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    • Dealing with Misfortune
      By Eventide in Midnight Musing
      Following the adversity of exams, I had hoped to have a chance to finally relax and reflect on the direction of my academic career. This was to be suspended however, as today I mourn the loss of my near-lifelong canine friend. She will no longer eagerly run to greet me after I get home from a stressful day, no longer bark incessantly at anything and everything, and no longer lie outside the bedroom doorways watching over her family. It seems everything will be different now. I have no memories of a time when she was not with us.
      When a loved one perishes, we look to reminiscence for comfort. We have only echoes of happier times, but they are nonetheless precious. They mark us, change our lives with uplifting thoughts and emotions. The memories give us a fundamental vitality. It's sad and beautiful.
      It feels like I have hit a low point. I already bore a low mood for a fair while prior, and my attitude to life has been somewhat poor. I have to vow not to sink in sorrow, but to instead somehow seek joy and make it mine. I wish to put my heart into all that I enjoy and all that I pursue. They are not distractions, but things that make me who I am. It's worthy of going all out for.
    • Part 10: Shocking Discoveries & Encounters
      By LostSanity in Mysterious Mystery Dungeons!! Super Mystery Dungeon thoughts/experiences
      I have no idea how I survived that. Honestly, the game decided to be nice to me and I found a good chunk of stairs relatively quickly. So that probably had something to do with it.
      Either way I made it through Mystical Forest.
      Only to find a very 'petrified' Latios, then a 'petrified' Latias. As in THEY WERE FREAKING STATUES. Who could have done that in such a short amount of time?!
      Either way... a wall of flame appears and out pops...
      This idiot seems to think we're the ones who did the petrifying. DUMBASS, DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE DID IT?! WE ARE CHILDREN, NOT LEGENDARIES, NOR HAVE SPECIAL POWERS.
      Then... Archen shows up to save us and Entei leaves after finding out that we are part of the Expedition Society but threatens to not let us go so easily next time. I'M SURE WE WON'T ENCOUNTER HIM AGAIN SOON.
      After all of that... we head back and report everything that happened. Looks like even Ampharos is afraid of Entei...
      Either way... I do more work and try to pick harder ones so I can level up. Though I only go up by, like, one level. *sighs*
      Anyway, eventually, it's time for a Expedition Society 'outing' apparently and we prepare accordingly. After riding on Lapras THROUGH A FREAKING SEA STORM, we somehow arrive at our destination. A Fire Volcano.
      Squire and Fenne are paired up with Buizel this time and Ampharos implores Buizel to protect them and to not fight Entei until the rest of them get to them. I'M SURE THAT TOTALLY WON'T HAPPEN.
      It's a Fire area this time so Squire should do well here, however, I'm still quite badly under-leveled according to my walkthrough. Plus, there are some MAJOR bosses coming up that I am most certainly not confident that I can beat.
      I still hate grinding. TIME TO USE MY "THE ANSWER" TACTICS AGAIN I GUESS.
      Next time:
      Fire Island Volcano. Can I survive the dungeon? CAN I SURVIVE THE BOSSES?!
      I just... don't know...
    • Part 9: Lively Town, Expedition Society, & the Air Continent
      By LostSanity in Mysterious Mystery Dungeons!! Super Mystery Dungeon thoughts/experiences
      Oh boy. I have quite a bit to talk about.

      I make it through the dungeon and we arrive in Lively Town. It certainly is... lively. Get it?

      Okay that was bad. Moving on...

      After confirming it's actually Lively Town, we don't have the best start as we get threatened by a Krokorok who basically tries to mug us. OFF TO GREAT START I SEE.

      But then... what looks like a mob of pokemon trample us. Then we recover and we are still being mug attempted. Then the mob comes around again. At this point the Krokorok gives up. Well... that was... something...

      Anyway... we explore the town and try to find the Expedition Society and do but no one's around. Until we find them. Apparently they're starving because their 'cook' ate all their food. WHAT IS HE A GLUTTON?!

      Also, in their skirmish the Pokemon Nexus is destroyed. That... escalated quickly...


      Either way we get food for them and eventually we inform them that we want to join. But they say we can't 'cause we're kids' THIS AGAIN. Luckily, a mysterious voice comes to our aid.

      THE AMPHAROS COMETH. Anyway eventually we find out the previous Ampharos we met was actually the chief of the Expedition Society. Not that we didn't already know that. Either way, he basically null and voids his 'no children allowed' rule and we officially join the Expedition Society. Yay?

      Either way the other members are apparently Ampharos, Mawile, Buizel, Archen, Bunnelby, and Swirlix. Apparently there's one more and IT'S A FREAKING LEGENDARY. Specifically, Jirachi.

      We're tasked with waking it up.

      When we do. IT ATTACKS US. SERIOUSLY?!

          I wasn't able to prepare for this, but somehow, I still pull off a victory.
      Jirachi wakes up and fixes the Pokemon Nexus and then Squire and Fenne are tasked with managing it. I suppose this is what Fenne wanted... but... it's certainly not going to be easy...

      Eventually, after some regular work... we encounter Krokorok again and we're saved by Buizel but not before meeting Krokorok's 'boss' Krookodile who threatens us then leaves. How nice.

      After more work... Archen offers to allow us to go with him somewhere to further the Pokemon Nexus. After he reluctantly buys us Lapras Liner passes... we head off.

      We then see a scene with a Latios and Latias seemingly running from something. OH GOODIE.

      Anyway... we end up in a place called the 'Air Continent' which Archen doesn't like for some reason. He should have paid attention to the passes he was getting then.

      But then... we see the crash landing of two pokemon who are CLEARLY Latios and Latias. WELP. I CAN ALREADY SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING.

      Yep. We're checking it out. Despite something called the 'Flaming Phantom' which is rumored to be responsible for Pokemon turning into stone being rumored to be in the area. I'M SURE THIS WON'T END BADLY OR ANYTHING.

      Either way... I'm severely underleveled for Mystical Forest according to my walkthrough but I HATE grinding. I guess I'm attempting it then.


      Next time:

      Can I survive Mystical Forest? If I do, what will I find? Will I get a Game Over with all of us turning to stone?

      We'll see I guess...

    • Slowly getting back into it
      By Sondash145 in Life and things
      Well, considering everything has changed on this website, I guess I should start a new blog thing.
      anyway, I just wanna talk about life and things. Do you ever feel like your completely useless because you can't do anything as well as other people? I feel that way sometimes. But then I think of the lord of the rings movies and I'm reminded that even the smallest of people can make a difference.
      The purpose of this entry is saying that if I ever do something stupid, tell me and I'll apologize. Also if I offend you, don't stop acknowledging me. I do it all the time by accident.
    • Part 8: Cut Short; Goodbye Serene Village...
      By LostSanity in Mysterious Mystery Dungeons!! Super Mystery Dungeon thoughts/experiences
      Somehow it didn't happen. It's possible the spoiler is for later in the game. Or maybe what I read was wrong?
      Either way... if it's true... SOMEONE IS NOT GOING TO BE A HAPPY CAMPER (Hint: IT'S ME)
      We explore Revelation Mountain with Nuzleaf and he fools Hippopotas so we can explore it. We're only able to explore it for a little bit before we run into an area far more heavily guarded with the likes of Magnezone, Poliwrath, etc.
      Well... that was a waste of time. I guess at least we tried?
      We return back to the village... and eventually...
      We hear about suspicious pokemon outside the village with egg-shaped heads and they are communicating with blinking lights.
      Squire doesn't want to cause problems for the villagers so he contemplates leaving. He informs Fenne of all this and at first, Fenne is sad, but then, pretty much decides to leave the village with Squire. SERIOUSLY?! That is kind of nice of him though...
      We attempt to convince the adults, and not surprisingly, they don't want us leaving claiming it's 'too dangerous' and we can't 'cause we're kids.'
      Apparently they forgot what we've already done... even Nuzleaf says no...
      Eventually though... no options are left. Except to leave anyway. Great. We're just breaking all kinds of rules aren't we? But... it certainly would be better than causing major problems for the nice pokemon in Serene Village...
      Either way...
      Right when we leave... we're 'seen off' by Deerling, Espurr, Goomy, Shelmet and even Pancham. Apparently Espurr was following us. Stalker much?
      Either way... we are even given a note from all of the adults praising us and wishing us luck. They couldn't just come up and say it themselves huh? They have to save face because they tried to stop us? I really don't see a problem here... but... this scene was kind of touching honestly.
      Off to Lively Town I guess...
      First with Sheer Mountain Range. The game is being ridiculous to me again and I'm losing a lot of Oran Berries and Elixirs. GUESS IT'S BACK TO BEING "THE ANSWER" AGAIN.
      I somehow survive though. I'm not quite sure how either...
      Looks like there's only one area left before Lively Town is reached.
      Next time:
      Making our way to Lively Town. Will they really allow kids to join the Expedition Society? Seems like adults in this game are against 'kids' doing anything different or unique.
      Well... not necessarily... consider the revelation of who the chief is...
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      I'm sorry about my relative silence in regards to posts , I've been doing some arting lately and since I've gotten my laptop back I've had like several pieces I've wanted to do >_< I promise I'll devote time tomorrow to posting.
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      I've started wearing this on a strap whenever I come on the site.

      Gotta stay safe.
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      Hey guys. Bad news.
      My dog just died. Her name was Echo. I grew up with her, she was in the family for as long as I can remember. She suffered seizures and was in pain, so we took her to the vet made the decision to put her to sleep. Hard to believe she was up and active yesterday, especially considering her age. So lively at nearly 14 years... that's pretty good, she had a long life. I just wish my brother had been at home to say goodbye. He had the strongest bond with her.
      Here's a picture of her.
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      Mates.  What's a good anime to watch?  Good plot, not-too-cliche characters, PG-13.  Oh, and if it has magic, that's a pretty good bonus.
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      I have quite literally spent 10+ hours of near non-stop sewing.  My body wants sleep, but my brain says, "no I think we can squeeze in 4 or 5 more hours of sewing."
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