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    • Undertale comic series! Pony VS Monsters!
      By SymphonicFire in SymphonicFire's Blog
      As I have mentioned before in my status, I'm thinking about making a comic on an Undertale gameplay because I'm so excited to play the game. I know some are rolling their eyes at this but I believe this could improve my art skills and also be fun to read! 
      I'd probably use Fire since she is my ponysona, but it might be interesting with Chrome. I dunno, feel free to comment suggestions.
      I think I'll post a page once a week (don't worry, I'll make it long enough to satisfy you guys) since I have school and pipe band practices.

    • worst day EVER!!!!!!!
      By cupcakesprinklez in royal cupcakes
      hey every pony this is what happened to me on Friday
      in the morning when i got to school i triped on my shoelace and lots of people were laughing then during 3rd period I had to give a presentation and i got soooo scared I didn't talk at all and the teacher told me to go back to my seat and some people were laughing and smiling than my best friend dumped me and was hanging out with the cool kids (I hate her now) and after 6th period I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me.
      Not a good day for me 
    • Getting Started
      By cupcakesprinklez in royal cupcakes
      Hey every pony i am new to this so plz can people help me out and tell me how i can do blogs because i am confused of what to do for a blog and stuff like that  
    • Lux's Rant - Dislike Without Reason
      By Lux in Lux's Blog
      Hello all,
      Yes it's another rant, so reader beware.
      This rant is for a very recent event (actually an hour from this posting), but it might as well be a final straw that caused the hay bale to collapse. As you know, I write My little Pony fanfiction. Now while I write for me and enjoy seeing others like what I write, I can't help but notice the dislikes. FiMfiction makes this easy with their Like/Dislike bar. Now I don't mind dislikes, as I can't expect every one to like what I do. But what is annoying are people who just hit the Dislike button and do not explain why they don't like. I'm really big into constructive criticism, but if someone doesn't explain I can't help but think one thing: They're trolls stalking my page.
      Alright, I'm not going to go all paranoid/ conspiracy theory/ Lesson Zero Twilight ("I'll be Tardy!") on this, but when I have at least four dislikes for each story, I can't help but wonder, especially when I first write something and get said four dislikes right off the bat and hardly get many more dislikes in the future. Now I don't dwell on this fact, but it does irk me a little.
      So if you don't like what an author is writing, explain rather than just hit the Dislike and move on. And be constructive with your criticism.
      Thanks for reading!
    • Help me Choose!
      By Lyipheoryia in Lyipheoryia's Blog
      I need to choose one of the three below poems for school.  Which one do you think is "best" in your opinion?  (Ignore the numbers beside the titles-it's the word count of the poem. )It's for presentations:

      A Dream Within a Dream-144
      Take this kiss upon the brow!
      And, in parting from you now,
      Thus much let me avow —
      You are not wrong, who deem
      That my days have been a dream;
      Yet if hope has flown away
      In a night, or in a day,
      In a vision, or in none,
      Is it therefore the less gone?  
      All that we see or seem
      Is but a dream within a dream.
      I stand amid the roar
      Of a surf-tormented shore,
      And I hold within my hand
      Grains of the golden sand —
      How few! yet how they creep
      Through my fingers to the deep,
      While I weep — while I weep!
      O God! Can I not grasp
      Them with a tighter clasp?
      O God! can I not save
      One from the pitiless wave?
      Is all that we see or seem
      But a dream within a dream?

      Ira, or anger;
      Anger, or wrath.
      I am a Wraith,
      A monster,
      A creature of the future,
      A shadow of the past,
      I exist to remind-
      To reprimand-
      To aid.
      To guide you along paths,
      To help you choose.
      I will help you evolve
      Into me.
      You give me power-
      So I’ll be honest,
      I will give you parts
      Of me.
      I will give you Ira,
      You give me strength.
      You cry and tear at life.
      I will aid you-
      In your conquest.
      You want me,
      though you are taught-
      To refuse me.
      To accept me,
      I possess you.
      You ask me-
      And I answer.
      You are I.
      I am you.
      You talk of pain,
      Hatred pity,
      Dangerous love.
      You speak of horror,
      “How could they?”
      The world has turned
      Against me-
      Therefore you, too.
      You ask me to take away
      The pain
      And the angst.
      You are filled with frustration.
      You cry for me,
      Beg for me.
      I grab you, and
      Take you home,
      Befor eyou can be taken
      By sadness-
      My sister Tristitia;
      Where dire circumstances go.
      You are on earth,
      And she will bring
      Demons of Hell.
      You call to me,
      And push me away as taught.
      I embrace you:
      All you feelings
      All your emotions
      And I will give you Ira.
      Rage, to take it all away.
      Zelus, and jealous
      Same meaning,
      Same ideals
      “I want that”~
      Is how they describe me.
      Something wanted,
      Yet not owned.
      They call me a feeling
      An emotion
      A “thing”
      But what am I?
      A monster
      A creature
      I am alive.
      An organism
      Something that lurks
      Only within darkness
      I reach and chase
      Trapped by own ambition
      Confined by self-boundaries
      I break free,
      Then keep imitation
      I am a shadow
      The shadow
      Your shadow
      A hidden gem
      To seem non-sentient
      I seem to follow you
      You think I wish to?
      Every movement you make
      I repel
      But I make it too
      Because I must
      I’m your shadow
      Everything you force me
      To do
      Everything you force me
      To act
      A pulse in my heart
      The start of a volcano
      About to erupt
      I could stop it,
      Or I could let it run
      And explode
      Because it hurts.
      It hurts to follow you,
      It hurts to imitate you,
      It hurts to be your
      It stings when they
      Talk to you
      Acknowledge you
      Follow you
      Like I don’t even exist.
      And then the lava starts
      To leak out
      To boil
      To hurt
      It hurts.
      Then it starts to change
      I start evolving
      My brothers and sisters:
      Ira to anger,
      Tristitia to sadness,
      Dolor to pain,
      Inlacrimati to resent,
      Invidia to envy,
      Begin taking over me.
      What I feel is what you get;
      What you get is who you are;
      Who you are is who I am: