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  1. From the album: MLP FiM Characters

    I love these two. I'm not sure Trixie is great and powerful enough to levitate an entire p̶o̶n̶y̶ bunny in a hat though. I like to think she only managed it for a couple seconds before having to drop Starlight on the ground. Painted in FireAlpaca.
  2. Oh wow! She's actually pretty lol I love those wings
  3. From the album: OCs

    I made this guy for the "Cringey" Pony OC Challenge that Lopoddity started. I actually really like him though since I'm a huge sucker for pastel rainbows. I might make an app for him too, if I get to where I can keep up with RPs again. :P
  4. I'm glad you like it. And omg it feels weird being on the front page! My instant reaction is, "wait no, I'm not worthy!" lol but I'm happy about it.
  5. From the album: MLP FiM Characters

    AJ dared Rainbow Dash to try and pull off the cowpony look. Applejack assured her that she definitely won the dare. Dashie tries to maintain composure as she boast about her inevitable victory. I kinda went crazy with this one which is why it took a bit longer. I added a background because I wanted to try my hand at those swirly mlp clouds. Also pretty sure I'm an Appledash fan now. Appledash was requested by RainbowFoxxy
  6. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    5th chibi is done! This one was oddly nostalgic since I used to draw nothing but wolves back in the day. Nensho belongs to PyroBlaze
  7. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    The 4th chibi is complete! Drawing all these Qilin makes me wanna create one myself~ Empress Yuè belongs to Bellosh
  8. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    And here is the third chibi! She was pretty simple other than the fact that I always struggle with pony snoots. Since I drew her entire face before adding the glasses, here is a version without them. Loose Cannon belongs to szalhi
  9. It's no problem, I like a challenge!
  10. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    Whew. This one took a little longer than expected because of a stubborn headache, plus I got a little obsessive with the details.. She was a bit of a challenge but I think she turned out pretty good. Lan Fa belongs to SymphonicFire
  11. There was a bit of a delay (thanks to a stubborn headache) but I'm almost done with the 2nd chibi! I update the status of the drawing on the thread so you can take a peek if you're wondering how the progress is going.

  12. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    Here's the first chibi! I really love this guy's colors. I didn't add a cutie mark because I figured it would be covered up by the wing, but looking at it now I think I'd be able to squeeze one in. Let me know if you want me to add one! Fēng belongs to PrinceBlueblood . Painted in FireAlpaca.
  13. I'm gonna add a bonus slot so I'll draw the five OCs and an AppleDash chibi because that sounds really cute and I wanna draw it now. All slots are filled so request are now closed. Thanks everybody!
  14. Yep! Is there a full body picture of him? If not, I need a description. Also need to know what the cutie mark is/looks like.
  15. From the album: OCs

    Been working on a chibi style lately and I thought a cool way to practice would be to open an art request thread here. It's been too long since I did anything here and I want to do something. Peachy Keen belongs to me. Painted in FireAlpaca.
  16. Peachy's Chibi Portraits Hello all! It's been awhile and Peachy Keen is ready to paint some ponies, (or non-ponies of course,) in another request thread! There won't be a corresponding RP this time. I don't think I can keep up with that right now so I'm just gonna draw your characters and post them here/in the gallery when they're done! Update: Request are now closed! Rules: Character must have an approved WoE application. One request per person. Feel free to ask for a specific pose and/or additional accessories if you want. Provide character name and reference or description. Also describe/provide picture of cutie mark. All request will be in the style of the pic above. Requests are open until all slots are filled. PrinceBlueblood - Feng - 100% (done!) SymphonicFire - Lan Fa - 100% (done!) szalhi - Loose Cannon - 100% (done!) Bellosh - Empress Yuè - 100% (done!) PyroBlaze - Nensho - 100% (done!) Bonus: RainbowFoxxy - Some AppleDash!- 100% (done!)
  17. Hey peeps! It's been awhile since I've done anything here. And sorry if I missed any messages while I dropped off the face of the internet. I still don't see myself keeping up with RPs but I've got something planned.

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      Welcome back!

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      Welcome back 

  18. From the album: MLP FiM Characters

    Hi guys, it's been awhile! This was done on my phone using an app called PaperOne, which is why the resolution isn't as high as my Photoshop\Fire Alpaca paintings.
  19. Finally caught up on all the pony and I might be posting to the gallery again soon.

  20. Her design is so pretty! The mane and all the colors work together so wonderfully and the multicolored eyes are beautiful. Her expression is adorable too
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