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Taking Requests!


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edit: requests are closed!


If anypony is interested I'm opening up requests of pony arts! For examples just take a look at the gallery feed :)


Respond with character description and anything I should know if you'd like some art.


Requests are always open! No telling which order art will be produced in... ;) 


Temy art all day! (always work in progress) 

Glitter with eye patch, after wound

Ashton (one out of two completed)

Quicklime's Cashmere

Zap Apple expression sheet

Twi in a tux

TacoBob's Cat (coming soon...)

Skycoaster's Blizzard take 2

IceStorm's Frostbite dragon

pyro's Dox changling

Angel bunny swearing in sign

Twilight in grassy field reading a blue book

Alivda's Raven in family armor

IceStorm's Wind Dancer in flight suit

Bellosh's beautiful Empress in work clothes



Temy art Firelight Feels

SirAizen's Candy Cane

Remington and Moonlight Glitter in Friendship School uniforms

Remington and Moonlight walking together

Blueblood's Feng in royal protectorate armor

Icestorm in armor

Luster Dawn and Sunset Shimmer

Alivda's Raven Shadowfire

Temy and Glitter snuggles

Icestorm's Wind Dancer pegasus

Temy being saved from ursa by Glitter

Bellosh (campaign poster)

Reckless and Neb at the club!

Dubstep's Limelight/ and a Limelight head shot :) 

Pyro's Blank Canvas

Ciraxis ninja mare

emotions pic from Hearts of Ice 

Szalhi blind mare

Pyroblaze zebra hybrid

Skycoaster batty pone

Skycoaster  frozen pone

QuickLime (maritini and the princess :D aw! ) Also, Martini on the Beach 

AJ tackle kisses RD proposal pic

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@Skycoaster turns out pony art is relaxing! I hope this is at least sorta how you imagined him. I can edit if you'd like :)

Banner, no background, and standing in a sleet storm of his creation ;)


Base credit: pegasski on Deviant Art







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@szalhi Gave it a try!  I figured shed still sign her books with a quill even if she writes with a braille writer. I'll do a full body image too but wanted to upload what I've done so far. 


Base credit: pegasski on Deviant Art



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For all my years here, I don't believe I made any requests, so it's a first for me....


Obviously you already familiar with Hou, but would You be so nice Rainbow to provide art for the sorceress as well?

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I think she looks great, thanks!

3 hours ago, RainbowFoxxy said:

@PyroBlaze I hope shes at least sorta what you imagined... I can edit if needed :) Made a banner, no background, and simple background. 


Base credit: pegasski on Deviant Art








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Oh hey, thanks, worked out a bit better than I thought for base material. You're lucky Vella's blindness isn't congenital so it gives a bit of an excuse. 


Also I'm not sure what you used to input it, but the Braille spacing is technically not right but who would notice but me?

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Aww... looks like I'm too late... again...


but might not matter... My particular requests are... well a Dragon and a Griffon, so idk if those are even options...?

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@szalhi Glad you're ok with it ;) I wrote the braille myself and since I dont know how to write braille I did the best I could.


@Bellosh I shall do what I can! :)


@Ashton I'm pretty sure I know which dragon but which griffon? I'll add you no worries!

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