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    • By LostSanity in Beginning of the Digimon Comeback? Cyber Sleuth thoughts/experiences
      Sorry for the delay with this. This hasn't been the greatest week for me. All kinds of disconcerting health news for me. But if worse comes to worse I'll let all of you know what's going on when the time comes.
      Either way... I take on the 'Eater'
      It was... quite the battle. The jerk kept healing itself. But persistency wins the day yet again and I eventually come out victorious. SWEET SWEET REVENGE.
      After all of this... we come out of the area as if we weren't in there at all... and... Arata... laughs about all of it. Quite creepily I might add.
      Either way... he wants to help in the Eater research but the guy from before is nowhere to be found. He ends up abandoning us as he runs from the police woman from before. We end up running from her afterwards.
      Looks like Kyoko is suspecting that someone is behind what happened with the subway going all .hack-like. But why? Hopefully we'll find out. Plus, she is already familiar with the Digital World and other 'parallel' worlds. She's... unusually knowledgeable...
      I then did another case with a Hagurumon losing it's gear. Looks like the battles are getting tougher. My poor Rookies were getting thrashed. Which means I guess I'd better start using Champions. Yikes...
      Either way I find the gear and return it. Next up... was helping out some kind of club that is into the occult. They want to investigate some sort of urban legend involving... SHIBUYA?! Wait a minute... THAT'S THE SAME AREA AS NOT ONLY THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU BUT PERSONA 5 AS WELL.
      Yeah... this game rules. Anyway apparently a certain 'song' has to be sung by 5 people as they make their way to the Shibuya crossing and they all have to reach there at the same time. If this is successful... apparently it's suppose to bring someone who's dead back to life. WAIT A MINUTE. THIS IS WAY TO COINCIDENTAL. Am I playing The World Ends With Digimon now?!
      Either way... Kyoko helps out and we're forced to be the 5th person. It's successful and then... EVERYONE IN SHIBUYA DISAPPEARS. IF I SEE A COUNTDOWN CLOCK THAT SAYS 'YOU HAVE 7 DAYS' I'M GOING TO FREAK OUT. But I didn't. Aww...
      Instead... I get a freaky girl instead who disappears and reappears randomly before duplicating and seriously being weird. When we complete this... we get quite the creepy scene where the girl claims she wants to kill everyone to make herself feel better. How... wonderful...
      Apparently this occult group is starting to like us to much because I've discovered yet another case from them. But that's all I was able to do for today.
      Next time:
      More investigations into urban legends and the occult I guess? Also... how will I manage my party now that I'm running mostly into Champions? Can I survive the difficulty ramp up? Well... I guess we'll see...
    • By LostSanity in Beginning of the Digimon Comeback? Cyber Sleuth thoughts/experiences
      So... everyone is gawking at something in Shinjuku. We go to investigate. Before I do that though, I go back and do some digivolving since apparently this game already wants you to have Champions even though I still feel like it's early game. Well... I guess I'd better considering my recent struggles.
      It looks like... some sort of 'glitch' or something. Kind of like the areas we've been 'jumping' into. Before we can investigate further though... we run into Arata. This guy shows up at the weirdest times...
      Either way... we get confronted by the police woman that tried to arrest us back at the beginning of the game when we showed up in our weird cyber-form. Not only that... she seems to recognize Arata. Who identifies him as being apart of a hacking team. Uh oh... I hope it's not Zaxon... although, if I recall correctly, I believe I remember there being another hacking team besides Zaxon. Can't remember their name though. Perhaps their the 'good' hacking team? Though then again... there were two teams in Ruby/Sapphire and they were both bad. I guess we'll find out eventually.
      Either way... we run from the police and enter the glitched area. Yep. Totally not suspicious at all.
      This area... is all glitched out. Kind of reminds me of .hack. Arata theorizes that it's the Digital World somehow merged with the human world. Perhaps? Also... he shows us the Digimon he has and joins us as a 'guest' character. Yay? Well... more help is always better...
      As we continue... we explain to Arata our job as a Cyber Sleuth. He tried to make it seem like he's not interested... but then... barrages us with questions wanting to know more about it. Well... I guess even Arata has his funny side.
      But then... we get another weird flashback and we see the ghost image again. Which Arata believes since we wouldn't joke around with stuff like that. Then... Arata informs us that we're being followed by someone. Wow. We're so great at our job...
      Either way... the one following us is quite the weird one. Named Akemi Suedou who apparently works for the Kamishiro company. He was following us because he wanted our help apparently. He answers some questions for us to make up for him following us. First off, it turns out the area we're in is some sort of 'Digital Wave' that is a collection of human memories in cyberspace. Not only that... but... Kamishiro knew about the monstrosity that attacked us in the early game, which ticks off Arata. They knew all along and said nothing and stonewalled him. They like to keep their secrets it seems. This isn't exactly the best 'secret' though. Because we are told by Akemi that the monstrosity that attacked us isn't a Digimon at all and just a monster that eats data. Simply called an 'Eater.' That's to the point I guess. 
      He wants our help in defeating it. Which apparently Digimon are the best at because they are resilient to their data being damaged or 'eaten' in this case. Ironically, it is sort of why we are here as well. For 'revenge' as Arata puts it. So we agree. However... this guy is way too suspicious. I don't trust him. Well... whatever... I'll try to keep an eye on him the best I can. 
      We explore the area and eventually make are way past a gate to a lower area. Unfortunately this was all I was able to accomplish. Right before a true fight with this so-called 'Eater.'
      Next time:
      We take on the 'Eater.' Will things go better this time than they did last time? Well... I certainly hope so. I have a group of Champions so hopefully I'll be okay. Hopefully.
    • By LostSanity in Beginning of the Digimon Comeback? Cyber Sleuth thoughts/experiences
      So I work my way through a Digital Space and eventually come across the mystery girl from the weird transmissions. It was actually a Digimon. Wanyamon to be exact. What? You were expecting an overreaction? Nothing is really surprising me anymore in this game...
      Either way... the cold was being caused, not surprisingly, by a Frigimon. So we 'CONFRONT THE ENEMY' and take it on. Pretty easy honestly. Turns out, some mystery computer only heard about in legend was behind the wall in the K-Cafe. Not only that, Kyoko is able to determine that the cat Digimon was used as a 'time capsule' for someone's memories. Which is why it's amnesiac and doesn't remember anything. We also learn from Wanyamon that it was using the idol image because it figured if it did that, someone would come help it. Well... it did work... but... not exactly in the way that I think it was hoping for. Either way, all's well that ends well I guess.
      We move on to a new chapter as we wait for Nokia. Who wanted to meet with us. She makes us wait and eventually comes. She reveals that she's worried about the Agumon and Gabumon that she had run into in Kowloon. So... we go back to the office where we meet with Kyoko and we are officially given the case. Kyoko thinks going from searching for people to Digimon is 'interesting.' She's always been weird... but... this is a new high for her. Not that it matters. Nokia is our friend, so of course we're going to help her!!
      We make our way back to Kowloon and find Nokia being harassed by Zaxon hackers. What's with these guys? Seriously? Nokia, being Nokia, cries to us for help so we end up taking them on. I take them down. *sighs* Nokia causes nothing but problems... but... I can't bring myself to hate her for it.
      We explore Kowloon and make our way to Kowloon Lv. 3. We get another 'Nokia' instance where she claims she saw something, but, I didn't. *sighs*
      We explore Kowloon Lv. 3 and get blocked by a depressed guy who is apparently contemplating the all important question of... how to get a girlfriend. WAIT, WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?! 
      *sighs* So we end up going around talking to random people to try to figure out how to get the guy to move. Eventually, we find out that having Digimon seems to help somehow. This gets the guy determined to go catch all the Digimon to find himself a girl. Yeah... you ... do that...
      Our path open we make our way further in. We hear familiar voices... but... they are clearly in trouble. Uh oh...
      I prepare by getting Gargomon. AW YEAH.
      Okay seriously. What is with Zaxon? I mean... Yuugo seemed to be cool. But everyone else from it are jerks apparently? They're starting to remind me of the groups from the Pokemon games. Plasma, Galactic, Flare, etc. More Zaxon thugs are harassing the Agumon and Gabumon that Nokia is looking for. Nokia confronts them and says she does have a problem with them. Before hiding behind us again.
      Eh. Whatever. 'CONFRONT THE ENEMY' time is once again apon us. I take them on.
      Well... um... my poor Dorumon got KO'd. HOW DARE YOU DO THAT. NOW YOUR IN FOR IT.
      Afterwards though I did fairly well. I won at least. But then... someone else shows up.
      It's Jimiken. The popular musician apparently. What's a guy like him doing here? Also... he's a weird ass. Seriously.
      Turns out... he's not just a musician. He's apparently living a double-life. Musician by day... top-ranking Zaxon hacker by night. WELL THEN. This revelation crushes Nokia, who's apparently a fan as she feels like she wasted her money. Yeah... seems that way...
      Eventually we're forced to fight Jimiken as well. Pretty difficult actually. I took down the 2 Meramon with relative ease but the Devimon gave me issues. I guess it's good I brought Gargomon. Well... I guess I'd better start getting Champions... I didn't expect the game to actually want you have them this early.
      I survive though and come out victorious. However... Jimiken claims that he wasn't fighting seriously. Oh... I... see... However... we get saved. By Yuugo!! Plus some girl named Fei. Jimiken talks down to Yuugo quite a bit. Yikes. He's the leader, yet, he just took it. He must have quite the tolerance...
      Eventually... it looks like it's over. Until Fei now mentions wanting Agumon and Gabumon. OH COME ON. Luckily... Yuugo stops her. That... was probably a good thing. We escape unharmed for the most part.
      Then... we learn about the Digital World. Which comes as a shock to Nokia. Not to me though. I know this stuff. Either way... apparently Agumon and Gabumon came here of their own free will to do something. What is it? Apparently... they don't remember. Hmm. Seems to be a lot of that going around apparently. Well... Nokia tells them to just try their best and it may come back to them. They ask to stay with Nokia, who quickly agrees. Good for you Nokia.
      Unfortunately... the peace only lasts momentarily as something new is apparently going on in Shinjuku and Kyoko wants an eyewitness account of whats going on from us before the police arrive.
      What's going on? I guess we'll find out...
      Next time:
      NOW what's going on? Well... I've started to look ahead in my walkthrough now after my... not so successful boss fights... and... well...
      Let's just say...
      A certain 'monster' that isn't a Digimon may be making it's not-so-great reappearance.
      Will we survive? Well... I hope so... things didn't end so well last time...
    • By LostSanity in Beginning of the Digimon Comeback? Cyber Sleuth thoughts/experiences
      We investigation Zaxon and they're all uptight about the whole 'account raiding' thing. Gee... I wonder why?
      Either way, we're told to investigate Kowloon to find our answers. So we do. Eventually, after some battling, we're able to go up a level. Kowloon Lv. 2. Great now I'm climbing Tartarus again...
      Either way, I make my way through Kowloon Lv. 2 occasionally getting blocked by Zaxon members that I'm able to make my way past by showing them a Zaxon Mask I obtained earlier. Wow. They're... quite easy to fool. 
      Either way... eventually... I find a group of mysterious individuals so I do the only logical thing. Confront them.
      Apparently they're the ones responsible for the account raiding. This 'Mephisto' (why does that sound familiar?) they have with them... is... quite weird. It gets to the point where this guy starts freaking out and keeps demanding more accounts. Yikes.
      A Digimon appears behind him... and... OH GOODIE. BOSS TIME. COME AT ME!!!!!!!

      *raves as I BOSS FIGHT *
      Not too difficult honestly. It's the first boss so it shouldn't be. After a bit of a battle I come out victorious. AW YEAH.
      Afterwards it's revealed that Mephisto was somehow 'possessed' by the Digimon we were fighting. WAIT... WHAT?! WHEN DID DIGIMON LEARN TO DO THAT?! That's... scary...
      More investigation is needed. For now, I got an item to increase my party capacity so I used it.
      BTW... things were looking suspect for my party. Not anymore. I got quite a lot of good Digimon. Otamamon, Agumon, Gabumon, and Terriermon can even digivolve if I want it to.
      WELP. I'M ALREADY OP. A CHAMPION THIS EARLY?! I think I'm OP. Seriously. I'm letting the game off though because I've yet to digivolve it.
      Back to game content. I did a side quest where I went into a game employee's phone to fix a bug with a game he was making. Ironic. Either way it was caused by a Poyomon. Easy enough. Or... not? The Poyomon was tougher than a normal Poyomon for some reason but I defeated it regardless and fixed the issue.
      Next up... Mirei from the Digi-Lab wanted me to 'punish' a hacker for abusing Digimon. Well... it's not like I can say no. Besides... WHY WOULD YOU ABUSE DIGIMON?! THEY'RE THE BEST. Besides... they text you in this game. I'm not a fan of texting, but, if I got texts from Digimon... I'D BE ALL OVER TEXTING.
      Anyway... I confront the hacker in question, battle him, defeat him, and he promises to change his way. YOU BETTER.
      Next, a criminal called 'Mysterious Digital Face' is causing Detective Matayoshi (Kyoko's friend) headaches but he refuses help. So we try to help him 'covertly.' Our investigation leads us to someone who hates cops. Hmm... this is ironic with the stuff that's going on currently. Either way, we find a mysterious person who drags us into Kowloon Lv. 1 and fights us with a Veggiemon. This guy was apparently 'possessed' by the Digimon as well. HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS?! Either way, we defeat him and he comes to. Then we find out that a police officer that had helped us locate the person in question was actually the criminal!! Matayoshi determined it because the criminal was using his old nickname from 10 years ago. Wow... he's pretty good... 
      Next up... the air conditioning is broken in Nakano (main area where the detective agency is) and needs fixing. We eventually get a weird transmission from a weird girl several times. Even in front of Kyoko. Who informs us it's the image of well-known pop idol that 'fell from grace' apparently. Someone is using the image and causing digital havoc with the air conditioning. Well... we can't have that. Who would do something like this?
      Well... hopefully we'll get the answer to that next time.
      Next time:
      Who's making everything cold?! Also... will I start breaking the game and allow my party to be OP and start using Champions? We'll see.
    • By batponyisbestpony in Adventures of a Teenage Aro Ace
      *Disclaimer: I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert. This is about my personal experiences. If something here is inaccurate, please tell me.
      Hello everyone! As stated in the description, this is a personal rant blog. But, since some people might not know what being aro or ace means, this post is going to be more technical and explain common terms.
      Let's start with the basics: aro and ace.
      Aromantic (aro for short) is a romantic orientation. If you took science, you'll probably remember that the prefix a- means without or lacking. That's right, aros don't fall in romantic love with any gender. Some may be in Qprs (which I will explain later) and do romantically coded actions, or get married for tax benefits, but the attraction isn't there.
       No, I am not an emotionless robot. I also won't change my mind one I find "The One". Yes I still care about my family and friends. No, I'm not unhappy about being single.
      Asexual (ace for short) is not being sexually attracted to any gender. You may also rember this from science class,  but with a different definition. I'll tell you now, any plant or bacteria jokes aren't funny and are actually dehumanizing. Those jokes are aphobic.
      Queer/Quasiplatonic relationships ( Qpr for short) a relationship that comes from a deep platonic bond. Not romantic, but not regular friendship. ( think 'bromance' but not for straight white dudes afraid of looking gay.)
      Now that I've got that covered, it's time to move on to some broader concepts and definitions.
      Now, one of the most important concepts is the aromantic and asexual spectrums. Repeat after me until you're chanting while you sleep: Being aromantic is a spectrum. Being asexual is a spectrum.
      Here are some of the diffrent spectrum definitions, keep in mind, this is not the entire spectrum. Fell free to pm me if you want more information or there is inaccurate information. I also recommend this link for more info about asexuality, and  this form for more information about aromantics
      Grayro/ Grayace: experiences romantic/ sexual attraction occasionally, almost never.
      Demiromantic/ Demisexual: experiences romantic/sexual attraction after a strong bond is formed. This is not just being picky. People may choose to abstain until they know someone better, but Demis feel nothing until they get to know each other. How long this takes depends on the person.
      Cupiosexual/ Cupioromantic: experences no romantic/sexual attraction, but desires a romantic/sexual relationship anyway. Is a description, not an orientation on its own.
      On to another important concept: the split attraction model. The slit attraction model isn't just for aros and aces. Anyone can use it. Basically, it means that someone can have different sexual and romantic orientations. Someone could be panromantic asexual, biromantic homosexual, heterosexual aromantic. Literally anything is an option. 
      This is all for now. Send me some questions of you want.
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