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Pretzel's Protagonist Portfolio


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-Presteza- http://www.canterlot...presteza-ready/ (WoE)

Unicorn// Young Mare // Adventuring Painter//

How others may have heard of her:

Anypony from trottingham might recognize her as the filly who made a beautiful painting in the park that made the local paper. Upperclass and rich ponies may recognize her due to being the daughter of two incredibly rich nobleponies.

Cutie mark:


Notable abilities and traits.

*Has a very great amount magical power as expected of a unicorn who descends from a line of professional spellcasters. however as seen below seems to exhibit her magic prowess depending on her emotional state.

*magical potency and traits seem to depend on her emotional state

*Strength on par with that of a earth pony who works out regularly

*Excellent eyesight

*Eidetic memory

*Can only channel magic spells while holding her favorite paintbrush in either teeth or with telekinesis if using particularly strong spells but she wears herself out quickly depending on the spell and needs time to rest before using strong magic again and has trouble regulating magical power.


Types of spells she can use:

  • A temporary shield that only lasts 2 seconds although the time it can be held up can be lengthened if she exerts herself. 
  • Sustained illusion magic such as creating copies of herself to confuse assailants, images are fragile and will dissapear if touched.
  • Is capable of using the cloudwalking spell by channeling it into her brush and painting a horseshoe pattern on her hooves however she has not mastered it and needs to reapply it after about a day if she needs to stay in the sky longer than that. only used for cloudsdale and emergencies.

Canterlot and FFA exclusive spells:

  • A quick, powerful but thin blast of wind that is capable of cutting through many obstacles


Notable weaknesses:

*Allergic to daisies but won't show it unless they are presented to her.

*Sneezing will cause magical misfires and make random if minor spells appear, they also interrupt any sustained spell she is channeling.

*Is extremely prone to seasickness

*Unable to properly use magic without her favorite paintbrush, even telekinesis. The reason for her magical problems seems to be psychological. Due to coming from a line of proud spellcasters she was told ever since she was a foal her destiny was to be one of the most powerful and skilled spellcasters in Equestria. As a result of the constant attention and expectations put on her she suffered from selfdoubt and constantly second guesses herself whenever she tries to cast spells normally.


*cannot use basic telekinesis on anything except her paintbrushes.

Favorite foods:


*Any type of sweets but is especially fond of vanilla pudding


*Is deeply afraid of the windigoes (or at least stories about them)

Minor flaws:

*gets jealous of unicorns who can use traditional magic better than her... however she rarely if ever openly expresses it.

Ponies she knows and how:


*Has met and befriended Rusty Contraption when she volunteered to be his assistant. Their interactions together could be described as an uncle and niece Relationship.

*Met and befriended Quillhart at the Grand Galloping Gala, Also works with in a theater troupe with him. Interactions with him could be described and friendly, playful and mildly flirtatious.

* Met and befriended Applejack during the Running of the leaves and managed to beat her in the race, coming in second.

*Met and befriended Rarity after buying a gown from her.

Special somepony:

Javasun (current)

Merlot (Ex coltfriend)




Brother: Silverheart (see below)

Mother: Silver Belle (see Below)




story: Pressy finds herself assisting an inventor and forming a friendship... with time travel


Story: Pressy and everypony in Equestria meets their genderbent alter ego




Story: Pressy and several other ponies wash ashore a mysterious island where all forms of magic are disabled



Story: Pressy assists in the Zap apple harvest


Story: Pressy assists in Applebusk season in Appleoosa


Story: Pressy shops for a gown for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala and befriends Rarity.


Story: Pressy meets a group of interesting ponies on their way to Ponyville


Story: Pressy Attends a post gala party


Story Pressy gets in line for apples and a kiss from Applejack

GGG 2013:




ROTL 2013

Story : Pressy wins second place in the annual running of the leaves and befriends Applejack

HWE 2013:




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-Silverheart-http://www.canterlot...dy/#entry395136 (WoE)

Unicorn// Stallion// Guard in the Royal Equestrian Army

Notable traits and abilities:

*Has a great deal of magical power as expected of one descended from a family of master magic users

*Wide variety of spells: included but not limited to teleport, magic barrier and able to learn high tier and advanced spells quickly.

*expert user of telekinesis

*A smart and creative strategist

Notable weaknesses and flaws:

*Is easily distracted by dirty and/or untidy things. If he sees a picture frame that isn't level he's likely to spend a great deal of time trying to makke sure it looks just right although he can be convinced to fix it later if more pressing issues require his attention.

*Physically fit but not very strong, could easily be defeated in a straight up fight if he has been robbed of his magical power.

*Is prone to going berserk if things around him get too unorganized and chaotic

How others may know/heard of him:

As the son of Two nobles of trottingham it is likely anypony from there would have at least heard of him. Attendees of Celestia's school for gifted unicorns in the past might have known him. you may have met him if you are part of the REA


World of Eqestria:


NMN 2013:


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-Mistral- http://www.canterlot...-mistral-ready/ (WoE)

Pegasus// Mare // Freelance Weather pony/ con artist

How others may have heard of her:

If you've were in a school in Cloudsdale during her time there you might have heard of her reputation as a exceptionally fast but fragile flyer

Notable Abilities and traits:

*extremely fast and very controlled flyer, if it weren't for her dislike of taking orders and mildly hot head she would be of wonderbolt level

*Able to hide her accent or copy others if needed

*Clever and quick witted

*Strong willed

Notable weaknesses:

*Is physically weak and can injure herself easily

*Can be tricked quite easily herself if her ego is pandered to


*Needs info beforehand on what she deals with or else she has to improvise... and for her improvisation typically ends badly

*Is horribly nearsighted without her glasses or prescription goggles


Is afraid of tight cramped small place, while she hides it well initially the longer she's trapped in one she will become more desperate to escape




Nightmare night 2013:


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-Aria "Aurelia" Elixir- http://www.canterlot...a-elixir-ready/ (CC)

Changeling// Mare // Travelling Singer//

How others may have heard of her:

You would have likely heard her singing in many places in Dodge Junction.

Notable abilities and traits:

*A beautiful and almost hypnotic singing voice

*Knowledgeable in the field of herbal remedies and curative salves

*A powerful healing spell taught to her by her "mother"

favorite food:



Nightmare night 2013:





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-Bebop Slide- http://www.canterlot...op-slide-ready/ (WoE)

Unicorn// Filly // N/A

How others might have heard of her:

if your pony is into Jazz or Jazz fusion music you have likely heard of her parents who are famous in that genre and therefore you may have learned of her.






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-"Duchess" Silver Belle- http://www.canterlot...er-belle-ready/ (WoE)

Unicorn// Mare// Magical Scholar

How others might have heard of her:

part of a long line of powerful and skilled Magic users who in ancient days were given the title of Duke/Duchess those of the Upper class in any circle will likely have heard of the unnoficial duchess of Trottingham. Gives occasional lectures at the School for talented unicorns in Canterlot so students of there would likely know of her if they attended.

Notable abilities and traits:

*An immensely powerful and skilled magic user (Magic ca be toned down if need be)

Spells she knows:

  • Telekinesis: capable of lifting incredible weights with her magic if she is given time to concentrate and if she exerts herself.


  • Teleportation: Is capable of performing up to nine teleportations in a row if she uses them to travel a short distance. For longer distances she requires a bit of concentration and knowledge of exactly where she is. Her farthest teleport took her to Trottingham square from her room in the manor in north Trottingham. If necessary she can teleport up to five ponies with her to another location but her magic will be disabled for a while after wards. is capable of teleporting smaller things to her position from almost anywhere if she can visualize them perfectly and has seen them before in person
  • Has learned how to conjure all four classical elements
  • Failsafe spell: Able to undo or stop magical effects caused be other unicorns
  • Illusionary magic: Able to summon up multiple images of her that can be used to distract, taunt, and mess with other ponie's heads
  • Knows of many forms of magic known only to the highest of level unicorns
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-General Brougham- [App to be inserted] (WoE) 

Earth Pony// Stallion// General in the Royal Equestrian Army


How one might have heard of him: 

Anypony in the R.E.A. Would likely know who he is. Maybe not everything about him but his impressive service record and borderline terrifying strength and deceptively menacing default expression, many troops are aware he is a kind stallion who works hard for the Good of Equestria and for the good of the troops under his command.


Notable Traits:

Immense strength. Since Brougham was young he has always been unusually strong. Throughout the years it has been shown he has an incredible aptitude fro growing in strength, Rumors about his strength still tend to be talked about and One of his most impressive feats was his ability to throw the R.E.A.'s heaviest cannonball and through it like a hoofball pitch.


Military experience: Throughout his years of service, Brougham has proven exceptionally talented and knowledgable in regards to many defensive tactics.


Commanding Presence: When around the troops or in the field, Brougham proves to be a charismatic leader and very good at giving out orders. 





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-Rubble Rose/Dust N. Debris-  Application (WOE)

Unicorn// Mare(Born)// Demolition worker turned EPIC agent


How one may have heard of her/him:

Most members of E.P.I.C. would have met Rubble in her mare form (and likely in stallion form in the future). In her Job as a demolition and Deconstruction worker, Rose had a reputation for being able to make a lot of jobs wherever she was hired go considerably faster with the aid of her magic and astounding feats of strength. Back in Fet Loch Rose still has family and made a few friends there and it is entirely possible she could have met any other pony who grew up around Fet loch.


Having studied in the school for talented unicorns for a few years she's met unicorns of varied walks of life looking to hone their magic for the better. It's always interesting to learn about fellow magic enthusiasts. In the academy she had a reputation as a stoic, but aloof and polite individual who had a remarkable talent in the field of destruction and entropic magics but was unable to handle spells that went away from such a path and cannot use repairing magics or any type of healing spells.


Goals in life:

  • Meet new ponies. 
  • Once all WRAITH stuff is over, settle down herself wherever she would like. Perhaps find somepony special.
  • Listen to more music
  • Do some traveling and see new things and places



Notable events in her time after magic school:

  1. Joined Spellbound after breaking down a wall in their guild hall without noticing. Has befriended at least two ponies there; Ice storm, and Moondancer
  2. Was involved the attack on the Crystal empire, together with Maud Pie managed to fight off the Viking Caribou Jarl who led the attack.
  3. Got into a fight with one of W.R.A.I.T.H.'s strongest field agents in Manehattan.
  4. Has started fighting in the Arena of Saarverbarg in order to press herself into becoming a "stronger" fighter for the future.
  5. Assisted Prince(ss) Blue(belle)blood in an attempt to remove the affliction plaguing the stallion. It didn't go as planned as now Rubble is cursed to switch between a stallion version of herself and her original form with any strong sneeze from her. She hasn't seemed all that broken up about it though, really only worried about how the sudden shift in her physique has resulted in some of her clothes ripping.


Notable Traits:

Immense strength and Durability: Rose isn't sure why she is as strong and tough as she is for a unicorn, but she is and that's all she needs to know. It has proven a massive boon for someone in her field of expertise. At her current point Rose has proven strong enough to shake a ten story building by punching it, and durable enough to survive the same building falling on her with only a few bruises being the cost of it once she pulled herself up out the remains.


Destruction, Deconstruction and Entropy magic:

Rose's innate magical talent manifests in a remarkable affinity for what she's called Demolition magics: Basically any spell or magic that can be used to break down and destroy different forms of matter and rapidly accelerate decay in things. As dangerous and potent a magic as she wields, she is unable to bring herself to use such magic on a sentient living being. At her highest level of magical exertion Her magic has been observed to allow her to destroy some objects on an molecular level, But this spell if used often and on large targets is as she says very impractical when just flat out breaking something is the more sensible option. 


After leaving Magic school, Rose has primarily been self taught and has created several useful spells based mostly around what she knows will best effects various forms of matter through magically inducing certain things in the world. She practices her spells constantly and thus far she has learned how to make various spells that prove immensely effective in breaking or breaking down matter and even several forms of magic have been proved to be able to be disabled by her if she knows the processes in how the spell or magical school works. One of her preferred spells is relatively low energy spell that destroys small sections of matter. Example: Using her magic to separate a pillar into multiple smaller versions or disks of itself.


What proves to be Rose's best advantage as a fighter for epic is her deceptive intelligence in regard to her talent. So long as she knows of a way or method that can be used to break or destroy something she can figure it out and is capable of making use of certain knowledge to create new spells and the fact that she is working hard regularly to make her magic more effective.  Through time and hard work she has managed to learn to create a combustion spell.


Weaknesses and drawbacks: 

Medium range: Despite having a talent in magic, and magic usually would imply range. Rose doesn't really have the best of Range and only knows a few spells that she can use at long range and even then they tend to be weaker the farther away she projects them. Thankfully she found a way around this (partly) By focusing and imbueing her spell into her hooves and having them speed across surfaces to create a desired effect.:This being said however it means that her spells cannot travel through the air normally without losing power and airborne opponents have a great advantage over her.


Susceptible to illness:

Despite her strength and imposing stature she has a very weak immune system. Colds, or other infectious diseases... or even magic based on disease as rare as that may be can easily weaken her. 


Short fuse: Despite her calm demeanor, Rubble has some difficulty controlling her temper if something of hers or a friend of hers is damaged or threatened overtly. A good example of her temper getting the better of her would be her interaction with one of The WRAITH orginzations strongest that left a terribly high amount of property damage in her and her opponents wake... Granted it would have likely gotten that bad later but Dog breaking her headphones and refusing to reimburse her got him on her badside.



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