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A Royal Canterlot Bridal Shower!


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[Reserved for future/ unfinished gifts!]

[colour=#0000ff]Here is a very lovely piece of writing and pictures by Alison Rose![/colour]


A Not-So-Royal Canterlot Wedding.

It was a glorious day indeed, two of the most gorgeous mares in all of Equestria were to be wed today and everypony who they knew had been invited. Heartbeat suited up in her most fancy of dresses but made sure that she wasn't too fancy to outshine the wives to be. She was on the next train to Canterlot and knew that it was only a short time before everypony would be as excited as she was that Lampwick found such a glorious mare to be married to.

“Oh I almost for got.” She let out a small giggle as she grabbed her speech that she would be giving about the brides to be. Was that even what she should be calling them? Heartbeat had never been to a wedding where there was two brides. She figured it would be ok to call them both Brides to Be since they were both in fact brides, but it felt slightly off. Shrugging at the thought she packed her speech into her saddlebags and trotted quickly out to the train. Hopefully the weather in Canterlot was better then it was here in Manehatten. She thought to herself as the rain tack tacked against the windows of the slow moving beast. The black train did all it could to get her to Canterlot in a timely manner but when she arrived she heard the wedding bells already chiming through the winding streets and pathways of the illustrious city.

“Oh no, I can't be late for this!” Heartbeat quickly got out of the train, remembering to grab her speech this time and charged onwards towards the wedding. There was cheery blossom petals falling all down the street as the sun shined in all of its glory to make sure that these two gorgeous mares had the best wedding ever. Running through the twisting roads and trotways she quickly found the area where all of the chairs and carpet had been set up for the wedding, was she too late? Without even thinking she began to bolt down the center of the isle making note of all the ponies that she saw there and grinning as she recalled her first time meeting Lampwick and how strange that Heartbeat thought she was at first. But even after that first encounter the two had become good friends, and Heartbeat was also thinking that all of these ponies here and herself were so lucky to have met her and were also so lucky to be invited to her wedding.

“Well it seems that we have our final speaker here finally.” The priest pony said with a grin as he backed away from the podium and made room for Heartbeat. Clearing her throat she stepped up to the podium, the microphone making an awkward squeal at first before falling quiet. Silence fell over the crowed even as the bells in the distance still chimed to make sure that everypony in Canterlot knew that there was a wedding going on.

“My fellow friends.” It was a cheesy way to start but Heartbeat didn't have time to worry about that now. “We are gathered here today to make our love for Lampwick Flicker Jane and Acorn Sugar. Both of these gorgeous mares have been nothing but kind to me and I am sure they have been no less to anypony else, even in times of hardship I knew that I could always call on Lampwick and she would at least extend her condolences for the things I was going through.” She took a deep breath before she continued. “I know that I shouldn't be making this about me, since it is their special day...” She trailed off as she looked over and saw both the golden mare Lampwick and the snow white mare Acorn Sugar sitting together and looking absolutely stunning in their wedding attire. She couldn't help but grin and blush slightly, the red showing up even more on her own white coat then it normally did.

“I have yet to figure out what to call these two, both of them brides, no. They are more then that, they are entangled in fate and life now. But I think that I am digressing from the facts, I mean...” She trails off again obviously having lost her spot on the pages of her words. Finding it again she nods her head and then leads herself back into the words.

“In conclusions I would just like to state that I wholly give my blessings to both of these mares even though they clearly don't need them.” She took another deep breath.

“And without further notice, I would like to say: Congratulations to you both and I hope that you have plenty of fun on your hunnymoon and be sure to make lots of good memories with each other. But also know that each one of us is still here for you like you were here for us.” She grinned as she thought in her head how stupid she sounded seeing as she skipped half of her speech but she was too frazzled to even attempt to go back and fix it. With a bow she took her notes and as she walked past she handed them to Lampwick, and as she did Lampwick took the time to look down on them, she found nothing but four blank pages and one page that says:

“Forever in my mind, and in my heart.

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.

Don't ever forget your loving memories of us all, but also be sure to make some new ones with your family.

Respectfully and faithfully yours,



[colour=#0000ff]Adorableness by LovinMoonlight![/colour]


[colour=#0000ff]Pretty Prancing Ponies by Dunes![/colour]


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I can't draw, so this is the best I got...although I know Manestream loves poems! :3

Canterlots Bride

Canterlot palace bells are ringing

and proud ponies from far and wide

celebrating this day with cheers and singing,

singing songs for canterlots bride

yesterdays toil and strife are left alone,

as a celebration begins this day

a familiar old bond, to be set in stone,

and a couple together shall stay

Sun blazing bright on the azure sky

peeking from behind plump, soft clouds

whilst overhead, the wonderbolts fly

soaring over the gathering crowds

Many of them are excitedly waiting

the air sparking full of delight

everypony is simply anticipating

the wedding to take place tonight

when The sky darkens down under Luna's care

Ponies express how they all feel inside

as Lampwick and Mirelmture prepare

to soon become Canterlot brides.

the I do's are said, and cheers chanted out loud

a moment for everyponies lives

I just wanted to write that I feel so proud

to see them become Canterlot Wives.

Congratulations, Manestream and Mirelmture - you gals earned this...live it up!

May you have a blessed and fruitful life together! { and may everyone else be as lucky as you!

:P }

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I promised myself not to cry...



Oh, heck. It's a wedding...


I made the same promise... then I spotted the render error in my piece. *breaks down in quiet manly tears*

In all seriousness though, congratulations to the happy couple. I wish you both all the best.

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Such a wonderful thing it was to hear of your wedding, and even more wonderful to be given the opportunity to congratulate you with an artpiece!

I wish you both a long and very happy life!

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Congratulations, Manestream. We all hope you have a wonderful wedding, and we wish you a beautiful life together with Mirelmture. I be 'sposing you'll be a tad too busy to maintain a few responsibilities however, but that's for another day. I'm not a poet nor an artist, so please accept this Google Image cake.


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