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if you're looking to do more armored pones, I would like to request one of my on-site version of Raven. I don't have any particular idea for how the armor should look, but it's been in her family for generations. Here's some pics of the way she looks on-site.



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I would like to Request another of Windy if you don't mind. She's been getting a lot of extra attention recently, and has quickly become one of my favorite characters to play. I was hoping you might be able to do a better job with her flight suit. I had the base design down, but I would love to see what an artist like yourself can do with it.



here's the reference Image for the flight suit




I only created the suit, everything else was just a base. (the embriodery on her chest was supposed to be a flower bud, and the whole thing is made from stretchy shimmersilk)

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You know, since that Feng piece came out awesome..... I think it's time we got an art of his employer (and primary love interest) wearing her "work attire"..... in a manner of speaking. :P


May I request art of Empress Yuè with a hair style (as best you can anyway, I know those horns can be tricky) and red dress as seen here? Can't really find a specific hanfu reference pic I like, but you probably get the basic gist.


Reference material for the Empress:



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23 hours ago, RainbowFoxxy said:

Still don't have a solid style... working on that lol






But it's so goooood though! I just - thank you!

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I made a typo, bakaaaaaa
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