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    • By LostSanity in Beginning of the Digimon Comeback? Cyber Sleuth thoughts/experiences
      We arrive back into the Avalon server but can't seem to get Arata the invitation URL. However, after we take out some Digimon that seems to allow him to get in, which he finds suspicious. Hmm...
      Either way we explore the area until... we come across another Eater. YEP. TOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL. But we defeat it.
      But... all's well doesn't end well this time. We enter the secret room and... it's... creepy. It looks like a room specifically for Rie Kishibe. We even find her panties... WAIT WHAT?! *coughs* Anyway...
      We find the data we're looking for in the form of a journal. However... it looks like Yuuko got caught by Rie. But that isn't exactly the only problem. A crap ton of Eaters appeared at the EDEN event as well. WHICH I'M SURE TOTALLY WASN'T INTENTIONALLY CAUSED BY KAMISHIRO OR ANYTHING.
      Not good... definitely not good. Plus, not surprisingly, they're blaming it all on hackers again. Because they're an easy scapegoat apparently. Rie threatens Yuuko to 'forget' to take care of her brother (who has EDEN Syndrome) if she gets on her bad side again and to not take her data. BLACKMAILING *****. I CAN'T WAIT TO FIGHT HER. SERIOUSLY.
      However... Yuuko does something quite brave. She threatens Rie right back by saying she won't allow her dirty mits on her father's legacy so easily. Which is EDEN of course. YOU GO GIRL.
      However... after Yuuko leaves, guess who shows up? Yep. Akemi Suedou. Rie talks to him about some sort of 'plan' and if it's coming together to which he responds yes and that the Eaters are acting 'exactly as predicted.' However... he seems to notice that we're there but says nothing. Arata pretty much sums it up quite well. WHOSE SIDE IS THIS GUY ON EXACTLY?!
      So... the data is decoded and we find out about a plan that Kamishiro is doing all of this for. Something called the 'Paradise Lost' plan. I'm afraid to find out what it is they're trying to do...
      The Digital Waves are apparently just a 'side effect' of them gathering everything for 'Paradise Lost.' Not only that... the creator of the plan is... yep... Akemi Suedou again. We also find out that the first EDEN Syndrome patient occurred during an unexpected error during a beta test for EDEN. Yet Kamishiro continues to takes steps for things they consider 'trivial.' CAN WE JUST WAVE THE CORRUPTION FLAG NOW?
      However... there weren't any files about Yuuko's father. Which saddens her. We try to make her feel better which she appreciates. She asks us if we want to go back to our old body. Well... yeah... we kind of do. Which she seems to think is obvious. Arata also gets to taste Kyoko's famous 'coffee' which has hilarious results.
      Things are getting pretty serious now though. WAY to many questions and not enough answers. Whose side is Suedou on exactly? What is 'Paradise Lost?' Hopefully we'll have our answers...
      But for now... looks like Ryota needs some help with a gift for Sakura and Nokia's team wants more help expanding their ranks. I also downloaded the DLC stuff. But there's only one I need to do so it shouldn't take long. All of that should be next time and perhaps more too.
      Next time:
      Helping Ryota out with a gift for Sakura and helping Nokia expand her team. WHICH I'M SURE WON'T POSSIBLY INVOLVE A VERY HARD BATTLE.
    • By LostSanity in Beginning of the Digimon Comeback? Cyber Sleuth thoughts/experiences
      Obviously 16 wasn't final. Plus, you may be seeing more of this since I won't be going back to work anytime soon (for pretty obvious reasons). I don't want to beat this game too quickly and end up running out of games to play, but I also don't like sitting around doing nothing either.
      Either way...
      We continue the Living Doll Club and Perfect Girl Society investigation. We encounter a shady business man who legitimately tries to sell us one. Awkwardly, he has one of Nokia. He claims that one isn't selling well. He'd better be glad Nokia isn't around for this...
      Either way we discover why those involved in this have gone missing. The catch for all of this is that your not allowed to leave your room. Ever apparently. So you become like the main character of Welcome to the NHK I guess?
      We find a Living Doll Club Arcade machine and Connect Jump into it. We find... an Infermon within. WHO TALKS IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS. Goodie.
      Forced fight. Somewhat annoying fight but I come out victorious either way.
      The case ends seemingly as quickly as it began, as the businessman from earlier who tried to sell the dolls to us catches us coming out of the machine and we reveal ourselves to be a Cyber Sleuth. He claims he's made enough money and makes a run for it but not before leaving a mysterious URL behind.
      The case is complete but Kyoko wants us to investigate the URL which we do. Leading us to a strange open area in EDEN with only one person and a bunch of the living dolls who claims that he's in the real world and not EDEN despite us trying to convince him otherwise. Well then...
      After informing Kyoko she theorizes that those involved are having their bodies 'used' somehow in foreign countries. That's... disturbing...
      We finally get through to the guy who discovers that there is no body to log out to... that's... bad...
      Well... case complete. I guess? We move on to Arata's comic challenge next involving some rare comic that's out of print. All this for manga? Arata as an otaku confirmed.
      But we help him out because he's Arata and why not? We have to answer questions that Arata knows the answers to. Except for the final question which we have to get outside help with. When we reach the end though, we're too late and are the second person to show up. But Arata had fun and apparently knows the guy holding the event. Arata acts all 'loner-like' but he's clearly not and refuses to admit it. 
      Then... finally... at long last... WE'RE INFILTRATING KAMISHIRO. ABOUT FREAKING TIME.
      We're getting help from Arata with his hacking expertise, our Connect Jump ability, and Yuuko's Kamishiro connections. We also inform Yuuko about our abilities and she takes it rather well and seems to realize that's how we got around mysteriously. The plan involves going to Kamishiro HQ for their big EDEN update revealing. Yuuko gets us in and we connect jump into a terminal. We're going after the Avalon server and some sort of 'secret room' where lots of confidential files are held for Kamishiro as well as potential true motives for Suedou and presumably Kamishiro as well.
      Yuuko agrees to help... as long as we get her father's research files as well which may hold more clues to his so-called 'suicide' and possibly EDEN Syndrome as well. We agree. But Yuuko mentions it's either there or another server that has the strictest security for all of EDEN and Arata doesn't want to be involved in that. Yuuko theorizes that using the Digimon Capture program could make it possible to get into... but... she agrees that the only target will be Avalon and the secret room for now.
      With everything set up we head out in disguises and Arata distracts the Kamishiro employees so we can get into one of the terminals. Which we do shockingly easily.
      That's all I was able to do though.
      Next time:
      FINALLY. ATTACK ON KAMISHIRO HQ. But will it really go oh so smoothly? Somehow... I doubt it.
    • By LostSanity in LostSanity's Side Notes/Side Blogs
      Congratulations. Seriously.
      My 'haters' have finally won. Their deepest darkest wishes have been fulfilled.
      All my doctor wanted was to check to make sure I didn't have any aneurysms, and what happens?
      A regular cat scan detects something. My doctor made it worse saying it was cancer. A later test then confirmed it wasn't.
      Either way I need surgery. I still don't know what exactly is wrong with me but surgery is the only remedy apparently.
      So my 'haters' finally have their wishes fulfilled. This should make them feel even better. All negative possibilities are running through my head. So I'm sure your all happy about that too. Good for you.
      August 22nd, 2016. The date the future of my life will be determined. I already know what Equestrian Dreamers and my 'haters' are hoping for. Outrageously shocking. At least I left that forum...
      So congratulations. Seriously. You've all gotten your wish. I hope your happy now.
      I don't even know the recovery time either (assuming I survive that is)
      So go ahead and celebrate. I know you all want to. Either way...
      Have this to remember me by:
      The possible last time you'll ever see me again,
      The Roman Reigns of the internet,
    • By LostSanity in Beginning of the Digimon Comeback? Cyber Sleuth thoughts/experiences
      We continue exploring the .hack-like Asakusa area. Some people apparently followed us thinking we could find the exit. YOU FOOLS. YEP THERE'S THE EATER AND IT'S EATING PEOPLE.
      Then... it... FREAKING TRANSFORMS. Into... a humanoid figure. OH GOODIE.
      Honestly... worst fight in the game yet. One of my Digimon's got KO'd and I couldn't seem to do enough damage to it that it kept healing. UGH.
      I had to employ the 'wear it down' tactic, which somehow worked, and I was able to eventually be victorious and everything returned to normal. We run into Suedou again who nags us for not informing him of what was going on. Why should we? Your way to damn suspicious. Either way Arata seems to realize this and is determined to investigate if Suedou is really just doing 'research' and to discover what Kamishiro is up to. By infiltrating their headquarters which he thinks he can do with our Connect Jump ability and his hacking expertise. Huh... looks like we have an ally in our struggle against Kamishiro at least?
      Either way Kyoko tells us to let Nokia do whatever she wants because she's not as thoughtless as she seems.If you say so. Also, she intends to wait on Arata's plan for the Kamishiro attack. Very well then.
      After all this we do one side case involving a website that's similar to Wikipedia called Digipedia. Someone is editing pages with Kansai dialect. In others words... it's like how 'Osaka' talked in Azumanga Daioh. That's kind of like a southern accent as well. Either way we investigate a dungeon and come across... a Tentomon?! REALLY?!
      Well... he certainly talks like Osaka from Azumanga Daioh and he gets mad at us when we inform him that what he says doesn't make sense. So we're forced to fight him. Which we win. So he agrees to stop and that was basically the end of it. Kay...
      We find two more cases involving some sort of challenge given to Arata about some kind of comic (seriously?) and another case involving the Occult club again. But this time it's not supernatural. Apparently someone has been selling large life-like dolls of two of its members and they're freaked out about what otakus are doing to it. Understandable I guess?
      Kyoko informs us there may be a connection between this and some sort of 'Perfect Girl Society' where people have been going missing searching for their 'perfect girls' according to Matayoshi. You know... I'm starting to get used to the weirdness of these cases. Which worries me most of all.
      Either way we'll do more investigation soon next time.
      Next time:
      I'm unsure if there will be a next time, but if there is, we'll do more investigation into these 'living dolls' and possibly help Arata out with this 'challenge' he received.
    • By PaintedPatience in Painted Patience
      As i just came to canterlot, I sit here and wait, hoping all to go well. my mind wonders whether I may be accepted for who I am. the  fact of being new makes me feel a bit like the fluttershy, but as excited as the pinkypie  . giving a slight sigh,  I must keep my hopes up and stay as calm as applejack , yes i know i got this, i cant wait to explore the new word