with more personal matters. No boys allowed.



Thread: Expert Teas

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"Watch out with that!"


It had been a few months, but the archancellor had finally gotten around to moving the rest of their household to Ponyville for long-term residence.  Just in time to welcome new enrollee's to the school!  Trouble is, Blueblood had cut things a bit close, and with a rushed move-


*CRASH*- *tinkle*


-came wrack and ruin.  "It's OK, that was only one priceless antique.  And Twilight probably wouldn't appreciate my attempts to redecorate this place anyhow..."  

One could only hope that student shenanigans would disrupt neither Blue's move into the Crystal Castle, nor the fundraising event to be held that evening.  But, the Archancellor knew their students only too well...


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Meanwhile just outside the school, a peculiar blue-ish cyan pegasus was sat by the large pool of water that seemed to surround the campus. New in town and oblivious to the large crystal structure's purpose, she foolishly decided to lower herself in, bracing her gills, which were hidden by her dark blue mane with a light blue streak, for usage. 


"I wonder if there are any fish in here...maybe a squid or two! I can't wait to find out!" the young mare said to herself before taking the plunge.


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