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How Did You Come About Your Username?


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Behold! The secret never revealed before! The one and only, origin story of CIRAXIS!


Okay, okay let's put ham and drama aside.

Long ago when he as but a kid yours only played a both Baldur's Gate games and came to greatly enjoy them. Then, few years after that came another from the franchise on PS2 known as Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. It of course shared the setting withe the previously mentioned games, but in play-style it was anything like them. Luckily by that time I came to like hack-and-slash games by that time as well (thanks to Diablo and Diablo 2 among other things). One of the bosses was an white dragon Ciraxis. While not exactly the hardest boss in the world, I always was a sucker for ice levels and it helped that the dragon had an awesome theme as well (Created by Jeremy Soule so 'Duh!'). A few years back when internet was really starting taking off in my country I started coming out with different usernames for many websites and forums. One day when I was registrating on yet another one I recalled this awesome battle from BG:DA. So I took dragon's name for my own. And...well It grew on me. I was Ciraxis ever since, and the fact it's not an usual one helps too. I have yet to run into anyone sharing it with me, but I heard about at least three copycats from my net acquaintances.

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I made my username from something I'd been writing; I was intending to make a pony setting separate from mlp for a friend who, at the time, got tired of mlp for a while bc of interaction with the bad fans. I never finished building the setting beyond some species stuff and a creation myth that has a lot to do with a natural cycle of creation/destruction with the world. The being representing destruction was a dragon, so, when I was remaking a tumblr account and struggling with a username, I ended up thinking about that setting again, thus 'dragonofruin'

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Bit of necrothreading going on it seems, but given it's right around Halloween I suppose it's appropriate ;-)


As for me... I've never really like my legal name, I cant have been  more than 5 when I 'picked' Ashton to be my name. Didn't really use it IRL much, but any time I wrote anything I did (and yes, I've always had a passion for writing, even when I was a little cub, despite my stories being 1-2 paragraphs at that age) When the internet happened I started using it wherever I went (despite not showing it, there are a full 3 parts to the name). Ashton is also the name of one of my primary Fursonas (A cybernetic white tiger anthro "Enforcer" (sci-fi Police officer basically)) It also is an amusing coincidence how now my name is just one letter short of my favorite pony --- (D)ash :20:


And for those on staff that can see my real username... that has to do with the fact I am a therian and I've had flashbacks to a past life. (yeah the rest of you get to scratch your heads and wonder what my actual username on here is :blah:)

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My little sister (Hope Goldy) bases the names off the colors that she uses to make her characters. At the time my oc was made, my favourite colors were blue, pink and black, which made the character look like bubblegum. So that's why my oc is called Bubblegumspade. :)

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