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OOC- This is an open thread for the Crystal Faire Event. You may have up to two characters involved.


The far north of Equestria is shrouded in the depths of winter. Ice and snow are thick upon the ground, and frigid winds make flight difficult for even the hardiest of flyers. No pegusii could ever hope to rein in and control the frigid atmosphere. However, one spot in this frozen landscape remains warm and green. From the heart of the Crystal Empire, the power of the Crystal Heart keeps winter's chill away.

But the power of the Heart is not absolute; it relies on the combined magic and happiness of the crystal ponies to maintain its power. So, once a year, when the wild winter surrounding them is at its worst, and the spirits of the crystal ponies are at their lowest, The Crystal Empire holds the Crystal Fair!

Following the Equestria Games, Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor have continued their efforts to help the crystal ponies adjust to the modern era. And so, this year the Royal Couple has invited all the citizens of Equestria to join the crystal ponies in celebrating the fair! The ponies of the Equestrian railroad are working overtime to keep the tracks clear and ferry passengers to the north. The streets of the Empire are lined with booths for food and craft vendors. Jousters from across Equestria have signed on for the tournament. A petting zoo featuring the unusual animals of the Empire is open to all. And, of course, the Crystal Heart will be on display. Come and join the festivities!

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For a mare like Alexandrite Tilt, the Crystal Faire came as a time of great pride. She loved everything about the storied event, which had been so pivotal in guiding her in her youth. Both of her parents had been heavily invested in Fairetime festivities, her mother as a court musician and her father as an adviser to the former Crystal Empress. It was at a Crystal Faire when she first discovered her passion for the joust. It was the time of year where crystal ponies could be most proud of their storied heritage and the great traditions that came with it. It was no wonder that it was the advent of the Faire's return in the wake of the Empire's banishment by the wicked king which would be what marked the return of the Empire itself to at least something resembling normalcy in this strange new age.

Alexandrite was still adjusting. She was sure most in the empire were. One did not simply but Sombra behind them. Certainly not someone like Alexa, who was so directly involved in the thwarted efforts to oppose him. All of the pain and the sorrow of those dark days spent in servitude stuck with her, a bitter reminder of how far things had been allowed to fall. It was those memories which made it all the more important. The Crystal Empire needed the Crystal Faire. it always would. The magic that emanated from that hallowed gathering was the only thing that could ease the old wounds and fill the gaps brought up by their long severance from time.

For Alexandrite personally the Faire was a time where her interests were torn between duty and avocation. She was a champion jouster with a passion for the art; at the final Faire before the rise of Somra she had competed in the jousting and won more than anyone else. She was also a guard for the empire though, sworn to protect it and its interest, and after the dark and sordid days spent in Sombra's bonds, it was that duty that felt to her more important than the jousting matches. She could let the less experienced jousters find their taste of glory while she served her empire with pride.

It was with those thoughts in her mind that she volunteered herself to stand vigilant as the guard watching over the Crystal Heart itself. Sitting in the plaza beneath the Castle, its resonated with a bright glow and a warmth evocative of the powerful and beautiful magic it held. It was a truly precious thing, without which they all would be lost. Alexandrite couldn't honestly expect that anyone would come to the Faire with ill intentions for the heart, but they were allowing foreign guests this Faire... and it had happened before in this new age that a silly pony had come with the wrongheaded idea to take the heart for herself. In this busy time, the least Alexa could do was stand not far from it, her red coat and yellow mane framed in the traditional blue armor of the Crystal Guard, a content look on her face, watching as it was admired but making sure that all with it was right.
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Odd as it may seem for somepony with a crystal heart for a cutie mark, Mi Amore Cadenza in her younger days did not fantasize about living in a crystal castle with her one true love. No, that was rather the dream of her then-adolescent soulmate, Shining Armor. A few years ago, the mare better known as Princess Cadence would never have guessed that such yearnings would become reality. And now, not only did the royal couple live in a towering palace of crystal, they ruled over an entire Crystal Empire that few ponies would have even knew of a few years ago.


Cadence and Shining’s new lot in life did not come easily. Back when the Empire suddenly reemerged from King Sombra’s curse, it was up to the two defenders of Equestria to use their shield magic to hold back the evil force that would have once again conquered the crystal ponies. At great cost to her well-being, Cadence ensured that her barrier lasted long enough for her trusted friends to recover the treasured Crystal Heart and rekindle the spirits of the Empire’s citizens. With the last ounce of her strength (with some help from her princely husband), the princess personally saw to it that Sombra’s last-ditch efforts to steal the Heart failed, resulting in that evil tyrant meeting his oblivion.


Today’s Crystal Faire marked the anniversary of that momentous day. For the greater part of the day, the crystal ponies will be engaging in revelry aimed at rejuvenating the light and love within their own hearts. A few hours remained until everypony would gather together around the Crystal Heart in the grand ceremony. Until then, Cadence planned on simply wandering around the Faire grounds.


For the time being, the Crystal Princess saw fit to speak fond words of greeting to the sentry guarding the Crystal Heart today. “Hello Alexa,” spoke the cheerful princess, who made a point of knowing the names of her guards whenever possible; “How is this year’s Crystal Faire treating you, so far?”

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Shining Armor had an important task today. The Crystal Fair this year was to be open to the entire nation of Equestria, with many ponies visiting it for the first time. While security was always a concern, the most important task to complete successfully was to display the right image as an Empire, to improve the relationship with other towns in Equestria and to solidify its place in a world that moved itself a thousand years into the future. In a way, society was starting over. But they were getting a head start.

Shining's main task was to protect and execute the most proper publicity for the Empire's princess. Of course, this princess also happened to be his beautiful wife. Officially, it was an escort, but to Shining it was business as usual and spending time with his royal wife in the process. Besides, he was mostly eye candy anyway. Today, he wore his ceremonial armor, a dark blue chest piece and haunch cover with gold trim, that wrapped around his horn on his head. It was comfortable to wear, but if it wasn't for tradition being such an important part of the fair, he would probably rather not wear anything.

At the Crystal Heart, the center of the Empire and the ground floor accessway to the palace, Cadance addressed Alexandrite Tilt who was watching over the heart. The heart itself was spinning in place, rotating by the power of love and harmony that emanated from the crystal roads. Shining Armor decided to add to Cadance's greeting. "Decided not to request day leave to do jousting today?"


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One of the novel features of this year's Crystal Faire was the presence of a very strange race of ponies. Their like had not been seen in the Empire or Equestria until the modern era. They had no interest in things happening well, nor indeed in them happening badly either. Their main interest was to see that things happened at all.

They were Journalists, and one of their number was just now approaching the Crystal Heart. He was Earth Writer, a tan unicorn selected by the Canterlot Chronicle to cover the first Faire open to the Equestrian public because he was the office's resident expert on the place. The basis of said expertise was that he had actually visited the Empire before, taking a ticket on the very first train to stop at the newly-built station here.

Like most of those present, he'd dressed for the occasion. While he normally donned a Bohemian outfit that was more striking in color than in attractiveness, here he restrained himself to a dark blue jacket of a smart cut, with a matching trilby hat. He still had a Press card stuck in the brim, though. Professional Pride.

As he approached the literal Heart of the Crystal Empire, he whistled. He'd seen it before, but not in all its glory! "I hope that photographer gets here soon..." He murmured, in awe of the scintillating gem, aglow with light and happiness. Ahead he could see a guard he recognized as well. It was Alexandrite, the first tour guide he'd met on his first journey! Smiling, he trotted up to greet her, finding that the Royal Figures were there as well! What luck!

"'Scuse me." He tipped his hat to the Guard and bowed to the Princess. "Hope you don't think me rude, but I'd be remiss in my duty if I didn't take the opportunity. Do you mind if I ask you all a few quick questions for the Ponies at home?"

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The Crystal Fair, an event that Diamond Cut looked forward to as the weeks brought the crystal pony closer. It was a truly momentous occasion for him and others to celebrate, a time to remember the moment when all were brought out of the darkness and back into the light. Even when the Empire returned, the empire was not safe yet as the one who brought such misery also reappeared. But thanks to the new rulers of the Empire and several ponies from outside the borders the Empire would no longer be enslaved by king Sombra. Even though they were safe it was still a challenge adjusting to a world that had grown up as their empire was locked in time, and Diamond Cut was amazed by things in his travels outside the border in places like Ponyville. Now it was time to celebrate his homeland and show others its glory.

The jeweler pulled out all the stops for this event, thanks in part to a shipment of gems from Ponyville and a certain white unicorn mare's assistance. He spent his time studying the Crystal Heart, that symbol of the power love and friendship, making sketches of every detail as the blue stone spun on its pedestal. Then he set to work converting every gem he had into miniature versions of the Crystal Heart. Some he made into jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Others he left alone as trinkets that ponies could purchase as a reminder of their travels. There was one thing that he made, an item that he was very proud of that he reserved for none other than Princess Cadance that he kept safely in the back in a wooden box.

"Looks like everything is in order," the stallion replied as he surveyed his jewelry stall located within eye shot of the crystal plaza. He then waited as visitors and residents began to enjoy the festivities.

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Everything was so colorful, shiny and tasty looking! Not so tasty though. Momo regretted licking the side of a building shortly after slipping away from her uncle Caber Toss. He was too busy setting up his food cart to listen to her chatter anyways. Besides, her mission had finally begun. The very reason why she begged her uncle to stop by in the first place. Getting an alicorn's crown. According to her favorite book, The Adventures of Bucky the Bronco, getting a princess's crown and putting it on turns the wearer into an alicorn. Her one life's goal was to take over the world and this was the best way to go about it! And during an event as important as the Crystal Faire, there's bound to be at least one princess around here somewhere.

Momo glanced around at all the ponies scrambling about. Crystal ponies sure did look so cool. She wished she had one as a minion. But no time for recruiting now. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Better make the best of it. Her hooves clopped against the smooth crystal road as she sneaked around in plain sight. After a few minutes of hiding behind various ponies and objects, she realized there was no princess to be found. Momo sat down and scratched her chin for a moment. If she were a princess, where would she be? Besides dumping buckets of free candy and toys upon the world of course. Hmmm....

As she pondered, she glanced up at the beautiful castle out in the distance. It was certainly a sight to behold. Probably didn't taste any better than the side of a regular old building though.

Wait a second...

The Crystal Heart! Yes, there's bound to be a princess there!

The ground rumbled as Momo galloped onward with the castle fixed in her eyes. She tumbled into various things while hearing the sound of shattering glass and distraught ponies without a second glance. She was on the greatest mission of her life. The only thing she saw was her current destination. And after what seemed like forever, she finally made it.

Momo was practically gasping for air as she approached the towering archways of the castle. But soon her eyes fell upon none other than Mi Amore Cadenza. And there it was. Sitting atop her head was the glistening crown. What a beauty. Momo felt her heart skip a beat. This was it. The moment she's been waiting for. Unfortunately she didn't have a plan, and the princess was surrounded by three other ponies. One being a guard and the other being a journalist of all things. Not to mention her very special somepony Shining Armor.

The little filly hid behind one of the pillars and watched as the scene unfolded. This was not a time for action just yet. For now, the shadows were her peanut butter and stealth was her jelly. All nestled between the perfectly sliced bread of patience. Her stomach grumbled despite not being too awfully fond of jelly. She quietly shushed it. Food must wait, dear stomach. Soon Equestria shall be hers.

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Alexandrite's postured stiffened at the sound of a familiar voice. It was none other than the Crystal Princess herself, followed closely by her prince. She strode right up to Alexandrite and addressed her in a familiar, casual way. Disciplined, dutiful and used to the traditional ways, Alexa doubted she'd ever get use to the new princess' demeanor. The rules were so set and clear under the old empress and even more apparent under Sombra's reign, unfortunately... but here everything was taken so laxly. It could at times set Alexa ill at ease.

"Greetings, Your Royal Majesty," Alexandite said with due reverence, bowing her head. "The Faire is always a delight. It brims with joy and is where the love that fills the Heart is born. There is no greater time of year," The guard nodded quietly before continuing. "It is with the greatest pride which I play my role in insuring these merry proceedings are allowed to safely transpire for all to enjoy."

At the words from the prince, the guard gave a short nod. "I cannot deny, Your Majesty, that the call of the traditional Faire jousts was difficult for this humble servant of the empire to dismiss... but alas, my love for my homeland and my desire to stay vigilant in seeing it protected is greater than any want in me for personal triumph. This once, I'll leave the jousting to the others." She glanced toward the Crystal Heart then and smiled. "To stand in guard of the most sacred and vital treasure of the Empire and all within it is an honor and a station I would trade for no other."

As Alexa finished speaking, a pony approached them. It was a unicorn stallion who looked somewhat familiar. She had met him and given him a tour before, if she recalled. He was a reporter... which was potentially problematic. It was her duty to protect her sovereigns from anyone who might hound them.

"Ah, I remember you, sir," she said, nodding. "However, I am sorry to inform you that the princess and prince have hopes to enjoy the Faire today and are under no obligation to answer questions from the press. I would ask that you not take too much of their time."

Alexandrite knew this princess would be most contented to answer the reporter's questions. She only wanted to ensure her kindness didn't see her end up spending too much of her valuable time entertaining the stallion's desire for information. The princess, like anypony else, deserved to be able to enjoy the bounty of the Fairetime peacefully.
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The ever-traveling swordpony traveled pretty much everywhere in both the Equestria and beyond. However so far, his hoof didn't took a step in the only recently returned Crystal Empire.

Squall had many reasons to visit the time-displaced city, yet so far there was always more urgent that took his time. However the very fact that traditional Crystal Faire was happening at the time finally pushed him towards the long postponed visit. Even better yet, his sweetheart, Fire Walker, along with her sister was visiting Empire as well.

Still it appeared that girls train didn't arrived on expected time. Since now Squall had no idea at which hour to expect them, he opted towards exploring instead. Picking his sword and duffel bag, noblepony set off.

It was nice to once again experience the feeling of novelty after so long time. The regional food, seasonal games....of course it was more then that. This year marked the moment when Empire started to be more integrated into Equestria society, so Squall wasn't surprised at seeing readied up stage. He knew that famous music stars of the real were to give a show today, exposing the Crystal Ponies to the modern music. He made a mental note to attend the concert with Moto and Wind later. But then his sensitive hearing caught something about muscles...and tournament? Was there some contest of strength held today? A material arts tournament? If thats so he could both test his own skill, and see Crystal Ponies in action. Who knows what lost skills were lost in passage of time!

So it happens that - as he heard - registry for the competition was in very close proximity of the famed Crystal Heart itself. Swift hurried out to it only to find out...

"The jousting tournament.?" noblepony said aloud in surprise.

"Yes sir, the jousting tournament."

"Well how disappointing. I expected the material arts show, instead finding the sport competition. Can't have everything I suppose." unicorn didn't even tried to hide his chagrin. He turned around to gaze straight at the Crystal Heart, over his jade sunglasses. What an amazing gem it is.

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Sometimes Princess Cadence wondered if it was possible for Alexandrite to well, act less formally. When it seemed like the rest of the Crystal Empire’s ponies more or less embraced the changes in traditions and manners of speaking over that past thousand years, Alexa alone preserved the old ways. Even Luna, Equestria’s last remaining user of the Royal Canterlot Voice, did not sound so anarchic during day-to-day interactions. Leaving her concentration to move on to other guests however, Cadence gave Alexa a friendly nod before letting the guard answer Shining Armor’s question.


Meanwhile, a unicorn journalist came up to the group humbly requesting the privilege to ask a few questions. “There’s no need to bow before us, good sir,” Cadence gently reminded the journalist after Alexa had her say; “Shining and I will be happy to answer a couple of your questions before we go check out the rest of the Faire.” Alexa may have been a bit blunt, but it was indeed true that the royal couple was today likely to be swamped by everypony from the Empire and beyond its borders.

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The door of an inn in the Garnet Ward of the Crystal Empire suddenly flew open. Two streaks of color, one gray, one orange, both low to the ground, zipped out of the open doorway. Voices could be heard from inside, calling out "Be careful!" and "Slow down!" But the streaks moved on, not heeding the voices. By the time the door swung closed, cutting off the voices, the streaks were well away from hearing distance anyway.

The rapidly moving forms zig-zagged down the street, sometimes zooming under the legs of the crystal ponies and other visitors heading the same direction. Turning a corner, the shapes came to a sudden stop, in the middle of an intersection. In the distance, the spire of the Crystal Palace could be seen, glinting in the sunlight. Two young voices called out in chorus, "Whoa...."


Snips and Snails stared up at the massive crystal structure. "Wow," said Snails in awe. "It's even taller than Princess Twilight's castle!"

"No, its not!" Snips said, defensively. but the shorter colt's eyes never left the imposing structure. "Ok, maaaybe its taller, " he finally admitted, "But Princess Twilight's castle is still


The two colts finally turned to one another, and once in again, in chorus shouted "This is going to be so cool!!!"

When the news had gone out that the Crystal Empire was inviting all residents of Equestria to join in the Crystal Faire, it hadn't taken much convincing for Snips and Snails to convince their parents to go. The pair had been practially bouncing off of the walls on the train ride, and had bothered the conductor with insessant questions about the crystal engine. It was all the adults could do to keep the colts contained until they had checked into the inn. Finally, they had given up and released them, with the promise that they'd return before nightfall.

"So, uh, what do we do first?" Snails asked.

Snips thought for a moment. "I want to see the jousting!" he exclaimed. "Ponies in armor, battling it out!" The short unicorn stood on his hind legs, punching at the air. "What about you?"

Snails grinned, looking a little dopey, but answered, "I wanna go to the petting zoo. They're supposed to have actual Crystal Dragonflies! You know, ponies thought they were extinct for a thousand years?"

Snips tapped his hoof against his chin in thought, then the two colts locked eyes again. "The Crystal Heart!" they shouted together.

"Its, like, the most magical artifact ever!" Snails said happily.

"Yeah! lets go!" agreed Snips, and the two were off again, never even noticing the fallen ponies, upset booths, and the jammed up streets they had caused by their head-long rush and sudden stop.

Finally, the two colts slid to a stop beneath the palace. The Crystal Heart hung in the air, slowly rotating. For the first time, Snips and Snails were still and silent, looking at the Heart with mouths agape. The moment didn't last long however. Snips pulled his gaze from the Heart first, looking at the ponies around him. He spotted a red crystal mare, wearing the armor he'd seen on the Crystal Guards. Running over to her, he asked, "Oh wow, are you really a Crystal Guard??"

This caught Snails' attention, and he ran to join his friend. "Your armor is really cool!" he added. "Were you really, like, frozen for a thousand years?"

"Did you fight against that King Sombra guy?" Snips piped in. Without giving the mare a chance to answer, he asked "Hey, that's an awesome lance! Are you gonna be in the jousting tournament??"

The two colts, focused on the guard, didn't even notice the other ponies around them, or that the Princess and Prince of the Empire were standing right there...

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At a time and place such as the Crystal Faire, it seemed only to stand to reason that those with a more aesthetic leaning would be particularly drawn to the novelties this recently unveiled culture had to offer. And, indeed, this particular unicorn mare needed hardly a few minutes watching the Empire approach through her train window to wonder if, perhaps, she was not entirely right in the head for not having come here sooner.

Crystal Clear took her time leaving the train to properly soak in the beauty that sprawled before her. If the glittering opalescence of her little glassblowing shop felt like a comfortable corner of heaven, then the radiant grandeur of the Crystal Empire could make her giddy enough almost to faint. Clear was torn between the professional inclination to take inspiration for her Canterlot dream shop (iridescent glass floors, window engravings and frosting, maybe some more naturally inspired geode-based goods...) and the urge to just let loose her inner enthusiast and canter around and squeal with love for all she saw. In fact, she might have actually given in and done exactly the latter a couple times thus far--her precise memory was a little fuzzy right now to tell.

It wasn't just the crystals that had her in such euphoria, however. Just being visually gorgeous would have marked the city as a treasure in Clear's eyes, and yet...since having gotten closer to the Empire's outer fringes, Clear had gradually noticed, deep at the center of her soul, or essence, a...calm. A strange, soft, tiny feeling of tranquility and ease had stayed nestled in her heart since arriving, even underneath all the giddy and eager, almost even making her feel as though she had arrived home after a harsh day. Truly, Clear felt, she would not mind coming here to live if the chance arrived; right now, she thought she might even have an ideal alternative location for the upgraded Wishing Star Emporium if Canterlot didn't work out.

As the glassblower trotted down an avenue, another, distinctive glimmer twinkled in the corner of her eye, drawing her attention to the source. She promptly found herself drawn to the jewelry stall, gazing upon the opulent jewelry and trinkets on display.

"Oh...my...goodness, these are GORGEOUS..." Clear said slowly, reverently, not quite noticing just yet the crystal stallion on the other side of the stall.

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Along with the amazing heart borne of harden crystal, the young stallion could also see his mare-friend’s little sister, Wind Walker, who was also in the process of admiring the very important piece of great historical importance, “Wow. I heard this thing took care of that ghost-monster Sombra.”, the little filly added as her eyes fell upon Swift Squall. “Heard it blew him up into a zillion pieces, and then blew those pieces up as well for good measure!”, she quickly made her way over and gave the older pony a hug, “Fire is paying for a bunch of gifts I picked out for some of my new Ponyville friends, and even some of my old ones as well. Mom told me I should also get something for my new teacher, Miss Cheerliee, and I need to find something cute for my brother Cordy's kid, Ticker Tape.", the blue filly glanced towards a small store for a brief moment before adding, "I also need to find something for Aunt Boule. She collects crystals. You think they have any stores here that might sell those?"

The door to the shop opened and out stepped a familiar red coated Pegasus pony made her way towards the pair. "Hey Sir Swift, we've actually been here for a bit, but you know what happened to Fire when she was here last. Before the Crystal ponies were saved. Took us a good half hour before she was able to leave the train station.", Wind whispered, "So you might not want to mention her little adventure. Or the words 'shadow' or 'darkness'. She might not admit it, but she's still pretty jumpy over what happened.", she stopped once her older sister got wihin ear range. Thankfully, she had been far too busy admiring a few of the other ponies as she drew near.


"Wow, I can't get over how beautiful the Crystal Guard's uniforms are.", she muttered to herself before turning her attention to the pair. The second her eyes fell upon the stallion, she quickly pulled him into a hug, which was followed by quick kiss.

Not wanting to spend her time watching two adults making with the 'smooch-face', Wind turned her attention to the crowd. Princess Cadence was nearby with her husband, the pretty cool Captain Shining Armor. And while she would have missed him, if she had blinked, the familiar sight of Snips shifted into view as he was seen bounding about the area. He was with an taller, skinner colt who bore an small snail on his flank. The filly pondered silently if there was a third in their group named 'Puppy Dog Tails'. She waved at the pair before turning her attention to the adults. Thankfully Fire had finished with her kiss.

"Hey sis, did you forget our stuff?", Wind noticed a total lack of bags hanging from her side.

Fire Walker glanced away from her stallion for just a brief moment, "The store will be sending out things to the place we're staying.", her attention returned to Swift Squall, "So Swifty, what's the plan?"

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Shining smirked at the all-too-familiar full and detailed response to her attention to the heart. And Shining couldn't blame her, and he often insisted it be the case. But to deny a little fun, and then speak for the Princess against a news reporter pony, Shining felt it necessary to tell Alexandrite to stand a little more at ease. "No joust from you then, huh? You know," Shining placed a hoof on Alexandrite's shoulder. "This heart doesn't work all by itself. The joy and love in the Empire is what powers its magic. And many things bring on that magic. Food. Celebration." Shining looked away and then back at Radiant. "Jousting."

Just then, a couple of small colts ran up to Alexandrite asking her about her attire and her role. Shining stepped away from Alexandrite and chuckled. "See, you got fans who want to see you joust." Shining, who was proud to see one of his most loyal guards doing her duty, wanted the fair this year to be as enjoyable as possible for everypony. He just hoped Alexandrite wouldn't over-analyze things and worry herself too much with the crystal heart and spend time enjoying and powering the heart that protected all of the Empire. Shining walked away towards Cadance, but left the guard with encouragement. "I'll leave you to your fans. Try to have some fun out there!"


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The rest of the festival held no baring on Bright Stones current quest! For she had only one true mission and that was to see the Crystal Heart for herself! Every time something came up involving it she was too little, heck she didn't remember most about it from the before time! She was just a baby then, and they were even blurrier then than they were now! But she took pride in it, knowing that her good mood, and her cheerful spirit kept it powered, which kept them safe! It was like a personal responsibility to see it! And to of course be in one's brightest spirits to view it!

As the small crystal filly trotted along, pencil behind her ear, saddlebags crammed with various treats and a few bits so each little tinkle step of a crystal hoof was accompanied by a equally adorable jingle, she payed no attention to the crowd, nor did she even notice her biggest hero of all TIME was there! Why the sight of that clear blue heart was so memorizing that for once Bright Stone did not notice her hero Princess Cadance (And demi Hero Shining Armor) where right near her!

She didn't even notice the four other youths nearby! No! As she trotted up, all her shining green eyes saw was the Heart, and something deep in it causing her heart to soar.

"...Woah.." She whispered, sitting on her rump as close to it as she could get...Now she understood what her dad meant by it feeling Iimportant

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Just as he imagined it to be Princess Cadence and Shining Armor were both swamped by a herd of ponies. Diamond Cut wondered if he could handle ll the attention if he was in the two rulers' position. He liked being recognized but as far as having your entire waking moment analyzed and out there for the whole public to see, well maybe that wasn't for him. Well, meeting the pair wasn't his sole purpose of course setting up his shop, but it was to hopefully sell a little memento of every pony who attended of this event. Being close to the Crystal Heart was one of the reasons for this.

Sure enough, a blue mare appeared at his stall looking oh so excited at his wares. It always brought a smile to Diamond's face seeing others love what he did and how it triggered a certain wonder inside them. From the look at her cutie mark that resembled something he might make in his shop, the stallion felt that maybe this mare was an artist herself.

"Hello my dear," he said so as not to surprise her,"Why thank you for that comment! I must say that you seem to have a good taste for things that are pretty. My name is Diamond Cut, and I am the owner of my jewelry shop Wearable art in town. May I ask what your name is?"

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Alexandrite nodded at the prince's words. Truly he was kind to her. But she was not some young and inexperienced guard pony who might lie to herself and need such words. Her convictions came from a deep place within her, keenly honed by the life she had lead and the things she had seen.

"Thank you, your majesty. To receive such words from one of your station is a true kindness," said Alexandrite with a softened smile. "But the words I spoke are resolute, coming from a place of deep conviction." She gave another nod and closed her eyes reflectively. "I've seen enough Faire jousts in my time regardless. If the fans I have may miss me this day, they should know that they will not come the next tournament. In the meantime, let them find a newer, younger jouster to champion this day."

Right as the prince moved to join his wife, a pair of rambunctious young unicorn colts charged right toward where Alexa stood. They admired the Crystal Heart a while and then they turned their attentions elsewhere--namely toward Alexa herself.

The energetic questions came in rapid fire. Ah, the joy of youth. It was an easy thing to admire, especially as one flew further from it. She wasn't especially great at dealing with children. It wasn't something she had a lot of practice in doing. She would do her best, however. That was part of her duty of the day after all, to foster the joy and wonder that came with the Fairetime.

"Let's see..." Alexa said, smiling at the colts as she tried to keep all their questions straight in her mind. "Yes, indeed I am proud to have been defending this empire as a Crystal Guard for years now, going back to the reign of the previous empress."

"Our armor is indeed quite special, having been forged from a rare and curious gemstone and shaped into plates using traditional techniques. It is hard and durable, but lighter than metal armor," Alexandrite continued to address the things they had said. "As for the curse... it wasn't that we were literally frozen. Rather it seems the entire empire was ripped from existence, the rest of the world moving on as usual while we were lost in some forgotten limbo. Of course, for us, it was as if it had never happened. After the king's initial fall, it was as if a thousand years passed for us in a second without us realizing it had happened."

She again closed her eyes in reflection as she approached the next question. "As for the king... yes... I was a part of a force which rose to oppose him. We plotted for days, hoping to set our homeland free from his tyranny. We had so much confidence, so much fervor... and yet it all proved to be for nought. With his vast and terrible power, the dark king thwarted all our efforts with ease and cast us in bonds into his dungeon."

She took a breath to calm herself before she let the haunting memories overtake her. She brought a smile back to her face for the final bit. "I am indeed a jouster, but today I carry my lance not for sport, but to protect the Crystal Heart, as well as yourselves and all the other fairegoers should any trouble happen to arise," she said.

She realized then that she had been talking for a quite a while. Her eyes fell back on the colts, wondering if the two in their excitement had listened to her.
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"So...he exploded twice.?" Squall asked confused, before ever adorable Wind moved towards her prey for a hug. Usually serious stallion smiled and patted her on the head. Before he could say anything more, the motor mouth filly spew even more information. When she arrived towards end of the list, Swift swiftly picked up from there.

"Ooooh, so you are aunt already? But I believe that you niece will be your age, you yourself will be an adult. Work hard to be 'Cool Aunt' hmmm?" unicorn encouraged pegasus filly. Then Wind gave Squall an question.

"Is this a trick question Wind? So far everything I seen is crystal. I seen crystal t-shirts, crystal spoons and even crystal muffins. I don't think you should have trouble with buying normal ones. Ahh but speaking of gifts." stallion reached inside one of his duster inner pockets. After stuggling a bit to pull out the item he finally revealed....sunglasses. An incredibly cool and stylish sunglasses, no unlike the jade ones that rested on the Squalls muzzle right now. Those however were smaller and slightly more feminine. Which meant...which meant.

"Latest summer collection. Sapphire Quartz lenses. Enchanted with seven various durability spells. Here you go Wind." said Squall while levitating the shades towards the little pegasus.

However his good mood was tempered when Wind Walker reminded him of Fire's traumatic experience. He wasn't there when that happened...or when she recovered, at least physically. Even after her body was fine, mentally, Fire was nervous wreck back then. He did all in his power to heal it, puring his affection and love at her and it seemed to work. Alas, some wounds tend to reopen to easily, and what method of reminding of them was more effective then returning to the very scene of it?

"I should remember..." Squall whispered closing his eyes.

However his brooding was interrupted by unbeatable combination of hug and kiss, the latter of which snapped his eyes wide open.

"Bloody amazing Fire, you taken my breath away." he said as he gasped both in surprise and for air. Then he recalled that he heard that line before...only to remember that he unintentionally mirrored Fire own words towards him....ones give after their first kiss no less. Swift Squall couldn't help but gave out a chuckle.

After small clarification about the luggage (Which thankful was apparently sent to the hotel. Squall was grateful for that, carrying all this stuff around the festival grounds - which would fell on him without doubt - would be very awkward.) another question was aimed towards him.

"You mean during the Faire or overall? Let's see, first I came to believe that there was some tournament that I could attend...only to find it's about jousting. I am quite disappointed in that regard to be honest. I was hoping to test actual combat skills." stallion gave a shrug and sight.

"But let's not dwell on the negative. I have tickets for concert! Well the Crystal Ponies have free entry but all rests has to pay. Anyway quite the lineup there is. 'Chocolate Ice', 'Iron Whiners', 'High Speed Raining' and 'Ashened Coopers'! Speaking of 'Coopers'...." a smirk appeared on Squalls face "I happen to know them personally. Spoke to who ponies already and we have guaranteed backstage entry. They the err....the blast to hang out with."

"And about the...more serious things...well I feel I will have no choice but to bother the current rulers. You know, changelings, Suntrot and....and there's also this."

Swift Squall face turned much more serious when he reached towards his pockets once more to pull out the book. Very small, and incredibly ancient looking book. The little tome looked so old it seemed that it will crumble apart any moment.

"I had to pour several different alchemy elixirs at this book when found it. Even then I feared it would break down. But it's alright. It's history book. An very old one...One about this place. And the previous ruler. No, not 'Him' " swordpony quickly asseverated "The one before 'Tyrant', the rightful king."

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Of course, a detailed interview would have been too much to hope for. Besides, that wasn't what his editor had sent him here up for anyway; Earth Writer's task was to get a sense of the Faire as a whole. Thus, he responded with a polite and cheery grin to the Crystal Guard, "Don't worry, I know my professional ethics. If you hustle in for your copy, make sure you hustle out." He had to laugh as two of his fellow country-colts rushed up to the Crystal guard. "Besides, it looks like you might get swamped yourself!"

He turned back to Princess Cadence, nodding briefly at her statement. "Well, besides a few thoughts from you about everything leading up to the whole Faire and it's opening, I was wondering if you'd given any thought to spearheading cultural exports in addition to cultural imports." He pointed to the stage with his pencil, where already Equestrian musicians were setting up for a display of their own culture to the Crystal Ponies'. "I don't mind coming such a long way myself to see such a wonderful place as this, but not all ponies have the leisure or inclination for travel on that scale, and it would be a shame to leave them out." On top of that, of course, if a cultural exchange was too one-sided, that brought up several troubling implications...

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Fire looked out of the window of the train, her body shivering with excitement. It had taken a lot effort to persuade her parents to let her go; they always worry when she's on a trip. "The Crystal Empire..." she thought as the train came to a halt. Fire walked towards the door and closed her eyes, waiting for them to open and revile the beautiful city. The doors open and the mare opened her eyes, dropping her jaw at the sight she was seeing. Her eyes beamed in admiration as she looked at the crystal castle, glistening in the sunlight. As the musician stared in awe at the city, she was shoved aside by the other passengers who wanted to get off. Fire took in a deep breath to contain her excitement and walked down the road, smiling at random ponies.

As she walked down the road, she could already see the stalls that were set up for the fair. It’s a pity that her friends couldn't come; it would've been more enjoyable with them. She stopped as she laid eyes on the most beautiful ponies in Equestria. “Crystal ponies” Fire breathed as she stared at the ponies. "How do they get their coats to shine so much?" she asked herself, imagining what she would've looked like as a crystal pony. She usually doesn't like shiny or pink things, but having a crystal body and mane was different.

There was something else the mare wanted to do: Find and buy a Flugelhorn. She needed to collect as many instruments as she can to set the record of 'Pony who can play the most instruments'.

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Hugo Larron normally didn't do social events where he wasn't planning to rob somepony (or somegriffon, he really didn't care, so long as the proceeds, mostly, went to the less fortunate or to the original owner), but with the Crystal Empire back (truth be told he didn't even know it was gone until it's return), and holding a faire where any pony from anywhere could join, it was an opportunity he could hardly miss. He donned a suit and dyed his spotted coat white and threw on a monocle and was wearing a stylish pocket watch, whose chain you could see going across his breast. He also carried with him attached with a fencer's harness a stylish cane, if he so chose to use it. After exiting the train he made his way to the first thing anyone in his line of work would go, the Crystal Heart. Naturally this is where it belonged, but it would still be the object of desire of many a nefarious pony. He had heard the story after the empire came back of how King...whatshisface, Sombrero...? No no no, that was that weird hat thing... Oh it didn't matter, how that king stole it and dove the empire in to hopeless despair until some...other ponies and a dragon... saved it some how... I mean they even had a statue of a dragon holding it in the square! He saw it coming in! Surely an oddity... a dragon that wasn't a hoarder or at least a jerk. Hugo didn't quite like dragons and would often try to steal from their caves. Sometimes successful and other times not.

Hugo made his way to the heart and witnessed many ponies there, including the Princess herself along with the prince. However they seemed to be moving away... Well he would have to introduce himself later, I mean even for him, an encounter with royalty was rare. He was curious as to whether or not he would see any other royalty this day. Still he took a long look at the spinning heart, it's glowing radiance. A sight to behold, greater than any prize he had ever come into possession. It was a stark difference even from all the crystals that surrounded him. There were several fillies too, perhaps he'd put on a bit of a magic show, most fillies enjoyed that. Even though it was not unicorn magic, slight of talon (or hoof) seemed to go off well with ponies. It was always curious, but he supposed magic could be explained, the tricks done with slight of hoof were not as easily so at least not without sharp eyes.

Completely ignoring the guard, and seeing a reporter he made his way to the prince and princess. "Pardon me, masseur reporter. But I would like to pay my respects to our gracious hosts." The smooth talking griffon gave a nod. Hoping that the reporter did not mind the intrusion. Hugo put a talon across his breast and gave a bow. "It is a pleasure to make your aquantences, vos altesses. I am Mssr Hugo LeBlanc." He wouldn't give his true name in a public place especially in front of a guard who may have heard of him. The last thing Hugo would need is to be detained in the Crystal Empire under suspicion of theft... After raising himself when he removed his talon from his breast he produced a rose and extended it to Princess Cadence. "And a beautiful flower for the radiant Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. The stories of your beauty hardly do you justice."

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Momo slumped to the floor and sighed as she watched the princess converse with those tugging at her attention. It wasn't surprising for the alicorn to be surrounded by adoring fans, but it didn't make it any less frustrating. And to top it all off, more and more ponies just kept showing up. The little filly rested her chin on her hoof as she laid beside the pillar. She needed a plan. What would her favorite super villain do in a situation like this? In fact, what did he do in this exact situation? Well he took to the skies and swiped the crown right off Celestia's head, that's what. And he didn't even have wings. He had the next best thing...


Why didn't she think of that in the first place?

Momo jumped to her hooves and put on her best villainous expression as she scanned the area. Now that she had a plan. All she needed was a few supplies.

In the course of several minutes, the filly had everything she needed. After retrieving her fishing pole from her uncle's food cart, she acquired a couple dozen balloons from ponies giving them out for free. Little did they know they were supplying a weapon to the next greatest super villain in Equestria!

Momo tied the balloons around her waist and prepared for lift off. A wide grin adorned her face as her hooves began to float off the ground. She clutched her fishing pole and cackled as she ascended to the sky. "Mwahaha! That crown is as good as mine!"

After a few unexpected detours, Momo managed to float her way back to the massive crystal castle. The filly cast her fishing line towards the castle balcony. The hook wrapped around the swirly railing and Momo reeled in until she was floating above her destination. She hooked her hind hooves under the railing to prevent herself from floating away and rubbed her hooves together with a devilish grin. This really was the perfect plan. Now all she had to do was wait for Mi Amore Cadenza to walk out from under the castle, lower the hook down, and snatch the crown right off her head. It wasn't the most stealthy approach but none of that mattered once Momo put on the crown. She'd become an alicorn and then everypony would appoint her as their new princess!

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First, to answer the journalist’s routine softball question; “Well, coming out of the Equestria Games, which I’ve think was one of best everypony has ever seen, this year’s Crystal Faire celebrates the fact that the Crystal Empire is more interconnected with the rest of the world than at any time during its past history.” Cadence nodded towards the Equestrian musicians; “As you see, ponies from outside the Empire are finally able to participate in our most cherished celebration, which couldn’t have happened a thousand years ago without things like modern trains and airships. And I’ll keep on working to make sure our connection keeps growing.”


That longish answer gave the princess the time she needed to think on her response to the second question; “Of course, none of this is possible today without having ponies choosing to travel over long distances to partake in the Faire. This isn’t something that a princess alone can command her subjects to do. It’s up to everyone from every corner of the globe to share their culture with one another. And as more crystal ponies decide to pursue opportunities in the rest of Equestria, I’m sure they’ll start local Crystal Faires of their own and pass on this holiday to other Equestrians.


I hope that answers your questions,” the alicorn finished with a smile. Before the journalist had an opportunity to ask anything else, Shining Armor made his way back into Princess Cadence’s line of sight, prompting her to politely take her leave; “You must excuse me, I should go see my husband. Have a wonderful time at the Faire!”


Princess Cadence was about to run up and greet her returning husband when an exuberant griffon came to gift a rose to the Princess of Love. Hugo was a bold one for the chivalrous type, considering that Shining Armor was very close by. Cadence knew romanticized flattery when she saw it, but the mare felt like humoring Hugo anyway. "Your rose is most appreciated Hugo," the princess graciously levitated the rose into her tricolor mane, knowing her usual "just call me Cadence" routine would be wasted on someone with a flair for old-style theatrics; "You're just in time to meet Prince Shining Armor. I hope you've saved a rose for him too." Cadence held back a playful giggle, indicating she was having fun with this exchange of words.

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Lilac Briolette smiled at herself one last time in her bedroom mirror before hurrying out of her home to dive into the celebrations that had put everyday life in the Crystal Empire at a standstill. Weeks of building anticipation was finally realized with a booming, festive spirit that made the glittering metropolis shine that much brighter and the unbridled enthusiasm was contagious. There was, of course, a twang: a quiet, flat note that tugged at sour memories in the back of her mind. Sombra’s evils were not so easily forgotten, the pain he caused not so easily healed – but neither were the Crystal Ponies so easily bested.

Perhaps she was wrong, but Lilac had the impression that like herself, her fellow Crystal Ponies were able to enjoy themselves that much more because of the taste of darkness they had already had in life. And what better way to celebrate a new chance at life than to share their revelries with the rest of the world?

The crystalline mare was ecstatic for the day’s festivities to get underway – later in the afternoon she and a number of her fellow ballerinas would be performing a routine of her own design for the Crystal Faire-goers, but for now they were all tasked with seeing and enjoying some of the Faire before duty pulled them away for a last briefing before their big moment.

Lilac’s first stop of the day had to be the Crystal Heart; after everything that had happened in the Empire, the sight of it pirouetting and humming with the magic of harmony was an inspiration and a comfort to the crystalline prima ballerina. And even more comforting still was the sight of a familiar face standing guard nearby.

It seemed as though Alexandrite was quite popular today! Shortly after the Princess and her beloved had taken their leave of the Crystal Guard pony she was stormed by two boisterous young unicorns. Lilac, not wishing to interrupt, hung around the edges of the conversation to unabashedly eavesdrop until she felt she could make a natural entrance without interrupting anypony. She had considered taking this opportunity to introduce herself to Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armour, but felt that would be rude considering they were in the midst of an interview. In fact…that reporter had a familiar face! Lilac had met him once before, when the Crystal Empire had first welcomed visitors from Equestria on the new railway line. The crystal mare offered the reporter a smile from the distance before returning her attention to her friend.

Once Alexandrite had fallen quiet again, the prima ballerina stepped lightly forwards to approach the handsome mare, the hem of her sheer golden dress swishing with the motion.

“That means, young sirs, that you are under the protection of the finest guardpony our Crystal Empire has to offer,” she said to the young ones with a mischievous twinkle in her eye before turning her attention to her fellow crystal mare, “Though I must admit, Alexandrite, that it saddens me a little to be denied a show of your chivalrous dance. When I am fortunate enough to see you joust, I am certain it will be a grand display! For now, I am simply happy to see you standing guard over the Crystal Heart. This task could be in no safer hooves than yours.”

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Oh! Clear felt rather sheepish for not having taken notice of the merchant until after he'd spoken up. Normally she'd think she had more tact than to flat-out ignore another pony for the merchandise in front of them! All the same, he still seemed to be acting pleasantly enough; perhaps she could still salvage her dignity as a respectable crafstmare after all. And, the unicorn could not help glowing a little at the compliments to her taste in fine things. Honestly, for someone who made her niche in selling delicate and pretty things, she would certainly hope other ponies would recognize and appreciate her tastes!

"Ah, I do apologize for my hasty little arrival, sir. I will admit I do get rather eager for a closer look whenever I happen upon another master of the craft--they really are rather finely made." Clear dipped her head graciously, backing up a step to give the trinkets a more respectable margin. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Diamond Cut. Crystal Clear, glassblower and decorative jeweler, at your acquaintance. I currently run a humble little shop over eastwards, in Roam."

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